Business ideas for teens for 2021

In this article, we will look at business for students. We present to your attention the TOP 35 best business ideas for teenagers without investment and with minimal investment. You can implement them yourself or with the help of your parents.

Home Bakery

Teens can make money making and distributing baked goods. You can start a business with a capital of $ 30-50, provided that there is an oven at home. Selling baked goods brings in up to $ 200 a month.

Neighborhood Help

An example of a business idea without investment for teenagers - doing small errands for money (walking dogs, washing cars, buying groceries, helping with the housework). The net profit reaches $ 150.

Nanny for an hour

It is better to do this business from the age of 18, because people are reluctant to trust their children to minors.

The easiest way to find clients is to chat with classmates, teachers, parents' acquaintances.

Business does not require investments and allows you to earn $ 200 monthly.

Learning to play musical instruments

What business to open a teenager who studied at a music school? Give individual lessons to other children using your own tool. It is enough to find several clients to earn $ 250 per month. This is a good business option without investment.

Resale of Chinese goods

In adolescence, there is an acute need for money

Asking your parents already seems silly, but earning money yourself can be scary. And then an idea comes to mind: what about business? After all, this is what can bring real income! And even for teenagers, there are many business ideas that can be carried out without any investment.

How can a teenager make money and what kind of business can he do? What do you need to start your own business and how to achieve success? Read this article.

What is business?

In general, business is what an entrepreneur does to earn money. It can be as microscopic as online advertising, or it can be huge. For a start, of course, you have to work with a small business, but that's even better.

The fact is that any business is a game of roulette. The chances that you will burn out and lose your invested amount are not very different from those that promise you a decent profit. So a small business will be ideal for starting an entrepreneurial career to learn how to think correctly.

Ways to make money

So, what kind of business can a teenager do? The internet offers two ways:

  • Instant earnings.
  • Long work.

No matter how attractive the first option is, it should be discarded. There is no quick money. All online schemes, casinos, gambling and betting are aimed at getting as much money as possible from you. You invest in such an "instant" business, expecting success. and you get nothing in return. As a result - loss of money, time and nerves.

Long work for a teenager is the only way to earn and develop. Remember that all successful businessmen started out with something small, requiring minimal investment. It was only later that tiny Subway grew into a huge global corporation. Initially, it was just a microscopic eatery.

Our needs are growing twice as fast as our capabilities. This axiom cannot be disputed, although of course, as in any rule, there are exceptions that only confirm the rule. But for most people, regardless of their gender, religion or nationality, and even age, this rule works. On the one hand, this dependence "strains" a little, but as they say, if you do nothing, then nothing will work, on the other hand, regardless of your age or gender, you can always try to satisfy at least half of your needs. But how to do it if you are 13 or 16 years old?

Indeed, if you are from 12 to 16 years old and you fall into the category of teenage schoolchildren, you can meet your "growing" needs in two ways:

  • - the first thing is to ask your parents. The option is certainly not bad, but there are always two, but, first, the majority are not given a sufficient (in their opinion) amount of money, and second, they do not always want to constantly beg.
  • - second, to get money on your own, there really are a number of nuances. Firstly, it is not always possible to find a suitable way to make money for a teenager, and secondly, many simply cannot find a suitable business idea.

Today we'll talk about the second option and try to answer the question how to make money for a teenager?

There are a few highlights worth noting.

First, the 10 best ways to make money for all categories of teenage students will be presented today, that is, these ideas are suitable for all categories.

Second, each of the methods will be separately scheduled, do not be lazy, read, no matter how banal the idea of ​​earning may seem, it is quite possible that it is she who is the opportunity to gain personal financial independence.

First option

In the first place in terms of simplicity and ease, there is a banal and already "hackneyed" version with distribution of leaflets, posting ads, and so on. Advertising is the engine of progress and, as a consequence, it is in the advertising business that there has always been and will be a demand for performing one-time work on the distribution of advertising materials. Twenty years have passed since my first acquaintance with the distribution of advertising materials, but the rules of the game and the demand for such services have not changed at all, which, in fact, makes this option the leader in the ranking of the best earning ideas for schoolchildren and adolescents. Read more about how to make money in such a business right here.

Option two how to make money for a teenager

Selling game accounts may not be a bad option, of course it cannot be called an absolutely simple way, but most schoolchildren starting from the age of 12 have their favorite Internet games in which they spend a lot of time. So why not make good use of this time and earn some money. The sale of accounts takes place, as a rule, on specialized forums dedicated to the game, there are hundreds of such on the Internet. Considering that it will take one to two months to fully promote the account in a toy, and the amount of potential income is about $ 100, then the amount of profit is quite acceptable for small pocket expenses. Read more about this method for young people here.

Option three

Our method is not very popular, which cannot be said about the USA and Europe, where the overwhelming majority of young people thus earn their pocket money, and this method is really suitable for those who are only 12 years old and for those who are already 16 years old. We are talking about walking dogs, of course, it may seem to someone that this is too banal and unpromising, then move on to other options, but I can say that this method can bring quite a decent income at least not less than the minimum wage per month ... Read more about dog walking as an option to earn extra money here.

The material describes the best ways to start your business at 12, 13, 14 years old. Proven business options both on the Internet and in real life, available to everyone.

Creation and promotion of communities in social networks

VKontakte and Instagram are at their peak of popularity now. It is necessary to create and promote a community, gain at least 5-10 thousand subscribers and earn money by placing advertising posts.

By filling the group with interesting content, publishing viral materials, it will turn out to attract thousands of readers. To speed up this process, you should first order advertising in another community.

Spending about $ 30-40 on promotion, you can receive from $ 15 monthly on advertising.

Large public pages with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and more have from $ 180-300 per month.

Copywriting and rewriting

Writing texts has the opportunity to earn from $ 1.5 per article. But to turn copywriting into a profitable business, you need large orders.

Having recruited a team of 3-4 copywriters, you can offer your services on content exchanges and directly to firms that have a website on the Internet (commercial advertising texts).

Many customers find it convenient to receive a large amount of materials from one performer. As a manager, you look for orders and delegate tasks to others, receiving a percentage of the cost of work performed. Monthly income - from $ 40.

Reselling things on Avito

You should start by selling your own unnecessary things. So you will learn how to form adequate prices, make up a selling ad, negotiate a sale. And then you will look for not very good ads or goods with a low price (for example, the owner wants to sell something urgently).

Between 13 and 21, many of us try to find ourselves and choose what they want to do in life. Someone succeeds after this time. Someone is doomed to look for themselves further. Someone decides to follow the same path that was previously trodden by parents and grandparents.

But there are also more adventurous teenagers who quickly realize for themselves that the best work is one that is organized under their own leadership. Then they almost immediately start looking for original ideas. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with simple business ideas for teens 17 years old. After all, it simply does not yet mean hopeless.

Order Service

Time is a rapidly changing unit that requires a lot of attention and competent organization from a person. This results in adults having to prioritize the tasks that will best impact their quality of life.

Girls and boys can take advantage of this nuance of life and start their own business, carrying out various assignments of adults who are busy or are simply not able to do something. You can take mail, go shopping, clean the apartment or mow the lawn - the main thing is to see in time what others need.

To attract customers, you can place advertisements on the Internet, at the nearest stop to the area, at the advertisement stand at the entrances. Serving acquaintances, family friends, and neighbors is a good way to attract customers and gain credit of trust. It will be easier for you to offer them your services, and they can further recommend you and your business to others.

WAN Consulting

Social media promotion, content creation assistance, target audience search and basic answers to the simplest questions related to the global network can help a teenager start a business on the Internet. The Internet site today is very popular for starting a commercial activity, it provides opportunities in a wide variety of areas.

A teenager can follow the most popular path - creating original (or not so) content that will entertain or teach the audience. Or you can be on the other side of the Internet and start helping other guys understand how social networks work.

Computer literacy school

The computer has become an integral part of our life. Today, many tasks are performed with its help. We work on laptops, write dissertations through their programs, communicate with clients, watch films, read books and listen to music. But not everyone was able to grasp the principles of these devices, many need help, which gives another business idea for a teenager.

Your teen may offer computer training services. These services will be useful to older people who, at the time of the appearance of such technology, were busy with work and other pressing problems, and children who have not yet had time to get acquainted with the symbol of the beginning of the 21st century.

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