Home kindergarten is a fun and profitable business idea


Do you need a private kindergarten? If in doubt, you can simply chat with young parents. They will confidently say that they would refuse to visit a state institution. There are many reasons for this, so it is worth seriously thinking about a new direction.

Phased organization of home kindergarten

How to organize a home kindergarten? It is no coincidence that this question interested us. The business idea is far from traditional trade or investment, so I had to work hard to prepare the best way to start a new company. You should not invest a lot of money right away, it is much more practical to get acquainted with the details first.

Mini kindergarten is a complex system that is divided into several parts. This feature should be taken into account when organizing, so we propose to consider the details step by step. Using a kind of instruction, you will be able to get a functioning business that meets all the requirements.

  • Stage one - paperwork. Usually, documents do not create any problems, because to conduct a real business you only need to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC. In this case, you will also have to contact the sanitary inspection and obtain permission for the presence of children in the selected room. Although before that you will have to prepare it, taking into account the stringent standards in force.
  • Stage two - room selection. There are always some interesting offers on the real estate market. It is necessary to find such an option, which will either become a separate building with all communications, or a separate floor away from public places. We still recommend choosing small buildings in residential areas where there are potential customers and there are no cars.
  • Stage three - preparation of the premises. An educational institution opens only after passing all the necessary checks. To do this, you will have to take seriously the communications and decoration of the rooms. It is not difficult to find a suitable project, although it is more useful to order it from a design agency. In it, specialists know the requirements, so they will cope with the task in a short time.
  • Stage four - purchase of furniture and equipment. A private garden should be well furnished and equipped. To do this, you'd better go directly to the licensed manufacturers. It is better to save the documents, since in the future, if problems arise, you will have to submit them. You will also need to purchase kitchen equipment to ensure good food.
  • Stage five - food delivery. Baby nutrition is a serious issue that needs to be considered. Only signing a contract with an official supplier guarantees regular receipt of quality products. The organization will take a lot of time, as it is necessary to clarify the availability of permissive documents. Subsequently, you will also need an optimized menu, and it is easiest to order it from an experienced nutritionist.
  • Stage six - recruiting staff. You will also have to think about qualified personnel. Yes, love for children can make you play and walk with them on your own, but you still cannot do without helpers. Finding the right employees is easy today. Former educators and teachers are happy to return to work with an attractive salary. All that remains is to find an experienced chef and a cleaning lady with medical records.
  • Stage seven - customer acquisition. Paid kindergarten is still a novelty for young parents. They are used to using free services, but this is a categorical mistake. It's time to attract dissatisfied people by making them your customers. This will require an advertising campaign targeting residents of the surrounding areas. Huge expenses for informing the whole city will not be required, because mom and dad will probably not take the child to a distant educational institution.

How a private kindergarten works

For a private kindergarten, the price should be average to cover the costs and give a small profit. Its principle of operation will tell you how to save money in order to achieve a quick payback and a stable monthly income. The secret of this is personal work and a well-thought-out organization that allows you to overcome any difficulties.

There is serious competition in Moscow, so every baby should receive maximum care and attention. This is the main secret of popularity and constant appearance of new clients. If you are unable to supervise the group on your own, you should find truly experienced educators by checking the documents and making sure they are true.

The principle of work also provides for the correct organization of the day. To do this, you can compare the charts of other organizations and identify errors in them. Although the points will be influenced by the mandatory requirements regarding the diet and sleep of children at different ages.

Return on business idea

Mini kindergarten in Moscow is popular. The number of offers on the service market continues to grow, but this does not mean that investments may turn out to be meaningless. The initial capital turns out to be not so large if you gradually go through the preparatory stages.

The payback period for a business idea is only a few months. The main reason for this is the reduction in advertising costs, which will be limited to a single residential area. Otherwise, you just have to take our advice into account so as not to make mistakes.

To organize a private kindergarten in Russia will require inhuman efforts to overcome all bureaucratic obstacles. To do this, you either have to be a fan and love children madly, or do everything semi-legally, “encrypted” for other formats of child care institutions.

Is a private kindergarten a great business for women?

At first glance, a kindergarten is a wonderful female business. Not worse than a beauty salon or a flower shop. The idea to open her own kindergarten comes to a young mother who wants to combine a good upbringing of her child and receiving additional income. The scheme is simple: among the acquaintances there are several more parents who are ready to pay to have their child nursed and raised while they work or, perhaps, have fun. If there are a lot of children, then they rent a separate apartment, hire a couple more people, and, it seems, the garden is ready. But in reality, not everything is so simple. There are many problems: low profitability, considerable costs to start with, as well as punching walls with your head to do everything legally.

Obtaining a license for a private kindergarten

The process begins with obtaining a license. In order to get it, it is necessary to agree on the premises, obtain certification and state accreditation for educational and educational programs and register a legal entity - LLC or CJSC.

Finding a suitable room that would meet all the standards and requirements is an overwhelming task for many. In accordance with these requirements, each child must have at least six square meters of area, there must be separate rooms for games and sleep, a sports and fitness center, the availability of medical services, a fire alarm, special furniture and equipment, in addition, there are a lot of requirements concerning the organization of food.

Therefore, those entrepreneurs who tried to legalize their kindergarten, organized in an apartment, abandoned this idea right away. It is simply unrealistic to fulfill all the requirements of the SES, firefighters and children's departments.

Premises for kindergarten

You can, of course, try to rent a suitable room from a children's institution, but rent will not cost cheap, plus several tens of thousands of dollars will have to be invested in the purchase of equipment and repairs. This is a completely different level of investment.

Another option is to rent a suburban private house and equip it as a children's institution. But in this case, the investments will be much more than for the equipment of the apartment.

Theoretically, you can certainly find an investor, take out a loan. But again, the kindergarten project is not attractive for investment, and is unlikely to be of interest to the investor, since with sufficiently large investments, the profitability is low and the payback will have to wait for years.

That is why most of these establishments operate semi-legally. But in this case, too, there is a risk of verification. What do illegal immigrants do if the tax office comes to them? - They explain everything as it is: “I love children very much, I have such a lifestyle: I want my children to be brought up in the society of their peers. Therefore, my acquaintances and I just keep the children together at my house, hire teachers, educators, take them for walks, entertain, arrange holidays, but I don't get any profit from this. "

The main thing is that this really, most likely, will be very close to the truth: the owners of even elite kindergartens, whose services cost $ 500-1,000 a month, rarely receive any superprofits, their income is 1,000 -2,000 dollars.

In our country, the problem of lack of places in kindergartens is still acute in many regions of the country. Parents are ready to pay for the services of a private institution. Interestingly, many mothers consider the level of service of private traders to be higher than that of municipal specialists. Therefore, such establishments are already operating successfully in Russia.

To open a private kindergarten, first you need to study all the subtleties of this business and weigh your strength. In our country, an entrepreneur first of all will have to face bureaucratic delays. In order to overcome them, the leader will need moral strength and patience, because the process can take several weeks or even months.

What an entrepreneur needs to know to open a profitable private kindergarten

What does it take to open a private kindergarten? - it is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. The manager must resolve the issue of legalizing his institution, as well as calculate the profitability of the business, and the payback period of investments. This must be done at the planning stage. On the one hand, the institution must work officially. On the other hand, the procedure for approving documents is so complicated and lengthy that many of them work almost clandestinely.

First, let's look at the legal design option. What needs to be done:

A license for such an institution is also needed, because you will carry out educational activities.

When choosing a room for your project, you need to consider a number of important requirements. The area for one child must be at least 6 squares. The institution must also have a gym, separate offices of the doctor and the head. The owner also needs to take care of compliance with fire and sanitary regulations. They relate to the layout of the premises, finishing materials, furniture, equipment and much more.

The owners need to resolve the issue of providing the institution with food. As a rule, a supply agreement is concluded with catering establishments that meet all the criteria. How to open a private kindergarten with such high requirements? - the answer to this question for many entrepreneurs remains a mystery.

In order to avoid complications, entrepreneurs rent premises in existing municipal institutions. However, this option is quite expensive.

Provided that all these procedures do not scare you, and you are ready to go through them, you can start drawing up a business plan. Subject to the legalization of their activities, you need large, satisfied investments Many entrepreneurs simply cannot fulfill all the conditions, so they open a garden right in an ordinary apartment.

Opening a private kindergarten is a matter that needs to be approached thoroughly. If everything is done according to plan, getting a license, observing security measures, the business will not only pay off, but will also generate significant income.

Benefits of a private kindergarten

The idea of ​​opening a private kindergarten is being pondered by entrepreneurs who have decided to create a business in the field of education. Provided that a free niche in the market is occupied and the company is highly competitive, the company can begin to pay off in 6-12 months. The advantages of this type of business are not obvious at first glance, but they are significant. First of all:

  • Demand. Not all parents raising preschool children can do this exclusively at home during the first 6-7 years of a child's life. Many mothers and fathers are forced to give up maternity leave and go to work as soon as the baby turns 1.5-2 years old. It is almost impossible to place a child of this age in a public garden. The only way out is to pay attention to private gardens. Some parents specifically send their children to such an institution, counting on more attentive care and the child gaining better knowledge. There are fewer children in a private kindergarten, therefore, there is more attention to them on the part of educators.
  • Simplicity of design. Despite a significant list of requirements for equipping and arranging private kindergartens from the state, they can open even without a license. It will be enough to obtain permits from SES and firefighters. All documents for an individual entrepreneur or LLC are drawn up within 2-3 weeks.

Not all parents agree to a private kindergarten. This is an expensive and not always worth the money spent pleasure. Before opening, a businessman needs to consider whether he has the necessary means and skills, thanks to which his kindergarten will be able to gain an advantage over competitors (other private kindergartens and government agencies), whether he will be able to interest clients.

Obtaining a license

A private kindergarten is a service that can be provided by individual entrepreneurs, limited liability companies, private educational institutions, independent non-profit organizations and non-profit organizations of different levels of organization. If a private trader does not plan to teach children to read, write, count and provide other educational services, he does not need a license. It is received if the kids are taught all of the above, following a state-approved and modified program for the needs of the institution. An application for a license is sent to the local department of education. Document:

  • is indefinite (revoked based on the results of an audit that revealed violations of the rules of the enterprise, SE standards, fire safety requirements);
  • is issued 30 days after receiving the application and checking documents.

The size of the state fee is 7. thousand rubles. The supervisory authority must be submitted for verification:

  • lease agreement (deed of purchase and sale, documents from the BTI);
  • certificate from the Federal Tax Service on registration and the selected taxation system;
  • charter, if any;
  • the program on the basis of which classes with preschoolers will be conducted;
  • information about employees (medical books, educational documents);
  • information about children (number, age, developmental characteristics);
  • papers confirming the availability of the necessary educational literature at the disposal of the teaching staff;
  • permission from Rospotrebnadzor, the conclusion of the SES and fire safety officers;
  • service quality control program;
  • a receipt for payment of state duty;
  • a contract for the maintenance of the kindergarten (for garbage collection, the provision of other utilities).

A private kindergarten as a business is the best way out for a teacher with a beggarly salary of 8 thousand: both with a favorite profession and with money. How to leave work, open your own kindergarten and make good money - Maria, an experienced teacher in love with her work, will tell Reconomica magazine. There are no former teachers. Maria's work is the vocation of her whole life. And - a business in which a young woman, with the help of her husband, has achieved success. In her small kindergarten there are queues for a year ahead! Maria will share a business plan with readers, give a calculation of expenses and income, the main cost items, and talk about the difficulties of doing business and working with children. And he will also share the secret of how to combine vocation and business.

Background: Why Private Kindergarten?

Allow me to introduce myself - Maria Ivanovna Agarkova, teacher. I am 37 years old, I live in Voronezh. I opened my own business, a small private kindergarten, in 2021. It functions to this day, brings income and joy.

The idea of ​​the business did not come about by accident: I worked as a teacher in a kindergarten for 8 years. The work of a preschool teacher is not easy.

In the first year, we recruited a group of 25 kids from 1.5 to 2 years old. Adaptation in babies was extremely difficult. Children constantly cried, did not react to persuasion. To organize classes, a walk, lunch, a quiet hour for me and the nanny was an incredible effort.

The situation was aggravated when the children started to get sick: complaints from their parents appeared, conflicts arose. I came home squeezed like a lemon, there was no strength left for anything. And then the thoughts of opening my own kindergarten began to come to me.

After 2 years it got a little easier. The children grew up, but the difficulties did not end. Systematic reports, mountains of paperwork - I spent hours at home doing things that I could not do at work.

It would seem, what kind of documentation can a kindergarten teacher keep?

I didn't want to quit: I love children, and during my work I got used to my pupils. The only good reason for leaving was the beggarly wages.

I received 8500 rubles with all allowances. It is impossible to live on that kind of money without the financial support of her husband.

Yes, and my pregnancy followed by maternity leave gave impetus to the opening of a private kindergarten.

My private kindergarten business plan: is there a benefit?

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