Business in a private house: features and ideas

Investments: from 300,000 rubles

Payback: from 1.5 years

Many are interested in how to start their own business with minimal investment at the initial stage. For example, you can organize a shop in a private house. How to do it, where to start and what you need for this - you will find all the answers in the step-by-step instructions below.

Business Concept

Consumer goods. First of all, you should decide what group of products you want to work with. The location of your home will play an important role.

For example, if a future store is located in close proximity to the highway, then any type of goods will be in demand.

If the house is located near a dacha village or other private sector, then it makes sense to offer the consumer a variety of basic necessities: from hygiene products, household chemicals and ending with food.

What is required for implementation?

Initially, the house in which the store will be located, as well as the land plot, should be transferred from the residential premises to the non-residential fund in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation Art. 22-23.

However, in the event that some part of the house will be used as living quarters, the house should be redeveloped, which will ensure the isolation of the premises from each other.

The modified house plan must also be documented. This type of documents is drawn up by local self-government bodies.

Having completed the project of the store, and equipping it (the store) with all the equipment necessary for operation, everything should be coordinated with the fire supervision, SES, and also architecture issues should be resolved.

It is also worth considering that certain types of goods are subject to mandatory licensing, for example, alcoholic beverages.

Modern life provides many opportunities for earning at home, rather than working in an office from 9 to 18 hours. There is plenty of work to do. With the development of the Internet, it has become much easier to find a priority area of ​​activity, and the maximum income depends only on you.

One has only to find a profitable occupation to your liking and forward to the implementation of your project. Let's figure out what this type of earnings is, what prospects it has and how to really earn at home.

Home office - type of earning at home

Organizing an office at home is not an easy task, as it might seem at first glance. The work of employees is controlled by the boss, pointing out the shortcomings and encouraging. At home, you will have to motivate yourself and correct your mistakes yourself. To work within your native walls to be successful, you need:

  • Make earning money your main occupation at home;
  • Allocate a workplace;
  • Get rid of distractions: watching TV, putting restrictions on the Internet etc .;
  • decide on the amount of time you will spend earning money.

The benefits of working from home

Having figured out how to really make money from home, you will definitely take advantage of all the advantages of such work:

  • Comfortable working conditions. You yourself create the most favorable conditions for yourself.
  • Motivation. Your earnings depend only on you. Consequently, there is much more motivation than a person who receives a fixed salary sitting in the office all day.
  • No boss. The result is a healthy nervous system.
  • Ability to do other things: cooking, caring for a small child, cleaning, etc., without waiting for the weekend.
  • Free schedule. No need to rush to the office every day, get stuck in traffic jams or crowded in public transport. You set the schedule yourself. Working from home gives you total freedom.
  • Savings on work clothes, transport, corporate meals, etc.
  • Growth opportunity. As you gain invaluable experience and new activities, you will make more money over time.

Investing in the Internet

There are many options for investing money in the global network: investment projects (HYIPs), the stock market, the Forex market, etc. First, it is worth making an investment portfolio, taking, for example, 100 thousand rubles.

It may include stocks, deposits, pamm accounts. You will manage your investments from anywhere in the world. Typically, the profit margin ranges from 1 to 5% per month. Getting a higher income (higher interest rate) is risky and can lead to the loss of an investment portfolio.

Homemade confectionery

Opening your own business at the place of residence is now possible almost without problems: sometimes documents are drawn up even in 5 days, and many types of entrepreneurship do not require large start-up investments - you can start from 2-3 thousand rubles. For people who look after children and pets, students, disabled people or retirees, the idea of ​​a business in a private home can be a real salvation.

What are the advantages

  • you do not waste time on the way to the office;
  • you have a free schedule - there will be time for both work and leisure;
  • you don't need to get along with colleagues;
  • vacation can be arranged at any time of the year and for any length of time;
  • the place of residence and conditions practically do not matter.

However, there are pitfalls in working from home. Most local employers quickly learn that they:

  • maximum self-organization is required - at home and pulls one more time to drink tea, go to the page on the social network, and so on;
  • you need to carefully monitor your health - sedentary work without fresh air is detrimental to well-being;
  • not enough live communication;
  • social packages and contributions are required.

One way or another, with proper self-organization, you will successfully decide what kind of business to do in a private home, find regular customers and be able to earn much more than in an office. So which industry can you try your luck in?

Home Atelier

To open a home tailoring atelier, you will need to invest about 150 thousand rubles, taking into account unforeseen expenses. At first, the monthly income will be 10-12 thousand rubles, but with a successful course of business, the undertaking will pay off in 6-8 months.

Start-up capital can be obtained on credit - and, of course, you can invest not only in equipment, but also in registration of an individual entrepreneur. Please note that the benefits of this idea for a business in a private house will be appreciated only by people with experience working as a seamstress or at least as a fashion designer: there is nowhere without special skills.

  • a good sewing machine - 50 thousand rubles;
  • overlock - 20 thousand rubles;
  • steam generator - 18-20 thousand rubles rubles;
  • a mannequin - 7 thousand rubles;
  • silhouette hangers (at least 2 pieces) - 6 thousand rubles;
  • a large mirror - 4 -5 thousand rubles;
  • small work items and consumables - from 10 thousand rubles.

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