Farming as a profitable business idea for beginners

The idea to have my own business appeared when I moved to live in the village (there was such a period in my life after the layoff). In the village, you can grow pure organic products. In cities, people buy poor quality food from supermarkets. And in the village everything is natural. So I decided to go into business, especially since the relatives who were with me had experience.

While my former colleagues were building mining farms, I was making my own mini farm in the field of agriculture.

Animal farming

The first thing I did was buy a cow and feed (grain). They prepared the hay ourselves, mowed the grass, dried it and put it in a stack. After a while, the cow brought a calf. I milked the cow three times a day. She gave up to 15 liters of milk a day. From the sale of the calf, I bought piglets, chickens.

Earning money on the farm

Selling milk is not profitable. I cooked milk and sold baked milk. She cooked cottage cheese, cheese and cooked fermented baked milk. Separated the remaining milk into cream from which sour cream was obtained as a result. I could sell sour cream, but I used this sour cream to make butter.

I earned from the sale of dairy products, up to about 12 thousand rubles a month.

I left the piglets for the tribe. The sow brought 6 piglets. One month old piglet costs from 2500 to 3000 thousand rubles. I didn’t sell them all at once, but I also left a few for fattening. Pork meat costs 150-200 rubles. It is beneficial to keep pigs. You can feed a piglet for your meat.

Chickens are my disappointment. Turned out to be difficult and not very profitable.

Chickens were also a source of income, but there was more trouble with them than I expected. I was selling eggs. I tried to hatch chicks, but it was unsuccessful, I lost money in the incubator and it took a lot of time.

In a business like mine, the only difficulty is that it is a huge human labor. After all, any animal needs decent care, but this is only if you really want to build your business in the village.

And the calculations also let me down. I hoped that the pig would give up to 12 piglets, that the cow would give at least 25 liters per day, but the practice turned out to be more modest.

Entrepreneurs, whose farming business has become successful, believe that kfkh (peasant farming) is an activity that is profitable to engage in for high profits. Farming as a business idea for beginners is capable of developing rapidly, does not require large investments, and it is quite easy to start from scratch.

First of all, before opening a farm, draw up a business plan for the farm. Most people with experience in agriculture are always happy to suggest how to open a farm, register a farm, how much land is needed to open your farm. They will tell novice farmers how to become a successful farmer from scratch, what it takes.

Initial stages of opening

To open a rural business, you need a well-written step-by-step instruction of kfkh.

First, you need to consult with business farmers, whose farming business is already generating a stable income. Find out how much money and land are needed for organizing a farm. If the initial investment seems too high, start with a mini-business. And what exactly will you do - animal husbandry, open a dairy factory or just plant vegetables for sale - it's up to you.

If you are interested in how to achieve good results in agriculture, remember that you will not get a lot of profit right away, especially when starting a business from scratch. Therefore, never rush, because the peasant business requires a lot of attention and effort.

  • Poultry farm (breeding chickens, turkeys).
  • Mini pig breeding.
  • Dairy factory (sale of milk, butter, sour cream).

A mini-business will require less capital investment, so it is beneficial to plant different crops, vegetables, fruits. After the rural business pays off, expand the business.

To start a large-scale business from scratch, you will have to hire workers. Since it is physically impossible to have time for everything. You can take advantage of the lack of work in the village. Offer the local population a job, it will be beneficial to both parties.

Choosing the right direction of work is one of the important stages of doing business.

There are farming ideas like this:

Do not one specific type of farming, but use several directions at once.

Business Registration

It should be noted that a home mini-farm is a business that requires not only material resources, because growing plants and producing meat and dairy products is hard physical labor. Due to the increase in unemployment, many young people find their strength in agriculture.

Agricultural enterprises are the most profitable businesses in the world. With the relatively low cost of starting up and running a business, the home farm gets a guaranteed profit. Growing, processing and distribution of products always remain relevant.

Experts are confident that in order to get the most profit, it is beneficial to have a mixed farm, as livestock farming is easier when you have your own feed, and on-site processing gives you a better chance of success. In organizing a mini-farm, step-by-step instructions from knowledgeable people and experts will help.

Already thinking about how to start a farm? It is worth noting that this case can be started practically from scratch. You don't need special training to get started, although you may need to spend some time learning the intricacies of a particular case. The choice of direction depends on what exactly you plan to produce, which agricultural products are closer to you.

Livestock, fish farming and poultry farming

Before thinking about how to open a farm, you should choose the direction of its activity and understand how much effort and money you will have to invest in your future peasant farm. It will be beneficial to organize a dairy farm. The fishing industry is also profitable, because it is not only selling fish, but organizing cultural events in the form of fishing. In recent years, beekeeping has been very popular; natural honey is in great demand both in our country and abroad. Investments in beekeeping pay off quickly and profitably.

Plant growing, vegetable growing and fruit growing

You can plant and grow cereals, perennial grasses, legumes and many other crops. The main thing is the availability of land for land. Cereals are used in various industries and as feed in animal husbandry.

Engaging in the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and greenery is a promising direction of the farm, which will allow you to get a decent profit both in the season and in the cold season. It is especially beneficial to invest in gardening. The arrangement of modern drip-irrigated gardens with new unpretentious varieties of fruit trees and shrubs can bring considerable income. Over time, the business can be expanded by building a mini-plant for processing fruit into juice and jam.

Farming business is often determined by financial capabilities, because farming as a business idea for beginners requires not only special knowledge, but also material investments. If you do not have personal land in a rural area, you need to find a place for a future farm. Most often, novice farmers are looking for land near the city, this allows them to save on transport and quickly find a sales market.

Nowadays, small business in the countryside is gaining popularity, and if earlier this occupation was considered unprofitable, today a small farm can feed not only a large family, but also bring a good income.

Choosing a direction

Before starting this activity, it is worth choosing a direction. This can be the sphere of growing vegetables and fruits or breeding animals and poultry. What to choose, decide for yourself, it all depends on material capabilities, competition and sales market.

I recommend that beginners start with something simple, in an area that doesn't require a lot of investment. For example, it is beneficial to breed crayfish or broiler chickens. You can grow any vegetables and fruits that grow and ripen well in your climatic conditions.

Before you start making money in this area, it is worth drawing up a detailed business plan for your farm. This will help you to correctly allocate costs, predict possible risks and determine the approximate time to payback of the business.

Where to start your own farm?

In order to start doing agricultural business, you need to register legally. This requires choosing the material legal form of entrepreneurship. You can register as a sole proprietor or establish a legal entity such as LLC.

You will also need to obtain all permits from the SES and the veterinary service on the compliance of products with norms and quality standards.

I recommend that you entrust the collection and execution of the necessary documents to an experienced lawyer. He will tell you how to do everything correctly, and at this time you can do more important things related to the arrangement of the farm.

Land lease

As for the area, orient yourself according to the chosen field of activity. If you plan to grow vegetables or fruits, you will need an area of ​​at least several hectares.

If you prefer to go into the livestock business, then even a few hundred land will be enough.

As they say, it all depends on the chosen direction and scale of business.

Snail farming as a business is a new direction of animal husbandry, which is becoming popular not only in European countries. Citizens of Russia and the post-Soviet space are interested in this kind of entrepreneurial activity, so all issues related to the breeding of shellfish are very relevant. Consider all the subtleties and nuances of growing a delicacy at home.

Why snails?

Snail farming as a business, or heliology, is a relatively new area of ​​livestock farming with great economic potential. Today, most of the live goods are exported to the countries of the European Union. Thanks to this, domestic exports are developing. It should be said that Russian catering facilities are increasingly mastering the Mediterranean menu, the hallmark of which is the gastronomic delights of shellfish.

Grape snail is a unique natural raw material. We will consider it from a practical point of view and speak in dry mathematical language - may the "vegans" and "Greenpeaces" forgive us. Shellfish are used in pharmacy and cosmetology, culinary and alternative medicine. Particularly enterprising businessmen breed "horned" ones in order to obtain snail caviar, the cost of which is slightly lower than that of a beluga caviar. Who does not know - beluga caviar is the most expensive. Snail meat is a dietary product rich in vitamins and useful microelements.

Snail farming: business relevance

So you've decided to master the snail business. Where to begin? How to contain? How to breed and what to do? What do snails eat? And this is far from a complete list of questions that arise before an entrepreneur.

One small snail costs about 5 rubles a month. The wholesale purchase price in restaurants is about $ 8 per 1 kg. The cost of caviar, which, by the way, is very similar to small pearls, is (attention!) 110-120 dollars per 50 grams. Do you understand how profitable it is? Yes, you will have to spend money on equipping the farm, purchasing "live goods" and some equipment. But this is a penny compared to what awaits at the exit.

So who is the potential buyer? Who needs snail farming as a business? In what areas will "small cattle" go? Consider the most common uses for snail meat.

Public catering facilities

Of course, restaurants are more interested in purchasing domestic raw materials for making seafood dishes. Today, in the coastal waters of the Okhotsk, Japanese and Black Seas, there are farms where mussels are grown on an industrial scale. But you have to buy snails. Therefore, elite cafes and restaurants are interested in the development of domestic heliculture.

Shellfish meat is a delicacy that is distinguished by a whole range of useful properties and qualities. So, it contains magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and a large amount of vitamins (PP, K, A, E). Molluscs are indicated for pregnant and lactating women, as they are a natural source of calcium, for babies. Snails are lean meats that are high in protein. By the way, for the same reason, snails are popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

Snails are cooked very tasty in France and Italy. But domestic culinary gurus have learned to use dietary meat correctly.

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