Decor studio: starting a business

Sometimes, in order to freshen up the interior of a house, you just need to add a few details. It is not necessary to have a designer's education in order to realize the ideas of the original decor with your own hands. Most often, decorative items are made from materials that can be found in any home.

So, if you decide to update your home, and your financial situation does not allow you to turn to professionals, then start making jewelry with your own hands.

Where to start?

First, discard all negative thoughts. In the field of creativity, they simply have no place. The uniqueness of the decor, made with your own hands, will fit into any style of the apartment and will surprise even the most selective guest.

When making, remember everything you were taught at school and get to work. If you can draw, embroider and have creativity, then you will certainly succeed.

So how to make home decor?

Wall Decoration

This area is most often used for creativity. Here are a few techniques you can use to decorate your walls.


The use of gouache, watercolors, acrylic paints is the most affordable and common way to decorate a room at the moment. In addition, this is a wide flight for your imagination and imagination, which, in fact, has no limits.

You can draw anything you want: pictures, animals, geometric shapes and ornaments. It is only necessary to take into account the general design of the room so that the painting will harmoniously fit into the interior.

If you are bad with drawing, then you can use stencils to implement the idea. A ready-made template can be bought or downloaded from the Internet and printed on thick paper.

Is it possible to make a beautiful, stylish, exclusive something from improvised means in 30 minutes? The ultra-modern hand-made grimoire is updated every day with new letters on how to create unique interior items with your own hands. We offer 15 ideas for turning everyday things into a design project. Experimental home decoration art for novices and craftsmen. Our hands are not for boredom. Join!

Fauna + flora mat

Smooth carpet with natural ornamentation in small size. The impression is the same as a large one. This is because a bright print with a sense of humor will liven up even a boring room.

  • heavy fabric, preferably water-repellent;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors, safety pins;
  • fabric paint, or felt-tip pens for drawing on fabric (Krylon pens).

Wide cardboard is needed for the stencil. Draw the outlines of the future carpet. Do not strive for the correctness of the lines, your "author's style" is more suitable for crafts. Mark the stripes of an animal or flower with bold lines. Cut them out into cardboard, and then transfer them to the fabric through a stencil secured with needles. Color the stripes if needed. Once the paint is dry, tape a piece of rug underneath the furniture.

Beautiful marble effect

Heavy marble stone is not suitable for every apartment. And hand-made marble is a light effect of noble texture.

  • nail polish, 2-3 colors + transparent;
  • transparent glasses;
  • capacity;
  • acetone;
  • toothpicks;
  • masking tape.

Limit the area to be painted with tape. Next, get ready to act very quickly, as the varnish hardens quickly. Pour water into a container, open the varnishes and drip a little of each, one on top of the other. Use a toothpick to rub 5-6 times over the resulting stain to blend the shades. Lower part of the glass to it with the place prepared for the pattern.

As soon as the varnish has set to the surface, carefully but surely pull it out. Wait for the object to dry and fix the result with transparent enamel, and wipe off the unnecessary with acetone. So you can assemble a whole service!

Home is exactly the place where the whole family gathers, evenings and weekends are held together, so it is so important to create an atmosphere of comfort here. Interesting ideas for the home, self-made crafts and original decorations will help transform your home without expensive repairs.

Starting with small details, you can gradually move on to more complex items in design and design. For each room, you can pick up many interesting solutions, the creation of which will be an exciting experience and does not require a lot of effort or large expenses.

Conditions for creating a cozy atmosphere in the house

In modern housing, especially after renovation, interiors of the same type are created, practical and stylish, but devoid of their zest. Standard and very comfortable furniture, good lighting and competent use of free space are not always signs of comfort. In order to bring a touch of comfort to such a home arrangement and complement the interior solution, several important points must be taken into account:

  • interior design should be individual, express the hobbies and hobbies of the owners and all household members;
  • when order and cleanliness reign in the house, even small and accent additions will emphasize grace interior composition;
  • a lot of natural lighting, light and free space define a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and creativity;
  • green plants decorate the premises, it can be evergreen succulents or flowering plants, vines or even miniature trees.

When creating coziness in the house on your own, you should not overload the interior with original novelties of design of standard samples. Any craft created from a photo or using an original idea will carry a piece of the soul of a home master. Interior decorations made from scrap or purchased materials can be easily replaced with new ones that correspond to current trends in interior design with individual accents.

Interesting ideas for the transformation of premises

Refusing expensive purchases or major repairs, you can change your home with your own hands. Each piece of jewelry or decor, created with one's own hand, is carefully selected according to colors, themes or materials of manufacture to match the interior composition.

There are several main points, given that it is quite easy to recreate the atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the premises. Everything from hidden storage systems to home textiles, decorative and practical decorations, and furnishings will help the home craftsman in solving the task.

Space Zoning

Individual rooms are easily transformed due to the well-known methods of zoning space for its rational use. For this purpose, you can use the basic rules of arrangement and allocation of separate, functional zones in rooms:

Many areas of business are available to aspiring entrepreneurs who lack specific qualifications and significant start-up capital. These areas include the design and decoration industry. In order to succeed in this kind of activity, you need to know the features that distinguish it and learn how to plan a business.

Decor studio as a type of business: main features

Relatively new activities, including design and decoration of premises, for many entrepreneurs and potential clients turn out to be a kind of curiosity. Therefore, when defining one of these innovative areas for yourself, you should carefully study the existing supply and demand.

In the video: How to build your own decor and design studio from scratch

At the first stages of planning the creation of a decor studio, it is necessary to understand which services will be mainly offered to clients and which of them need to be emphasized.

Today's decor studios offer the following services:

A decor studio can be multidisciplinary: customers need to offer both various elements for decorating and designing premises for sale, and services for creating a ready-made room decoration. Festive accessories for individual design, which a decor studio can offer for sale, are also in demand. For example, you can create collages, products from natural flowers, decoupage-style decor elements, stands for flower arrangements, interesting hand-made gifts (frames and easels for placing guests in the banquet hall, wish books and others). In addition, a decor studio can offer the services of a make-up artist, hairdresser, manicurist, photographer and other specialists, without whom no celebration can do.

In the video: Creating a design studio from scratch

Thus, one of the most important tasks will be to create a strategy for the future company: it is necessary to determine a specific list of services that the company will offer to future customers and the scale of the company's activities. Based on this information and analyzing their own financial capabilities and necessary investments, they create a business plan for the future company.

Business plan and starting a business

When drawing up a business plan, they enter into it as information about the features of the future enterprise, and also make basic financial calculations of costs and profits that the new enterprise will bring in the future.

If you are a creative person and want to transform your interior with minimal investment, there is a great solution for this. In recent years, handicrafts have aroused genuine interest, everything is used: newsprint, yarn, fabric cuts. You can create completely new things or restore old, but close to heart objects. See how many interesting ideas for decorating the interior of your home have been picked up by the masters of the Homius editorial office. u, many of them can be done by hand in just a few minutes.

The most interesting and unusual DIY home crafts ideas

Everyone is pleased to please loved ones with a handmade gift that will keep the warmth of your soul for a long time and surprise the guests of the house with an unusual performance. Today we will offer you some unique and creative ideas.

Handicrafts for a wooden house

Not everyone can afford natural wood, but everyone can make things from saw cuts for the house with their own hands. Sometimes nature itself suggests an idea for creativity, in skillful hands even a forest snag will sparkle with completely different colors. To begin with, we will show how easy it is to make unique crafts using the example of such a kitchen accessory as hot coasters. The order of work is as follows.

  • From thick branches with a hacksaw, make several cuts of the same thickness 5-7 mm.
  • Sandpaper the details, preferably without affecting the bark, it will serve as a decorative element.
  • On a flat surface, lay out several cuts in a circle with the beautiful side down, smearing the places of contact with glue, then lay another layer on them in a checkerboard pattern, face up.
  • For better grip, put a weight on the support.

Mirror frame

Another unusual piece of furniture may appear in your home - a frame for a mirror, picture or photograph, decorated with decorative saw cuts.

It is necessary to prepare a sheet of plywood, then the work is carried out as follows.

  • Put a mirror on a sheet of plywood and trace it with a pencil.
  • Stepping back 5-10 cm for the decorative frame, draw the second perimeter of the workpiece.
  • Cut the workpiece along the second perimeter.
  • Glue a mirror sheet onto liquid nails.
  • Randomly glue the cuts of the tree so that the entire space is filled, for this, parts of different diameters are used.

Step by step decorating a mirror frame

DIY glass home crafts

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