Brewery business plan with calculations on how to open a private brewery in 2021

More and more people are thinking about starting their own business. There are a lot of options for this, but such a business as a mini-brewery is especially attractive. Why has this type of business become so popular?

It's about finance, this business doesn't need huge investments. Let's take a look at how to open a brewery, what needs to be done for profitability and a quick return on investment. How to correctly approach the collection of documents and the selection of the necessary premises.

Mini Breweries - Business Features

Beer is a favorite drink of many inhabitants, and therefore, with the right approach and organization, this type of entrepreneurial activity can bring considerable income to its owner. In most cases, such mini-enterprises produce live beer, unfiltered.

Do not be afraid that there are a lot of private breweries on the market that are used as a business, this will not prevent you from opening your own profitable enterprise. There are many reasons for this:

  • no big start-up capital is needed to open a mini-brewery;
  • it is easy to predict the profit from a business;
  • it is difficult to imagine a situation when a brewery burns out ...

In addition, if we consider the technology of making live beer, you do not need to install a filtration system, you do not need to warm up. The advantage of this technology is that the drink does not contain preservatives and the yeast contained in the beer remains in an active state. Despite the fact that live beer is stored for several days, it is easy to calculate how much beer needs to be brewed in order not to burn out.

Brewery Types

To understand which mini-brewery to buy for small businesses, you need to understand the types of mini-breweries, of which there are two types:

  • Full cycle.
  • Short cycle.

In addition, there are breweries that produce up to 4,000 liters per day, or from 5 thousand liters. and more.

If we consider breweries with a full technological cycle, then this is a brewery that will require a lot of money and labor from you. The equipment for such a plant is expensive, and the area for the brewery will require a lot. On average, you will have to spend $ 150,000.

Traditionally, alcoholic beverages such as wine, liqueurs, and moonshine are made at home. Few take on the production of home brew.

This is due to the fact that special expensive equipment is needed to prepare a foamy drink. There is a way out of this situation - a brewery with your own hands. Today, there are various ways to assemble a homemade mini brewery.

Why is home-brewed beer better than store-bought beer?

The modern alcoholic beverages market offers a large selection of different types of beer, but not all products are created according to a classic recipe or in compliance with technical production standards.

Often, manufacturers, trying to reduce the cost of goods, save on components that affect the quality of the drink. The final consumer receives alcohol with a high ethanol content and low taste.

Home breweries are gaining more and more popularity among compatriots, since home-brewed alcohol has a number of advantages:

  • The composition of the homemade drink depends on personal preference. It can be prepared according to any recipe.
  • There will be no colorants or preservatives in such products.
  • Home-made alcohol is cheaper.
  • If all technological requirements are met correctly, homemade alcohol will delight you with its high taste.

Ready-made equipment for making a hoppy drink is not cheap, so many lovers of foam collect mini-breweries on their own, spending a minimum of money.

How to make a DIY brewery?

If you decide to brew beer yourself, then a home brewery with your own hands is one of the most economical and correct options. To create an aggregate, first of all, you will need a large-volume container, about 20-30 liters.

It is desirable that the dishes are made of stainless steel. In the absence of such a container, the use of enameled pots is allowed. Since the process of creating a drink includes heat treatment, it is better to choose a container with thick walls. Then heating and cooling will occur gradually.

Almost everyone today dreams of starting their own business.

First of all, you have to choose the right type of activity that will be in demand and bring stable profits.

One of the most popular types of production is the brewery.

Opening a business for the production of this drink means providing yourself with a high income, because beer is in demand everywhere and throughout the year, especially in warm weather.

Production Features

In general, mini-breweries produce live or unfiltered beer, which is in great demand on the market.

Despite the fact that the competition is rather high today, small beer production business is still profitable.

The peculiarity of the production of live beer is that it does not need to be filtered and heat treated.

As a result, the drink tastes good and does not contain preservatives, but there is one drawback - the shelf life is only a few days.

Company registration

For a small beer business, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, an entrepreneur does not need a license to manufacture.

But you will need to issue a hygienic certificate, it is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years.

The alcoholic beverages market attracts many entrepreneurs. Difficulties in obtaining a license and other permits can scare off even an experienced entrepreneur. But there are a number of alcoholic beverages that do not require a license to sell and produce. These include: beer, cider, mead, poiret and beer drinks. In Russia, beer is the most popular, so a potential entrepreneur will be interested in the business plan of the brewery with calculations.

Perspectives of the idea of ​​brewing in Russia

Russia is in the top ten in terms of alcohol consumption. The average man drinks more than 15 liters a year, and a woman a little less than 8 liters. Moreover, the most preferable for them are vodka and beer, much less often people drink other alcoholic beverages.

Large consumption is not the only reason to open a private brewery. There are other advantages to such a business:

  • Great demand for the so-called "live" high quality beer. Such products have a richer taste. In terms of health, it brings more benefits to the body than pasteurized beer. The demand for "live" beer is constantly growing, occupying an increasing share of the alcoholic market.
  • Relatively low initial investment. Even a novice entrepreneur will be able to try himself in the role of a brewer, until he has made his fortune by opening a home production. The most profitable and promising option is a brewery with a production volume of 100 - 500 liters per day.
  • It is possible to quickly change production volumes. Often, microbreweries, after debugging the technology, researching the market, and looking for wholesale or retail buyers, increase productivity. This requires secondary investments in a small amount, and after their attraction, the volumes increase very quickly.

If an entrepreneur wants to get a profitable business with great prospects, he must follow 3 important rules:

  • to produce only high-quality beer from good raw materials;
  • to correctly form the price (understating the price is a wrong policy, high-quality "live" beer should cost more than the market average the cost of this drink);
  • all the time to look for potential buyers, to establish sales at new points of sale - that is, to do everything to increase the production of your brewery.

An entrepreneur will have to face a number of difficulties while working. These include a high level of competition and a short shelf life of "live" beer. The wrong approach to marketing your product can not only deprive a businessman of profits, but also cause serious losses.

Brewing Market Analysis

Beer is a very popular drink among Russians and residents of the CIS countries. Moreover, the volumes of consumption are gradually growing due to the change in the culture of citizens - they prefer to consume strong alcoholic drinks less and less.

How to start a successful brewery?

Good afternoon, friends. My name is Alexey Tkach, I am from the city of St. Petersburg. For 5 years I own the Smak brewery and produce my own beer. To organize a business, he took a long-term lease near the city center and refurbished it. It turned out very well. To collect the required amount, he sold the car and borrowed money from friends.

How to open a brewery?

Initial costs - about three million rubles. Most of the money was spent on buying a mini-brewery, the price of which is about 500 thousand rubles. The cost of one glass of beer is from 15 rubles. Selling price - from 100 rubles.

A lot of money and time was spent on choosing, installing and configuring equipment. But in the end we got a decent mini-brewery with good attendance - from 200 people a day. The contingent is people from 20 to 50 years old.

Everything you need for beer is on sale - nuts, fish, crackers, fried ribs and so on. Staff - 8 people. Number of sorts of beer - 12. Monthly net income - from 200 thousand rubles.

Will Russian homebrews make a profit?

You can make good money selling beer.

This is especially true today, when the cost of alcoholic beverages is too high for the population (with low quality).

A big plus of such a business is the minimum investment and the maximum return on investment.

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