Business plan: soap making

Soap making has become a very popular occupation nowadays. It is also a great business idea that is so easy to bring to life today.

Sometimes a person gets bored with consistency, uniformity, everyday life, and he wants to buy something original or even exclusive. In this he can be helped by a unique handmade soap. By purchasing such a soap, you will not only add charm to your bathroom, but also create a special atmosphere of happiness. Those who have purchased handmade soap at home will be pleasantly surprised not only by the aroma, but also by the functional properties of this product.

If you decide to create a handmade soap, you can put the best ingredients in it, and most importantly, everything is natural!

Exclusive soap will be filled with healing properties, thanks to the natural filling with dried plants, aromatic oils or spices, and can also have an unusual shape and bright color.

This soap will be a pleasure to use. Moreover, custom-made soap is a wonderful gift that will appeal to everyone.

Making soap yourself is very easy!

People have been making soap for a long time. If earlier the ancient people were forced to make soap by hand, now handwork is a kind of art that brings people only positive emotions.

To make your own soap at home, you need to go through several steps. First, the base itself is melted, then it is crushed and placed in a special container. Next, the soap base is melted on a stove or in a microwave oven. When the base melted and became liquid, various substances are added to it, for example, perfume, honey, aroma oils, vanilla, etc.

The next step is staining. To do this, you can use any natural ingredients - food or natural colors that can be purchased at any supermarket. Among other things, you can add vegetable or olive oils, coffee, chopped herbs and much more to the soap.

The last stage in soap making is pouring it into special molds. Often, children's "pies" are used in the form, but you can also use plastic boxes, trays of cheese, butter, baking dishes.

The simplest solution is to buy a special form in the store, but this option will cost much more. When the soap takes a solid form, it is removed from there and given a presentation.

That is why many people using industrial detergents began to think about the expediency of purchasing them and became interested in products that contain natural ingredients. Against the background of the growing popularity of so-called "organic" products, the level of demand for soap made with essential oils and other substances of natural origin has significantly increased.

The ability to independently produce natural soap and the availability of all the necessary ingredients have led to the fact that soap making has become a very profitable business.

Soap Making: First Steps

Making soap does not require the purchase of specialized equipment and the purchase of expensive components.

The minimum set required for soap making includes:

  • molds for making products of various subjects;
  • soap base;
  • essential oils, aromatic additives, dyes, oatmeal, coffee grounds etc.

The cost of such a set varies depending on the quality and value of oils, the type of base, the manufacturer of the molds and other factors, which can be analyzed by examining the range of any store that sells goods for soap making.

Distribution channels

Any product, even the highest quality product, can bring a loss to the manufacturer in the event that he does not establish distribution channels. In order to make money selling handmade products, you can use the following ways to find clients:

Social media

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a person who does not use the Internet and does not have an account on social networks. That is why a thematic page or group registered on such a service can become a powerful tool for promoting your product.

The ability to filter the search for people by various parameters allows you to find the target audience and send your proposal only to the category of users of the social network that might really be interested in it.


If you are already a master at making soap at home or are just studying, think about how you can turn it into a source of income. Humanity has been making soap for many millennia, and about 10 years ago it turned from work into real art. The variety of recipes, flavors, shapes, ingredients allows you to create masterpieces.

Soap making is an interesting, creative business that can be done practically from scratch. Consumers are attracted by the content of natural ingredients, hypoallergenicity, exclusivity, and unusual appearance. Some products, due to special ingredients, can gently cleanse and heal the skin, protect it from the effects of negative factors. It is also a wonderful gift.

With a competent sales organization, making handmade soap will bring a decent income.

How to start a soap business?

Handmade soap is popular in the West as a business. In Russia, however, the direction is only developing, so you can take a place “under the sun” without tough competition. Production on a large scale began 3-4 years ago, in many regions the niche is still free.

One of the arguments in favor of a business is the ability to produce soap at home or in a small workshop. All you need is a gas or electric stove for cooking. The process does not require special knowledge, long preparation.

For the business to develop faster, it is better to arrange the release according to the plan drawn up in advance.


To make soap at home you need:

  • Scales for liquids. Do not buy mechanical ones - they have too high an error.
  • Cooking container.
  • Forms.
  • Thermometer.
  • Soap base grater.
  • Pipettes.
  • Stirring paddles.
  • Measuring spoon.
  • Refrigerator.

Glass, plastic and stainless steel pots are suitable as containers. Do not use pans made of wood or aluminum, as the alkaline solution reacts with them.

Home-made soap from natural ingredients attracts many buyers because it can cleanse, heal the skin and have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the outer skin. Often it does not cause allergies (depending on the ingredients used), therefore it is suitable for sensitive skin. Unusual, beautiful handmade soap attracts the attention of buyers. Such a product is in demand if it is enough to properly organize production and sales.

Registering home soap making as a business

Before officially registering a business, you need to find a suitable premises and purchase the primary necessary materials, draw up a small business plan. For the production and sale of soap, you can register an LLC or an individual entrepreneur.

Premises of 40 sq. m will be enough. If you want to save money on rent, choose the country option. The space should be divided into two different sized pieces. The larger one will serve as a direct manufacturing site, and the smaller one will serve as a warehouse for raw materials and finished products.

Registration of a business - soap making - takes place in the tax office and does not take much time.

Handmade soap technology

Required materials and equipment

Soap base

A product consisting of fatty acids and glycerin. Has a transparent or white color, usually sold by weight. There is also a liquid soap base (for liquid soaps and shampoos). If you plan to produce products in this direction, then a liquid base is also necessary.

Base oils

Essential oils are added to the soap for aroma and various effects. Here the choice is wide: from fragrant ylang-ylang to simple tea tree. Each of the oils is antiseptic, which can be a great addition to anti-rash soaps. Esters make soap fragrant.

Special dyes will help to make the soap bright, varied and to achieve originality. The variety of dyes is great - it is worth buying as many colors as possible so as not to limit yourself in creativity. Choose natural colors: low cost is not as important as quality and consumer acceptance.


Handmade soap has many benefits. Unlike the store, it contains only natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the skin and the body as a whole. Moreover, the design of such products is limited only by the imagination of the master. People are happy to buy such soap as a gift or just for themselves, even though it costs more than non-natural counterparts in store. Of course, this trend could not go unnoticed, and the hobby turned into a worthy and exciting way of making a stable income. Such a business does not require significant investments (you can start trying yourself in this business by investing only 4 thousand rubles), or hiring employees, or renting space, or using special equipment. All you need to do is learn the process, buy basic ingredients and start making your own unique product.

Required Ingredients

The first thing that novice soap makers should know about is that there are two main methods of making soap: "from scratch" (completely natural soap made by yourself) and from a ready-made base purchased in specialized stores. Each of them involves the use of special ingredients.

To make soap from scratch you will need:

  • Solid oils. Olive, palm and coconut oils are traditionally used. They have the optimum characteristics to create the right, balanced recipe. However, there are many other oils you can add, such as avocado, grape seed, jojoba, apricot seed, etc. Remember, you cannot use essential oils as a base, as this will simply prevent the product from hardening.
  • Alkali (flakes or small granules). It can also be purchased from specialized stores.
  • Water, milk, or herbal infusion (used as a liquid base). Typically, the percentage of such a base is 30-35% of the total mass of the mixture.
  • Essential oils, fragrances. The choice of oils is not limited by anything - the vast majority of them have a positive effect on the human body. So, for example, jasmine helps to improve mood, and lavender soothes and helps to fall asleep easily.
  • Professional or natural dyes. The former can also be purchased at specialized stores. The main advantage of such dyes is their brightness and variety. If you want to use natural ingredients, pay attention to sandalwood powder - it will add redness, chlorovillipt - will add a green tint, turmeric - will tint orange. For a brown color, you can add chocolate, coffee, or cinnamon to the soap.

If you want to work with a ready-made soap base, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Soap base itself or baby soap. Some soap makers use baby soap as a base. If you are just starting to comprehend the basics of this activity, be sure to pay attention to the following point - avoid products with a smell (often manufacturers of children's products add specific ingredients to it), since it is almost impossible to neutralize it. However, the so-called soap base will be the simplest and at the same time convenient option. These are sold in any specialty store. Its huge advantage is that you can choose between clear and matte, depending on the design of the soap you intend.
  • Alcohol or strong alcohol - it is used to spray the soap itself in liquid form and in molds.
  • Essential oils and fragrances.
  • Dyes.
  • Various additives and decorative elements. Nuts, honey, flakes, cream, crushed pieces of other soap, grains, pieces of fruit, dried petals and flowers, coffee beans, glitter (glitter), pictures, etc. - almost anything can be added to homemade soap.

  • Soap base - from 220 to 340 rubles. per 1 kg;
  • Essential oils - from 50 rubles. per tube;
  • Base oils - from 80 to 200 rubles. per bottle;
  • Dyes (special) - about 270 rubles. for 30 y.

In general, the purchase of ingredients for 3 kg of soap will cost you about 4 thousand rubles. This amount is enough to try different techniques and produce enough products, including samples to start selling and looking for suitable distribution channels.

Required equipment

To make soap at home, you do not need to buy expensive, specialized equipment. Simple items will be enough, most of which can be found in the kitchen of any housewife. But do not use the dishes in which you cook food for soap making - this is fraught with health problems.

To make soap from scratch you will need:

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