Business plan: Home delivery of ready meals

It's no secret that the world is full of different business ideas. Competition gushes over the edge of a barrel called marketing and it has become very difficult to dive to the very bottom. And after that, also to stay afloat. The food delivery service is not yet so popular in the modern world, therefore, a young businessman has a chance to make money in this area, and we will tell you how to do this in this article. So, a business plan for home delivery, let's go!

Advertising is our foundation

Without clientele, forget about any undertakings. And this is so, without the unceasing flow of your customers, the business will fall into oblivion, bringing only losses and nothing more.

The flow of buyers should grow every day, and advertising will serve as a tool for this. She will then lay the foundation for your business. And so ...

Where do all the people of the world live? That's right, on the Internet. A beautifully designed website attracts a person like a bright book cover in a bookstore.

So, you hire a professional designer to help you achieve the following points:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Realistic and pleasant product photos;
  • Interesting and unique domain name;
  • Cheap hosting.

To begin with, the choice of food will be small, so you will be adding to the list of establishments in your place of residence.

In addition, it will be useful to conclude an agreement with the institution, which will bring you money by making a large number of orders at a discount. The benefits will be mutual: you advertise, increase their turnover, and they give you a discount. All to be honest.

Customer search

As I already said, business will not work without clientele, it will be almost impossible to pay off. We'll need colored leaflets with information about our site, plus let's not forget to put mouth-watering pictures of some food on them, which will work with a bang.

People always want to eat, and when they see a thick pizza filling or a golden chicken leg, believe me, the stomach will take up.

In recent years, there has been a steady demand for such a service as lunch delivery to offices. This business is very promising and has huge potential in terms of profitability and expansion.

  • In the process of looking for an idea for a business, aspiring entrepreneurs try to choose an activity that will have a constant demand and a high level of profitability. For these purposes, any of the existing areas of catering or restaurant business is perfect: cafes, restaurants, bistros, etc.
  • As the pace of life increases, people are less likely to afford to devote their precious time to “cooking”. In the conditions of such a relay race with constantly growing speeds, it is difficult for townspeople to follow a healthy diet. Moreover, time is becoming such a valuable resource that people agree to satisfy their hunger with anything, just not to waste minutes.

Statistics show that food delivery is the most dynamically developing area of ​​business in Russia today. The segment annually grows from 18 to 20% and attracts businessmen with relatively low financial investments to start.

Project implementation

The food delivery business has two ways of doing it:

  • Organization of ready meal delivery. A low-cost way of starting a business, an entrepreneur specializes only in delivery, for which he will receive the main income. The cooking is done by the partners.
  • Full cycle organization. The entrepreneur prepares and delivers food himself. This method will require large investments and will allow you to get the highest possible profit for this segment.

Thanks to this approach, the entrepreneur will insure himself against unnecessary risks and approach the full implementation of the idea after he is completely "immersed" in the business and begins to understand its intricacies.

In a separate review, we will tell you on the implementation of which ideas a student can earn money without starting capital.

The choice of the way of organizing the activity will determine the amount of investments and the range of work that must be done to implement the project.

In order to create a successful and "correct" business plan for delivering meals to the office, it should at least include the following list of questions:

  • State registration.
  • Room selection and decoration.
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment and furniture for the kitchen and office.
  • Hiring staff.
  • Menu selection and pricing.
  • Solution of delivery issues and process optimization.
  • Marketing and brand promotion, finding ways to sell.

By answering these questions, the entrepreneur will receive a complete picture of the upcoming work. The information received will be used in drawing up a step-by-step plan for the implementation of the business.

The success of an enterprise depends on whether the entrepreneur sticks to his plan or abandons it, starting to float freely. Let's take a look at some of the questions below.

Detailed instructions and helpful tips on how to open a food delivery service and become the owner of a profitable business.

♦ Capital investments - 500,000 rubles. ♦ Payback - 1 year.

The rhythm of life of business people is so intense that there is practically no time left for cooking.

We have to be content with catering establishments (they are far from affordable for everyone), semi-finished products or dry rations.

But you really want hot delicious lunches and dinners.

It is on such simple desires of people that those who open a food delivery business can earn money.

This area of ​​business has, of course, its drawbacks, but it has much more advantages.

Therefore, if you want to open a simple and cost-effective startup, then it's time to start writing a business plan with specific calculations.

Possible Forms of Food Delivery Business

If you're looking into a catering business but don't want to open a restaurant, cafe, or even a fast food stall, then look into a food delivery business.

Opening such a startup is much easier than a stationary establishment, and you will have to invest a little money.

Food delivery business plan

In 2021, there are more than 1205 public catering organizations in Samara. Not all of them have their own delivery service. The new service will help solve this problem. Below is a business plan for a food delivery service with calculations.

Brief summary

To organize a profitable food delivery business, in addition to a detailed business plan of the enterprise, start-up investments are required for organizing services for processing and delivering daily orders, a web application for clients, renting premises and purchasing the required office equipment. To bypass cash gaps and expenses in case of force majeure, it is better to leave a certain amount (airbag) in the company's accounts.

Given the low competition in the chosen niche and medium-high demand in Samara, it is possible to quickly increase the influence of the new company on the market and reach the break-even point.

Brief characteristics of the project for Samara:

The scope described in the business plan assumes only intermediary services without organizing our own production.

The Russian food delivery market reaches $ 1.5 billion. About 150,000 Russians use food delivery to their homes every day. These data confirm that the industry is developing rapidly, and the presence of demand in this area allows you to build a successful business.

The benefits of a food delivery business idea are:

  • Locality - large organizations cannot cover the entire spectrum of regional companies. The service is focused on residents of Samara and provides more accurate local data.
  • Convenience - unlike its own delivery service for cafes and restaurants, the service has the functionality of ordering dishes from different catering outlets, collected in one place.
  • Low competition - the project has no local competitors in Samara.
  • Simple business diagrams - food delivery business processes have a clear and well-functioning mechanism that is easy to calculate.

Project Description

Catering is in great demand not only among office workers. Everyone who spends a lot of time at work wants a tasty and inexpensive lunch, so the business of delivering business lunches will be in demand at the present time. You need to use this niche of public catering, open your own business and make a profit. Calculations will show under what conditions profit from catering will bring income, and how to organize your own business.

Who is more profitable to feed

Before starting work, you need to determine the target segment of buyers. It all depends on two factors - the price and popularity of the dishes. You can start making pizza and rolls, but this niche is so tightly occupied that it will cost a new player a lot of work to break through among famous and well-known colleagues and organize his business from scratch.

Cooking porridge with pasta and feeding market workers is also not worth it. The low profitability of such a production will not recoup the time spent; this is the lot of culinary lovers, not businessmen.

The greatest profit with the least cost will be brought by feeding a mass consumer who is ready to buy quality food, while a business lunch delivered to the office should be tasty, but inexpensive, i.e. your competitors are on the alert.

Traditional Russian dishes - pies, pies, pies, even porridge and pilaf can be cooked with soul. It is such a menu that will attract customers; their preparation and delivery will not cause difficulties.

First, you can go around the nearest shops, hairdressers, offices and ask what kind of dishes workers and employees want to receive, the needs of potential buyers will form the menu.

Small Business

There are two options for business development - individual home-based work and opening your own culinary production. The choice depends on financial capabilities. In the case of a home-based business, a minimum of funds is needed, but the return on the first stages will not be high. Both paths are fraught with hidden threats.

Food & Delivery

For a start, it will be enough to have a home kitchen, possibly with the installation of additional equipment, a stove and a refrigerator. In addition, you will need to purchase dishes for cooking and thermoses for food delivery. In order for the buyer to remain satisfied, the food must be delivered to him while still warm, with heat and heat.

Traditional catering does not limit the culinary range, it can be first courses and desserts. The total cost of opening a home bakery is:

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