15 business ideas how to make money on old and unnecessary things

What business ideas that do not require large investments work successfully and consistently bring profit - our expert Sergey Litvinchik has figured out. Under small investments, Sergey gives examples of starting a business from 5,000 rubles that will be relevant this year.

TOP of successful ideas with minimal investment

The question of how to start your own business without large investments at the start, or even completely from scratch, worries a huge number of beginning entrepreneurs and everyone who is looking for a part-time job, as well as breadwinners of families who have lost their usual earnings in this crisis year. He is also interested in many other categories of the population, such as:

  • students who devote most of their energy and time to study, but also want to earn extra money for bread and butter and caviar,
  • young people just starting their working life path, and choosing where to apply their young energy,
  • retirees, still full of strength, but unable to apply them in public and private companies because of their age,
  • sitting in decree young mothers who devote a lot of time to raising children, but also have a little free time,
  • people with disabilities, limited mobility, but with a bright head,
  • all other people who want to get a significant increase to your salary, or even receive the main income from your own business.

The ruble is depreciating, inflation is growing, housing is getting more expensive (see more on this on our portal here:

All this spurs entrepreneurial initiative and the most creative people, but often one single question arises before them an insurmountable obstacle - where to get money for business for initial investments?

Besides, everyday life also requires expenses, and quite significant ones. This is especially true for young people, who are characterized by increased demands and the status of clothes, cars and other vital needs is important.

Therefore, a detailed guide and the most workable ideas about saving and saving money, starting with a small amount, and even from scratch, become very important and relevant.

We wrote a little about this here:

This article discusses simpler business projects that are available to almost everyone and, most importantly, do not require large start-up funds.

What will you learn from the business ideas suggested here?

Well, if you are interested in less risky operations and want to invest wisely, read our article for passive investors

Old clothes business is experiencing a new wave of popularity. In a crisis and limited resources, these areas can become profitable and, in a sense, a salutary way of earning money.

In modern Russian realities, with all the crises and problems of small business, entrepreneurs are increasingly remembering that you can make money on unnecessary things. But if earlier everything was limited to flea markets, second-hand shops and thrift stores, today this idea is acquiring new formats. Today there are many uses for old things and make good money from it.

The main advantage of this area is the minimum investment and running costs. After all, many are ready to give their trash for free or for a penny - just to be taken away. In every Russian city, in every apartment, you can find a heap of all kinds of junk. Some owners will be happy to get rid of it, while others will buy it. The resource is almost endless, because in a consumer society, people are constantly "overgrown" with things.

Statistics show that over the past few years, buyers' interest in second-hand shops and flea markets has been actively growing. This is confirmed by the increase in the number of retail outlets in large cities of Russia, which is impossible not to notice even with the naked eye. There are different opinions about the profitability of a business on old and unnecessary things. Some say that this type of trade is a relic of the past. Others cite thriving sites like Avito as examples. u, where a lot of people buy and sell used things and live only on this. Experts believe that in this segment of trade, the demand still exceeds supply, and in the near future it will only grow.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Business with Old Things

small running costs;

in times of crisis this type of business becomes very popular;

unlimited resource - old things are always and everywhere;

simple business organization;

the idea of ​​such a business fits perfectly into the global trends of reasonable consumption, which means that such a business can be positioned in a new way.

There is a risk that the net profit will be low, because the price of goods is reduced, and earnings depend on sales volumes;

  • 1 1. Managing an apartment building
  • 2 2. renting someone else's house - income is twice the rent
  • 3 3. Hostel under world championship 2021 - income 10 thousand dollars a day
  • 4 4. Antikafe - atmospheric place for the soul
  • 5 5. Free land for use and for sale
  • 6 6. Business real estate - the correct lease of an office center
  • 7 7. How to find money for a project in real estate and not only
  • 8 8. Investments in townhouses
  • 9 9. Modular houses - affordable and always in demand
  • 10 10. An apartment in Berlin - an ultra-reliable investment and monthly income
  • 11 11. Subletting an apartment - income without investments for active people
  • 12 12. Rental business - a hostel for workers
  • 13 13. Homestaging - we sell housing quickly and expensive
  • 14 14. How to properly bring down the price of real estate <
  • 15 15. Turning an apartment into an office and increasing profits
  • 16 16. Buying bankrupt real estate for 5% of the cost
  • 17 17. Business real estate - making money in shopping centers, offices, warehouses
  • 18 18. Capsule hotel - the cheapest accommodation for visitors
  • 19 19. Buying and selling real estate - Earnings on early investment
  • 20 20. Repair and alteration of summer houses - a million rubles over the summer
  • 21 21. Earnings without investment - sublease of commercial real estate

As a business real estate is one of the most reliable areas, apartments, shopping and office centers are almost always in demand. But in the minds of the majority, earnings on real estate are associated with large capitals, due to the absence of which people do not even try to do such a business.

At the same time, many ways to get income from your own or someone else's real estate imply modest, if not even zero, start-up investments, you just need to know what and how to do.

Profitable building management

Many people invest their earned money in real estate, including apartment buildings, whose apartments are rented out, but not everyone considers the rental business to be the main one. Therefore, the profession of a manager of one or several apartment buildings is quite in demand.

You will post advertisements for the delivery of vacant apartments, show them to potential tenants, collect money and maintain the operational condition of the house - repair of electrics, plumbing, etc. If you have the appropriate skills, you can do it yourself, or call an invited master.

Starting capital - 0 rubles. All that is required is the willingness to work. You can start working immediately.

Income from 30 to 100 thousand, but determined by agreement with the owner and the size of the house. Usually something in the region of 30% is taken for management. Considering that 100-300 thousand are obtained from the house, the amount is very decent.

If you are seriously interested in earning money on real estate, see the secrets of investing in profitable houses. Learn about the implementation of various projects and key strategies for generating passive income on real estate.

Subleasing someone else's house - income is twice the rent

Often, the owner of a large house with 5 or more rooms is looking for one tenant. And by becoming such a tenant, you will earn good money by renting out individual rooms. As a result, you will not only beat off the rent, but also get a lot of income. And if the house is located near a train station or a market, rooms can be rented out, increasing your income 2-3 times.

You just need to pick up a house in such an area, carry out repairs and correctly conclude a lease agreement that allows you to move in third parties and does not allow the owner to pick up the rental business you have established in a couple of months.

Starting capital - payment for a month in advance plus a deposit, 50-100 thousand.

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