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Sincere New Year greetings to you, dear friends! While the whole country sighs with relief, having spent a crazy 2021, we present you with another interesting business idea. More precisely, several promising ideas at once, the implementation of which is associated with an interesting technical device. So, from this article you will learn how to make money on a 3D printer by organizing the "printing" of various useful things.

Where to start?

As the name suggests, a 3D printer is a 3D printer. Naturally, not paint is used to create products, but special types of quickly hardening plastic. Currently, there are several dozen models of such printers on the market - from inexpensive home devices to professional devices that allow you to "print" the most complex designs.

To make money on a 3D printer at home by implementing the business ideas presented in this article, you will need to buy a model of the middle price category for 40-60 thousand rubles. In addition, you will have to master a couple of programs for 3D modeling of objects and stock up on consumables. Decent devices can be purchased on Aliexpress, while 3D-Max and Maya are the best programs.

Printing Figures

The huge popularity of gaming and cinematic universes contributes to excellent sales of a variety of themed merchandise - from T-shirts and tableware to character figurines. It is the manufacture of such figurines for fans that can become the main source of income for the owner of a 3D printer. Models can be easily found and downloaded on the Internet, as well as color samples for products. In addition, recently there has been a growing demand for so-called 3D photographs, when a figurine of a specific person is printed in three-dimensional form. Sometimes strict proportions are observed, but often people order models with intentionally large heads or some other caricatured distorted body parts.

Production of architectural models

This is a pretty tricky use case for a 3D printer, but also very well paid. You can establish cooperation with engineering and construction companies and make miniature models of buildings and structures for them. It is very convenient when a client can see his future house even before construction, evaluate its appearance and, if desired, make adjustments to the project. In addition, models of houses and cars can be sold as souvenirs - there will always be a demand for them.

Spare parts production

Another great and useful use case for 3D printer capabilities. Many technical devices often contain important parts made of durable plastic that are impossible or very difficult to obtain in stores. That is why the printing of such parts for individual orders is extremely profitable! The difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to have a considerable baggage of technical knowledge in order to develop drawings of parts. Forms for soap

Home soap making is currently experiencing a real "boom" in popularity. In a highly competitive environment, soap makers are forced to regularly come up with original ways to attract customers. The easiest option is to use unusual soap molds. The ideal material for the production of these forms is plastic. Accordingly, 3D printing of molds for soap can bring a good income. If there are no home soap makers in your city, then products can be successfully sold via the Internet.

Edible Models

Children are joy and happiness. But in the first years of their life, young parents have many difficulties, including financial ones. It happens that mothers are alone with the child, then it is even harder for them. What to do when there is not enough money, but you cannot go to work yet, because the child is small? Reconomica magazine has returned to this question more than once. Today Victoria Rudenko, a young mother from Belgorod, will tell us about how you can solve the financial problem for mom on maternity leave.

How it all began

Hello, dear readers of my article! To begin with, I would like to introduce myself - Viktoria Mikhailovna Rudenko, 31 years old, I live with my three-year-old daughter in Belgorod. Today I want to talk about how you can make a living sitting at home with a child in your arms, having minimal equipment to provide copying services.

Family and material difficulties

My story will be painfully familiar to many women: when a child was born, material difficulties began in the family, because I received mere pennies on parental leave, and my husband's salary was not enough to feed the family. After a year and a half, the situation changed for the worse, because monthly maternity payments stopped coming in, and I had no opportunity to go to work (such a small child was simply not taken to kindergarten).

Relations with my husband escalated to an extreme point, he did not want to change his financial situation for the better, he was in no hurry to look for an additional source of income, we lost all understanding and ultimately we divorced.

Of course, he paid alimony for the maintenance of the child and me, but the amount of 7,500 rubles. I could not cover even the most necessary expenses for our existence, because this money was spent exclusively to pay for utilities. In this situation, I had to look for a way out.

The idea of ​​a part-time job at home is born

But what can a woman do with a baby in her arms without the opportunity to make any investments in her business and does not possess any specific skills. Before maternity leave, I worked as a clerk in a kindergarten, paperwork was well known to me and I really loved doing it.

One evening it suddenly dawned on me - why not provide copying (and other computer) services at home? At home I had a laptop, a laminator and a black and white MFP, I could freely engage in typing, printing, photocopying, scanning, lamination of documents. And if you also buy a color printer, then in addition to take on the printing of photos, documents, business cards, etc. After thinking everything thoroughly, I decided to start small, and suddenly something will work out!

Search for orders and get started

Schoolchildren, students and teachers should have become my potential clients, this category of citizens always turns to various copy centers with tasks for correcting and typing text, searching for abstracts, printing, etc. Therefore, I myself typed small tear-off leaflets , after which she pasted them in her area near educational institutions. The cost of services has been significantly reduced in comparison with the pricing policy of the copy centers of our city.

I also posted an ad on the Internet, where I indicated in detail the services and prices. In social networks, she created pages with the name “Copy center services at home”, where she also described in detail the services provided. It looked like this: “Typing text, formulas and tables in Russian, English at home. Provision of services for scanning, laminating, printing text, color and black-and-white printing, printing photographs, creating presentations, etc. Help for schoolchildren, students and teachers at affordable prices. "

Hello! Igor Zuevich is in touch, and today we will talk with you about how to make a printer a source of additional income. You will learn about whether it is possible to earn money on a printer at home.

The very way of earning

The idea is to transfer various designs onto smooth surfaces for the purpose of airbrushing them. This method can be used to decorate tiles, laptops, mobile phone cases, or the devices themselves, household appliances, canvases, and the like. Many people want to have things with an individual design, so they are ready to buy such a service. The cost of the service is calculated based on the consumption of materials.

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Equipment and supplies

The first thing you need to create designs is a computer and a color printer. When working with an inkjet printer, the second is thermal paper or thermal photo paper for thermal transfer of the image to the desired surface. This paper can be purchased at office supply stores. The third is an ordinary household iron.

When working with a laser printer, the second is regular office paper, and the third is an aerosol clear varnish that can be purchased at hardware stores.

Place of sale

The material and place of sale have been found, it is imperative to calculate the "golden mean" of the price, since in this business everything depends on the size of the material costs for a particular picture. The price of paper for thermal printing (photo paper) is about 450-500 rubles for 10 sheets. Accordingly, the price must already be divided by 10.

So, 45-50 rubles is the price of 1 sheet. One sheet can be applied "as much as it will fit" in order to completely fill it with the ordered pictures, that is, about 6-10 illustrations, if they are designed for a small surface. After that, you need to calculate how much one picture will cost you, roughly speaking, if you place 10 illustrations per sheet. This is 4.5-5 rubles, but it is not worth starting to gain a clientele with such a ridiculous price, because you will still have the costs of buying color cartridges and electricity costs. The average price is twice the price of consumables, that is, 90-100 rubles. For about a sheet, you can receive from 700-900 rubles.

And if you have knowledge of working in graphic editors such as Photoshop, UniConvertor, Corel Draw, Picasa or Tux Paint, then you can additionally earn money on individual and unusual designs. It will also speed up the process of editing images.

To transfer a picture to a selected smooth surface, we need the picture itself, printed on an inkjet printer and cut to size, and a regular iron.

How to make money on a 3D printer? In the 21st century, this became possible thanks to the release of printers to the people. Previously, only specialized companies could purchase such a device. Now it has become normal and customary to buy an inexpensive 3D printer for small household needs. But why not expand home printing to a small business. The 3D printing niche is almost free, especially in small towns, so making large-scale products promises a good profit. However, this area has some specific features that cannot be ignored.


D print

In recent years, the 3D printing industry has evolved powerfully. Now, few people will be surprised by the news about the creation of a residential building, human tissue, a NASA space printer or a millionth BMW part on a 3D printer.

But, if earlier the doors to the sphere were open only for large corporations, now an ordinary person, having a special printer and a little knowledge, will be able to establish innovative production of useful gizmos. Therefore, many aspiring entrepreneurs have pondered the issue of making money on a 3D printer.

First of all, you need to understand that 3D printing is a rather capricious person. Not every thing that comes out of the printer's camera will find its consumer. Mass demand is impossible, since most of society still has difficulty understanding the possibilities and advantages of 3D printed products, so those who organize a competent production process, take into account pitfalls and establish the right distribution channels will be able to make money on a 3D printer.

What is it

To make money on a 3D printer, you need to understand the principles of its functioning.

3D printer is a device for printing volumetric objects based on a digital 3D model. The consumables from which the finished product is made are called filaments.

There are several 3D printing technologies, depending on the consumable used and the features of the technological process:

Ideas for making money

Technological development in the 21st century is accelerating. Every day there are new technologies and devices that surprise with their characteristics. A 3D printer is a unique development that allows entrepreneurs, and just ordinary people, to start their own business. With the help of this gadget, goods are not yet produced on an industrial scale, but it can be successfully used to develop a personal business.

According to rough estimates of experts, this service (printing 3D figures) will be in demand and will bring its owners about $ 11 billion (forecast for 2021). If the customer has a description of the item, then by setting the program, the printer will help to create and print it. Therefore, the 3D printer business is a promising direction among startups.

General information about d printers

Scope of high-tech device:

  • production of a product in a single copy - prototype. This helps engineers to make timely changes to the model before it goes into series production;
  • it is easy to manufacture finished parts of the product using materials that are compatible with the device;
  • dies are made for subsequent models;
  • at home, within a small batch, you can produce almost anything;
  • 3D printers help create prostheses and implants;
  • individual weapon parts printed on a printer;
  • high-tech products are used in construction.

Since the countries of the East are at the forefront of developing innovative products, they were among the first to try out 3D technology in the construction of structures. Houses of this type have already been built in China. Now the task of the developers is to understand what the safety margin of these structures and the operational limit.

Business with 3D printers is a reality of the 21st century. In the manufacture of models, plastic is used, it is the main source of raw materials. When it comes to manufacturing on a small scale, this is an ideal choice, since plastics have a fairly low cost price. For example, 1 kg of raw materials can cost about 500 rubles.

Of course, manufacturers of more serious items don't use cheap powder. They use mixtures that, after hardening, look like wood, natural stone. The cost increases from this, so they are not suitable for small-scale production at home.

Before you can print an item, you need to simulate it. That is, it must be considered in three dimensions:

  • length;
  • width;
  • height.

This is done by specialists using CAD computer programs. You don't have to create the models yourself. There are many developed on the Internet that are freely available.

After the completion of the development of the model, it is parsed layer by layer in the program. Technically, a 3D printer prints one layer after another. Therefore, the object is obtained with precise geometric dimensions up to a fraction of a millimeter. The smallest details are displayed.

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