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Features of the modern world leave their mark primarily on the development of business and those services and goods that the consumer needs. Every year life becomes faster and more active, therefore, at present, new business ideas in Europe, and all over the world, are aimed at increasing the comfort and saving time of customers. Some new items are of a specific nature, which is suitable only for certain regions, at the same time, many innovations may well become excellent startups for business development in our country. Consider the most striking business discoveries that have emerged in recent years in Europe.

Pizza in a cup

The production technology and organization of sales of cono-pizza consists of the following stages:

  • purchase of frozen dough and the necessary ingredients;
  • cutting the dough, forming cones and baking them in a microwave oven;
  • packaging in disposable paper packages.

The entire technological process takes place in front of the buyer, and the latter can always adjust what kind of filling he would like to receive.

Equipment purchase:

To purchase all the necessary equipment, you will need about 400 thousand rubles.

Purchase of groceries: 50 thousand rubles per month.

Also, monthly expenses will consist of renting a parking space for a van - 30 thousand rubles, the seller's salary - 30 thousand rubles, taxes - 3 thousand rubles.

Total expenses per month: 113 thousand rubles.

Average planned revenue from the sale of finished products per month: 300 thousand rubles.

Italy, like other European countries, is now in crisis. And Italians are trying to look for new ways of earning money by opening their own small business in various fields.

4 directions are especially popular lately:

  • growing berries and vegetables;
  • work from home;
  • tourism and sports business;
  • opening of shops and catering outlets.

We offer you relevant business ideas that are considered anti-crisis in Italy.

  • 1 The best business idea - growing berries
  • 2 A family home for the elderly is a business of the future
  • 3 Drones: sale, installation, rental and video recording

The best business idea is growing berries

One of the best business ideas during the crisis in Italy is the cultivation of goji berries rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Widely spread in the west, Chinese berries are used to strengthen the immune system, maintain energy and health.

According to Italians, goji is a very hardy plant and can be cultivated throughout the Apennine Peninsula.

In second place are such European business ideas as growing wild berries: raspberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries. Firstly, they do not require special care, and secondly, the growth in demand for the fruits of these plants is increasing every year, since their berries are used for the needs of the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Family Home for Seniors - Business of the Future

According to world experts on demographic policy in 2050, there will be four great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers for every child. The aging of the population is more and more noticeable every year, especially in Italy, where there are more and more people over 65, and they more and more need help and support.

The measures taken by the government agencies in Italy seem to be insufficient. Therefore, innovative solutions are offered, relevant business ideas related to the development of private entrepreneurship. It is in this context that new types of residential properties for the elderly have been developed.

It is common knowledge that many interesting business ideas from Europe set the style of business in Russia. Unlike Western Europe, in our country there are a lot of unoccupied niches for doing business. This is a temporary phenomenon, so you should not lose the opportunity, take advantage of the experience of your neighbors and find your own business path. Moreover, from Europe you can get the most recent, original and promising ideas, which in any case are doomed to success.

Business idea from Germany

The business idea of ​​breeding mini-pigs is ideal for people who have a little free time and living space.

To buy one pig you need $ 500-1500, monthly maintenance costs will be from $ 30 (the cost of balanced feeding with cereals, vegetables, fruits and vitamins) to $ 80 (in the case of pampering your pet with special shampoos, fancy costumes, accessories in the form of leashes, harnesses, toys, and more). A pig can give birth twice a year to 5 piglets. During the pregnancy of the female, an additional cost item arises - the cost of veterinarian services - from $ 50 to $ 100

Finding a buyer will not be difficult, because in the near future, an increase in demand in Russia for the incredibly popular mini-pigs in Europe is expected. You can advertise in the media to sell the cubs, but the best advertisement is walking the busy streets with your pet. Such an unusual and unusual for us, but an epic pet will certainly attract attention, especially children, and the desire to acquire the same one. The line of applicants for the next few floods is guaranteed.

The cost of one pig is from $ 500 to $ 1000. Thus, 2 sold babies will fully pay for the maintenance of their parents in six months, and the profit per year is from $ 3000 to $ 6000

And another business idea from Germany

Michael Franke, a German insurer, by virtue of his profession, constantly dealt with insurance contracts. Each such document, no matter how attractive it may seem, has “additional conditions” indicated in small print, which turn a profitable offer into a financial trap. Michael Franke realized that he could build his own business on this. He began to make money by helping to analyze the insurance available in Germany (life insurance, disability, disability, and so on) and the selection of the most profitable for his clients.

Everyone is interested in the results of such a business: an ordinary citizen will find out who needs to be insured; insurance companies, by contacting Michael Franke's service, find out what is happening on the market and produce a more profitable product that the consumer needs; Well, Michael Franke himself makes a lot of profit from the agency's activities.

This experience can also be projected on banking: because of the text of the loan agreement that is incomprehensible for a simple layman or special conditions typed in small print, our fellow citizens wear a credit yoke around their necks for many years, or even decades overpaying a lot of money. It is much more rational, having paid little money, to consult an analyst about the offers of various banks and get help in choosing the most profitable banking product for yourself. It should be noted that an entrepreneur should be well versed in his issue (in the past, be a bank employee, for example) and always keep his finger on the pulse when learning about new products in the banking sector.

You will need to register an individual entrepreneur, rent a small space for work, advertise in the media about your activities and order business cards. Estimated costs will be about 40 thousand rubles. A specialist consultation can cost from 500 rubles. Every working day, thousands of people apply to various banks for lending. The income of the consulting agency will be from 5,000 rubles per day, and more than 110,000 rubles per month. The net profit will be from 70,000 rubles. In the future, it is possible to develop a business and create a whole team of specialists, increasing the profitability of the business several times and even dozens of times.

Business idea from England

Business in European countries is much more developed than in Russia. Every now and then there are new ideas and companies that offer consumers innovative products. Not all business ideas from Europe can be applied in Russia: the difference in mentality and legal framework affects. But this article contains the best and most interesting cases that can help you create a unique business.

Business in Europe and Russia

Every entrepreneur dreams of starting his own business in an unoccupied niche or immediately gaining some competitive advantage, which will help to recoup investments faster. It is quite possible to do this if you release a product with a twist that will compare favorably with the rest and attract the attention of buyers. There are many successful ideas in the European business sphere that can be applied in Russia. But in this case, you need to understand what is the difference between business in Europe and Russia, in order to be able to properly level the differences:

Until recently, Russian business was considered criminal and shady. But now more and more young brands appear in large cities of Russia, which set as their goal fair profit and the development of their country. Over the past five years, many Russian social and environmental projects have emerged: the Spasibo store, Nochlezhka, Season Market and others. But there are also many business ideas that are waiting in the wings for implementation.

Hygge Store

Selling various home accessories and items is one of the most popular business ideas in Europe. These goods can be purchased inexpensively in China or even made by yourself. The very word "hygge" means comfort and symbolizes the escape from the hustle and bustle and problems within the walls of your home. This comfort can be achieved in different ways, but the general principle is the same - a person surrounds himself with things and objects that are dear to him and symbolize something pleasant and relaxing. It can be candles, beautiful textiles, comfortable and comfortable furniture, lamps with yellow light. The hygge interior concept includes the following principles:

  • a comfortable and soft sofa, a large armchair that you can climb into with your feet;
  • large cups from which you can slowly sip your favorite drink;
  • various natural fragrances for the bathroom (candles, foam);
  • pleasant books for relaxation;
  • blankets, pillows and other products that give pleasant tactile sensations and warmth ...

Since a hygge interior means decorating with inexpensive items, with a little skill and experience, you can easily learn how to make products yourself. If you are afraid of high costs, then first, the reviews recommend creating an online store on a free online platform that will significantly save you money. Then it's up to you - a little advertising and participation in various handmade fairs will speed up the process. Selling goods for rest and relaxation is a good business idea from Europe with minimal investment.

Printing products on a D-printer

More recently, printing 3D products on a printer seemed like something fantastic. Now, such products are not that expensive, but they can reproduce almost any model that has a detailed drawing. The most popular are various small plastic components, souvenirs, and various figurines. Here are some business ideas from Europe to make money by printing figurines using a 3D printer:

  • Souvenirs featuring a city - a 3D printer can easily print hundreds of miniature architectural symbols that will surely be in demand among tourists.
  • Collectible figures in the form of famous characters from comics and films will appeal to collectors and fans. To implement this case, you need to purchase a good 3D printer with high details.
  • With the help of three-dimensional technology, it is possible to produce high-quality toys and puzzles that can entertain adults and children on the road.

According to reviews, you will need about 300 thousand investments to open such a business, and the monthly profit, subject to full workload, will be about 140 thousand rubles. Thus, the business will pay for itself in just a few months.

Business immigration to Europe

Opening and running your own business is not easy and troublesome even at home, let alone other countries with a different language, mentality and legislation. But the difficulties do not stop entrepreneurs, because business in a European country is not only an opportunity to realize their ambitions, but also one of the ways of immigration.

Let's figure out which countries it is better for an entrepreneur to immigrate to and where it is easier to open a company.

Business Immigration: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Immigration programs of European countries provide for different types of residence permits for businessmen and investors, allowing them to live, work and / or conduct commercial activities.

Issued only if your business project impressed the consulate of the selected country and convinced it of its success and prospects, or better, if the business project has been successfully implemented in Europe for several years.

Issued to a businessman who owns a company or invests in the country's economy at least 250-500 thousand euros.

Allows you to do business in the selected country, but does not give you the right to work. To obtain this residence permit, you need to have an income of at least 3000-4000 euros per month.

In some countries there are other recently created immigration programs, such as, for example, the Italian "Startup visa" or the Greek visa of the owner of real estate for the amount of over 250 thousand euros, but, in fact, these are still variations above the programs described.

The most important thing to know is that simply registering a company in a European country does not automatically mean obtaining a residence permit. This malicious myth has a foundation - there are such rare exceptions: until recently, it was possible to obtain a residence permit upon registration of an individual entrepreneur in Italy, Latvia (this program has already been closed) and an LLC in the Czech Republic (the program has also practically closed; a residence permit is issued for investment or a successful long-term work of the company).

At the moment it is quite easy to register a business in many European countries: Bulgaria, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland. Only Austria and Finland are striking exceptions - in these countries it is necessary that one of the founders of a new company is either a foreigner with a working residence permit, or a citizen of the country, or, which is often used, another company of the European Union.

As mentioned above, you can apply for a residence permit for starting a business or for successful commercial activities. In the first case, the mere fact of registering a new company is not enough - solid investments in the country's economy are expected from a foreign businessman. For example, in Greece and Slovenia, the initial investment amount is 60,000 euros, but in Spain, Italy, Germany and France, these are already much larger amounts - from 250 to 500 thousand euros.

Most often, entrepreneurs apply for a residence permit for successful commercial activities for several years. "Successful commercial activity" in this case is an annual income of 20-30 thousand euros and the absence of tax arrears. Business immigration for this program works well in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and France.

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