Business ideas for moms on maternity leave in 2021

Many people think that organizing a business for a housewife is an impossible task. But, thanks to various devices and techniques in the modern world, earnings for housewives seem more than real. So why shouldn't a woman organize her own business at home and start making good money on it. Additional money will not be superfluous for anyone.

The same applies to young mothers on maternity leave. If there is simply no time and opportunity for an ordinary job, then you can find income without leaving your home. In reality, it is quite possible to find a job on maternity leave, the main thing is to know where to look for it. Working at home for 5-7 hours, you can earn up to 25,000 rubles.

What to do on maternity leave to earn money?

There can be a lot of options for earning money in the decree, and they, in turn, can be divided into several sections:

• Business ideas that can be implemented with a small investment and do it at home. This should also include a hobby that will allow you to work with pleasure on any project. • Work for housewives at home on the Internet without investment. This should include various exchanges, services that provide the opportunity to earn money when performing certain tasks. • Offline - work. As a rule, it occurs outside the Internet zone. For young mothers, work as a call center operator may be suitable.

There are a ton of ideas that can be organized at this time. Let's upset some of them.

Earnings on maternity leave ideas

Handmade Soap Gift Set


Hand-made things have become very popular lately. Due to their originality and creativity, they are in demand as gifts for any occasion. These are unique handicrafts that cannot be found in mass production.

What can be made and sold:

• Sewing. You can sew things, curtains, toys • Knitting. Especially popular in the cold season • Making boxes for jewelry and jewelry • Making baskets with gifts is an original gift that is suitable for any person • Embroidery • Handmade soap

Any craft made with high quality will be in high demand among buyers. You can try to sell products via the Internet or thematic forums. If you have a ready-made collection, then put it up for sale, it will serve as an example of your work. Products can be made to order or for sale.

New mothers on parental leave are able to earn good money for their work. Women can easily open their own business, which is easy to do from home during hours free from the baby. Self-realization, small or substantial income and the ability to meet the material needs of the family are not the whole list of advantages of a home business in the decree.

Why would women on maternity leave start their own business?

The reasons why a young mother might want to start a business can vary. The most common:

  • Lack of funds. During the decree, the woman does not visit the main employer, so she does not receive wages. The husband may not earn enough, while the baby grows along with the growth of spending on him. The lack of stable earnings forces the mother to look for any opportunity to earn extra money, so it is not surprising that it is during this period that interesting business ideas arise, the implementation of which brings income.
  • Reluctance to focus only on children. Not all families experience financial difficulties, but some women constantly need self-development, want to constantly learn something new, want to communicate with interesting people. Business allows you not only to discover talents in yourself, but also to make good money.
  • Dissatisfaction with the main job. It is not uncommon for young mothers, being at home within four walls, to open their own business and subsequently terminate their labor relations with their former employer.

Pros and cons of business on maternity leave

Maternity home business for women has many benefits:

  • independent planning of the day without outside interference;
  • lack of strict bosses and a large team to adapt to;
  • saving on transport services , dinners in cafes and restaurants;
  • material independence from a spouse and other relatives;
  • self-development, training, personal improvement.

The work of a young mother is not without flaws:

  • increased load on a woman (children and business), frequent feeling of fatigue;
  • in the absence of a clear work schedule, life can turn into chaos;
  • active weight gain due to being at home next to the refrigerator and an almost immobile lifestyle, the appearance of problems with posture when constantly working at the computer;
  • the risk of becoming a victim of fraudulent activities or being deceived by unscrupulous customers.

Where to start?

Before starting your own business, it is important to determine the field of activity. To do this, it is worth answering 2 questions: "What can I do?" and "How much free time do I have?" Then the woman should understand whether she is ready for additional training and how much she would like to earn.

Before starting a new business, it will be useful for mom to remember:

Author: Editor-in-chief · 02.2.020

Parental leave is a time of large expenses, often unforeseen. At the same time, the woman does not receive a salary, and the amount of the benefit is small. In such a situation, they often start talking about starting a business suitable for mothers on maternity leave.

Most popular choices:

Sometimes moms unite and create a joint business while they are on maternity leave. Then it is developed and thanks to this they become financially independent. More popular are ideas that do not require start-up capital. In this article, we will talk about options for what you can do on maternity leave in order to earn money.

Create Online Courses

Before going on maternity leave, many mothers worked by profession. Knowledge was in demand, including periodic consultations with colleagues and acquaintances. This is what the business idea is based on. There is no need to come up with anything that can be done on maternity leave and how to make money, it is enough just to “pack” professional experience and sell at a reasonable price.

  • create a one-page site with thematic content;
  • make an offer for those wishing to acquire skills in a specific area;
  • record video tutorials or develop a schedule of webinars ;
  • invite potential customers via social media networks.

This kind of business will do better if you invest a little money in advertising. But even without it, it will be possible to start if you actively use social networks. When they decide what to do on maternity leave, they think about what knowledge a person possesses, what will be better paid. So, web design, SEO, copywriting, cutting and sewing, cooking, handicrafts are popular. If there are no specific skills, preparation for childbirth is offered. The main thing is to be ready to record a lot of videos, articles so that everyone can find information on their interests.

Sale and rental of goods

There are a lot of options for organizing sales. In the absence of start-up capital, websites are created that sell goods directly from the supplier's warehouse. There is even such a direction - dropshipping. But it does not suit everyone, they often require large-scale business. Otherwise, you will have to pay for access to directories. If everything is organized correctly, you won't have to worry about what to do on maternity leave.

Even sitting at home with your baby, you can get a decent additional income. And after about six months, having already got used to the role of a mother, almost every woman thinks about how to make money on maternity leave. If you are one of them, we invite you to find out the actual methods of earning income at home.

We will also reveal the perspectives, pros and cons of working for mothers on maternity leave at home. And we will help you decide which work out of 40 provided ideas you will be able to do, and will not interfere with childcare.

From this article you will learn:

Why does mom need a job on maternity leave?

Depending on the situation, the reasons for looking for work at home are different. Let's consider the main ones:

  • Banal lack of money. The husband earns little, when there were two salaries for two people - it was enough, but now it becomes difficult for three to live on one, and even in conditions of constant price increases. Therefore, the mother has to stay at home on maternity leave and look for additional sources of income. By the way, I recommend a useful article on how to save money with a small salary.
  • Mom is doing a great job with the child, and she still has free time. In this case, the decree is the ideal time for self-development, improving existing skills and acquiring new ones, discovering new talents in oneself, which, in addition to pleasure, are able to bring additional money to the family.
  • It happens that a woman on maternity leave for some reason does not want to return to her previous job. And now for her is the ideal time to look for a new direction, it will be determined what she will do in the future. It is advisable to start working as soon as possible, so that at the end of the maternity leave you will already be a specialist in your field and earn good money.
  • Or maybe, on the contrary, mom plans to continue doing what she did before the decree, but in order not to lose her qualifications in 2 or 3 years, and to be aware of all the innovations, she decides to do what she loves at home if possible. For example, if you worked as a lawyer, then in the decree you can give legal advice via the Internet, friends, etc. The main thing is to organize everything correctly.
  • Some women, even without experiencing financial difficulties, want to be financially independent. It is inconvenient for them to ask their husbands every time for money for cosmetics, clothes or other women's little things, and therefore they actively start looking for ways to earn money on maternity leave at home.

In general, everyone has their own story, and if you decide to earn extra money at home, this is very commendable. The main thing is not to give up everything halfway, one did not work out, try another. Maternity leave is a great time to find, discover and develop your talent and potential.

➡️ Earnings on maternity leave - where to start, main issues

There are many ways to make good money while sitting at home on maternity leave. To decide which jobs are best for you, consider the following questions:

  • How much time can you devote to work and when? This will be only when the child is asleep, or he can occupy himself for some time while awake, letting his mother go to work. Is there anyone to replace you, if necessary? Here grandmother, grandfather, neighbor, friend, nanny can come to the rescue.
  • What do you already know how to do best? Maybe you really love cooking, or you have design inclinations, or you really enjoy spending time not only with your child, but also with other children. All these and other talents and abilities can be developed in many directions, and earned on them.
  • Are you looking for a job for fun or primarily to make more money? How quickly money is needed - you are ready to invest time in training, development of your business, that is, to work for the future, or income is needed, the faster the better.

Well, and the last, most important question:

Few women can boast that they have no financial difficulties on maternity leave. As a rule, when a baby appears, all responsibilities for providing for the family are shifted to the husband and grandparents, but they do not always cope with the increased load. If the mother is raising the child on her own, then the addition to the modest state allowance becomes a vital necessity for her.

Business ideas for mothers on maternity leave in 2021 will help to solve such material problems. Their distinctive feature is the possibility of implementation with small investments at home, in between feeding the baby and washing diapers. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of such entrepreneurial activity:

  • A woman does not need to ask grandmothers to look after a child, hire a nanny for him or fight for a place in a preschool;
  • When doing business, a mother can independently adjust her schedule ... If the baby needs to be fed or taken to the hospital, things will wait;
  • There is no extra money in a family with a baby. No matter how much money homeworking for women brings in 2021, it’s better than a waste of time;
  • Entrepreneurship brings diversification to mom’s life, gives her the opportunity to be distracted from household chores and communicate with people;
  • Working for herself, a woman should not obey her superiors, take time off if necessary, visit the hospital with her baby or pick him up from kindergarten;
  • Any earnings for mothers on maternity leave at home are not only additional income, but also the ability to avoid losing qualifications.

Home kindergarten

Such an institution is a multi-room apartment or a private house, which has all the conditions for looking after children and organizing their leisure time. There is a games room, dining room, bedroom, study area. The size of the group in the home garden does not exceed 8-10 people, and the first clients are friends, colleagues and acquaintances of the young mother.

Strictly speaking, you cannot open a kindergarten without a license, which no one will issue for an establishment in an ordinary apartment. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to refer to home gardens as centers of development and leisure. But, regardless of the name of the institution, it will not work to save on equipment. Business needs:

  • Furniture - cots, tables and chairs, lockers;
  • Textiles - curtains, bed linen, towels;
  • Dishes - plates and cups, cutlery, kitchen utensils;
  • Equipment - mops, buckets, toilet pots;
  • Household appliances - stove, vacuum cleaner, TV, audio system;
  • Security equipment - fire detectors, video surveillance;
  • Leisure items - toys, teaching aids, pencils, plasticine.

What profit will this idea of ​​earning money for mothers on maternity leave bring? In a big city, parents are ready to pay for childcare from 12,000 rubles a month. In addition, each client contributes another 5000 rubles in the form of an entry fee. If you subtract food and utilities costs from the proceeds, then a group of six babies will allow a woman to earn up to 25,000 rubles a month.

Cake baking

To open this business for mom on maternity leave without investment, you first need to learn how to cook well. In the past, the secrets of baking cakes were passed down from grandmother to granddaughter, but today on the Internet it is possible to find not only recipes and master classes, but also whole courses of confectionery art online.

Next, you need to equip the kitchen. As a rule, any woman already has almost everything she needs to create masterpieces, but some tools will have to be purchased:

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