Breeding sturgeon at home: business advantages and the necessary points to implement the idea

Breeding sturgeon at home does not take as much time and money as it might seem at first glance. Subject to certain rules, investments in the development of a mini-sturgeon farm will quickly pay off, and fish farming will bring a stable monthly income. What do novice businessmen need to know when organizing a fish business? What equipment is needed for sturgeon breeding? How to find ways to market fish products?

Business Benefits

Before starting to organize and develop a business, you need to comprehensively study the issues related to the size of capital investments and their payback period, profitability and methods of implementation. It is possible to start implementing a project only after a thorough analysis of the ratio of expended resources to return.

Representatives of sturgeon are not only sturgeon. This family of valuable commercial fish also includes sterlet, stellate sturgeon, beluga and thorn. This type of aquatic vertebrate animal is large: for example, the length of the beluga is about 4 m. The value of fish from the sturgeon order is as follows:

Mass sturgeon breeding has many advantages:

  • caviar and meat are highly valued in the fish market and are in high demand;
  • representatives of the sturgeon order are not picky about the temperature regime, therefore, special conditions are not required for their cultivation content;
  • fish feed is a low-cost item of expenses;
  • no special knowledge and skills are required to grow sturgeon, so any beginner can implement this business scheme;
  • development of this idea does not require significant investment.

As the most successful example of such money making, one can cite sturgeon breeding for sale by the Krasnodar businessman Alexander Yemtsev. He organized a mini-farm with sturgeon on the territory of his private home. In addition to the fact that the businessman successfully grows fish, in his spare time he fishes in his home pond.

So far, the entrepreneur is raising only sturgeon. However, according to Emtsev, in the near future he plans to create two more ponds and breeding other fish species of this family.

Organization of a fish pond

Self-cultivation of sturgeon begins with the preparation of a reservoir for fish. For this, a closed water supply installation (hereinafter referred to as RAS) is used. The water in such a device is in a continuous circular motion. Passing through filters and enriched with oxygen, the liquid returns back to the container. A certain amount of water goes down the drain, therefore it is necessary to periodically replenish the pool contents.

RAS for sterlet and sturgeon breeding can be bought or built with your own hands. At the initial stage of business development, a homemade device will do. An ordinary plastic pool with a depth of about 1-1.2 meters and a diameter of up to 3 meters is suitable for it. This option is suitable for beginners. Experienced breeders dig out ponds for sturgeon breeding.

If space allows, it is recommended to install several pools, then production will be more extensive. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between the reservoirs allows the person serving the tanks to freely move around the territory of the fishery. The mini-farm also needs to organize electricity, water supply and sewerage.

For many, it is customary to have aquarium fish at home. Bright nimble creatures floating among the plants and ornaments inspire admiration and allow you to watch yourself for hours. Aquarium at home is normal.

Then why is it not normal to breed game fish in an apartment or a private house? Just because these species are large? In fact, there is no difference between keeping aquarium fish and commercial fish. But breeding sturgeon at home will become a stable profitable business for you, the demand for a product that will always exist.

Breeding and raising sturgeon at home: business benefits

Both of these products are always in high demand.

This is why building your own sturgeon breeding business at home is a great idea.

At the same time, the costs of this process are minimal. The sturgeon itself does not require special conditions for itself. Therefore, to get a good result, it is enough just not to be lazy and perform a number of simple manipulations.

Russian and Siberian sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, beluga, sterlet are usually referred to as sturgeon. The main advantages of breeding this family of fish are called:

  • the presence of constant demand due to the value of meat and black caviar;
  • unpretentiousness in the content and temperature regime;
  • in fish nutrition they are very picky;
  • the sturgeon has no susceptibility to various diseases;
  • small time spent on care and feeding, except for the days of sorting;
  • business payback after 9 months ;
  • a small amount of money is enough to start in such a project.


Just note that you can keep fish both in a private house and in an apartment.

Don't worry about this occupation causing irreparable damage to your environment.

If everything is done correctly, adhering to certain requirements, then both the fish grown and the interior will be excellent.

Business and production must be flexible and be able to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing conditions in the world. Today, within the framework of import substitution, many industries in Russia have received new opportunities. Despite the initial fears that the sanctions could actually stifle business, it turned out that many areas of activity were able to raise their heads and begin not only to survive and try to pay off, but also to make a profit. Such trades as, for example, sturgeon breeding at home, timber and fur trade have become quite profitable lately. That is why sturgeon breeding will be an excellent option now to start your own business and get adequate income.

Domestic products are in demand today, whereas just a couple of years ago they were categorically pushed out of the market by imported products. Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the current state of the global economy, you can start your own business from scratch and create a stable and prosperous enterprise. To open a fishing industry, it is not necessary to take out an overwhelming loan and look for large industrial workshops. This can be done at home - in a private house, where the mini-nursery can eventually grow into a real farm.

Benefits and features of sturgeon breeding

In this review, we will talk about how to start a sturgeon fish farming business. In general, the practicality and target audience of this industry is clear - sturgeon caviar is a valuable product, a source of essential trace elements and vitamins. Such a product is quite expensive, so the profit for the enterprise will be ensured with a competent approach. Sturgeon caviar does not even need advertising, like other products, and it will be relatively easy to find a sales market. Sturgeon meat also has special characteristics, it has a delicate taste and high nutritional value.

If you decide to start sturgeon breeding as a business, then you need to understand that this type of activity requires full dedication and huge time costs if you want it to grow and develop, and also bring a stable and good income. The process of breeding sturgeon fish presupposes the availability of special knowledge in this area, continuous training and technology development. You will need not only time and effort, but also specialized equipment, which means certain investments. However, in the field of acquiring newer and more advanced equipment, the choice remains with the entrepreneur, depending on the desire to expand the trade.

Sturgeon farming business

Starting a business requires the purchase of special equipment for sturgeon breeding. To create a fishery from scratch, a small pool will be sufficient, where the fry will be raised for sale or further breeding. A container of water 1 meter deep and about 2 meters in diameter is perfect for a good start. In such a reservoir, you can grow up to 1 ton of fish throughout the year, and it is convenient to take care of the pool yourself.

Also, to equip the tank, you will need a compressor with a pump and filter, which are designed to create optimal water purification in the tank and to saturate it with oxygen. Such a simple and rather inexpensive device as an automatic feeder will help to simplify the care of your sturgeon. In addition, it is very important to ensure that the correct water temperature is constantly maintained in the pool - it should not deviate from +18 - +25 C.

So, you bought a swimming pool and related equipment for sturgeon breeding, which means it's time to buy sturgeon fry. As a rule, the easiest way to buy them is from the appropriate farms, where they can be grown in large quantities, mainly for obtaining caviar. Calculate the number of fish that can be in your pond using a simple rule - up to 60 kg of weight per 1 sq. At the same time, each fry that initially enters the breeding pool weighs about 5 g, and the fish gain weight very unevenly. 1/5 of the fry will grow much faster than the rest. To breed fish for sale, it is enough to wait until the fry grow to 500 g - then they are suitable for eating, smoking and salting. Some individuals reach this weight at 5 months, so a batch of grown fry is sold over the next 2-3 months. One of the convenient and permanent markets for sturgeon will be the restaurant business - small local establishments are happy to cooperate with mini-farms.

Sturgeon feed

Feeding sturgeon at home is an important part of organizing a business. The process takes place at the very bottom of the tank, as it happens in the natural habitat of fish, so buying an auto feeder would be a great idea. This will save you time and energy, and the sturgeon will not feel a lack of food. One of the questions faced by newcomers in this business is how to feed the sturgeon and where and how to get food. You can either buy it or cook it yourself. The main thing in this matter is to carefully observe all parameters of proteins, fats, and also control the content of minerals. By the way, sturgeons eat earthworms well. Therefore, open this business additionally. It does not require any significant investment.

Some of the entrepreneurs have mastered some types of business related to the breeding of various animals for the sake of making a profit. Unfortunately, in terms of profitability, these types of activities are inferior to sturgeon breeding.

The consequences of the economic crisis have affected almost all areas of human entrepreneurial activity. Many entrepreneurs decided to abandon various activities, including in the field of animal husbandry. Recently, there has been a trend towards a healthy lifestyle, which is inextricably linked with proper nutrition. Increasingly, a person prefers to eat fish, but not meat, especially pork. Therefore, having decided to start breeding sturgeon, you should not worry about the sale of your products.

Mini-farm sturgeon breeding

You can breed sturgeons at home, if you create a certain temperature regime, bring water and sewage.

Organization of a reservoir for sturgeon breeding

For the convenience of growing sturgeon, it is enough to have a plastic pool with a depth of 1.0-1.2 meters and a diameter of up to 3 meters. This is the most convenient pool model, since it can be maintained without much difficulty.

Correct feed selection

The main challenge is to get the maximum weight gain in fish in a short amount of time. Therefore, the feed should be high in calories and appropriate for the age and weight of the fish.

  • The sturgeon leads a near-bottom lifestyle, so the food must quickly sink to the bottom.
  • The food must have an appropriate odor. In nature, these fish species seek food by smell. This suggests that he has a well-developed sense of smell. The food should not only smell good, but also be attractive to this type of fish.
  • Dissolving time of feed in water should not be less than 30 minutes.
  • For each fish size, the sizes of feed pellets are selected.

Where to get sturgeon fry

Fry should be purchased only from large fish-breeding enterprises that have been breeding it for years. The better the product, the more likely it is to make a profit. In this case, you should not save on fry. Only healthy fry will be able to quickly adapt to new conditions and grow to the size of a marketable sturgeon.

Fish Growing Tanks

Sturgeon caviar and various dishes from tasty and healthy fish occupy the first positions in the country's leading restaurants. Its cost is quite high, so realizing this business idea means getting a good and stable income. Sturgeon breeding as a business has proven itself well, as evidenced by the examples of operating farms. They are located in the Vologda region, Astrakhan, Bashkortostan. At the start, you should pay attention to a well-designed business plan, which you can familiarize yourself with, and, if you wish, purchase from the link.

Organization of a reservoir for sturgeon breeding

First, you need to think over a container with water. Better if it looks like a pool. Sufficient depth is 1-1.2 meters, maximum diameter - 2.5 m. / P>

The compact size will allow the owner to independently maintain the reservoir without spending a lot of time and money on it. In the process of caring for the pool, regularity, frequent assessment of the condition of the water is important. You can make your task easier if you purchase special equipment: a compressor, filter and pump, which provide water filtration and oxygenation.

Fry should be fed regularly. For these purposes, you can also purchase an auto feeder. This is very convenient if the owner of the farm has to go away from time to time and is unable to feed the fish regularly. The cost of an auto feeder ranges from $ 45 to $ 60 depending on the manufacturer.

Water temperature and food

Maintain a constant temperature so that the fry do not die. Its performance should vary in the range of + 18-20 ° C. When the temperature is equalized, you can start buying and launching fry.

If you breed them in small quantities, you can buy the first batch. Malek of Lensky sturgeon is sold at a cost of 0.65 dollars (weight about 5 g). An artificial reservoir is populated at the following rate: 60 kg of fish (live weight) per 1 m².

The food is placed on the bottom so that living conditions are as close as possible to their natural environment.

Sturgeon farming is a complex business that requires constant monitoring. It should be borne in mind that the growth of fry is uneven. Approximately 20% of fish are rapidly gaining weight, which is why they reclaim territory and food from the remaining 80%. And this is the risk that the fish will not grow in sufficient volume by the specified time.

If you grow sturgeons on order, you can disrupt the delivery time due to subjective reasons, you can incur financial losses (forfeit). From this point of view, it is better to build a business on a sturgeon fish farm according to a different model: first, to grow fish to a certain weight, and then find clients for the sale of carcasses and / or caviar.

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