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    Home Business Ideas Compendium

    Buy electronic version | Read 750 Home Business Ideas Compendium

    Popular books of the week:

    Blasting Manual

    Category: DIY Manuals

    Great Soviet Encyclopedia, volumes

    Category: Encyclopedias, reference books, textbooks

    Atlas of Human Anatomy Vol.

    Many people want to start their own business, but the lack of knowledge and ideas prevents this. This tutorial has collected over 750 ideas for starting a home business online or offline. All the necessary knowledge is described and step-by-step instructions for implementing the idea are written. The entire list can be conditionally divided into two components. The first one includes representatives of online business, and the other one is offline.

    Online block

    Few have thought about it, but creating a business on the Internet is very simple, you just need to have the desire and show a little imagination. What is valuable on the Internet? Of course, knowledge and skills. Therefore, they are some of the first examples. All people gain experience over the years. It is he who makes a person make decisions in a similar situation. Anyone can become an online teacher, especially if there are teacher skills. Online teaching can apply to the entire school and university curriculum. It all depends on the knowledge of the person.

    You can also teach sewing by example or teach how to assemble chandeliers. People with a literary ability can try their luck at creating a greeting card store. The book also describes other methods of realizing such talents. Many are familiar with such a topic as copywriting, that is, writing articles, but few have thought about how to become a free journalist. This type of income is similar to copywriting, but it can bring in much more income. There is a directory of sites where you can earn dividends from articles. Those who have recently graduated from university or remember and know how abstracts are written can make excellent money on this by creating an abstracts exchange.

    Nowadays, people have less and less free time, so such a business idea as organizing dates is very relevant. This is not the same as a dating site. One lucrative idea is to build and sell computers. Many people do not understand them and buy an assembled computer not of the best parts. Therefore, the creation of a website with computer collection services is very important. The selection also includes complex earnings such as website development. The aspect is made on the fact that the customer needs to prepare a selection of beautiful sites. There is a whole block of ideas on the topic of information sales. Some talk about how to make money looking for information about cars and components, while others help you understand how to organize an online ambulance agency. This idea is very relevant. With the help of such agencies, it will be possible to find out how to organize a move or where you need to go to call a good repairman, for example, a TV. The authors of the ideas did not pass by the creation of an intermediary travel company.

    Offline ideas

    There are more ideas in the offline sphere. The first thing that stands out is the invisible help. Firms in small towns often do not have their own warehouses, so they hire drivers who bring goods from Moscow or the nearest large cities. This is a reason to create a business for the transportation of goods, but it is better to read who will be employees and how to organize transportation in the article itself. It will be easy for craftsmen to work with equipment and technology to organize a 21st century junk business. Retiree? Can't sleep? Then this is a great opportunity to earn money as a night watchman. And here is how and where the author clearly explains. Another great idea for students. According to statistics, 60% of university students do not attend lectures, and then look for people who have notes. This is a great idea for selling lecture notes. You can either write yourself or record on a dictaphone. You can sell material both after lectures and during sessions. The main thing is the design. There is no need to say this, but many do not come up with the idea of ​​creating their own laundry, massage parlor, organizing a delivery agency or other business in the service sector. The business of creating a paintball club has already been proven more than once, but very few people know how to organize it yourself with minimal investment. Baking seemed to be a complicated kitchen in any sense of the word, but the business idea describes a way how an entrepreneur gradually made a factory for baking sweets from his own kitchen and earned 2 million in a year.

    Many still have old VHS tapes, which capture moments of life, and this is a reason to create a store for digitizing video. the book has collected many more different ideas that will amaze readers with each turned page. Do not miss the chance to download a unique collection for free that encourages you to create your own profitable business.


    I advise you to read my articles about author's books and projects. For example, “100 Ways to Make Money in Tough Times” and “Admitad - Affiliate Programs Network”.

    Best regards, Mikhail Yakovlev.

    "Own business" - this phrase in the minds of many future businessmen is perceived as a synonym for freedom. The ability to dispose of your time as you like and no more hated wake-ups, standing in morning and evening traffic jams, sitting in the office from bell to bell ... After all, business can be done anywhere: even on a white sandy beach in the Maldives, even on a soft sofa in your cozy apartment.

    Wednesday, March 27, 2021 4:18 PM

    1. Obvious business ideas 2. Virtual casino3. Using your literary ability 4. Abstracts 5. How to Become a Journalist and Earn Dollars 6. How to make money selling information 7. Business in the photos of conscripts 8. How to organize a dating service over the Internet if you do not have your own website 9. Website development 10. Advertising on the site 11. Bicycle mail 12. Service 13. Virtual store 14. Trusted Implementer 15. Public Ambulance Service on the Internet 16. Sale of information-217. Making bonsai 18. Assembling computers 19. Home production 20. Invisible needs 21. "Perpetual motion machine" 22. Accountant for an entrepreneur 23. Publishing a newsletter 24. Unusual scheme for selling moonshine 25. Information intermediary 26. "Junk-dealer" of the new era 27. Night carriage 28. Search for information on the Internet 29. Legal advice by phone 30. Great opportunities of the Internet! 31. Commercial library 32. Game console hall 33. Massage 34. Work for students 35. Yard cleaning 36. Bonding envelopes 37. How to make money for a translator 38. Instructions for household appliances 39. Ability to be “the right person” 40. Using the power of the Internet 41. Theatrical congratulations 42. Using the capabilities of the Internet-243. Publishing an electronic newsletter 44. Legal services over the Internet 45. Travel internet agency 46. Magazines for rent 47. Raising quail 48. Computer help 49. Organization of video and audio communication in the hospital 50. Selection of hairstyles on the computer 51. Mediation in translations from / into foreign languages ​​52. Video telephone service over the Internet 53. Manufacturing of small-format printing products 54. Trade in used cell phones 55. Cake Making 56. Creation of an information network 57. Registration of sites in search engines 58. Refilling inkjet printer cartridges 59. Dating Mediation 60. Computer ambulance 61. Schemes and instructions from the Internet 62. Ideas in your inbox! 63. Database creation and sale 64. Growing oyster mushrooms 65. Home theater on PC66. Using book partner programs 67. Practical use of freebies 68. Just picking up bottles 69. Mosquitoes are like food for chickens70. Development of electronic devices 71. Sale of unsold magazines 72. Production of sausage casings, or where to get money for expensive equipment 73. Library archivist 74. Money is underfoot 75. A site about your city and about enterprises in it76. Typing over the Internet 77. Creation of a computer club78. Intermediary e-mail business 79. Manufacturing of seals and stamps 80. Manufacturing of business cards 81. Home Video CD Recording 82. Manufacturing of seals and stamps-283. Manufacturing of seals and stamps-384. How a school teacher can make money 85. Making CD business cards 86. Specialized parcel service 87. Bumper stickers 88. How a hobby turns into a high-paying job 89. Fortune telling by hand 90. Printing services for a candidate in the election campaign 91. Offshore programming 92. If you have talent and gifts 93. Website development for models 94. Sale of mailing lists 95. Helping Housewives 96. Virtual proofreader 97. "Professional grandmother" shares her experience98. Gems of Boris Tutunin 99. Medical reference 100. "Talking postcard" 101. Volumetric topographic maps 102. Shareware 103. Paintball in Russian, or the Battle of Ice 104. How to start your own video rental business 105. Problem solving 106. Machines from Japan 107. Express mail 108. Base of unemployed citizens 109. Money out of thin air - practical experience 110. Photo album on CD111. Agency for the delivery of apartments 112. Renovated apartments for sale 113. Truckers Dinner 114. Online intelligence 115. Assembly of TVs 116. Cheap heating. Waste oil oven 117. Price tags and labels 118. Individual training in the basics of working on a personal computer 119. Service of finding the necessary information 120. Festive table - delivery 121. Installation of telephones in a dacha village 122. Presence simulator 123. Preparation of reports for enterprises 124. Organization of a cafe (buffet) at sports competitions 125. Audiobooks 126. Advertising booklet 127. Production of unique jewelry 128. Dog hair products 129. Self-disconnecting iron 130. Subscriber box 131. How to get free oil for your car 132. Bread supply to suburban villages 133. Trees do not die 134. Exclusive hairdressing services 135. Online journalist 136. Paid out-of-office library 137. Cellular Alarm 138. Mouse pads139. Do you like to ride - love and sleigh ... do 140. Unusual Business Cards 141. Sobering up station at home 142. Commissions from computer firms 143. Oil business 144. How to make money ... by giving tastings145. How to make money ... by helping inventors 146. Folding furniture for rent 147. Donut production 148. Sale of used cars 149. Manufacturing of an electric heating device for car seats 150. Antifreeze preheating 151. Site about mailing lists 152. Manufacturing of seals and stamps 153. Collection / sale of rusks 154. Grain grinder 155. Discount cards 156. "Soy cow" or the production of soy products 157. Creation of an information network-2158. Recruiting agency 159. Bookbinding 160. How to make money ... by cultivating cereal seeds161. How to make money ... by processing potato tubers162. Sewing fur products 163. Bottle business164. Production and sale of freshly squeezed juices 165. Purchase and sale of cell phones 166. Installation of individual and community antennas 167. Billiard club 168. Reducing the cost of cellular communication 169. How to Start Your Own Resume Writing Service 170. Gay dating service171. Business cards 172. How to make money filling out questionnaires 173. Making business cards-3174. Making decorative candles 175. Coloring 176. "Pig" business 177. Help the author sell a literary work on the Internet 178. How I found my business at home 179. Sale of information 180. Collection / resale of used automotive oil 181. Drawings and photos for T-shirts and T-shirts 182. Organization of a wholesale warehouse for a network marketing company 183. Cheat Sheets 184. Postage stamps, coins, banknotes, postcards - sale to collectors185. Forex186. Home Smokehouse 187. Mushrooms. Mushroom packaging

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    home business ideas

    Book 750 home business ideas 750 home business ideas Books Business books Author: Nelly Fedosenko Year of publication: 2021 Format: chm Size: 4 MB Language: Russian 0 (votes: 0) Rating: A collection of ideas containing 750 home business ideas business. The collection is an e-book that can be read immediately (after unzipping it).

    Buy electronic version | Read 750 Home Business Ideas

    Popular books of the week:

    Blasting Manual

    Category: DIY Manuals

    Great Soviet Encyclopedia, volumes

    Category: Encyclopedias, reference books, textbooks

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