Business idea of ​​the new millennium: how to make money on the sale and installation of smart home systems


A house that thinks for you takes care of itself and sometimes even foresees your desires - a dream that has already become a reality. In fact, there are a great many options for completing smart home systems: from budget to super-elite for several million dollars. Every year in our country there are more and more people who want to let this technology into their homes. Accordingly, the business idea of ​​organizing a company selling and installing smart home systems is now more relevant than ever.

Stages of implementation of this business idea

Before taking the first step towards opening your own company, you need to carefully monitor the demand for smart home services in your region. The complete absence of competitors should not please you, but, on the contrary, alert you. Perhaps the standard of living in your region or region is so low that people are simply not up to high technologies.

If you have come to the conclusion that the future company will not remain without work, then immediately start implementing this bold business idea. On the way to your first satisfied customers, you will have to go through the following stages of business formation:

  • LLC registration. This is perhaps one of those rare cases when it is better to register a limited liability company than an individual entrepreneur. There are two reasons for this. First: it will be extremely difficult for an individual entrepreneur to obtain a license to install smart home systems, while a legal entity is issued it without problems and delays. The second reason lies in milder “sanctions” in the event of bankruptcy: an individual entrepreneur risks all of its property, and an LLC risks only its authorized capital (its minimum size is 10 thousand rubles) and part of the organization's property.
  • Office space rental. A standard "closet" (15-20 square meters) in a residential area of ​​the city is quite suitable - there the rent is lower. Perhaps you will still need an additional room for a warehouse of equipment, but this is rather an overkill, because, as a rule, "gadgets" are purchased immediately before their installation to the customer.
  • Resolution of the personnel issue. An accountant and a lawyer do not need to be hired - their services will not be required so often, so let them work on outsourcing. From the main staff, you will need a savvy and competent sales manager who will work with clients both live and by phone. It is also necessary to hire qualified installers and a software technician.
  • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers. Decent partners on the territory of the Russian Federation can be counted on one hand, so you will have to focus on Western firms that produce equipment for smart home systems. Delivery, of course, will cost a pretty penny, but the quality and "flexibility" of such systems will be at the highest level.
  • Advertising and promotion. Be sure to create a website for your company, but it will not be the main means of advertising, as well as publics in social networks. Promote your services in narrow circles, through friends, acquaintances and relatives. Place brochures and business cards in sales offices and shops specializing in the sale of goods for construction and renovation. You can also regularly advertise modular in the print press.

What does smart home technology include?

The “smart home” system is a whole complex of equipment interconnected by a single software. An approximate list of the main components of a "smart home" is given below:

All of the above equipment operates under the control of the most complex computer programs, which take years to create. You can, of course, purchase these devices separately from the software, but then you will need to hire a very qualified programmer who will write the necessary controlling software.

The paradox: the easier the individual elements of a smart home are controlled, the more sophisticated software is behind them!

How to make money on installing smart home systems?

In order for your company to pay off as quickly as possible and start making good profits, it is necessary to develop several package proposals for various categories of citizens. Let's say that the Economy package is suitable for representatives of the public sector, Standard - for citizens with above average incomes, and Lux ​​and Elite will feel great in the mansions of wealthy clients.

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