Business plan for assembling computers

The emergence and rapid spread of the Internet affected not only the methods of communication, but also the labor market. Many specialists in various fields work at home using a computer.

Remote work is available to everyone and often does not require any investment. An Internet worker independently plans his time and creates comfortable working conditions for himself.

Computer work at home - making money without leaving home

Everyone has the opportunity to make good money and enjoy their work. To start making money from the comfort of your home, you need to have a computer, Internet access and free time.

Making money at home has a number of advantages over traditional hired labor:

  • Flexible hours. A remote employee independently plans his working day.
  • Ability to work only in interesting projects. Nobody forces you to do what you are not interested in.
  • Ability to master several professions.
  • No bosses.
  • Fast career growth.
  • A creative approach to the implementation of tasks.
  • The ability to build your own business on the network.
  • There is no connection to the workplace - you can combine online earnings with other activities.

For this reason, earning money on the Internet is especially popular among young mothers, students, retirees, schoolchildren and everyone who does not have the ability or desire to go to a regular job.

Options for remote earnings on a computer without investment and experience

There are so many ways to make money on the Internet that it is impossible to mention all of them in one article.

Let's talk about the most popular methods that do not require investment and experience.

Copywriting and rewriting

Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

Business plan for selling computers

The market of computer equipment every year increases by at least 20% and according to marketing companies, in the future the demand for computer equipment will only increase.

At the service of a novice entrepreneur - a plan to create a computer store with a payback period of two years.

The purpose of this business plan is to solve the following tasks:

  • creating a cost-effective, profitable computer hardware store;
  • getting high profits from the enterprise;
  • satisfying consumer needs of this sector of the computer hardware market ...

The main stages of the project implementation consist of the following points:

1. Conclusion of an investment agreement; 2. Obtaining a loan; 3. Rent of premises and paperwork, necessary repairs; 4. Entry of the store into the state register, registration with administrative authorities and tax authorities; 5. Buying a domain, hosting and website development; 6. Purchase of equipment and furniture; 7. Selection and hiring of personnel (administrators, consultants, cashiers, accountants, etc.), including technical; 8. Purchase of goods; 9. Advertising.

Financial costs of the project

The project will cost the entrepreneur 1,380,000 rubles. This amount can be obtained through a commercial loan for 2 years with an interest rate of 17.5%.

Epigraph: guys, the topic is already outdated. Now they take everyone by the balls for installing the left Windows. So it's better. Create yourself a blog on the air and in a year you will earn 50-100 thousand a month. Checked. ...

Hello guys! Alexander Borisov with you! Today we will talk about how you can make decent money (I earned 70-80 tons per month) if you know how to install Windows! In short, you can earn money doing computer help at home! Installation of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, various programs, antiviruses, etc.

Many people in your city need this kind of help. Every day someone's computer breaks down, every day someone's starts to fail, every day someone's Windows crashes, some programs, the PC is blocked by some scammers (pornoinformers, etc.), in general, some people need the help of a specialist, as many cannot fix their PCs themselves.

Why not help them for money! That's what I did! Before telling you how this is done, listen to my story.

About a year and a half ago, the idea came to my mind to do Computer Assistance at home! There are only 2 services for the repair and maintenance of PCs in our city (now there are more, by the way, the city's population is only about 40 thousand people). They take money from people for naked as much as 1400 rubles. Stunned.

I found out what kind of Windows they install, what work they do with a PC, etc. Fair! This is a robbery!

The person whose Windows (windows) flew, for example, must bring his computer to the service and in 2-3 days can pick it up (also having arrived for it). By the way, it is not a fact that they will not be ripped off of him by saying, “Something flew inside you, this one and this one, and we replaced it”. Yeah, noodles will hang on your ears and that's it!

Oh well! And what is the result of all the work? Bottom line - they will install a person with an ordinary bare Windows without any programs, antiviruses, etc., if he wants antivirus and programs, then you have to pay extra! In short, it sucks! I'm not talking about everything related to computer maintenance, but it is in our city that services leave much to be desired, of course!

What have I decided to do? I decided to do computer help at home! It was at home, and not for people to bring their PCs to me, and I set them up. I decided to help people with quality and for less money!

What does quality mean? This means that, as I said, people do not need to bother about delivering a PC, people do not need to overpay for installing additional programs and antivirus, etc., people will be given a discount on re-configuring a PC.

What have I done? I burned several operating systems to CD or DVD discs (Windows, Vista, Windows 7), burned all the necessary programs (software, office, antiviruses, utilities, etc.) to a separate disc, and advertised in the newspapers of the city and on television! A week later, calls rained down, from which there was no rest!

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