Business idea: making bouquets of sweets

Nowadays, many want to start their own business, but not all of them have the opportunity to do it. In order to open your own company, you need to make a lot of mental and financial efforts. Therefore, home business is gaining more and more popularity. Usually, such business ideas that can be implemented at home do not require huge cash costs, but many of them are quite in demand. These include the business of bouquets of sweets.

Candy bouquets cannot be called a cardinally new idea, however, it has not yet been worn out and has not become boring for consumers. Some are already familiar with this type of composition, but for some it may be an interesting novelty. If you approach the organization of this type of business wisely, for many people you can make candy bouquets a priority over the ordinary flower bouquets that we are used to.

Candy bouquets

Making candy bouquets is an activity that has a special value due to the fact that it is handmade. As you know, any manual work is an exclusive, which is not always possible to repeat exactly. And it is not often that craftsmen want to do this, because they understand that their work attracts clients, first of all, with its originality. Among other things, bouquets of sweets are also interesting because they are a great gift for almost any occasion.

What should a master of creating candy bouquets have? Of course, a talent for hand-made activities. Such bouquets are made by hand, so you should at least “be friends” with your own hands. A sense of style, harmony of color tones and shades is also very useful. Not every client will be able to accurately describe what he wants to see as a result, however, every client wants the result to be beautiful and graceful. If the master can feel this, then his work will deserve the respect and gratitude of clients. Craftsmen who independently design their compositions are valued much more than those who use other people's ideas.

Business Perspective

We all faced the problem of choosing a gift for our loved ones. And gifts to the female sex always cause the greatest difficulties, right? A bouquet of sweets is a great addition to the main gift instead of a banal bouquet of flowers! In addition, a bouquet of sweets can also serve as an independent gift - such a present will certainly not be forgotten by the girl who received it. Just think about how many holidays there are in the year in which you want to pamper your friends and loved ones: Birthday, New Year, March Eighth, Valentine's Day, etc. In addition, your friends have weddings, major anniversaries, anniversaries of any event, some personal dates.

Now imagine yourself not as a consumer, but as an entrepreneur who creates creative candy compositions. Basically, everyone in your city is your potential customer. The main thing is to gain good experience in order to deliver high-quality goods, and conduct a competent marketing strategy so that you will be recognized and remembered.

DIY candy bouquets

Now on the Internet there are a lot of training courses, video tutorials and master classes that can teach you to perfectly master the art of making candy compositions. Various techniques are used to create bouquets of sweets. But they all boil down to the fact that you need to "disguise" the candy as flower buds. The candies are naturally wrapped. Instead of stems, cuttings made of wire wrapped in wrapping paper or tape are used. To make the simplest bud, attach the wire to the edge of the candy wrapper and then wrap the wrapper around the wire. In order for this structure to hold, it is necessary to tightly wrap again the place where the wire connects to the candy wrapper. Using this technique, candies in such a bouquet will be immediately visible.

How to open a candy store when you don't even have a business plan on hand? In fact, it is not so difficult - the main thing is to follow the instructions from experienced businessmen step by step. Any enterprise or organization, even the smallest, requires that every little thing is taken into account and thought. In addition, you need to draw up a development plan in advance, taking into account the capabilities of your city and the characteristics of the target audience. What about the candy store? How relevant is this business and how to start your own business selling sweets and cookies?

Relevance of the candy and sweets business

As long as there are children, teenagers, and people who love sweets (90% of the population) in your city, then nothing threatens your business. The main thing is to sell quality products at not the highest prices, and also take care of the attractiveness of your establishment.

Once again, why your sweets will be bought: stress seizes with chocolate, you don't come to visit without sweets, and cookies are a prerequisite for tea drinking. That is, your business has every chance of being successful and profitable for many years. He will not be afraid of any crises and other external factors: people will never deny themselves the pleasure of pampering themselves and their children.

Business Benefits

Here are just a few advantages:

  • the product is relevant always and everywhere;
  • the product has a long shelf life - usually about 12 months;
  • no refrigerators are needed to store sweets , which means that you can save on the arrangement of the store and storage space;
  • a store does not need a large space;
  • sweets are relevant all year round, which means there will always be demand;
  • target audience - from 0 to 90+.

Which candy is best to sell

This is not primarily about the categories of confectionery, but about the pricing policy.

There are cheap sweets. You find suppliers from whom you buy sweets at the lowest prices (the product is not of the highest quality, but fresh). You sell these candies at either average or below average cost. They will be bought due to their attractive price. The only thing is difficult to find suppliers. Some businessmen manage to buy substandard products straight from factories at ridiculous prices and sell them to their customers.

There is a wide range of chocolates. A businessman is required to conclude a supply contract. After that, you can supply sweets in a small volume, but stably and with a wide range.

When quality is at the forefront, it is required to conclude an agreement with a certain supplier, in whose product you are 100% sure. you can work on a franchise. The assortment in this case is limited, but buyers go to the brand.

Selling sweets as a business is within the power of even a novice entrepreneur. To succeed, it is important to find a good place for the store, correctly form the assortment and establish the optimal trade margin that will suit both the owner of the outlet and the customers. Your own confectionery shop will pay off in a year, and then it will bring stable profits.

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How to start your own candy business

Depending on the financial possibilities for the sale of sweets, it is suitable:

  • a small stationary store;
  • a department in a shopping center;
  • a counter in a grocery store, subleased;
  • a kiosk in the metro or underground passage;
  • a mobile mini-market.

It's worth starting work with a small store or department. With a successful business, expansion is possible. You can form an idea of ​​a retail outlet and an assortment yourself or purchase a ready-made franchise.

Another option is to conclude an agreement with a specific confectionery factory and promote exclusively their products. This approach will help to obtain favorable price conditions, but will significantly limit the range.

Experienced sellers recommend mastering the intricacies of online trading and opening a point of sale on the Internet. The virtual store will expand the customer audience and increase profits, but the issue of delivering the goods to consumers will have to be resolved.

Which candies are more profitable to sell? We make an assortment

To attract buyers, it is important to correctly form the assortment. It should not be too large, unclaimed candies will spoil. However, a meager assortment will not work either, it will not be able to attract a sufficient number of buyers. The best option is about 30 varieties of loose-weight chocolates, at least 10 varieties of caramel.

Sweets, cookies, marmalade, chocolate, cotton candy. How many emotions these words cause, and saliva is ready to roll down your throat just about one mention. Driving through interesting places and sights, I stopped at Old Izborsk. This is in the Pskov region, where a small series was filmed near the fortress, but my goal was to see the picturesque places of the Slavic keys. I found some surprises when I looked into a shopping mall selling various fakes. I was interested in one stall selling hand-made sweets, which prompted me to start my own business using sweets and other sweets.

Sweet business

Making candy at home is a great business idea that can generate a lot of income. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the cost of their production conceived ten times lower than the price. Firstly, you need to understand that sweets do not have to be very sweet and tasty like a professional master, secondly, the aesthetic appearance is not always in perfect condition, but it should not repel and, thirdly, everything is decided by the approach and uniqueness of the product ... To start such a business, you should choose your niche. I mean what audience and consumers the product will target. This will simplify several times the choice of material and quality of manufactured products. You can be focused both in making shortbread cookies wrapped in a unique and beautiful box, as well as selling chocolates using molds right in the fresh air.

The second option is very popular and easy to prepare. Distribution of this type of product is best in amusement parks or centers, but chocolate products sell especially well near historic sites, but requires skill in preparing the appropriate forms.

Equipment for making candy

The equipment required for making sweets depends on finances, scope and focus. For making the simplest sweets, an ordinary kitchen equipped with a stove, baking tins and a pastry syringe is suitable. Baking dishes and a syringe can be purchased for pennies on various trading platforms (AliExpress, eBay, Alibaba) All costs revolve only on the purchase of ingredients, but they do not require large investments if they are purchased in bulk and do not create complex dishes.

Candy production

Making sweets using molds is simple and does not require deep knowledge. All products are prepared using pre-prepared forms. First, the chocolate is melted in a vessel, and then poured into a mold, of course, you can heat it right in the mold, but not all molds are suitable for this. The hot chocolate is then poured into molds and placed in the refrigerator to take its final shape. Large figures are prepared separately, and they are connected together by kindling their edges.

The easiest way is to work with flat shapes, which give more possibilities and imaginations for drawing and applying various patterns. The pattern can be depicted both with the help of light clicks of the knife, and using a prepared stencil on edible paper. To create the uniqueness of your products, you should combine different types of chocolate and add dyes.

Sale of handmade chocolates

As mentioned earlier, you can sell sweets in various entertainment centers or visiting markets, but they are notorious. Selling in this way you are acting on the principle of "shadow business", which implies heavy fines and problems. For a full-fledged business, you need to register an individual entrepreneur and obtain permission from the sanitary and epidemiological station to sell products. Don't be afraid. These organizations give the green light to all household businesses if they adhere to basic hygiene practices. Next, there is a search for a trading place. Nowadays there are many ways to implement a product. This can be either direct or customized sale, or partnership with a local cafe, eatery, and if the product is excellent, then with a restaurant. The ideal option for marketing your products is a combination of all types of trade, but, most importantly, do not be afraid and experiment with the production of sweets in order to please both yourself and your customers.

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Investments: from 4500 rubles

Payback: from the first working week

A gift is an irreplaceable ritual for any holiday, they are given on completely different occasions. However, it becomes more and more difficult to surprise over time, stereotypes appear on these topics. Each of us loves something unique, handmade. Girls are delighted with flowers and sweets, it is not always necessary to give expensive gifts. But what if you combine a bouquet and candy? You will get a bouquet of sweets - an original creativity that will pass for a full-fledged gift. Any girl, having received one, will be very pleased. And doing business with such crafts is much more fun!

Business Concept

Flowers and sweets are all a girl needs!

Home business is in great demand nowadays. Often, from an ordinary hobby, you can develop into a whole business that will bring money. This is the very case when, thanks to your creativity, you can sit at home and earn decent money.

Everyone in childhood made crafts from paper, cardboard, and other improvised materials. Here is about the same scheme: it is necessary to make candy bouquets from any means, which are very similar to flower bouquets. If you do your job well, you can reach a good level of income. Clients are guys, men who want to surprise their lady with an interesting gift. Against the background of the holidays on March 8, Valentine's Day, the demand for such a service is maximum.

Buying materials for making bouquets, working on production, sales are the main stages of business. If you work at home, do everything with your own hands, then it's not even a business to call the language. It's like a paid hobby. But you can rent a small office, hire people with hands, teach them to produce such creativity. Then the income will be calculated in tens of thousands of rubles.

What is required for implementation?

Why is a business based on making gifts with your own hands good? The main advantage is that there is no need to buy special equipment or to look for a large room for work. To start, you only need the following traits:

  • patience ;
  • patience ;
  • meticulousness;
  • willingness to fail;
  • striving for a goal.

It is on the character that you need to travel, because special skills are not required. Each person can wield scissors, paper, glue, make applications, etc. Most likely men will not consider such a business idea, since they will think that it is not serious. Of the key skills, only the skill of sales can be noted. Everything else comes with experience.

There is a group of people who have an advantage over the rest and will be able to start quickly. They are florists. They know how to correctly decorate bouquets, present them to the client, give advice (which bouquet is best for a particular holiday). Therefore, you can talk to people you know who work in flower shops, they will help, give advice.

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