Business for mothers on maternity leave

Mom on maternity leave is bored to sit at home idle for several years, and she wants to bring at least a small income to the family! There are many earning ideas for those on maternity leave. You can spend this time not only caring for your baby, but also direct your energy to self-development and skills improvement. Let's take a closer look at the question that worries most mothers - what to do on maternity leave?

Maternity leave earnings - myth or reality?

If you read the forums where mothers discuss life, you will find out that most of them quickly get bored of sitting at home idle. The need for self-realization is one of the most important for every person. Of course, mothers do not want to degrade, so many are already earning money on maternity leave.

Mothers of our century try their hand at photography, programming, design, handicrafts, and cooking. They start blogging and write books, making good money. Women have learned to benefit and profit from everything that surrounds them, even from talking about shopping for babies or from chatting on forums.

There is work on maternity leave for everyone! Millions of women are already doing this, can't you?

Internet professions for earning money on maternity leave at home

People of the 21st century have long proved that you can make real money online. When you need to constantly look after your child, the best work option would be one in which you can always take a break, plan your own schedule, and not physically overexert yourself. This will allow the strength to remain on the baby and on yourself.


Bloggers make a lot of money today. Choose a platform where it is more convenient to do this. The blog topic can be any. Don't just write about motherhood. Talk about everything you know about.

Selling unnecessary things

Many mothers on maternity leave start their own business mainly in the second year of their child's life.

In most cases, this is due to an increase in current expenses, with a desire for self-realization, or simply there was a desire to build a career, while devoting enough time to raising a child.

Let's talk about what kind of business a mom can do from scratch on maternity leave. Most of these ideas are closely related to baby products and services.

The main advantages of such work include:

  • Ability to independently choose the field of activity.
  • Floating work schedule.
  • Career growth.
  • There is no ceiling for income.
  • Enough free time for work and family.

You don't have to have a big budget to get things done. The start-up capital may be minimal, but the activity will still generate good income.

Advising expectant mothers on breastfeeding

The essence of this business idea of ​​how to make money for mom on maternity leave is simple. It is necessary to organize courses for expectant mothers, in which to teach them the intricacies of breastfeeding newborns.

If necessary, you can offer support for the entire lactation period. As an additional service, you can provide assistance in relieving milk stagnation by straining.

The relevance of the business is justified. Many mothers understand the importance of breastfeeding, but unfortunately, lactation may not come as quickly as we would like, and it is not easy to get better.

Most mothers switch their newborns to formula milk only because they make elementary mistakes in the feeding process and do not know how to do it right.

To prevent this, it is necessary to know in advance all the subtleties and nuances. That is why the courses will be in demand among expectant mothers.

Costs will be minimal if you have your own course space. In the absence of such a place, you will have to conclude a lease and buy the necessary furniture. The amount of investments varies from 100 thousand rubles.

Issues covered in the material:

  • When a woman has to work on maternity leave
  • General rules for choosing earnings on maternity leave
  • Real advice on how to make money on maternity leave <
  • 10 ideas on how to make money on maternity leave at home without investing on the Internet
  • How not to fall for scammers looking for earnings on maternity leave
  • Finally, what you need a woman for successful earnings on maternity leave

Many women are wondering how to make money on maternity leave. After all, money is never superfluous, especially when it comes to a young mother. And some see work as a way to deal with boredom.

There are many (more than ever) earning opportunities open to moms today. In this article, we will talk about promising ideas that you can implement while sitting on maternity leave.

When does a woman have to work on maternity leave

The opportunity to earn money on maternity leave worries not only women themselves, but also their husbands. The reasons for the interest in various ways of earning money that do not require full-time employment in the office are quite understandable and predictable.

  • Mothers on maternity leave are interested in part-time jobs, telecommuting and part-time jobs simply because they don't have enough money for a normal life. A woman cannot work fully during this period. And even if there is a working spouse, his salary is not enough for a family with a small child. As the baby grows, the costs also increase. Inevitably, one has to look for alternative ways of earning money.
  • For other women, it is not so much the financial aspect that is important, but the opportunity to escape from the exhausting "mum" routine, improve skills and learn something new, unleash your creative potential, and not lose professional competencies during the decree. The desire to develop and communicate with people motivates them to take courses, look for remote work, etc.
  • For some women, maternity leave is an opportunity to finally break out of the hated main job and calmly look for a new one, so that later there find a job.

Do you know that it is the decree that becomes for many women that period in their lives when they discover for themselves not only alternative ways of earning, but also a new sphere for self-realization? The decree pauses careers, creates a break in the monotonous office life. On the one hand, it is inspiring, on the other, it scares and worries. Any working woman going on maternity leave suffers from doubts and fears:

  • Will her family have to starve?
  • Will she be able to get a job later?
  • How will having a child affect relations with employers?
  • Will skills and qualifications disappear, will professional knowledge become outdated?

Don't panic! The decree is a great opportunity to interrupt a career race, catch your breath, look around and listen to yourself. Perhaps you will find yourself doing much better as a freelancer working from home? Maybe your vocation is design, hand-made, copywriting, translation, coaching, blogging or SMM?

It is possible that you will start earning while sitting on maternity leave, on something that has always escaped your attention while you were working in the office, and the appearance of a baby will become a "magic kick" to a new life. Either way, don't waste your luck and take any chances.

The first time after giving birth, every new mother has something to do. But then, after a few months, when life is adjusted taking into account the added family member, free time appears. Some even have a lot of free time.

And if you do not want to waste it, then you need to look for something to do, which is quite possible not only a way to entertain yourself, but also become a source of income. Are you wondering how you can make money for a mom on maternity leave? Especially for you CorgIT.

xyz has selected interesting business ideas for mothers on maternity leave that can become a source of your earnings in 2021.


When choosing a job for a mother on maternity leave, it is worth remembering that it should mean working at home, a free schedule and no tight deadlines. Outsourcing is an option for those moms who do not want to lose their professional skills.

Before going on maternity leave and completely surrendering to their child, most women worked. This means they have professional qualities that should not be lost.

Some companies or business people often seek the help of independent specialists who have the necessary knowledge. This type of relationship between the customer and the contractor can be both one-time and long-term. Most often, a long-term contract is concluded.

For example, if before the decree you worked as an accountant, during the decree, you can give advice on bookkeeping for companies.

But for some women, pregnancy and maternity leave become a new stage in life, in which there is no place for the previous work. In this case, you have a wide variety of other earning options at your disposal.

Growing greens

Many young mothers are thinking about what to do during a long vacation. A great option would be a business for moms on maternity leave. He will not only help to organize usefully free time, but will also bring a stable income, for the sake of which you do not need to leave the house for a long time.

Working from home helps a young mother to earn money and spend time with her family

Business for moms on maternity leave

Any type of employment can be profitable or not - it all depends on how well you choose your occupation. The most effective business ideas for a young mother are somehow related to what she can do with her own hands:

  • do cooking - baking, making sweets, cooking for office employees, organizing your own cooking courses, maintaining a thematic blog;
  • hand made - making jewelry, scrapbooking and decoupage, sewing designer clothes or toys, felting or knitting from wool;
  • the service sector - to arrange a mini beauty salon at home - manicure, visage, cosmetology procedures or hairdressing services;
  • animal husbandry - to breed aquarium fish or parrots, grow plants for sale, prepare feed and dry mixes for fish and rodents.

There are really many options. But how to implement them correctly? Let's dwell on simple and profitable business ideas for mothers on maternity leave in more detail.

Making toys for children

Almost all women love soft toys, especially at a young age. Teddy bears are not relevant for a long time, and factory ones do not cause such delight as do-it-yourself ones.

Cute toys are very popular, they are bright and contribute to the development of the child

If you are friends with a sewing machine and feel you have design potential - consider a series of small toys for children. Their patterns can be easily found on the Internet, and old things, scraps of fabric, beads and other improvised means will serve as material.

Show a little imagination and sell the first batch at sales or fairs, create an advertisement on your social media page.

Making handmade soap

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