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In search of an answer to the question of how to open a private kindergarten at home, a business plan will become your main assistant. It will allow you to properly prepare the premises, choose an educational program, work schedule and business legalization format. By calculating the initial investment and assessing the risks, you can understand the profitability of the project and the possibilities for further development. Even if you buy a franchise, you need to do your own calculations in order to assess the real profitability of the proposed model.

Business registration and licensing

The most suitable forms of registration of such an enterprise are IE (FOP) or LLC. But it is impossible to legalize a private home kindergarten in the conditions of a personal living space (in a residential apartment). This is unacceptable according to sanitary standards and fire safety rules. To do this, it is necessary to transfer real estate from residential to commercial, which will require additional financial costs.

It is possible to officially register a home kindergarten if a detached private house with a backyard territory or an apartment on the ground floor of sufficient area is used (at least 6 square meters per child). Such a kindergarten must be fully equipped in accordance with all safety and sanitary standards. It should have separate rooms for sleeping, playing, a sanitary facility, a medical center and a kitchen. Regulatory requirements apply to windows (at least 60 centimeters from the floor) and ceiling heights (at least 3 meters).

How to arrange a private kindergarten

On the other hand, there are still ways to open a private kindergarten in an apartment semi-legally. You can:

  • Every day receive a receipt from the pupils' parents that they have left the child for supervision on a voluntary and free basis. In this format, it is possible to conduct business only by looking after the children of friends or neighbors, and only with a limited number of children, since a high level of trust must be present.
  • Obtain a patent for the provision of private lessons, lectures and seminars. This method will allow you to legalize income and formally legalize activities, but if a real type of service is found, in the case of a deep check, you will be imposed large fines and even criminal liability.
  • Open a development center or kids club. In this case, you are not positioning yourself as an educational institution, officially engaged only in organizing leisure activities. Your pupils will conditionally attend the institution part-time, which means that daytime sleep and meals are excluded.

How to Obtain a Preschool License

A license is required to open a kindergarten. The process of obtaining it is very complicated, for this you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Copies of the certificate of registration of entrepreneurial activity and constituent documents.
  • Curriculum and lesson plans that meet Ministry of Education standards.
  • Documents on the qualifications of the manager, hired teachers and educators.
  • Data on methodological and technical support.
  • The conclusion of the SES and the fire service on the suitability of the premises.
  • A document confirming the ownership of the premises or lease.

Where to start

The easiest way to open your own private kindergarten is to buy the Little Country kindergarten franchise

But if you still want to do it yourself - we offer you step-by-step instructions from the expert of the "Little Country" company Alina Budivskaya

According to statistics, the majority of entrepreneurs who decided to start their business with opening a private kindergarten are young parents who are aware of what a “queue” for kindergarten is and it is quite possible that they have already encountered such a concept as a lack of places in municipal kindergartens. They know firsthand that parents are willing or forced to pay for going to kindergarten. And if there are people willing to pay, why not let them pay you?

But before you open your kindergarten, you need to find evidence of its relevance in your area or city.

First, you need to calculate the number of residents of the area and find out their structure. For example, if the majority of the inhabitants are elderly people, you are unlikely to be able to fill your garden with babies. It's another matter when you open a private kindergarten in a new area, in which there is no public kindergarten nearby and in which mainly young families live, who will provide you with preschool children.

In other areas of the city, a private kindergarten may be in demand for several reasons. One of them is the notorious queues for municipal preschool institutions.

However, if there are several public kindergartens in your chosen area and their occupancy rate leaves much to be desired, your private kindergarten is unlikely to be very popular with parents. Whatever it was, but in terms of the cost of a child's stay in kindergarten, a private institution will always lose to a state one.

But in contrast to this minus, the sphere of private preschool education is gaining more and more significant plus every year. The fact is that now more and more parents do not a priori consider a municipal kindergarten, but immediately look for a private kindergarten for their child. This category of parents has an average income and above average and makes certain requirements for a private kindergarten in terms of living conditions, quality of food, education and leisure activities.

Nevertheless, while in our country there are still more of those parents who send their children to private kindergartens, not because they made this choice consciously, after weighing all the pros and cons, but because for some reason they cannot arrange their child in a state garden.

  • It is also not easy for “newcomers” to place their child in a public kindergarten. The problem is especially acute in Moscow and the Moscow region, where it is almost impossible to send a child to a municipal kindergarten without registration or the presence of a “Social card of a Muscovite”. The "come in large numbers" have no other choice but to send the baby to a private kindergarten.

Do not forget to analyze the terrain for other indicators as well. For example, find out if there are other private gardens in the area and how many are there? Will you be able to compete with them on price or terms and additional services?

Investment volume

Do you think that modern children cannot be interested in wooden products? That wooden toys are no longer on sale? In vain. We have collected examples of products that have become popular in spite of fashion.

Wooden modular toys

Modular wooden toys that can be assembled like a constructor are very popular with children. A great example is the Creative Wooden Creatures sets, invented by designer Hakan Gyursu and dedicated to land animals, sea creatures and amphibians. From one kit, consisting of 72 parts, you can assemble from 10 to 12 real animals, and an infinite number of fictional ones.

You can create many different toys from wood, but catapults will not leave a single child indifferent. With toys called Trebuchette (ie, "trebuchet"), California-based E&M Labs turns any nursery into a combat zone. And not only a children's room, but also a student residence, classroom or office. You can assemble a toy trebuchet yourself using a ready-made model and recommended materials (birch plywood, delrin and leather). Once collected, the catapult is capable of launching a toy ball at a distance of over 20 meters.

Height rulers for children

How to make an object from a regular board that will become a real family heirloom? The answer is simple: you just need to put measures of length on it and attach it to the wall. Lovestruck Interiors came up with the idea for a giant growth line called Wooden Ruler Measuring Stick. The rulers are made from different types of wood, and the units of measurement are centimeters or feet.

Wooden souvenir lighthouses

An interesting topic for handmade souvenirs is lighthouses. Lighthouses are one of the leaders in the eternal theme of sea and freedom, romance and adventure, which will always be in demand by the audience, including teenagers. There are several options for such a hobby business: create exact copies of famous lighthouses, be inspired by some elements in part, or make completely fantasy lighthouses from the world of dreams.

Wooden rocking chairs for children

Designer Chan Wai Lim from Singapore creates designer wooden rocking chairs for children in the form of unusual animals. Among her main works are barrel-shaped figures in the form of dogs, pigs and cats, located on giant springs. The girl admits that crafts for her, among other things, are a matter of the soul. The idea is inspired by childhood memories of playing with real farm animals and wooden toys. Nowadays, Singapore is a continuous metropolis, where there is no place for trees or animals.

Beach slippers with animal prints

Kiko Kids has created Ashiato children's wooden sandals to create unusual footprints in the sand. Forms on the sole are made in the form of paws of various animals. In the fun series, you can find sandals that allow you to make footprints of owls, monkeys, cats, geckos and walruses.

Slingshots can create a huge scope for creativity. Some craftsmen follow the path of creating toy slingshots, for example, making them in the form of colored pencils, others strive to turn the slingshot into a presentable souvenir. While the former are made for small pranks, the latter are made for “satisfying the feeling of beauty”. An example of the latter is a hickory slingshot called BCX, which was clearly created with an eye not only for little boys, but also for their dads. Polished coating, unusual shape, comfortable grip - even holding such a weapon in your hands is already pleasant, not just shooting. In addition, there is no need to hurt someone - a target is included with the slingshot, which, as it were, implies that you only need to shoot at it.

School time

School years are the best period in a person's life. The child is full of hopes for a bright future and plans for the future life.

He gradually learns the world and realizes his own value, learns to live in harmony with himself and with society. In the process of growing up and becoming a personality, schoolchildren analyze the value of money, thinking over possible options for further earnings.

The most adventurous children come to believe that a person living in the 21st century has significant advantages over our ancestors. Technologies do not stand still and preferences today are enjoyed by those people who know how to use valuable information correctly. Even ancient philosophers said that knowledge is the most important value, over the centuries the situation has not changed.

A modern teenager is able not only to study well, but also to have pocket money earned by his own labor. To do this, it is enough to study information about business ideas and show diligence in the process of work. After all, the personal money a child earns teaches him to respect parenting.

In this article we will look at the most effective and popular ways to make money. Perhaps our readers are advanced parents who want to inspire their child to work, or the student himself reads us, ignited by the opportunity to make a profit, the article can be useful for everyone.


Oddly enough, at the moment, the resale of goods is the most effective type of business for teenagers. Chinese goods are very popular among the population. The main reason is low cost. But many people just don't want to wait a month or more for shipping. This moment can be foreseen and meet the needs of a person.

First, you should analyze the demand in a particular region, find out what products are most in demand and popular. This can be done through personal survey and the global web. Then you need to order the goods, but not in a huge batch, as there is a chance to burn out. It is better to sell everything quickly and place a new order than to sell a large number of goods within a year.

Of course, there is a possibility that the products sent will not meet quality standards, there is a certain risk. This is another reason to order in small quantities. You should consider in advance the method of storing goods and, possibly, create your own online platform for selling products.

This business requires an initial investment. It is fair to say that it brings a good return. Examples of business projects for schoolchildren for the reselling of Chinese goods can be found online. There are a lot of them, as this area is gaining momentum.

Game streams

Among the many ideas for business with children, play tents for children in the form of an Indian wigwam dwelling are gaining in popularity today. Such products do not take up much space in the house, in which the child feels as comfortable and safe as possible. The wigwam for children is their own hideout, which only their best friends have access to. If desired, everyone can not only create an original children's hut with their own hands, but also turn this activity into an excellent profitable business. It is enough to show a little imagination and creativity.

A wigwam for kids - what is it?

Not so long ago, the children's wigwam was a real wonder. Parents were reluctant to buy such "Indian" play designs for their kids. The thing is that the first manufacturers of wigwams were made of synthetic material of very bright, flashy colors. Not everyone will like this.

Do you want to give joy to children and make good money on it? Then try to create a nice wigwam for kids with your own hands. The design is very easy to assemble, mobile, and has an unusual shape. Photos and diagrams of such products can be easily found on the Internet. If the children's wigwam is made with high quality, from natural materials, you will receive positive feedback from buyers and a lot of new orders.

Children's wigwams can be made different - with or without windows, with additional curtains, pillows. If desired, the structure can be assembled very quickly, and free up additional space in the children's room. There are wigwams for boys, and there are for girls - with ruffles and in delicate colors.

How to start your own wigwam business?

Do you want to start an interesting and profitable family business? Then try to open your own business for the production of children's wigwams. To do this, you don't need to be able to sew or have design talents. You can always entrust the design development to professionals. You can make a wigwam for children very quickly. To do this, you will need:

  • Natural solid fabric that allows air to pass through well;
  • 4 wooden planks;
  • Wooden pole.

To make a wigwam for kids with your own hands, be sure to watch special video reviews on the Internet, print out a pattern. Pay due attention to the stability of the structure being created, especially if it is intended for preschool children.

Garlands, balls, Indian ruffles can be used as additional decor. The designer wigwam will become not only a favorite place for children to play, but also an excellent addition to home decor. Do you want to increase your profits? Offer your customers products with exclusive baby name embroidery and other additions.

For a successful business, you will also have to open an individual entrepreneur, advertise your goods or open your own online store with handmade children's wigwams.

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