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# Mill-Dill

Good afternoon, Nelly Fedosenko.

I propose to organize a new section on the forum, which will be led by me.

The section will be called "Work from home"

The essence of the section is to reveal the maximum number of questions covering work at home.

The selection of an independent section is justified by historical necessity. This is the history of the site. It was created for a home business.

The section will reveal new ways and perspectives of working from home, highlight new aspects of old topics. The mechanisms of interaction and organization of home-based artels are touched upon. All this, as well as much more, will undoubtedly bring great benefits to site and forum visitors in order to find a home business for themselves.

# Mill-Dill

Good afternoon, Nelly Fedosenko.

I'm sure you read my proposal. Don't give an answer because you are thinking. I will be glad if your thoughts are posted here. Please ask questions. Together we will answer them.

# Nelly Fedosenko

# Nelly Fedosenko

# Nelly Fedosenko

Announcer: Mad. E-mail: for_mad @ mail333. om Date of publication: 27.2021, 8:00

Comment text: It's strange why there are no comments here. Let me be the first to the # 1 business idea. Well, first of all, this is an extremely life-affirming idea; like life itself, by its very existence it opposes death. Secondly, it is absolute both in time and space. Whenever and wherever you are, if you have a reserve of mental strength, you will not be lost with her. I will not give this idea five points, I will give it four points. And I will not diminish its value in the least. If she, this idea, were a person, then she would understand me and not so much upset about this, because she, as a person with a developed self-conceit and a system of values, knows her worth.

# Nelly Fedosenko

Announcer: Mad. E-mail: for_mad @ mail333. om Date of publication: 27.2.003, 8:24

Text of the comment: Being here, at the very beginning of this project and reflecting on your idea, Nellie, I, involuntarily looking back at myself, see that I intuitively try to do the same as written in the example about a successful businessman ... In a sense, business is akin to the passion for mountaineering. Like a climber, life leads us along its path, up and down, and on the way there are boundless plains, and steep ascents, and unexpected failures. Thank you, Nelly, for placing this idea at the very bottom (figuratively) of a mountain of projects. We, as climbers, will live and overcome this mountain day after day, moving up and down it. Wherever we find ourselves during this journey, we will have in our souls this "island" of the very first idea, deeply feeling and understanding the path traveled from our past to our present. Thank you again.

# Nelly Fedosenko

Commentator: Axid Date of publication: 10.1004, 15:59

Comment text: So this is what it is - the first idea

# Nelly Fedosenko

Commentator: USSR Date of publication: 12.1004, 16:23

The text of the comment: what nonsense, if everything were so simple, the teachers did not receive a miserable allowance zp

Material on the topic: "Nelly Fedosenko's business ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Nelly Fedosenko is rude and fraudulent!

In this article I would like to warn everyone and tell the truth about how Nelly Fedosenko behaves with clients.

At that moment I decided to sign up for her training and undergo training

The cost of the training is 4990 rubles. I transferred this money to her via webmoney.

Then he will receive from her a link to the VKontakte group where the training was actually supposed to take place.

This is how the training goes - she gives text tasks, and we carry them out and send her a report, and along the way she comments on all actions and answers questions.

During this time she spent only 4 lessons. I posted only 4 text files and that's it - actually, nothing valuable and useful, from my point of view, is not in them. During this time, from her training, the traffic to my site not only did not increase, but fell in turnover.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Nelly Fedosenko's home business ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

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Nelly Fedosenko is rude and fraudulent!

In this article I would like to warn everyone and tell the truth about how Nelly Fedosenko behaves with clients.

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