Family business: how to succeed

An increasing number of modern "cells of society" are deciding to open a family business. The advantage is constant work with people who deserve complete trust. In addition, each of the family members is passionate about their own business. Everyone tries to put the maximum amount of energy into the business for common prosperity, it is only important to know how to create a family business.

Important! The main advantage is what kind of business will be organized, the main profit will always remain within the family.

It is for this reason that more and more families are striving to start a business, that is, to start running their own family business. It is worth knowing that this path can be accompanied not only by pluses, but also by numerous pitfalls. For example, in the process of having difficulties in business, things like discord and quarrel in relationships can occur.

If there is no fear of facing certain problems, if the head of the family and its members feel the strength to effectively solve all problems and find various accurate answers to questions without conflicts, then you can think about organizing a profitable family activity.

After deciding to start a family business, the problem automatically arises associated with finding a suitable idea that will help you get a decent profit. The main options that are relevant for modern times will be listed below.

Family Business Ideas

Before development, it is required to preliminarily determine the total number of people, that is, family members who can and wish to take direct part in it.

Among the main varieties are:

  • A family corporation or business such as a standard joint stock company. Here the shareholders are representatives of one definite family, and all rights, as a rule, pass strictly by inheritance. To create such a business, you will need to choose one of the serious areas and then invest a fairly serious amount in it.
  • A family company is not such a serious type of family business. In such companies, everyone takes their own specific place, that is, a position, respectively, each person does his job.
  • Family business in the form of small business. Quite often, it is this form that is taken into account when the topic comes to entrepreneurial activity within the family. In this form of business, two, three and slightly more people can take part. It all depends on the chosen activity and the amount of work planned.

Regardless of the chosen direction, certain tips must be followed for its successful conduct.

Tips for starting and running a family business

Some of the most basic tips include:

The Russian government has included the introduction of a collective or family patent into the economic recovery plan. "AiF" found out what it will give to entrepreneurs.

No extra paperwork

The idea of ​​a family patent was proposed by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And this initiative is not only about taxes. “Within the family, many issues are resolved informally,” says Elena Dybova, vice president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who herself in the past ran the family company. - Schoolchildren help their parents, pensioners help their adult children, and they are not officially hired for work. And if you keep the documentation strictly in accordance with the legislation, then in such a company you will have to issue 40 different orders, instructions and reports regarding working conditions and remuneration. "

The conclusion suggests itself: it is necessary to synchronize life and laws in enterprises that are arranged in a related manner. So far, among the most popular options for legalizing participation in a family business is the registration of an individual entrepreneur. Two years ago, the FTS found even one 94-year-old entrepreneur in its database. But with the advent of the family patent, the need for such tricks will disappear.

“Instead of several taxes and fees due for each employee of the family firm, only one is paid,” says E. Dybova about the design of the collective patent. - It will be possible to enter into this document spouses, their parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, as well as grandparents of each of the spouses, brothers and sisters of the parents of each of the spouses, adoptive parents, adopted children. And the fact of obtaining a patent for this group of people will mean that they can build relationships with each other in accordance with production needs. "

From to people

“This is how we work,” confirms Natalya Krivenkova, who, together with her husband, created in the Belgorod region. goat farm "Krinitsa". - When the milking equipment breaks down at night, the husband rushes 30 km from home to fix everything by morning. When the demand for goat's milk dropped in spring due to quarantine in Moscow, family savings had to be spent. "

“We have three generations in business, and each has brought something of its own into it,” says the head of the Stitzhok family enterprise from the Leningrad Region. Ruslana Stolyarenko. Her mother founded the company, relying on the experience in trade, gained since the Soviet era. Ruslana herself is an experienced manager and engineer. And a page in social networks for communication with clients has already been opened by the daughter and granddaughter of Olesya.

“Family businesses in all countries are more resilient in difficult days. Such firms are better than any employment service in providing jobs for young people, retirees and pre-retirees. In the global economy, they create 50 to 80% of all jobs. This is precisely why the government included the family patent in its anti-crisis program. It can be legalized from 2021, - sums up E. Dybova. - According to our information, the new business regime is supposed to be extended to micro-enterprises with a turnover of up to 60 million rubles. a year, where 2 to 15 people work. A collective patent can be issued for a group of relatives, and all other employees can be hired in accordance with the Labor Code. "

Who benefits from it?

The FTS has not yet announced the final decision on the financial parameters of the patent. But, as the president of Opora Rossii, Alexander Kalinin, said, its cost will be calculated by analogy with the tax for the self-employed - presumably at a rate of 4 to 6% of the potential annual income that a microfirm can receive in its area of ​​business in its region. However, unlike the regime for the self-employed, a collective patent will not exempt relative entrepreneurs from contributions to the Pension Fund and Medstrakh. This payment will be calculated according to the same rules as for individual entrepreneurs.

“There are only 2 people from one family in our peasant farm, and there are also 12 employees. But all the same, our work will be simplified if we can use the collective patent, ”N. Krivenkova believes.

“Family status will help legalize employees-relatives and give more opportunities for growth to very small firms, where the core of the team is close people,” E. Dybova is sure. - For example, bankers say that they can reduce the requirements for such enterprises when issuing loans. After all, it is less risky for the bank, when not one entrepreneur, but his entire family is actually responsible for the return of the money received ”.

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10 Inspirational Family Business Stories and Lessons

The business between husband and wife has many advantages and the same number of pitfalls. Starting a common business with a loved one, you risk not only business, but also relationships. Spouses starting a joint business face a double risk to the family budget. Problems at work can take a toll on your personal life - you have to learn not to bring disagreements home. On the other hand, a family business brings people closer together, guarantees maximum trust and allows you to spend a lot of time together.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, Rusbase collected stories of happy entrepreneurial couples and found out how they manage to build a business out of love.

Alexander Brailovsky and Nadezhda Pak, Receptor healthy food cafe chain

The first establishment of the network was opened by the couple in 2021. And now they already have four cafes - in Bolshoy Kozikhinsky Lane, on Bolshoy Nikitskaya Street, on Chistoprudny Boulevard and on Derbenevskaya Embankment.

The idea to open the "Receptor" came to Nadezhda's head - she is Korean by origin and knows many traditional vegetarian recipes. The couple develop menus together and experiment with marketing. Nadezhda took over legal and operational issues, Alexander is engaged in strategic planning, software and employee training.

Alexander Brailovsky believes that the advantage of a family business is frankness in discussing business issues and more thoughtful decisions that are made together. In his opinion, there are no universal niches for a family business - the choice of activity always depends on the nature of the entrepreneur.

The formula of a family business: "A husband and wife should inspire each other, sometimes be different and different - then they can complement each other."

Alexander and Marina Fedyaevs, Korichkarf bakery

Ideas for a family business of a husband and wife.

What is a family business?

This is an entrepreneurial activity founded by relatives belonging to the same family.

A family business in terms of size, structure, method of management and concentration of fixed capital can be classified as follows:

  • A small company with no more than ten employees. This circle, as a rule, includes the closest relatives.
  • Large holdings. The best example is the family-owned companies in England, the ownership of which is inherited.

In Russia, most often you can find family companies that are engaged in trade or small-scale production (confectionery, bakery). Family agrarian business.

Pros and cons of family business

Benefits of business with your family

  • Family business prepares each new family member for the fact that it is possible that a person has already been provided with a place of work - that is, his future profession is, as it were, outlined.
  • the family business keeps the secrets of craftsmanship better and the new generation does not need to start everything from scratch

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business partners will not weave intrigues behind their backs and incite unplanned checks (unfortunately, in modern realities this does not always work, but now we are talking about a really close-knit family)

  • the family business works to unite on the basis of mutually beneficial conditions
  • financial education of children is based on real examples - schoolchildren and adolescents can earn their first money in a favorable environment and learn to value conscientious work
  • a family business contributes to the self-development of each family member - the performance of each individual employee depends on the performance of the case and his reputation as a whole.
  • Family business is a fairly popular phenomenon. It is not easy to start a business in which work responsibilities will be distributed among family members, but its fruits, provided the right direction of activity is chosen, will bring decent profits. This is a great way out for people who do not want to work for an outside employer, but who dream of a team of close relatives. Are business and family compatible? Where to start and how to develop a family business to improve well-being?

    Is it worth the candle?

    What is a family business? A common type of entrepreneurial activity, where 2 or more relatives from the same family are involved. Here each is assigned a specific role and area of ​​responsibility. Many people are of the opinion that a family business is a good idea and the business will be doomed to success. Is this really so?

    Home business has significant advantages:

    • all participants are interested in the prosperity of business and the successful development of the business;
    • significant savings on hired labor;
    • unites the working family on the overall result;
    • the team develops a good trusting relationship, because all employees know each other in advance;
    • all production secrets will not go beyond the enterprise;
    • allows you to develop business skills in children from an early age.

    According to statistics, firms created by relatives stay afloat longer than other companies.

    Family Business: Varieties

    For a budding businessman, it is considered a good idea to involve relatives who are competent in specific matters. This means that close people will work together to improve their well-being, having a huge potential for further development. Depending on how many people will be involved in the work process, there are several types of family business.

    Home Small Business

    It has up to 10 employees. This type is characterized by the absence of a hierarchical ladder, all workers are universal and interchangeable.


    More serious organization. Here, each of the employees is already responsible for a certain work process, there are heads above the departments and a clear hierarchy is traced.

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