Encyclopedia of business ideas

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Material on the topic: "Encyclopedia of Business Ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Encyclopedia of business ideas

Assertions that SEO is already dead and will not work in such and such a month, year, decade, we periodically hear on social networks and on many popular Internet resources. Along with this, all companies continue to carefully collect semantic cores, as well as diligently fill in Title and Description. In 2021, many people are trying to bury webinars in exactly the same way. At the same time, online conferences and events are becoming an increasingly popular event, especially in comparison with previous years. The key to success -.

Business idea Anti-theft systems a good start for small businesses

For people who want to start their own business, but do not have the opportunity to do it on financial issues, the solution to the problem can be the organization of a home business. Consider one of the options for starting your own business. As an idea, you can use the creation of anti-theft devices for cars. In this case, own housing is used as premises. You just have to purchase materials and invest your labor. At first, you can take your relatives to help, and only when there are a lot of orders, you can attract hired ones.

Business idea Organization of glass container production

How often do people use glassware? Is it necessary to preserve perishable food for a long time, protecting bulk cereals exposed to the environment? Do I need to close the conservation? For all these purposes, tin, cardboard and plastic containers are often used, but glassware always has a clear advantage over them. It is unlikely that a replacement worthy of glass will be found in the near future. Such priority properties of the material and its relevance prompted an excellent business idea - production.

Moscow labor market forecasts: which vacancies will increase in winter?

Most job seekers believe that winter is not the best time to find a new job. It is believed that employers at this time are set to rest, and specialists who are hiring new employees go on vacation. However, personnel experts argue that such views are only half true. According to them, the labor market in winter experiences the same needs as in other seasons. The exception is some segments of the industries related to sales and supplies: during the holidays.

Business idea Aroma console for VR gaming headsets

In recent years, the field of computer games has been developing at such a frantic pace that it seems like something incredible. There are more and more games that immerse players in a wide variety of stories. From fun sports and exciting quests to exciting medieval battles and intense shooters. Games are becoming more interesting, larger, more realistic. At the same time, the requirements of players for those gadgets that help them immerse themselves in the fascinating world of virtual entertainment are also growing. Today it is not enough.

Quell Business Idea - New Pain Suppression Technology

This collection will be useful to all those who are looking for their own, the very business idea that resonates in the heart and head of the seeker. These 10 interesting business ideas books contain both practical examples and ways to generate new ideas.

James Adams Unlock Your Mind Technique for finding original solutions to complex problems and generating brilliant ideas

The book will help to remove blocks that hinder the development of the creative potential of each person, reveal the secrets of communication of conflict-free communication in a team, society, and also get to know oneself better. The author of the book offers a number of fun exercises, thanks to which each of us will be able to fully unleash the creativity that he has. The book will help you to formulate your ideas more correctly and to get out of delicate situations in an original way. The author is sure that each of us has the ability to create. However, a person lives under the influence of a number of conventions that dictate a model of behavior in society or in his own head. We read and remove the blocks we don't need!

Harvey Ben - The Greatest Sales Letters

In the book you will find answers to questions:

  • How to sell: magazine subscription, participation in a dangerous and exciting expedition, lingerie, mortgage, real estate, attending seminars / trainings, communicating with potential and clients and turning them into regular customers , fresh ideas for print publications - we rely on the experience of past years,
  • How to sell a service, how to offer "business to business",
  • How to form a profitable promotional offer - "Bring a friend" and "Free offer",
  • How to sell an expensive service (medical services, premium goods, etc.),
  • Return of former customers,
  • Presentation of a new product ,
  • Letters for those looking for a job (How to write an effective resume),
  • Effective store advertising and fundraising for charity.

Michael Mikalko Encyclopedia of Business Ideas Creativity Training

  • How to boost your personal creativity in a short period of time?
  • What to do with yourself? Why are the same thoughts spinning in my head that do not bring results or even more - they will definitely not work anymore.
  • How to solve old problems and not get new ones - in the work of Michael Mikalko. The author seriously examines the paradox of creative creative thinking and proposes an intellectual game with your own brain as one of the ways to pump the abilities of intelligence, intuition, reaction speed and resourcefulness.
  • In addition, the book contains exercises and techniques for quickly finding effective solutions in business, mechanisms for connecting the work of the subconscious mind in the process of thinking about a particular problem.

If you lack the novelty of ideas, then this book is for you!

Alexander OrlovHow to make money on ideas

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