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Growing flowers for sale

Growing flowers for sale "Flower business at home"

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Almost everyone wants to make enough money to be able to fully support themselves and their family, and even allow themselves some luxury. To achieve this goal, some begin to work in several jobs, trying to earn a large amount of money, while others try to find an occupation that can also bring pleasure. One of these activities can be safely attributed to home growing flowers for sale.

What is the specifics of such a business? Everything is quite simple, you grow flowers, then you order and deliver flowers for all this, and you get money. the branch business will be profitable throughout the year, but it will be able to bring the greatest profit during the cold season, especially in winter.

This is primarily due to the fact that in winter weather, growing flowers, possibly only in greenhouses, which is not easy. Starting a flower business will not be difficult, the initial costs will be small, and the profit from growing and selling flowers will pay off all the invested funds very quickly. where to start?

In the event that you live in a private house, starting this business is very easy for you, because you can start growing flowers in a private house, or rather on the local area. This way, you can save money on renting the necessary premises. And if you start growing flowers with the whole family, then you will not need the services of a gardener, which will also bring significant savings.

In this case, your initial costs will be only the purchase of seeds or seedlings, as well as equipment that will be needed to grow flowers. The cost of such investments will be quite insignificant, and subsequently these costs can be recouped after the very first sales. Simply put, you are guaranteed a 100% payback. You can sell the flowers you have grown either yourself or with the help of a seller you have hired. You can, in addition, sell lots of flowers in bulk or donate for sale through pavilions and shops.

Indoor Plant Business

Indoor flowers as a business

Plants are now in almost every home and the demand for them is not decreasing, which means that a business on indoor plants can be quite a promising occupation. I have already written more than once about different types of earnings on flowers, including such exotic ones as florariums, but today the article will simply be about how to start a business of growing indoor flowers for sale.

You've probably noticed that there are a lot of potted houseplants in flower stalls, shops and even supermarkets nowadays. Exotic chic shrubs in flowerpots or popular indoor flowers that do not require maintenance, from orchids to cacti, from bonsais to tangerine fruit trees - the list can be long. Previously, many of them were imported to Russia from other countries, but the sharp jump in the dollar made this type of business on indoor plants unprofitable. But he gave the opportunity to Russian flower growers to show themselves in all their glory.

Promising indoor plant business

Now the cultivation of indoor flowers for the sake of business is quite common, there are so many flower shops in many cities that it seems impossible for a beginner to break through. But if you pay attention to the assortment, it will be seen that it is very limited. This is almost always a set of the same plants, and people constantly want something new, some kind of exotic.

Therefore, there are prospects even in those cities where the flower industry is well developed and, although this is not a topic from the category of "how to quickly become a millionaire", a profitable business on indoor flowers can be built and built without large financial investments ...

If you have indoor flowers at home, know how to plant them, then it remains to study the market for plants offered for sale, for which particular demand is high - these are city forums, websites of florists or firms selling indoor plants and flowers. Ask even about the little things - usually experienced flower growers do not see the future "competitor" and willingly share their experience. Over time, you yourself will learn to recognize promising species and varieties, and you will enter the market with something original, which means that it is well-sold.

Home Flowers Business - Where to Start?

Breeding and growing indoor plants for sale is a few different things, you can breed your favorite plant in any quantity and give it to friends and acquaintances, or you can sell it. Don't know how to start - present the most beautiful specimens to your friends, and ask them to tell their friends about where you can buy such flowers. Do not be afraid to advertise yourself on Avito, the city website, social networks, participate in exhibitions of indoor plants, and be sure to make beautiful business cards that will help increase the number of those who know about you. Growing flowers is a great job at home for women who, for whatever reason, have a lot of free time - this is home decoration, and "pocket" (and even more) money. Starting with one client, you can create a client base that will constantly expand - this is real and not as difficult as it seems.

What you need to grow indoor plants:

  • The desire to mess with the earth, flowers, plant pests, etc.
  • The area in the house, which is not a pity to give away for a lot of pots and pots. If you're building a home business, houseplants should have everything from a convenient location to the very best fertilizer.
  • Houseplants that already "live" in the house.
  • Books, it is advisable not to use advice "from knowledgeable" people who do not deal with houseplants themselves. Read encyclopedia books, magazines that were published earlier, in Soviet times - there are only facts and advice from plant breeders. You can offer books by Vorontsov, Klimenko, Ketter and others.
  • Select a plant for which all conditions can be created in your home. Basically, most start out by breeding flowering cacti or violets.

How to grow indoor plants and flowers while earning good money? What do you need in business and what kind of plants to grow? Where to sell the plants and how much profit can you make annually? You will learn about all this from the article.

  • Plant business plan
  • Evaluate the idea
  • What plants and flowers to grow
  • What you need to organize a business
  • Works on growing plants
  • Sales of products and registration of business
  • Expenses and incomes - counting profit
  • Download a business plan for growing a plant <
  • Reviews of entrepreneurs about the business
  • Conclusion + video

Plant Business Plan

Growing indoor plants and flowers can be a lucrative hobby for any woman, even a man. Houseplants are a great gift. If you conduct sales correctly, then there will be no problems with sales. And you can start a business even in an apartment, having several thousand rubles. For a full-fledged business in an apartment, 150 thousand rubles will be enough.

Evaluating the idea

You need to start a business with an idea assessment and market analysis. To determine the volume to grow, answer the following questions:

  • Where do we grow plants? - in an apartment on windowsills, cupboards, in a separate room, in a greenhouse, in another room.
  • Who is your target audience? - you need to understand who can buy and whether there are such people in your area. There will be high demand in cities, so if you grow in a village or other rural area, you will have to deliver the plants to the city.
  • How and where to sell your products? - monthly sales are needed to get a stable profit.
  • Do you have knowledge of growing plants? - before starting, be sure to take courses, buy and read books on growing

If there is an opportunity to start a full-fledged business, then start preparing a place for plants and study the material. Also look at the merits and demerits of the case.

  • You can enter a business with a few thousand rubles.
  • High profit.
  • Easy to grow.
  • You can start growing in an apartment on a windowsill.
  • Can be advertised as a gift.
  • For women, this can be a lucrative hobby.
  • Exotic plants have high prices.
  • You can sell a plant at any stage of its life.

  • Difficulties in growing exotic plants.
  • Problems with stable sales of large quantities.

There are practically no downsides to the business, but there are a lot of advantages. There are risks of plant death if you do not create suitable conditions and do the wrong care. As for sales, you can sell a plant at any time, because over the years, many plants only become more expensive.

What plants and flowers to grow

There are a lot of options for plants, both indoor and outdoor. If you grow in an apartment and space is limited, then it will be advisable to grow small plants or sell large ones at an early stage of growth.

Business idea for growing indoor plants

Almost every woman has at least a few indoor plants in her house (in rare cases, men are fond of indoor flowers).

Decorating a room, purifying the air, or just for fun, there can be many reasons for growing indoor flowers.

Why not combine business with pleasure?

Of course, city streets are full of shop windows offering indoor plants. But at the same time, the business idea of ​​growing indoor plants remains highly profitable.

If caring for indoor flowers (watering, fertilizing, planting, pruning, etc.) is fun, why not try it and make money on it too?

To try to run such a mini-business will not require a lot of effort and finance (many women started such a business on their windowsill).

The main desire, determination and self-confidence, and everything else will appear over time.

How to start a houseplant growing business

The first step can be plant propagation. You can test your strength on plants, the care of which will not take much time.

We are talking about plants that grow rapidly: parsley, mint, dill and other spice plants.

Of course, you have to invest a little money (purchase of special primer and disposable plastic or paper cups).

If earlier only cut flowers were on sale in flower shops and kiosks, now on the shelves you can increasingly see pots with miniature roses or hydrangeas, violets or orchids. By purchasing a flowering plant as a gift, you can be sure that the gift will last a long time, and this is important in the case of anniversaries, weddings or other memorable dates.

Plants perfectly decorate any premises, create an atmosphere of coziness, cleanliness and comfort. That is why many people pay great attention to landscaping their apartments, summer cottages, and beautiful indoor plants are bought for offices and government agencies. From all this, it turns out that the sale of indoor plants is a profitable business with great prospects in the future. The demand for such a product is unlikely to fall, but the fact that every year there are more and more amateur flower growers is a fact. All this is confirmed by Ekaterina Vladimirovna Vishnevskaya from the Moscow region, who has been in the business of selling indoor flowers for more than six years. Today she agreed to tell readers of Reconomica magazine the story of her profitable business.

A little about myself

My name is Ekaterina Vladimirovna Vishnevskaya. I live in Russia, in the Moscow region. At the moment I am 30 years old, but I started my business when I was only 24 years old. My business started in the middle of 2021, that is, it has been going on for more than six years, and I think it will last for a very long time.

In this article I would like to tell you about my business of growing and then selling various flowers.

Favorite childhood activity

Since childhood, I have been crazy about flowers. My mother (as she does now) has always grown many flowers at home, ranging from ordinary violets in small pots to gorgeous rare varieties of roses in the garden.

When I was little, I always helped her as much as I could: I dug small holes with my little spatula, into which my mother planted flowers. It seemed incredibly exciting to me then.

I wanted to take a full part in growing flowers, waiting for the moment when they grow up and can show all their splendor, in the form of luxurious open buds. My mom thought that flowers would bother me over time, and I would find myself a more interesting occupation, but no.

Years went by, and my love for this occupation only intensified. After finishing my homework and having dinner, I went to our greenhouse to water and tend the flowers. While my friends were playing with dolls, I took care of flowers. Why do you think? Why, as a child, I loved flowers so much?

This was what I preferred to do as a schoolgirl and an adult woman. It was in this activity that I found something inexplicable and interesting that made me continue and continue to do this.

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