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A home business is a business that you do at home and then sell it to your customer audience. Often it is associated with the production of something, therefore, it is necessary to touch upon this topic, since it is probably of interest to you.

What products will be in demand?

According to marketing research, on the Russian canned food market, canned fruits, berries and vegetables are equal in terms of sales. Among vegetable crops, about 40% are legumes (green peas, beans, corn, beans). 20% falls on marinades: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc. The third place with a share of 15% is taken by salads, caviar from vegetables and snacks. Canned mushrooms are in fourth place (4-5%).

The most popular are canned cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, corn and beans.

How to start a home production

The home business production ideas described here include pickles, jam, DIY, and more. All alone are relevant, products are in demand in the modern market, but in this article we will focus on only one idea.

Let's take a look at this topic using the example of home earning making various pickles, this is a business idea for women. But that doesn't end with home business ideas, so you can think of something else to implement.

Homemade pickles are a pretty wide area. You can salt almost anything you want. The most common pickles are tomatoes, cucumbers, meat and mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms. Yes, the meat is also salted, and it turns out to be a wonderful dish. First, decide what you will specialize in.

Registering a business

The project requires registration of a legal entity LLC, registration of permits for fire control, safety service, sanitary and epidemiological station and many others. It is best to consult a production lawyer. It will also be easier for the LLC to organize the sale of products. It is unlikely that large supermarkets will want to conclude contracts with individual entrepreneurs.

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  • 5 Business idea for growing bees
  • 6 Business idea for growing strawberries
  • 7 New to business in the country

When, in the eighties of the last century, for Soviet citizens the opportunity to get possession of suburban "hundred square meters" became a reality, the number of owners of summer cottages jumped up.

Weekends and holidays, and among pensioners - also weekdays were devoted to family rural work. Things are no longer the same today. Many "estates" are thoroughly abandoned, because most of us are not rural residents, but one hundred percent townspeople.

Whether we live in big or small cities, most of us make our living working in the offices of large companies, spending almost 12 hours every day on it.

In moments of short rest, the thought of cultivating the land, caring for plants and fighting pests in free time from work is somehow not fascinating and even frightening.

And yet there are a lot of those who are sick of the city bustle and the eternal pursuit of time. They chose the path of rural businessmen, turning their suburban areas into a source of daily bread. And, perhaps, they are not so wrong.

Of course, the business idea of ​​running a dacha economy is not up to everyone, difficult work on their own land, because it requires full dedication, considerable diligence and perseverance.

This is a constant work, since each season requires appropriate agricultural work: watering, pruning, pest control, planting or harvesting.

And yet, with the accumulation of experience, mastering the intricacies of their business comes the ability to save energy, time and money, investing less and getting more and more.

Gradually, from a troublesome and difficult, your rural business turns into a well-organized, profitable business. It not only brings you profit and rewards you with fresh and natural products, but it can also give you true joy and peace of mind from communication with nature and the world.

Considering the idea of ​​moving out of town in order to organize your rural business, decide what exactly you want to do, do not be too lazy to study the intricacies of production, the experience of other businessmen, and calculate everything to the smallest detail.

Semi-prepared foods have become an integral part of the diet of almost every family. Dumplings, dumplings, cabbage rolls and much more can be found on store shelves and you can cook everything at home in a few minutes. It's fast, tasty and inexpensive. But homemade semi-finished products are a hundred times tastier! But, given the rhythm of modern life in big cities, not everyone can cook them at home, and some simply do not know how.

Why not make money from this? So thought mommy on maternity leave from Kazan and got down to business. What came of this, readers of Reconomica magazine will find out by reading her story.

Everlasting lack of money

My name is Zhanna, now I am 29 years old, married, on parental leave, I have two children. I live in Kazan.

After the first pregnancy, the question of part-time work arose. The husband then earned little - mortgages and loans put a lot of pressure on the family budget.

I wanted to help, but, by and large, I didn’t have any special skills that could help me to make money at home.

The idea was born out of the blue

Every two weeks we went to the market for meat. Among a large number of sellers, we have long ago chosen one whom we trusted: the quality of his meat was excellent, the price was slightly lower than that of everyone else. From his products, I got just magic cutlets (there was no such effect with store-bought meat).

Once a friend who lives next door asked me to help her out: cook her a couple of kilograms of my cutlets. She worked late, and in a couple of days there was a big children's party - her daughter's birthday. She wanted to feed the children with wholesome food. The day before, a neighbor was just visiting me, I treated her to my cooking, and she was delighted.

This was my first order, for which I earned nothing, except thanks, a box of chocolates and an idea how to replenish the family budget.

I didn't have any imagination in cooking, so I stole the options for semi-finished products that could be realized from a girl from the social network, she was engaged in the manufacture of meat products and the sale for a long time and extremely successfully.

My Small Home Business

My menu includes only those that I could cook without hassle, because with a newborn baby you really don't hang out at the stove. So, I began to make cutlets, dumplings, manti, dumplings for sale.


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This is not an advertisement for factory frozen convenience foods, not at all. We made our preparations ourselves, on a free day and to the taste of family members, so that on weekdays it only remained to bring the dish to an edible state, add a side dish and salad.

Two rules of thrifty housewives

1. The rule of buying food - we buy what we need, not what they want to sell us:

a) We make a list of products and buy strictly according to the list.

b) We monitor nearby supermarkets on the Internet for ongoing promotions on products of interest to us.

c) We do not fall for all sorts of "enticements", such as "buy two for the price of three and get the third for free."

d) We go for groceries, having a good meal at home.

A business idea with the production of canned vegetables may seem unpromising at first glance. It is difficult to compete with such business sharks as Bonduelle and Baltimore, whose products fill the counters of supermarkets and small shops. However, upon deep examination of the idea, it turns out that this is not required at all. There is still free space in the canned food market, and the business can bring a decent profit.

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Canned food production is a promising business

The main business advantage is the lack of a market for agricultural products. Small farms, owners of private land will be happy to give the grown products at an affordable price. One has only to decide on the type of raw material. When making an agreement, you can agree on the scope of delivery in advance.

The competition is quite high. However, if you look at it, large companies release products in large quantities only 4 months a year, during the rest of the period they supply limited quantities. You can take advantage of the situation by offering your farm products to the market. In addition, at present, an increasing number of buyers are giving preference to natural products, without GMOs, dyes, flavor enhancers and other chemicals. Even if this is not indicated on the label, it is hard to believe in their absence. There will be an increased interest in canned food "homemade".

Where to start the production of canned food?

Canned products are in great demand. This is confirmed by the long-standing habit of women to make preparations for the winter. However, for various reasons, not everyone is involved in this process. The urban part of the population, for example, does not have such an opportunity, and someone simply prefers to buy a finished product. What to release?

There are several types of canned vegetables:

  • Natural. Grated, chopped, whole vegetables marinated with salt and sugar.
  • Marinades. The same vegetables, but filled with marinade using vinegar. Stored longer. Consist of 1 vegetable or several.
  • Snacks. Ready-made main courses - salads, stews, cereals, stuffed vegetables. As a rule, they are stewed in tomato sauce.
  • Lunch dishes. High-grade second and first courses - vinaigrette, fried mushrooms in sour cream sauce, stewed eggplants, cabbage rolls. Everything that fantasy is capable of. Meat is added according to the recipe.
  • Tomato products. Prepared from tomatoes with the addition of spices. As a result, there are pastes, sauces, ketchups, mashed potatoes.
  • Juices, smoothies. Prepared from fruits and vegetables.

In order to achieve greater profits, bypass competitors, you can change the variety of products throughout the year.

Purchase of raw materials for canned food

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