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I am very glad that with the project we began to work at home with my husband and raise our daughter together)) To have a family business with a fast-growing income, we dreamed about this in our student years and now this is our reality !!)) Ours business grows even when we sleep))

Our life has completely changed: We are constantly developing, learning new things, meeting interesting people from different parts of the world, began to travel: Sweden, Finland, India (GOA), Cyprus, Valencia (Spain) and the Black Sea) ) bought a foreign car that we dreamed of, without loans) We eat what we want and buy clothes that we like))

We could - everyone can. you just need to want and act !!

I am grateful to my mentors! In no other job did I get so much freedom and development as in the Business from Home Internet Project. There is a clear FREE system of training and work, following all the steps of which 100% success is guaranteed! While you are thinking - we are already earning! Appreciate your time and opportunity! Get started now! We could, and you can too!

Thanks to the INTERNET opportunities and the "Business from Home" project, I devote more time to my children without leaving home, you work calmly for yourself and get income, every time there is an incentive to work. Thank you sponsors.

I like here in the project, that we help to develop, earn money for absolutely everyone. We share our experience, best practices, methods, tell us as quickly as possible, more successfully reach the desired result, income. Anyone who is ready to learn, listen to their mentor and do it can succeed in this business! Being in the project, I develop in all spheres of life (Health, Relationships, Environment, Vocation, Spirituality, Brightness, Self-improvement, Security). IT'S SO COOL. Harmony in everything !! Thanks to those who created the project and the Company - the Partner.

Personally, I made the right decision by saying “YES” and registered in the project.

I have been working since I was 18, I constantly wanted to receive more. When I started working in a bank, I thought I would grow quickly, make good money, there were bonuses, but at one point they stopped giving bonuses, a daughter appeared, and there was not enough money to meet their needs, they were looking for a side job, but everything was not right. The last straw was that after working for 8 years in the bank, he was bought. Accordingly, after a while you will be "put out" on the street - removed by reduction. We began to urgently look for an opportunity to earn extra money, given that I am on maternity leave. This project helped to look at all things in a different way! Appreciated the whole situation and the opportunity to work from home attracted me very much. Every day, communication with new people, acquaintances, positive in everything, a strong support team. Personal growth, you learn something new every day. Free rest at the expense of the company. All this together is very motivating.

For a long time my husband and I wanted to work for themselves. there was no start-up capital. and our happiness on maternity leave, we learned about the benefits of the “Business from Home” project! We have a growing income, an honest partner company, which does not hide behind a crisis to delay salaries, but always honestly and to the maximum fulfills its obligations! As valuable for us as for parents that we will not lose the fruits of our labor, our children will inherit them!

I came to the project in April 2021, I liked everything. There were no "teachers" like look, she did, and you haven't! All support each other, there is no feeling of "evil" competition, the ability to quickly reach the level, to make not only your own result, but also your girls ... I love my mentors! Moreover, we have a friendly team in the city! No. 1 in growth, although there are two more Oriflame offices.

Hello everyone, I'm a young mom. I have been writing articles for several years. I come up with themes myself, sell texts on stock exchanges. But it brings a little money, I replenish the Internet and the phone. Now is the time to go to work, and I want to work from home. who can work and earn at home, share your experience.

A lazy person, by definition, is incapable of working.

The author, I don't know if you can make money by writing articles, but with other specialties you can definitely. My friend is a French teacher, she works with children, only at home, no trips. She has been tutoring for many years, a good teacher, her contacts are passed on to friends, so there are no problems with finding clients. As far as I can tell from her spending, the income is very good. But he also works a lot, students in the afternoon and evening, and on weekends.

There are two main options for making money at home. A really useful hobby in which you have good abilities and can find your niche (for example, sewing, design, the same articles, etc.). But as a rule, in order to make good money on this, you need to work no less than in a regular job. The second option is to be a very demanded specialist so that you can go to the hill office. I now have a small child and my company has allowed me to work from home, it's very convenient for me. And many companies do it.

Become a private tutor, remote translator, sit on calls. But, as a rule, this is all IT-related work. It also depends on your profile. You can correct the texts. Work for a publishing house. Look for clients for the enterprise (but this is not always at home), meet with them. Yes, a lot of things are possible.

I am a tutor, I work from home, I have a decent income. There are many children, word of mouth works very well.

For several years now (a small child) I have been working at home, writing diplomas and other student works. I searched for firms for cooperation myself, there are also exchanges on the Internet. shield. Income from 30 to 40 thousand per month. But! Get ready for the fact that you will not be an ordinary office worker who came to work at 9 and left at 18. She, you always work here: In the morning the child goes to the garden and work, in the evening the child was put to bed and at midnight at the computer. Plus on the weekend. If there is no help, we will play with the child and work side by side at the computer. me so. Everything suits me. For several years already. But from work on any "garbage" will not be necessary to take time off.

I also want to work from home, even though I'm not a young mom. All my colleagues would also like to work from home, as well as friends and acquaintances. Welcome to the club!

Guest 3 wrote everything correctly. Now I work remotely with a small child. The main plus is that I'm at home. There are also enough minuses, the main one is that relatives and friends do not consider this as work ((And someone should watch the child at this moment. / P>

Yes, no one will tell you where and how you can work from home and earn money normally, do you really want to ask? Correctly write here, go to work

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Hello everyone, I want to share with you an idea for my small home business. then making soap from natural ingredients. I've been doing this for a year now. It has already developed its own network of clients, and their number is increasing every day. The secret is simple: soap is not expensive, looks beautiful, smells delicious. Many buy for themselves or for gifts. And making soap is not at all difficult. in general, it brings me good money.

Yes! Correctly. Tell me how did you find out about soap and what is the manufacturing technology? Can you tell me a link?

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Yes! Correctly. Tell me how did you find out about soap and what is the manufacturing technology? Can you tell me a link?

I took information on the Internet. There are several ways: using baby soap, soap base. To get unique aromas and colors, it is better to buy flavors, food paint. we choose the forms ourselves, or you can buy. All expenses are very quickly paid for by the earnings that the sale of such soap brings. And very little money is needed - about 1-2 drops of fragrance are needed for one piece of soap)

here's how to do it! found on the net. try it out. such a home business brings very good earnings) Homemade soap recipes

From baby soap Ingredients: 1 piece of baby soap (approximately 100 grams), 3 teaspoons of base oil, water to dilute the soap mass (up to 200 ml), 3-4 teaspoons of sugar, a few pieces of chocolate , honey - to choose from. Optional: 1 teaspoon glycerin, vitamin E (oil solution, approximately 1/2 teaspoon), essential oils. Fillers: white or yellow petals of non-toxic flowers, coffee, medicinal herbs - at your choice, natural dyes. Method of preparation: grate the soap, melt in a water bath, adding water, base oils and sugar. After the mass is smooth and flowing, add the dyes. Remove the painted soap mass from heat, add fillers and flavors, pour into molds. After the molds have cooled down, you can remove the soap - it's ready. Cooking time: about an hour. Tip: This soap is usually not made for future use. But if you want to store it for a long time, then it is worth drying the pieces for a week or two, until they become firm and light. Ingredients cost: about 200 rubles (baby soap - 10-20 rubles, essential oil - from 150 rubles).

Base soap Ingredients: soap base (white or transparent), essential oils, dyes and fillers. Method of preparation: melt the base in the microwave or in a water bath, add dyes and fillers. Remove from heat, add essential oils. Wait until a film appears on the surface of the base. Remove the film, pour the soap mass into the molds, let them cool. To speed up the process, you can put the molds in the freezer for 10 minutes. Take out the soap, it's ready. Cooking time: 30-40 minutes. Tip: The combination of layers of transparent and matte base gives a beautiful effect. Ingredient cost: soap base - 200 rubles per kilogram plus other ingredients.

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