Do you want to earn over $ 500 per month? Learn to make deli meats! The real story of the development of a family business from Belarus

Sausage is a product that needs no introduction. In Soviet times, her presence on the table was almost a mandatory requirement when organizing a more or less significant holiday or celebration.

Hundreds of varieties of sausages can be seen on store shelves, the price of which varies widely.

But consumers have long noticed that the quality of these products has dropped dramatically in recent years.

Only the most expensive varieties of sausages retain normal taste, the price of which sometimes greatly exceeds the cost of a similar amount of normal meat.

Therefore, if you decide to organize a mini sausage shop at home, which will provide consumers with tasty and relatively inexpensive products, then you definitely won't have to worry about a lack of profit.

Let's notice right away that even a small sausage business is expensive.

What requirements should the premises meet?

Having decided to make food products for sale at home, the utmost attention should be paid to all sanitary requirements and standards. If you treat this issue without due seriousness, then the very first visit of the SES representatives will present you with many unpleasant surprises.

First, your workshop must be equipped with a normal sewer system. Make sure you have a convenient access road right away, as there will be a lot of waste to be removed. If possible, it is better to immediately enter into an agreement with a local pig farm, the owners of which will certainly not mind receiving additional animal feed.

The room that you plan to adapt for a mini sausage shop at home must have a completely serviceable wiring. Of course, you will also need to install a fire alarm.

A production facility should never be residential. Its contact with living rooms is not allowed. Contrary to common misconception, it is strictly forbidden to locate production in the former premises of baths and other outbuildings.

Thus, a mini sausage shop at home should be located in a room with a water supply, sewerage system and good wiring. Requires a forced supply and exhaust ventilation system and fire alarm.

In any supermarket or large butcher shop, you can spend hours walking around the meat department, looking at the assortment. Smoked sausages, dry-cured meats, a variety of different meat delicacies make any customer hesitate. Large meat processing plants offer thousands of types of meat products. But the scale of production does not always indicate the high quality of products.

It happens that we remember how we ourselves once prepared delicious boiled pork for our family and we want to try to make it again. Why not prepare deli meats for sale? A family from Belarus asked this question and decided to try it. Today they agreed to tell Reconomica readers their story of how their birthday was the start of their small, family-run jerky sausage business.

The origins of our earnings

The dashing 90s taught people how to get a pretty penny in a variety of ways and acquire all sorts of skills.

So, my parents, during the period of unemployment, had to become sellers of finished meat products. I remember how they bought meat carcasses and made minced meat, sausages, balyk and smoked products. It was this activity that helped our family in those years.

The dashing 90s taught people how to get a pretty penny in a variety of ways and acquire all sorts of skills.

But time has passed, stable government work has appeared, and the need for such earnings has disappeared - only experience and a thick notebook with proven recipes have remained from the old trade.

The beginning of our venture

I already grew up and worked as an agronomist in a greenhouse farm near Mogilev, where I also got a job for my mother, Tatyana Andreevna. It was 2021.

We earned about $ 700 each, the housing was official, and we didn't even want to think about any shabbos.

Forgotten commercial streak

But it was our birthday, we invited a lot of guests. And my mother, knowing the recipes for skilful meat products, prepared them for the table. The guests were amazed at how tasty the dishes were, and my mother also added to everything that they were cheaper than store prices. Leaving the holiday, the guests expressed that they would not mind buying such delicacies.

And then a forgotten commercial vein woke up in us. The business plan was discussed all week in the evenings.

The time of stereotypes that sausages are made exclusively at special meat processing plants is long gone. Ideas for making this product privately and at home are becoming more popular.

The relevance of making sausages at home

Before starting such a production, it is worth considering the benefits of this activity. The unconditional advantages include the following parameters:

  • Sausage is a popular product on the consumer market in any season and regardless of the appearance of food novelties.
  • The idea of ​​creating a small sausage shop is attractive with minimal investment in production.
  • Refusal to rent a separate room is a significant plus when making a decision.
  • No need to coordinate all actions with the authorities and visit the place of official work - saving personal time.

From all of this, we can conclude that a home-based sausage business is a profitable business with excellent profitability.

Safety requirements when starting a business

Making sausage at home is a profitable occupation, but it requires increased responsibility for observing safety measures. To avoid problems with the relevant authorities and directly with neighbors, you should adhere to the following rules:

If all the requirements are met, business ideas for making sausage at home will be successfully implemented.

Compliance with the legal framework when opening a workshop in private

As you know, the production of any product privately and at home must be organized according to all the rules. The following actions should be taken in this direction:

  • Choose a form of activity that implies an individual business or a limited liability company.
  • Get information from the Sanitary Epidemiological Station.
  • Purchase the relevant documents in the form of a product quality certificate from Rostest.

Crisis in the yard or not, food is what people will need at any time. Sausages are almost a must-have product: we eat sandwiches at home, at work and school, we make ourselves for tea or watching a movie, and just when we want to chew something. So the sausage production business is a promising business that brings good income, but only if you make a high-quality product, there are plenty of recyclables on the market.

In this article, we'll talk about how to create your own sausage business, how much money you need to spend on setting up a small workshop and what are the nuances of such a business.

Legal side: what documents are needed to register a business

Since we are talking about the manufacture of food, get ready for the fact that you will need to obtain permission to operate from the sanitary and epidemiological station, as well as the veterinary service, which will check the quality of raw materials.

You can register your activity as an individual entrepreneur, or as an LLC - choose the form that will suit the scale of your work. For example, if you have a small workshop with one retail outlet, then you can get by with an individual entrepreneur. For large-scale production, an LLC is already needed.

When registering, you will need to indicate OKVED codes:

  • 15. 3 - making meat products;
  • 15. 3. - production of products from meat, offal and blood;
  • 15. 3. - heat treatment of meat products.

Business backbone: quality raw materials

Where to get good meat for making sausages? It is best to arrange a supply from farmers, as there will definitely be a quality product. Ideally, if you open a workshop in the village or not far from it, because this will minimize the delivery time of raw materials.

Pay attention to the quality of the meat: the carcass of young cattle is ideal, where the amount of fat is minimal.

To create a more dietary product, you can additionally add milk, starch, soy to the raw materials. Also, one of the components of the raw material will be a mixture of seasonings, for each type of sausages its own.

How is the manufacturing process going?

The recipe will depend on the type of product, and the general manufacturing technology looks like this:

Quality sausages are produced not only at meat processing plants. Many entrepreneurs make homemade blood sausages, liverwurst, raw smoked and other sausages, which are distinguished by excellent taste. Making sausages at home as a business brings them a good profit. You will learn how to open such a mini-enterprise from this article.

Activity Registration

In order for the regulatory authorities not to close your company, you should officially register your business and fulfill all the requirements of the SES and Vetnadzor. In this case, the regulatory authorities will meet you halfway and help you solve all the problems that arise in the course of business.

First of all, you should open an individual entrepreneur or LLC. The choice of legal form depends on the size of your business. If you want to organize the production of sausage at home, it is enough to register as a private entrepreneur.

In addition, you need to obtain certificates for finished products. This can be done through a declaration-statement, which is a guarantee that your company will produce only high-quality products that fully comply with all the established requirements.

To obtain a certificate, you must submit the following documents to Rostest:

Before starting the paperwork, it is necessary to develop a business plan for the sausage production workshop, describe the technology and draw up a list of equipment.

Selecting premises for the company

The most important condition put forward by sanitary and epidemiological control is the competent distribution of raw materials and finished products flows. They should not intersect anywhere. This is a very important point to consider when equipping a workshop. In addition, the room should be equipped with all communications (water supply, sewerage, ventilation, etc.).

Raw materials

Before purchasing raw materials from a supplier, be sure to ask him for all the documents. Meat, casings, threads and other materials must have quality certificates. The verification of the authenticity of the veterinary documentation should be entrusted to a sanitary doctor, who will be able to determine by the appearance of the meat whether it has passed the examination. In addition, the specialist will find out where the products were brought from and where the brand was put.

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