Home baking business: custom-made cakes

If you know how to cook deliciously, and your confectionery creations have long been in demand among all family and friends, then all that remains is to find out how to make custom-made cakes and where to start a home business. After all, such an occupation can be mastered by any woman who wants to earn independently for all her needs.

Of course, when reaching a wide audience and producing large volumes of finished products, you can start opening a cake store and even organize a whole network on a city or regional scale. But for now, let us dwell only on exclusive products that one person can make at home.


The relevance of this type of business will never disappear. After all, cakes are a product for all occasions. Throughout the year, we buy them or bake them in honor of the holidays, use them as a gift, serve them up when guests come and just spoil the children or the whole family from time to time in our mood.

And in recent years, from American culture, a fashion for unusual confectionery has come to us. People want them to be exclusive, created and decorated according to their wishes, especially timed to coincide with any important event. Hence the fashion for making cakes to order.

The cake baking business has several other advantages:

  • To begin with, you need the most minimal investments, and only with development and good stable income can you switch to more professional equipment.
  • It is available to work from home, which is especially important for young mothers or people with disabilities.
  • Competition in any city is low to medium, as the mass production of confectionery is focused on standard recipes.
  • You don't have to register with the tax office to get started.

Where to start?

Usually people who have a gift to cook deliciously and beautifully by themselves gradually reach the level when acquaintances periodically place orders for certain events or holidays.

But what should a person who has just decided to open this kind of business do?

  • Start by assessing the competitors in your city. Find their social media groups, review ads. It is important for you to find out the offered assortment, terms of making cakes to order, as well as the price policy. It would be useful to pay attention to the advertising methods of the most popular confectioners in the region.
  • Then think about what you can offer. If the level of competition is high enough, then try to stand out in some way, for example, with unique jewelry, non-standard recipes, or at least low prices.
  • Create a portfolio. Take a high-quality photo every time you bake a beautiful cake. By providing visual proof of your skill, you can engage your customers.
  • Also use various advertising methods.

Do you need documents?

The cake business should be registered accordingly. But experienced entrepreneurs do not recommend for beginners to immediately go to the tax office, as soon as a similar idea comes to mind. First, try if you can do this business, build up a client base, organize the kitchen itself properly.

More recently, the ability to bake cakes was considered a must for any housewife. Now most of them, saving their free time, buy pastries in supermarkets or specialty stores. After all, the needs for the purchase of sweet desserts are quite high both among gourmets and those who want to add an element of exclusivity to their festive menu.

Many people are interested in how to learn how to bake custom-made cakes at home. First of all, this will require knowledge of the technology for preparing such products, a certain amount of imagination, a desire to create, and minor financial investments.

Business Features

Many women are interested in how to bake custom-made cakes at home. These desserts are traditionally baked at home. Confectionery factories fill the market with confectionery, but under equal conditions, making cakes at home to order can be more efficient. In the production process, the master devotes a lot of time to finding an interesting recipe and its correct design. In doing so, he most often relies on the opinion of his customers.

Homemade cake will always be fresh, because it is baked a maximum of one day before the specified date. At the same time, the master is personally responsible for the quality and taste of the product, therefore this excludes any claims from the buyers.

The finished confectionery product will fully comply with the wishes of the customer regarding its design and taste. At the same time, such changes in the industrial production of cakes require a long process of reconfiguring the entire technological line and drawing up a new technological map.

Home-made entrepreneurs cannot be considered direct competitors of the confectionery factory. It is clear that the master will attract a certain mass of consumers, but the manufactured products will have a number of distinctive features:

  • cakes are not intended for daily use, but for events such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings;
  • ordering such a product implies a larger budget for the celebration, and inexpensive factory products are purchased for everyday consumption;
  • each cake is baked in accordance with the individual wishes of the client, which is impossible with their mass production.

These features contribute to the attribution of cake baking to a separate line of business, focused on its own target audience.


Confectionery has the following advantages:

  • A master should not make a large financial investment, especially if the house has all the necessary ingredients for baking. Tangible investments include: kitchen equipment, groceries and utility bills.
  • You can work without leaving your home. This is a great option for new mothers who are on maternity leave and cannot officially work outside their apartment.
  • Women can constantly develop and learn cake making techniques while doing household chores. There are many vacant niches in today's confectionery market, but there are few high-end craftsmen who can compete. Therefore, you can make cakes at home and put a good price on them.
  • For a long time, you can be engaged in baking confectionery without any registration of their activities in the state register of private entrepreneurs.
  • How to learn how to bake custom cakes? The pastry chef has ample opportunities that allow him to show all his creative potential. The master may initially opt for making children's cakes in order to work out his own author's style on them.
  • An opportunity to turn a hobby into a profitable business.


  • Investments: 40 thousand rubles.
  • Profitability: 10 thousand rubles.
  • Payback calculation: 4 months.
  • Personnel: 1-3 employees.

The cake business is a great business idea and a profitable business that requires minimal economic costs and a lot of creativity. If desired, almost everyone can bake cakes at home. You will begin to receive real high profits in 4 months.

A profitable cake business What's the point?

The essence of the cake business is to provide baking services for various confectionery products. To open your own business, you will need minimal investment; you can also bake at home. Originally made and decorated cakes are a great competition for companies that produce standard products. This business allows you to get creative and bake cakes with interesting designs.

How to start a cake business?

First, decide what kind of products you are going to bake and what target audience it will be designed for. Among the main activities:

  • baking pies, pastries;
  • baking cakes to order;
  • working with grocery stores.

Then you should purchase the necessary equipment for baking. Do not rush to register a business, first try baking cakes for friends and acquaintances, compile a portfolio of the best works, where you can post photos of the best finished products.

Cake Baking Equipment

Some of the basic tools you'll need to make homemade cakes are:

  • food processor;
  • round and square shapes of different diameters;
  • pastry syringe with different attachments;
  • kitchen scales and measuring cups;
  • bowls and pans of various sizes;
  • dough rolling pin, wooden boards;
  • equipment for working with mastic;
  • knives ;
  • other equipment: whisk, brushes, paddles, sieve.

Do you like beautiful and tasty baking? Temporarily out of work? Do you want to try your hand at starting your own business? The cake baking business is exactly the kind of activity that will bring you pleasure from work and a good income.

The maximum investment for a home business is 40,000 rubles, the payback period of the project is 4-5 months.

Custom homemade cakes are a good idea for business

  • No celebration is complete without a birthday cake, especially children's parties.
  • You can organize a pastry shop in your own kitchen, without renting premises and equipment.
  • Baking is a creative process that brings income and aesthetic pleasure.
  • There are many ways to find clients - the Internet, acquaintances and friends, children's playrooms, wedding salons.
  • The business is easy to open.
  • And it's also easy to close if you lose interest in it.
  • Fast payback of production, minimum investment for its launch.
  • Stable customer demand.
  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur to start work and receive income is not required.
  • Freedom of pricing. You set the cost of the product yourself, based on its weight, design complexity, composition.

Startup Benefits

Separately, I want to highlight the main advantages of a startup - a modest start-up investment, the ability to run a business at home, and an unoccupied niche.

More details about each item.

Small investments

If you plan to start with your own kitchen, you will only need to purchase some bakery equipment. For the purchase of whisks, decoration products, mats for drying mastic jewelry, tools for working with mastic, plungers, jewelry molds, baking paper, a turntable and some other "necessities" you will have a maximum of 30,000 rubles.

Ability to work from home

Your own kitchen is quite enough for making masterpieces, for testing your strength, searching for buyers, preparing the first advertising samples of products.

Niche unoccupied

Baking homemade cakes attracts many mothers on maternity leave and those who are temporarily unemployed, but not everyone manages to turn their pastry hobby into a profitable business.

Many of the women probably thought about building their own cake business at home and in this way to earn money for a living. Indeed, such a work from home business idea can generate a decent income. At the same time, a woman will begin to pay enough of her own attention to loved ones. Organizing such a profitable business will not be difficult. To do this, you only need to select one of the best ideas.

Baking sweets on order

Therefore, such a business can be quite profitable and will bring a stable high income.

Where to start a sweet profitable business?

The business idea of ​​making homemade sweets, like any business, requires the organization of effective advertising for its own promotion, since only thanks to this event, most people will be able to learn about the provision of such services. It should be noted that advertising such a business will take a lot of time and energy. Therefore, a novice businessman should be ready for this.

In the advertising campaign of this business, it is imperative to use a photo with finished products of our own production. But for this, you must first bake various types of cakes for your own money and hold a kind of "charity event" where you can take photographs of your works. This is the first advertisement for their own business. Such an event can be held in any public place, for example, a kindergarten or school.

Parents must be present here, who will be able to appreciate the quality, elegance of home products, and then tell their friends about your services.

This will be the first step towards building your own customer base. It is possible that the first customers will appear immediately.

Business Advertising

Several high-quality photographs with finished products must be attached to each ad. In describing your own masterpieces, you must use the most colorful epithets. Baking such cakes on order is a rather specific business. It can be realized only in your city. You need to understand that there is high competition. Therefore, photos of your own sweet masterpieces must be accompanied by engaging descriptions, the creation of which can be entrusted to an experienced copywriter.

Organization of custom-made cake production at home

The home baking business idea is tempting enough. But where should you start to implement it? Initially, the order list may be small. Therefore, you can bake cakes in your home kitchen. Further, when the client base begins to expand, it will be necessary to select a separate premises for conducting this business on a larger scale. But it's not worth paying for the rent in advance, first you need to see how the business will progress: it may not be profitable, or it turns out that this type of activity is not suitable for your liking.

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