500 Online Home Business Ideas

500 home business ideas - Fedosenko N. - 2021

Do you want to start your home business, but don't know which one? In this book, you will find 500 original home business ideas for all tastes and needs. Business on the Internet or on your garden plot, at home at the table or in the garage, with a pencil in your hands or with a camera on your belt - choose the one that suits you best or just like it!

How this book came to be: Introduction

1. CarsOvernight parking without big costsDigging out carsOrganization of a paperwork point for a carHow to make money on a foreign car at 15 years old. Man-car serviceChecking tire pressureInterior trim with natural woodTuning carsCar tintingLightspinerEarn using a computer in a carserviceTraining to repair carsFree oil for a carInstant cleaning of car fuelMaking a device for electrically heated car seatsPre-starting heating of antifreeze. private business for the owner / employee of the parking lot Universal information panel on the car. preparation of the car sound signal switch. Car alarm tunesMini car wash in the garageDiy spraying boothService for car washesCars from JapanMedia agency for the sale of foreign carsSale of used carsAgency of used carsResale of used carsSpare parts for old foreign carsSpare parts for foreign cars - on the road »Witness of a car accident

2. Mobile connection. bountiful cybersquatter. consumer society Tariff dialing program for a mobile phoneWe use SMS capabilities. a servant for those who are afraid of losing their mobile phone. lost your cell phone? Contact me. new alarm. plentiful phone for rentSale of second-hand mobile phones brought from abroad Purchase and sale of cell phonesMolodies and pictures for cell phones Prepaid cards for downloading melodies, pictures and gamesMobile phone tuningPhoto on a mobile phoneEach mobile phone - a star. sewing covers for mobile phones.

3. Computers computer salon serviceComputer "Ambulance" Independent consultantHome computer salonIndividual training in the basics of working on a computerHow to become a "real artist" using a computer. Choosing hairstyles on the computer. If you have the talent and gifts New life of an old UPS

4. InformationHow to make money on the sale of informationFree reference serviceSearch for goods at the lowest pricesSearch / sell technologiesDatabase of enterprises and organizationsDatabase of foreign suppliersInformation and search service at exhibitionsAutomatic collection of information by phoneUniifsalny reference book Program Directories of campuses and residential housesCatalogue for collectors -Discriminate information on CD unemployed citizensNumerologyInteractive driving directions

5. InternetSite creationWebsite about your city and its enterprisesHow much can you earn by creating websites for AmericansMedicine business via e-mailInformation business on the InternetSearching for information on the InternetInternet intelligenceSelling ready-made content for websitesOnline company selling ready-made content for sitesFree domain namesCreating a website for modelsLegal services through the InternetTu. Internet video communicationUse of book partner programsInternet ambulance serviceInternet secretaryCreating a virtual resume to orderHow to make money on eBay auctionVirtual commissionAuction in reverse Free advertising platforms of the Russian-speaking InternetShop without a storeUsing the possibilities of the Internet

6. InventionsElectrically heated insolesPresence simulatorSelf-off ironAlert for high humidityKnob-watchmanFind a remote controlUpholstered furniture improvementElectronic sign on the doorMaking chests with heating for storing vegetables on the balconySound congratulationsAir sellerNon-capital construction or swindle?

7. MoneyPayment of electronic invoices in cashSupply of change to retail outletsEarn on interestHome bankClub "One dollar" I will cash out a loan. education of the population in financial opportunitiesFootball lotteryExchange point "CIS-Israel" Aid Fund

8. Beauty and healthMassageManicure at the client's homeExclusive hairdressing servicesWomen's business, or Tips for creating beautyShaping class. making exercise machines to increase heightLeisure center for the hungryRent of medical equipmentMassage chair for rentDeterbutton at homeBlood pressure measurement as a street businessLaughter clinic

Did you know that 95% of employees are unhappy with their jobs? Are you one of them too? In this article I want to tell you about how to make money while sitting at home and forget about slave labor in the interests of others.

People from my environment often complain about their work, lack of money and life in general, and I understand them. Who would like to get up every day at 6-7 am, endure the disrespectful attitude of the boss, the evil tongues of colleagues, overtime? And this is for a salary of $ 150-300, without any hope of promotion? At such moments, I understand that the decision to quit a stable position in the office and go freelance was the right decision. And I want to share it with you!

From this article you will learn:

Is it possible to make money sitting at home without investments?

Yes. This is even more real than when working in an office, because no one will distract you from your main goal - increasing professionalism and income. How can you make money at home? You have three options.

With the help of the Internet you find customers, clients or buyers, do work, get money (more often - to an electronic wallet). Earning at home using a computer is suitable for both professionals and schoolchildren, students, retirees, mothers on maternity leave.

2. Make money at home offline.

A kind of wage labor. You do the same thing as in the office, only at home. For example, you call customers, draw up documents, create software and get money. The method is suitable for those who find it difficult to search for clients on their own and deal with paying taxes.

3. Network as a way to promote.

You provide certain services, for example, do manicure, teach foreign languages, advise on legal issues. The listed types of activities can be performed both in the office and at home - using e-mail, skype, telephone conversations. And your own website (blog, group on a social network) is a free way of self-promotion to attract new customers and their money.

Everyone knows about the advantages of earning at home. This:

  • flexible hours;
  • no harmful boss;
  • unlimited income growth, savings on travel.

Another benefit of being able to earn money while sitting at home is improved health. When I left the office, I stopped getting ARVI every autumn and winter. Now there is no need to travel on a packed bus where everyone is coughing and sneezing, or going to the store at 19:00 - rush hour. In addition, due to the absence of a number of nervous people, the brain is calm, and the immune system is stronger. Making money is easier when your health is normal.

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