Business from scratch in Crimea in 2021

Business in Crimea from scratch in a year

There are two approaches to this question: traditional and alternative (non-standard). In the first case, any commercial project is based on the use of the geographical position of the peninsula and is limited by the framework of the relevant industries (tourism, entertainment, growing and processing of southern fruits, etc.), in the second, it is supposed to use non-standard thinking to come up with and implement a completely new business idea ... The alternative option provides not only for the stable development of one's business over a long-term period, but also for obtaining super-profits at the initial stage of the development of a completely new business. But we will begin our article with more mundane, and therefore real, ways of investing in the development of the economy of the southern peninsula.

Is seasonality an advantage or a disadvantage?

More than 90% of any commercial projects in Crimea are seasonal. A huge surge in activity during the warm season and almost complete calm during the low season is an objective reality that must be reckoned with for everyone who decided to start a business in this region. This factor and the size of your start-up capital are the key points for choosing a promising type of activity. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the experience of people who know absolutely all the nuances and "pitfalls" of any business on the Crimean peninsula. Where do locals prefer to invest?

Renting out housing to tourists. If during the times of the union the picky Soviet workers, crazy about beautiful landscapes and mountain serpentines, happily huddled with the whole family in terrible sheds, modern tourists put comfort in the first place. Therefore, it makes sense to turn on your imagination, spare no money, and turn an old room into an excellent bungalow, which will not only return the investment in a season, but also allow you to live comfortably until next summer. Well, there is no need to explain to experienced businessmen how to use several houses a stone's throw from the sea, located next door and belonging to old pensioners ... By inviting a well-trained specialist, you can make a small recreation center, all the elements of which will be designed in the same style, which will allow vacationers to get an additional dose of positive emotions, and you will earn a well-deserved profit.

Public catering. Tasty, healthy cuisine against the background of restaurant dishes, the offer of which is “off the charts” in any settlement of the South Coast of Crimea, at an adequate cost, will allow you not only to earn decent money, but also provide an opportunity to create a certain group of clients - a guarantee of stable profit in next season. The main thing in this business is not to spare money on salaries of cooks, and also to use only high-quality and fresh products. Providing free information on where to buy wine, how much it costs to rent a house, where to order a taxi, etc. will help you expand your client base and strengthen the company's image, which will have a positive impact on your income level. This simple marketing move has repeatedly proved its feasibility and effectiveness in different parts of the Crimean Peninsula.

Sale of goods for recreation and tourism. Of course, this business, with the correct organization and use of advertising, can provide you with a good and stable profit in the warm season. It is best to organize a network of small specialized stores under one name. This will give you the opportunity to quickly "promote" your business, make it famous, and also, due to large volumes and fast turnover, you will have the lowest prices in Crimea for any product of this category. Manufacturers are interested in working directly with a large counterparty that sells large volumes of products. And this can be done only through a network of stores covering all cities and towns where tourists stay. During the "low season", when vacationers leave the peninsula and the sales of leisure goods drop to zero, you can use your premises and organize the production of souvenirs. This business does not require large investments, and you already have the premises and workers. As materials for the production of souvenirs, you can use gypsum, silicone, acrylic paints, glue, stones, etc. Using imagination and creative thinking, you can even make real works of art from scrap materials, which will be in demand not only within the peninsula, but also in other regions of Russia. This will provide an opportunity to receive a stable income, pay all taxes to the country's budget, provide local residents with work that does not depend on the season, which is quite a rarity for Crimea.

If you want to start a business in Crimea from scratch, but do not know which line of business to choose, think carefully: perhaps there is a demand for goods or services in your city that is not being met? What most often prevents vacationers on the beach from completely relaxing and getting the most out of the warm sea and summer sun? This is the need to constantly monitor your belongings. No one wants to pay for a few hours of rest with an expensive phone or laptop. Here is a business idea for you, which, with minimal investment, will start to bring real profit in a few weeks. To do this, it is enough to install lockers on the beach, negotiate with the local authorities about renting a small plot near the sea and hire service personnel. To "run" a business, you will need about 30 thousand rubles to buy lockers and other equipment, while the monthly fixed costs (land lease, taxes, operator's salary) will amount to 20-25000 rubles. But even if you start from the most pessimistic forecast, when the daily revenue will be in the range of 3-5 thousand per month, your gross income will be 90-150 thousand rubles. As you can see, this business, with the minimum expenditure of effort, money and time for the organization, can bring quite a decent profit.

Attractions and water recreation. This direction is very promising, but it requires rather large financial investments. Attractions, jet skis, boats, catamarans, sailboats, etc. are very expensive, so to start your own business in this direction, you will need a solid start-up capital, skilled workers, as well as a lot of permits from state regulatory bodies. These factors explain the high cost of such entertainment.

Organization of excursion business. To work in this industry, you need: relevant education, knowledge of local attractions, customs and culture, the ability to beautifully tell and communicate on any topic. With the aforementioned "intellectual baggage" and a commercial streak, you can safely start working in this direction. At the same time, in order to avoid conflicts with the tax inspectorate, it is necessary to think about registering an individual entrepreneur and paying at least minimal taxes. Otherwise, competitors can quickly stop your activities by reporting an unregistered business to the appropriate authorities.

Consider what kind of business can be opened in Crimea with minimal investment, or no investment at all. To begin with, it is necessary to highlight the characteristic features of the territory and the current moment (we focus on 2021 - 2021).

General characteristics of the place

General trends in the development of the territory - years

  • In view of the ongoing aggravation of international relations and the economic downturn, the importance of Crimea as a place of recreation and treatment for Russians will only increase in 2021;
  • The same applies to development industry, agriculture and military units;
  • An increase in the flow of tourists during the season and a lack of transport, tourism, medical and other services can be expected.

Main directions of demanded business in Crimea

Based on the characteristics of the place and trends in the development of the territory, it is possible to identify the main business ideas for Crimea without investment. We will group them by directions and give an approximate description.


This is the broadest area in which one or another business idea can be applied. Several more directions can be distinguished in it.

This type of business involves various services provided to vacationers in the beach areas and in the immediate vicinity. The competition here is still not so high, given the growing flow of tourists. Examples of business ideas:

  • Manufacture and sale of souvenirs. Traditional spa business. Souvenirs can be made from existing materials or used ready-made;
  • Beach locker. Quite often, tourists on the beach need to deposit some of their belongings: phones, bags, etc.
  • Selling food and drinks. And here is a great field for imagination from selling drinking water to smoking seafood right on the spot;
  • Organization of shows. It all depends on your talent: drawing, singing, playing, etc.;
  • Organization of games for children with babysitting services. Organize children's activities right on the beach and give their parents free time.

This type of business requires little investment. Here we are not talking about the construction of hotels or guest houses. Many people with different financial capabilities come to Crimea, many travel by car or generally hitchhike. In addition, you don't have to return to the hotel every time, but rather afford micro-travel. Small, inexpensive housing, or even an overnight stay is focused on these vacationers. Examples of business ideas:

  • Capsule hotels. Small secluded cells where you can relax can be located directly on the beach, in parks, in places of mass recreation;
  • Container hotels. Slightly re-equipped railway containers;
  • Tent camps and infrastructure for them.

The question of which business in Crimea in 2021 will bring stable profits is of interest not only to local entrepreneurial residents, but also to experienced businessmen, investors and bankers from other regions of Russia. This southern peninsula has always attracted the attention of entrepreneurs with free financial resources. At the same time, the seasonality of business life in Crimea, which directly depended on the number of tourists who came to enjoy the warm sea and the wonderful mountain air, is regarded by many owners of business ideas as an additional plus for commercial endeavors.

Business in Crimea in the year

During the warm season, there is an influx of money to the peninsula, which vacationers, often without hesitation, spend on entertainment, fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, excursions, etc. The challenge for every experienced entrepreneur is to get as much money as possible for vacationers during the holiday season. That is, to come up with such a direction of commercial activity, which will surely interest all vacationers, regardless of their social status, age, gender, education, etc.

But this is the position of businessmen and investors who are not local residents, "their" business entities make plans for the whole year, they are interested not only in getting the maximum income in the warm months of the year, but also in the efficient work of his company, when vacationers and tourists leave the hospitable peninsula. The presented article tells about promising areas of business in Crimea and interesting ideas, which, with the right approach and professional implementation, will bring you decent profit and moral satisfaction from the work done.

Traditional Business Lines

The climatic conditions of the peninsula have always been a determining factor for the development of its economy. Most of the business areas depend on vacationers and tourists, or rather on their number and the amount of money they expect to spend, that is, leave in Crimea to ensure the livelihoods of the local population. Considering the recent political events, thanks to which Crimea became a new subject of the Russian Federation, business and the entire economy of the peninsula today function according to new rules. First of all, this concerns the legislative framework (some laws differ from those in force earlier). The next important factor is related to the fact that many business entities have to build their economic ties from scratch.

Persistent and hardworking businessmen use this situation as an incentive and opportunity to create completely new hotels, recreation centers, etc. At the same time, those who are accustomed to using the Soviet material base, not investing a penny of money in its development and repair, while setting crazy prices for their "services" should leave the market for services for vacationers. It is a completely fair and logical development of events that will allow creating a new business in Crimea, possibly even in 2021.

So, starting to analyze promising areas of commercial activity, let's start with the most traditional topics for the southern peninsula. As you already understood, old sanatoriums, boarding houses, recreation centers and hotels, which are only "passed off" as new, are no longer of particular interest to vacationers. Therefore, any business that is associated with the provision of comfortable conditions for recreation guarantees you a high level of income, allowing you to count on a comfortable life not only in the warm season, but also in the “off” season. The main condition is that comfort should be at the highest level (cozy rooms, always clean bed, air conditioning, Internet access, high-quality plumbing, no water interruptions, etc.), and the cost of services is minimal.

Perhaps it makes sense to attract customers, the first season to work with minimal profit. Of course, to implement such a business idea, solid financial injections and specialists with experience in this sector of the economy are needed. The first part of the problem is solved by attracting investors and partners, for this it is necessary to develop a detailed business plan, where the emphasis should be placed on the fact that all Soviet "sanatoriums" are no longer of interest to anyone, that is, tourists in Crimea have practically nowhere to stay. Well, and the solution of the personnel issue should be started in winter. Among local young people, you can find promising specialists who will work with one hundred percent dedication.

Continuing to consider promising areas of business in Crimea for 2021, we will focus on commercial ideas that do not require such huge investments as the previous topic. If your house allows you to allocate a certain area in order to make quality repairs and offer accommodation to vacationers, then do not lose your chance. Just once again pay attention to the fact that the times when Soviet people were ready to pay a considerable sum of money for an ordinary shed are long gone. If you can't arrange a comfortable place to stay, don't even start this business.

The Crimean Peninsula is a place where everyone can realize their business. However, any small business in Crimea is seasonal. Profit from your business can be obtained only from mid-spring to mid-autumn (April-October). The peak and demand for services is always in the summer. In this article, we will describe the current business options in Crimea 2021, which can be very successfully developed during the tourist season in order to get an excellent income.

Benefits of business development in Crimea

A person who is going to do business in Crimea in 2021 needs to know about all the advantages of this territory:

  • As we have already mentioned, the Crimean Peninsula is a successfully developing tourist and recreational zone. A lot of people always rest here, because Crimea has an excellent climate, many attractions and places where you can fully relax;
  • Crimea has excellent conditions in order to organize a treatment zone, as there are ideal conditions for recovery and improvement - there is the sea, mineral springs, therapeutic mud and much more that attracts people;
  • Industry, agriculture and military infrastructure can be safely developed on the peninsula.

All of the above advantages will help you answer the question of what kind of business to do in Crimea. We also note that the choice of a business idea for the Crimea will completely depend on your amount of start-up capital. Although, having entrepreneurial talent and a vision of prospects, you can successfully develop any business idea for the Crimea without investment.

Travel destination for business in Crimea

By organizing leisure activities for tourists in Crimea, you can significantly improve the well-being of your family. Therefore, all entrepreneurs thinking about what kind of business to open in Crimea should first of all pay attention to the tourism sector, which includes a lot of directions that you can take:

Organization of hiking trips and excursions for vacationers

This direction is one of the business ideas for Crimea with minimal investment. You just need to study the sights of the Crimean peninsula well, compose interesting texts for organizing excursions and notify vacationers about the services that you provide. The best way to do this is through advertisements in the city where you are and social networks in which people spend a lot of time, regardless of whether they are on vacation or at work.

What types of excursions can you organize:

This idea of ​​a small business in Crimea is suitable for non-lazy people who like to study, develop, communicate with people and have an active rest. Keep in mind that the demand for services in a tourist destination will directly depend on weather conditions. It is clear that in the rain and strong wind people will prefer to stay in a boarding house or visit some beautiful restaurant on the Black Sea coast.

What business to open in Simferopol after the annexation of Crimea to Russia? The development of the republic's economy has become an urgent task of the government. In early 2021, the Russian president signed an order establishing a free economic zone on the territory of Crimea - a preferential tax regime for entrepreneurs in the region.

The list of benefits includes: simplification of the procedure for entering the territory, a reduction in income tax and social contributions, and a decrease in customs duties. Not all business areas fall under the SEZ, but the most promising ones are tourism, processing industry, logistics and agriculture. A leasing agency has been created on a state basis: it allows you to lease and purchase equipment and production equipment on a long-term basis. Which business is better to open in Simferopol - in this article we will consider the best business ideas for a business on the peninsula.

Region Features

To determine which business is better to open in Simferopol, you need to take into account the economy and geography of the region.

  • The population of Simferopol is 332 thousand people. It is the second largest city after Sevastopol, which has federal significance.
  • The average salary of a resident of the region for March 2021 is 27,590 rubles.
  • It is considered the business and student center of the peninsula - the State Council of the Republic and 3 state universities are located here.
  • Located in the central part of the Crimean peninsula - it has no outlet to the sea.
  • 80% of tourists visiting the peninsula arrive in Crimea through the city. This is the most important transport hub: there are two airports, including an international one, a railway station, and three bus stations.
  • The economic life of Simferopol does not depend on the tourist flow.
  • According to the Crimean statistics, the city is oversaturated with commercial enterprises and real estate companies. Free niches - education, activities in the field of culture, sports, leisure and entertainment.

Best Business Ideas

The financial system is not yet sufficiently developed for the development of entrepreneurship in the region - there are not enough banks to issue loans for business, bureaucratic delays with paperwork. Crimea is subject to sanctions, which complicates the financial situation of the republic.

Open Air Cinema

Open-air cinema has gained popularity in America, where the climate is favorable for year-round outdoor movie screening. These cinemas were called "drive-in" - visitors watched pictures from cars. Now Russians also have such an opportunity: just imagine watching a movie with your girlfriend or family not in a stuffy room, but under the stars! The climate of Simferopol, in comparison with other Russian cities, is mild: even in the coldest winter, the air temperature does not drop below -14 degrees. The organization of a cinema cannot be called a budgetary affair: in order to implement a project, you need to buy a screen and rent an area for the entry of cars. However, the new business format implies room for maneuver and rational cost reduction:

  • use the wall of the building instead of a screen;
  • agree with the shopping center to rent a parking lot for the time when the store has the least number of visitors;
  • organize a mobile studio with a projector, which can easily be located in an ordinary yard;
  • transmit sound through a radio transmitter;
  • use unusual locations.

A rooftop cinema was opened in Rostov-on-Don in 2021: the building of the former prison is used as a platform for attracting creative startups. The businessmen organized the space themselves: they made the furniture and laid the floor - the result was a soulful interior in the "loft" style. The entrance ticket costs 200 rubles.

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