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I bring to your attention the idea of ​​making money on the Internet:


Why Until Soon You Didn't Get Anything?

Because you most likely fell into the same trap that 90% of beginners fall into.

Having found another video course on the Internet about millions of dollars in earnings, having looked at the screenshots of payments and receipts that many entrepreneurs trump card from the pages of their sites, you, without hesitation, bought this course, went headlong into the study,

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Author: Nelly Fedosenko Title: Making Money on Etsy (2021)

Open your store on Etsy and earn money from the comfort of your home!


Etsy. om is a global platform where handicraftsmen from all over the world can trade, including from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Not only handymen can make money on Etsy. Because anyone can become a producer of a needleworker and sell someone else's goods on Etsy. This can be the handicraft of your friends, acquaintances, relatives, any handicraftsmen in your city, and even the goods of handicraftsmen from another city (because you can work through the Internet) - and it is quite easy to find such handicraftsmen.

You don't have to be an entrepreneur to trade on Etsy. You work from home, sell online, sometimes going to the post office (and those who sell digital goods may not even go to the post office).

You will receive money in your bank account within 1-2 days - and you do not need to go to work every day.

Moreover, by improving your qualifications (at our training) and gaining experience, you can become a producer at the same time for several needleworkers - and sell a much larger number of handicraft goods on Etsy.

But to successfully sell on Etsy, you need to know:

  • WHAT is for sale on Etsy and what is not;
  • how to find profitable niches (in order to sell exactly what will sell well and bring good income);
  • how to correctly arrange your product so that it is easy for Western buyers to find it and WANT to buy your product;
  • how to start making a profit almost immediately after placement product;
  • how to properly arrange a store to be considered a producer of handicraftsmen;
  • how to effectively sell without spending money on advertising;
  • how to properly arrange a store so that random customers have become your regular customers.
ALL NECESSARY AND EVEN SECRET KNOWLEDGE (which is not available to other needlewomen) YOU WILL GET ON OUR TRAINING!

You will have at your disposal:

  • several effective ways to find profitable niches,
  • 10000 profitable niches ready (for those who have chosen the MASTER Package),
  • 30,000 profitable ready-made niches (for those who have chosen the PROFI Package),
  • tools for analyzing the competitiveness of found niches,
  • effective ways of listing (even without knowledge of English),
  • methods of free promotion of goods on Etsy,
  • how to properly organize your work with needlewomen (if you will not sell your own product) - for MASTER and PROS Packages

1) The first group of needlewomen (97% of their total number) sells occasionally (and sometimes does not sell anything at all). 2) The second group of handicraftsmen (3%) sells quite a lot (for some, the amount of sales exceeded 10 thousand!).

Why is there such a difference between the two groups?

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How to make up to $ 6,000 a month making bookcase inserts.

What is a bookshelf insert?

If you look at this bookshelf, it seems that through a small row of books, there is a narrow curved street, such as are found in ancient European or Asian cities.

The street is brightly lit, shop windows are visible.

You can walk along it, turn left and get into another, magical world.

But, of course, we won't actually get anywhere on it, because it is an illusion created by Master Hai Wang.

More precisely, this is a bookshelf insert, created from several pieces of plywood and a mirror, depicting a piece of a Japanese street. It is similar in size to an ordinary book.

If you light the bulbs, then such an insert can additionally play the role of a night light.

Although it can decorate any bookshelf without additional lighting (it is quite interesting to look at it in daylight).

This is a very original and even fabulous gift for a book lover.

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