Egg incubation business

For advanced farmers and those who are just planning to make money on their home farm, the egg incubation business can become a fairly profitable way of earning money.

Who can manage this type of farm?

  • Farmers with large land plots, those who already have a large livestock population, including pigs, chickens, sheep and so on. In this case, incubation employment can be aimed at increasing their own farm or as a separate direction. The sale of chicks will become profitable, and if at first you cannot sell the hatched chicks, you can always leave them for breeding.
  • Non-working pensioners who have a summer cottage, a private house or a small plot of land. Incubation of bird eggs does not require a lot of physical activity, and at first care for the incubator will take no more than 1-2 hours. At the same time, the sale of chicks can significantly increase the income of a pensioner, which is unlikely to be supported by a large farm.
  • Entrepreneurs who do not have large capital investments, but want to quickly make a profit. The fact is that making an incubator and raising chicks will require a minimum of resources, and the profit will more than cover all costs.

People with disabilities can also incubate eggs, all those who, due to circumstances, are deprived of the opportunity to actively engage in farming.

Organization of egg incubation

It's worth clarifying right away that incubation is becoming a very profitable business when it comes to sufficiently large volumes of chick breeding. Fortunately, modern incubators, taking up little space, are able to work for 5-10 thousand egg places. Naturally, such productivity requires more attention to be paid to logistics, namely the placement of chicks and the quick sale of the entire brood.

Professional incubation equipment is quite expensive, it will increase business efficiency, but it will require large financial resources. Also, do not forget that incubation requires an uninterrupted supply of electricity, compliance with the thermal regime in the incubation chamber. If there are frequent power outages in the place where you plan to breed chicks, you will need to install additional equipment:

  • automatic gasoline or diesel generator;
  • voltage stabilizer;
  • uninterruptible power supply.

A good solution for those who are just starting this business may be to use small incubators for 100-500 eggs. Firstly, this equipment is cheap, secondly, you can quickly sell a batch of chicks, and thirdly, even if something goes wrong, you risk a small investment.

Matter of profitability

The main income from incubating eggs is, of course, the sale of chicks. Despite the fact that the cost of eggs for incubation (for example, a broiler) is higher than the cost of eggs from the store, selling even a one-day-old chicken will get the hatchery owner twice the money. A chicken egg costs 25-30 rubles, while a chicken costs 60 rubles and more, depending on age.

Real business in the village - incubator

Breeding young poultry for sale is a seasonal business, as it brings in money from May to August. But at this time, it is extremely in demand, and by preparing for it properly, you can earn very good money.

What do you need to implement this idea? First of all, incubators, several pieces. Why not one? Because it is convenient to lay eggs in batches - as fresh as possible, and then, after hatching, it is convenient to wash and disinfect this equipment for the next batch. What should be the capacity of incubators (for how many eggs are they designed for)? It all depends on the size of the mother flock you are willing to keep. Now it is not a problem to buy equipment for thousands of eggs or to take (or even make) several small (for 50-100 eggs) incubators.

Breeder flock

The most important thing in this business is a quality parent flock. It must meet the following requirements:

  • Carry so many eggs so that the required batch is collected in 3-4 days, and preferably in a day. Eggs are stored at room temperature and placed in the incubator at the same time so that the hatching is friendly.
  • The number of males and females must be correct. It is different for each type of bird, for example, chickens should have one rooster for 10 chickens, and ducks should have one drake for 3 ducks. You should always have a supply of males (winter is long).
  • The bird must be young and healthy. Choose the largest, brightest, energetic individuals with clear eyes and excellent appetite. The age of the mother herd depends on each species and it is also important to observe these standards.
  • The bird must fully match the parameters of its breed.
  • The content area should be spacious. Please note - in all guides on poultry keeping, the area per head for the parent flock is given separately and it is higher than for other categories.
  • Feeding should be complete, and it is important to remember that overfeeding is just as dangerous as underfeeding.
  • Lighting must comply with regulations. Only chickens and quails fly all year round, although they also have periods of rest and molting, the features of which must also be taken into account. The rest of the bird rushes in season and in order to achieve maximum egg production at the right time, it is necessary to correctly bring it to this, gradually lengthening daylight hours (again in accordance with the norms). You don’t need, for example, that ducks come in January, if the first buyers for ducklings appear only in May, and in the high season, on the contrary, they finish laying and start molting?
  • Breeding work. If you decide to turn the breeding of young animals into a real business in the village, then you need not only to purchase a thoroughbred bird, but also to select, leaving the best, most egg-bearing, strong and beautiful individuals to the tribe.

Breeder feeding

I am specifically bringing this topic out separately, because the feeding of the birds that will supply your incubators with eggs must comply with the standards and be balanced with protein / minerals / vitamins, etc., especially in season. This is the most important moment, because the first eggs are laid for incubation back in April, when there is a serious lack of vitamins, and with other feeds in private farms there is a strain.

If you want to be successful, take care of vitamins, premixes and various supplements in advance. I will not list the feed, they may differ in different regions and everyone has different opportunities - someone can buy return from the nearest dairy, another - fish production waste. Look for how to make sure that the bird feeds fully and at the same time the feed pays off with future income.

If everything is done correctly, then the yolks by the season will be literally orange, the hatch is high, and the young are healthy.

Which bird to breed?

Everything also depends on the region, for example, more than once I had to deal with the fact that chickens and ducklings are in abundance in the spring, but you will not find goslings, turkey poults or muscovy ducks. Chickens of unusual breeds (fur-legged, hairless, all kinds of exotics), colored ducks, geese of various breeds, etc. are in great demand. In private farmsteads people are happy to buy colored birds. For example, if you can't surprise anyone with ducklings of ordinary white Peking ducks, then black (or rather striped) ducks are torn off with their hands.

There is always interest in rare breeds of poultry, different types of pheasants. People who specialize in them come from far away or order eggs by mail (here's an article on pheasants). If you are breeding a bird, about which there is practically no information, be guided by the nearest breeds and species. Practice shows that the hatching of eggs in an incubator is high for almost all poultry, and, oddly enough, it is the lowest in chickens about which, it would seem, we know everything thoroughly. In this sense, there are no problems with ducklings, goslings, turkeys, quails - if the norms are observed, the output will be very high, and the young are strong.

A business incubator can be found in almost every large modern city.

It is a specialized organization that supports aspiring entrepreneurs at all stages of their business development.

It is very useful for young businessmen to get acquainted with information about its activities, since in the future this organization can help to implement an interesting project.

History of origin

The first institutions with a similar name were created by the British in the middle of the 20th century. But they had very little in common with the current business incubator model.

After a while, an American named Joseph Manfuso used an abandoned factory warehouse in Batavia to create a so-called industrial center.

This organization already possessed the same characteristics as a modern business incubator.

Manfuso set himself the goal of creating new jobs. With the help of an industrial center, he successfully brought it to life.

Several more American businessmen followed his example, and then entrepreneurs from other countries adopted their experience.

By the beginning of 1985, there were about seventy institutions around the world, the main purpose of which was to organize assistance to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

Moreover, the states that actively supported this idea noted that the accelerator in the economy, that is, the increase in investment against the background of rising income levels, has increased significantly.

Starting a business alone and without seed capital is almost always a failure. Even a well-thought-out project requires correct implementation and material support, otherwise sooner or later the enterprise will "burn out".

Now in the Russian Federation, business incubators are actively developing - institutions where they help young businessmen. Let's take a closer look at what it is, how you can organize yourself, where to turn for help for a novice entrepreneur in Russia.

Main goals and objectives

First, let's take a closer look at the terminology. A business incubator is an organization specializing in the implementation of projects for young entrepreneurs who do not have enough money and skills to start on their own. Now such institutions operate in the following areas:

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  • Computer and IT technologies;
  • service provision;
  • wireless technologies;
  • biology and medicine;
  • medical equipment and devices;
  • energy;
  • ecology (environmental protection);
  • art and creativity;
  • progressive materials.

Business incubators operate in this way: a person has an idea. He paints his project in detail, addresses him to the institution. If his idea is approved, the entrepreneur will receive comprehensive support, including:

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  • Office or production space. It is unlikely that a novice entrepreneur will be able to afford to rent a territory for a business location at first. The incubator provides premises free of charge for temporary use;
  • Getting advice. Not many novice businessmen are guided at least in the basics of entrepreneurship, not to mention the legal, tax, and legislative aspects of the case. Experts will advise on all emerging issues, if necessary, help to draw up documents for further work;
  • Attracting investors. Lack of funds is the main problem for aspiring entrepreneurs. Business incubators are not directly involved in financing projects: they help to find investors or get a long-term loan from a bank on favorable terms for starting a business;
  • Advertising of your project. A well-advertised product or service will sell quickly, so a new business must be announced to a wide range of people. This can be done through conferences, exhibitions, presentations.

Organization of a business incubator

Creating your own commercial business incubator is an opportunity not only to help start-up entrepreneurs, but also in the future to receive a percentage of the profits of their business.

It should be understood that to start such a project, you need to have either a bright, interesting idea, or already be a successful entrepreneur and have money for investment. Now there are three ways to organize a business incubator:

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  • Investing your own funds to promote the project. If you are a successful businessman and want to help young people in the implementation of their ideas, you can organize your own institution where they can apply. World renowned business incubators (like Y Combinator) have been created by aspiring entrepreneurs in the past.
  • Participation in government programs. In Western countries, various events are held where young people can show their intelligence and creativity. The winner wins the grant. With the money raised, you can create your own business incubator. This practice is not yet widespread in our country, but over time, the spread of such programs is predicted in Russia.
  • Symbiosis of several commercial organizations. Two or three institutions create a common incubator, thus attracting new people with fresh ideas. For example, in Ukraine in 2021, the Startup Depot business incubator was created, which is funded by Canadian IT companies. People who have ideas in the field of computer technology can apply there.

Transform your employees' ideas into new growth points and sources of income for the company

Internal Idea Incubator - a program that allows any employee of the company in a short time and for minimal resources to test his idea, based on the Lean Startup method

What does an internal incubator of company ideas give?

A built system based on the Lean methodology and fast-track program allows the project to quickly bring the project to the product / market fit point

An employee's project can grow into a new business direction of the company or optimize existing processes

The ability to implement your own project within the company allows you to retain talented employees through the possibility of horizontal growth

The incubator program lasts days.During this time, the project must test the hypothesis of the value of the product / service

Workshop format trainings based on team requests

Trimming results for 12 weeks incubator

Preparing a presentation for the Demo Day

Pitching the presentation

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