Golden Home Business Ideas

Psychologists have long noticed one feature: enthusiastic people are much easier to adapt to economic difficulties, and this, in general, is not surprising. A person who has a hobby will always find something to make money with with his own hands. Here are a few successful startups for those who want to make money without leaving their home.

Homemade cakes and chocolates

It just so happened that most of our women are skilled cooks, but they are modestly silent about their achievements and please only their loved ones. And if you think about it, you can earn extra money on this skill, enjoying the very process of culinary creativity.

The main thing in home baking is knowledge of basic recipes and decor. If you are confused that cream roses were the top of your pastry skill before, do not worry in vain. Fortunately, paintings and mini-figures from marzipan are in trend now.

Gift sets of handmade sweets are no less popular now. There are a great many elegant and simple recipes. You will always have something to surprise your customers. And, in my opinion, there are even more reasons to order an exclusive candy set than for cakes.

If you have a good friend who is concerned about similar financial problems and is good at drawing, work together. There can be a double benefit, and the time at work will fly by unnoticed, and the demand for your sweets will increase - after all, in addition to their wonderful taste and originality, there will also be handmade packaging. And this is no less appreciated.

Cookies and muffins with company logo

You don't like working with large forms and are your best cookies? There is also a buyer for this product. Many companies hold seminars, trainings, team-building events for their employees, and they, as you know, do not do without the notorious coffee breaks (short snack breaks). And here your wonderful cookies and cupcakes with the logos of the customer company will be completely appropriate and even necessary.

Make a few samples for trial, go through the companies, post photos on the Internet, and a wave of orders will fall on you.

Fashion & Beauty

Don't you have a heart for cooking? Not scary. There are many more ways to make money with your own hands. After all, you are well versed in fashion trends, you know how to take care of your hands, face and décolleté area, and all your girlfriends quietly envy your ability to always look your best with minimal cosmetics costs. Then these activities will definitely suit you.

You use masks, creams and lotions of your own production - so promote them to the masses. Start with girlfriends, co-workers and neighbors, and you won't find better advertising than word of mouth. Customers are sure to catch up with you. Just remember that in order for your cosmetics to be in constant demand, they must be made from natural ingredients and hypoallergenic. In addition, when making an individual order, it is necessary to take into account the client's skin type.

You are not satisfied with the soap you buy in stores. And the skin dries, and the smell can not always be found, the one that pleases, and too much "chemistry". Start producing your own line. The production technology is not complicated. Popular soap with natural aromas of coffee, citrus, lavender, mint, rose. What's the best way to advertise your product other than the presence of flower buds, lemon slices and fresh leaves?

Groups and publics began to appear frequently on social networks, where they sell handicraft items: dishes, embroidered paintings, jewelry, knitted clothes. Is it true that hand-made is so in demand today? Are people ready to pay decent sums for an exclusive? Examples of successful needlewomen confirm that original things are always valuable. In this article, you will learn how to make money on needlework and turn a hobby into your main source of income ????.

Earnings on hand-made are suitable for mothers on maternity leave, students, pensioners and any other women with "golden" hands and 2-3 hours of free time a day. And also needlework is a great option for an evening part-time job.

From this article you will learn:

How much can you earn from needlework?

It is difficult to say exactly how much you will be able to earn from needlework. If you get down to business diligently, then you can count on an amount of up to $ 1000-1500 in the first year. Of course, this is not so much and it comes out a lot if broken down by months, but as an additional income for the first time, you can take a couple of simple ideas from the article: "How to earn 100 rubles." After promotion, $ 300-700 per month will be released.

The amount of earnings for needlewomen depends not only on talent, but also on other factors.

Most of the money comes from making things with a utilitarian value: dishes, clothes, bags, wallets, gift wrapping.

Earnings on handicrafts as a part-time job (2-3 hours a day + weekends) brings $ 300-1000 per year. Professional craftswomen are able to earn from $ 200-300 per month.

✅3. Ways to monetize handicrafts

If you want to make more money on handicrafts at home, do not limit yourself to selling finished products. Write articles, conduct paid master classes, shoot training videos and post them on Youtube. This approach will not only allow you to earn 1.5-2 times more on needlework, but will also bring new customers.

In the handicraft business, creativity and inspiration take a back seat. Problems with finding clients come in their place. Be prepared to face challenges:

  • routine - the need to make the same product in demand many times (which often bothers creative people);
  • dumping - selling works for a penny in order to earn at least something;
  • instability of sales;
  • legalization of activities and payment of taxes.

???? IMPORTANT. From the moment you decide to make money on needlework, your hobby will turn into a business. Do not have any illusions about easy money that comes from your favorite business.

Making natural cosmetics is a business that will develop successfully even during a crisis, because a woman by her nature always strives to look beautiful and young, and nothing will stop her on the way to this. Network brands have long discredited themselves, but they left, albeit not a large, opportunity to enter the market for small-scale exclusives.

If a businessman is also a woman who knows what she needs, then this is success multiplied by several times. Why not take advantage of this and learn how to make natural cosmetics? As some of the networkers said, why not buy from yourself, knowing the composition and trusting the quality. In this case, you also make natural products that you can use yourself. In the long term, selling it.

How to start a business

The essence of the business is that by creating cosmetics and care products from natural ingredients, you give access to a unique product. You can also accept individual orders, which are much more expensive. But you should start the production of cosmetics with yourself: your own appearance will become the main advertisement. First, try to make a hand cream based on sour cream, then make your friends, relatives, acquaintances happy with a natural product. They will not only become your first clients, but will also help to “convey information” about an unusual version of cosmetics to the masses.

Nowadays, not every woman will do something with her own hands, much more often the necessary cosmetic product is simply bought. Remember the ready-made face masks, and now read their composition, are you not afraid yet? Why are there so many preservatives? The product can be stored for years, and most importantly - where will the preservatives go after being applied to the skin? This is the first marketing idea, it remains to develop and "implement" the first batch of cream in the test order. The easiest option is milk or sour cream. The shelf life of such a "product" is no more than a month, while sterilization and natural preservatives are used.

In the early stages of development, preference should be given to skin and hair care products. It is worth remembering that natural cosmetics have a short shelf life (maximum a month), and therefore they are made in small batches. It is recommended to use glass containers for packaging. In the future, when recognition and prevalence comes, you can increase the batch and range of products.

Cleansing milk and lotions: starting a business small

Cleansing milk and lotions are easier to produce than other products. That is why it is worth starting your own business with them. The Internet will help to study the technology of preparation, to learn the secret recipes. Today, on the pages of the world network, a huge number of recipes are presented: select the most effective components by studying the features of the compound. Attention should be paid to herbs that can cause allergic reactions and should be avoided.

Lotions help tone and refresh the skin. They include natural decoctions of chamomile, string, sage. Means can also be alcoholic: cucumber lotions, with aloe, rose, flax.

It is also necessary to offer products for young skin prone to breakouts. For example, you can make an alcoholic lotion from St. John's wort.

Individual production allows you to improvise with components: create products for users of different ages, offer the fair sex care products for all skin types - and you can increase demand.

Preliminary assessment

To start confidently, you need to decide on some key nuances. Before you start the learning process, you need to answer yourself a few important questions.

1. Why do I need this? 2. What works inspire me? 3. What do I want to provide to clients? 4. How will my products differ from those of competitors? 5. How fast do I want to work? 6. How much do I want to earn? Will the investment pay off? Who will carry out orders? 7. How can I make my work as productive as possible?

Let's look at these questions and their answers

1. The answer to the question "Why?" is the most important of all. It is the foundation of your productivity and motivation. Perhaps you want to have enough free time, determine the work schedule yourself, or simply there is a desire to work at home. Maybe you enjoy doing DIY crafts. The latter is especially valuable, because it is impossible to engage in activities for a long time that you do not like. The main thing is that the reasons are compelling enough for you personally.

2. You need to look at the market, evaluate the work of masters, both famous and not so famous. Decide which products you like. This will help you understand two things for yourself: what style of work and what materials attract you the most.

3. What kind of work you want to provide to customers directly depends on what kind of work you like. Most people who are professionally engaged in hand-made make only those orders that appeal to them personally. And this is correct, because such work is fascinating. Few, for example, are engaged in the wholesale of jewelry.

4. It is very important to be different from others. Making jewelry with your own hands is a fairly competitive area. Market analysis helps you determine the right niche for yourself. For example, you can make things in the style of steam punk, trimmed with beads. The two are rarely combined. If you cannot decide right away, you can start learning, and define the "highlight" of your work after some time.

5. When evaluating the desired speed, you need to take into account that it increases with experience. At first, making things will take a decent amount of time.

6. When calculating the desired cost of your work, you need to take into account three nuances: their uniqueness, time spent and the general situation on the market. Based on this, you need to calculate your time and efforts so that they pay off. In this matter, it is good to find the best prices: those that justify your investment and are suitable for customers. It would be nice to decide on this issue and what category of people will carry out orders for jewelry. These can be girls 13-16 years old or older women. The price is usually indicated on the tag. It is necessary that a potential client can immediately assess whether he can purchase a product.

7. Optimization of work occurs for the most part already in the process of work, when you learn how to get the job done faster without losing quality.

DIY designer jewelry is a popular trend in fashion, as well as an interesting home business from scratch. almost every woman can learn it. There are many directions in the manufacture of jewelry, for example, beading, soutache embroidery, bone and wood carving, weaving from wires and threads, leather and other techniques. Which one to choose for you, you will understand only yourself, having tried at least a few directions.

Home business from scratch: choosing a direction!

Experienced craftsmen advise starting a home business from scratch, recommending directions for which it is definitely worth undertaking: - a technique that is easier to give; - a technique that I really like (even despite the lack of skill). The ideal option will be when you find a craft where these 2 tips match. If this did not happen, this is not a problem, because: - techniques that are easier to learn, you can then improve, complicate, creating your own style, unique for others. - if you like a technique in which you do not know anything, is it worth it? Of course, you should at least try and understand if there is enough perseverance to master the new material. When you manage to master your favorite direction, then work will turn into a favorite thing and you will not have to work a day.

[warning] We also recommend that you read the materials:

For whom do you create designer jewelry?

They are preferred by girls who like handicrafts and love to express themselves by wearing unusual and unique designer jewelry. This description alone is not enough. Make a more detailed analysis of the audience that prefers designer jewelry. These can be categories of adolescents from 14 to 20 years old, from 20 to 40 years old, ladies of a more mature age. You can also sort by decoration purpose, as for everyday office work, for a gala evening event, for relaxation and the beach.

Why can't you make a piece of jewelry first, and then think to whom to sell? Rather, many do this, only the professionals do not recommend it. Because different age groups have their own preferences in design, set of stones, color of material. Maybe the jewelry will be beautiful, but it will never find its buyer. there will be no advertising in places where its target audience is going.

You also need to decide on the style of performance: 1. Ethno style, which is characterized by woven products of their threads and leather. Designer jewelry made of wood and bones, metal, natural stones. The stones, as a rule, are large and rough; you will not find pearls here. More often presented amulets, charms. Participants of forums, social networks can become clients. groups interested in yoga, spirituality, esotericism. 2. The classic style is mainly sustained with decorations from natural beautifully cut stones. The ideal stone is pearl. Clients are office workers who need to be strictly and tastefully. 3. Romantic direction - it can be divided into both vintage and modern youth. The material used is polymer clay, artificial beads, natural stones, soutache weaving.

Only 3 directions were considered, but this is not the limit.

Understand what style you will work in and who will become your client!

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