12 business ideas for food lovers

If you look at the experience of Europe and the United States, food delivery there occupies a huge part of the market in the catering sector, many, even the smallest cafes, offer customers to deliver their meals to their homes, because they understand that this is the future of this industry. If you already own a restaurant or pizzeria, then a courier delivery service will help you increase profits and attract new customers. In this article, we will consider the main issues of interest to newcomers who have decided to work in this niche, and also describe the risks they may face.

Market situation

The development of the Internet sales market, when a person using an application can order dishes from a restaurant or a package of food from a supermarket, stimulates the demand for home delivery services. This has become especially relevant now in 2021 under quarantine conditions, when many restaurants and cafes work only for take-out, and after everyone goes to work, the demand for food delivery will remain as high.

The basis of orders will be Japanese cuisine, pizza, burgers and salads. In recent years, the delivery of a ready-made ration for the day is rapidly gaining popularity.

You can open such a business in large cities, and if there is no competition, then you can launch such a service in a small city.

If presented as a percentage, then most often they order:

  • Pizza - 34%.
  • Sushi - 29%.
  • Noodle dishes - 15%.
  • Burgers - 10%.
  • Desserts - 3%.
  • Homemade food - 3%.
  • Kebabs - 2%.
  • Pies - 1%.
  • Rest.

In addition, the popularity of foreign cuisines is growing: Georgian, Mexican, Chinese, etc.

The format of doing food delivery business

The food delivery business can be segmented into several areas: by the type of cuisine chosen, work format, work schedule, delivery times, and more.

Let's take a look at the popular formats of this business:

Most businessmen consider food delivery to their homes in the context of a cafe, sushi bar, restaurant, but this business can be organized as an independent activity. In this article, we will look at a food delivery business plan with calculations.

Purpose and relevance of the project

The business plan is focused on the creation of a food delivery service home to offices. It can be run in 2 variants:

1. Food delivery only, no cooking. To organize this business, it is necessary to establish contacts with catering establishments. In fact, in this case, you will only need a taxi service: at the agreed time you will need to pick up the orders and deliver them to the addresses. All you need is a car (car and van) and your time. But the profit will not be too high.

2. Food preparation and delivery. Most often, entrepreneurs stop at this format, because in this case, the potential income is several times higher. The markup for ready meals can be up to 200% to the cost of ingredients, and to general expenses (including rent, staff salaries, etc.) - 40-50%.

This version has two popular formats:

  • delivery of business lunches to offices. This service has been popular for over 15 years. Not all employees can afford lunch in a cafe - even a business lunch, it can be too expensive or too long. On the other hand, carrying food from home in trays is also not all. The average cost of an office lunch with delivery is 200-250 rubles, and sometimes these costs (or part of them) are compensated by the company. This is a profitable option for a quick and tasty lunch.
  • delivery of dietary meals / proper nutrition. Nowadays, many people think about their weight and health and want to eat healthy. But not everyone wants or has the opportunity to count calories, look for recipes for healthy dishes on the Internet (3-5 every day to eat tasty and varied), purchase food and cook on their own. Therefore, in the last 3 years, services have become popular where you can order a varied menu for every day, taking into account the calorie content. Everything is prepared there with a minimum of calories. The freshest products are taken with a minimum amount of fat, then they are boiled or baked. Most of the clients of such companies are wealthy women from 30 to 45 years old.

The relevance of business is confirmed by sociological research. Food delivery in large cities is regularly used by a consumer audience aged 15 to 50.

If you are planning to buy a car, it is worth considering a related car rental business as well. Find out how to invest in a car that will bring income.

Menu and opening hours

Don't be limited to a single menu option. For business lunches, you need to offer at least 3 options to choose from. For a dietary menu, the more options, the better. It is advisable to have at least 10 dishes to choose from. Some companies offer up to 80 dishes.

It is better to entrust the development of a dietary menu to a professional nutritionist. He will be able to accurately take into account the number of calories and offer different options - from 800 kilocalories for those who want to lose weight quickly to 1500 - 2021 calories.

Uncle Denis's Brain welcomes readers! The question is - do you like to eat? And how about cooking various delicacies - pastries, cakes, meat dishes? Uncle Denis's brain, for example, is now typing this article and eating with Chappie dog sticks. If you have a passion for culinary creations and gourmet ingredients, you can capitalize on your calling. Here are 12 food business ideas. We start collecting money.

From vegetable garden to table

This idea was whispered to the Brain by Uncle Denis, who is quite seriously interested in gardening and has great success in this matter. All home chefs know that the best food comes from the use of fresh ingredients. So create a business on this garden-table link by opening a unique restaurant.

Moreover, owning such an establishment will help local gardeners. You will create a community of lovers of fresh and sustainable food. Interesting idea, isn't it?

Jam and preserves production

Daddy Denis grows high-quality fruits and berries in his garden. And he has a talent for creating beautiful designer packaging. Do you have similar things too? Then let's go to the serial production of jams and preserves.

The way to promote such a business should start by creating a list of recipes for your sweet creations. Give them unusual and memorable names. Start distributing the final dishes among acquaintances, friends, colleagues. The main thing, when you treat, focus on the name of this or that jam, preserves, in order to be remembered.

Gradually expand your audience, create trade ads on local free boards on the Internet, social networks. Always give a bonus to new customers - one can of jam or preserves for free. This will form a community of lovers of your product.

Create branded labels and start offering your wares to local fairs, shops and markets. You can even start an online store and work with customers directly, without intermediaries. You already have buyers.

Bakery products

Another food business idea. Do you often pop your own cookies? Open a bakery urgently. Look for old grandma's recipes in the dresser, or create your own.

Think about the production of which bread products you can put on stream. However, rental of commercial premises and equipment are very expensive. If at the initial stage there is not enough money, it does not matter.

Start a small bakery. As with jam, take orders online at first. Great idea for work in your spare time. You can do this on evenings and weekends. And the best part is that many people love baked goods. You will quickly acquire lovers of your product.

Today it is not at all necessary to go shopping, because everything you need can be ordered online. Moreover, there is no need to even waste time preparing food - it is much better to order food delivered to your home.

A business created in this service sector can become very profitable, and besides, it has many prospects. Undoubtedly, there is competition for him and even great, but having the desire and working hard, you will find your niche that will make you successful.

Food delivery: features and nuances of business

Food belongs to the kind of goods that under no circumstances leave the market, because "you always want to eat", everyone and constantly, despite the crisis or other troubles. Food delivery services, although they have appeared relatively recently, are rapidly gaining popularity for many reasons:

  • busy people in big cities do not have time to buy groceries in the store or do not find time to prepare food;
  • some firms provide their employees with the delivery of ready-made meals, the so-called , business lunches (or the employees of offices and corporations themselves order this kind of services);
  • in many establishments (pizzerias, sushi bars or restaurants, etc.) there is immediately production and delivery (you can eat with them or arrange for courier services);
  • on a large scale, this business is already called catering and assumes that you can serve large events (banquets, various holidays, meetings or special events).

Of course, you can and should start small, because not everyone will be able to immediately conquer the market. Before you open home delivery of food, you need to carefully prepare. It is best to create a business plan, because this way you can gradually distribute all the points and not miss anything.

  • For your business to be profitable and successful, analyze this market segment, collecting all the relevant information about your city.
  • Decide on the form of your business. There are several options:
    • use ready-made food from a restaurant (cafe), but sell it with a certain mark-up due to the delivery service;
    • cook yourself (this can be a completely family-owned, home-based business when you do everything at home or in a specialized kitchen). In this case, you can also sell your services in different ways, that is, either involve other relatives in the business, or hire a courier with a car;
    • sell not only ready-made food, but also semi-finished products (you need to be able to prepare them ), as well as standalone products, doing business through online orders and delivery.
  • Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. To choose where to start, assess your financial capabilities and try to analyze all possible risks. After that, go to prepare the material and legal base. Serious work awaits you.
  • Already in the course of the organizational process, you will have to find a place suitable for preparing and storing food, suppliers of goods, decide on transport and other work moments.
  • Next, you need to do advertising and search for clients. This is a very important point, because it will be possible to talk about the payback or profit of a business only if it has an established customer base and constant development.

As you can see, it will take a lot of effort, time and money to implement this idea. But, having a clear plan of action, you can start translating your idea into reality.

Where to start?

Before starting a food delivery business, you need to figure out how you can stand out from your competitors. To succeed, you must constantly be on top, pleasantly surprise your customers and make them contact you again and again. It will be good if you manage to organize a full cycle of services, that is, from food preparation to delivery.

If you already have your own restaurant or other establishment (cafeteria, canteen, pizzeria), then you can simply add a new service - food delivery by courier. Then you do not have to search for premises, suppliers and personnel. Also, the issue with the registration of permits and other documentation will be removed, the business concept will also be clear.

However, having your own restaurant is not acceptable for everyone. Perhaps at the initial stage, you do not have the necessary amount or experience to start such a business. While opening a food delivery service as a small company or a family business is quite possible. That is, you can start from the other side, and once you have developed and gained a foothold in the market, you can already invest in the institution of your dreams.

Building your own website

Why is the regime of taxation on professional income - self-employment so important for home confectioners? That is why this regime was introduced. Self-employment allows home-grown chefs to legalize themselves in front of the state and their own clients, pay the necessary taxes and, as they say, sleep peacefully, not tormented by remorse from dishonest business. And most importantly ... But everything in order will be revealed by hobiz. u in this business idea.

Home craftsmen choose "confectionery" as the basis of their earnings because it is quite simple to execute, the hand is full and, in general, at first there is no need to learn something new - the whole process is familiar, only at the end they also pay well.

How, in general, do people come to this home business? Only a few choose the confectionery direction consciously, initially focusing on earnings, immediately preparing products for sale. Most would-be home entrepreneurs enter this business out of blind inspiration and vocation. First, they cook for themselves as a hobby, treat friends and acquaintances, surprising the latter with their culinary talent. Those, in turn, admiring the taste sensations, sometimes begin, already for money, to order confectionery products for holidays and events. And there, again, new people who are not indifferent appear, who also want to order "this tasty little thing." The word-of-mouth effect arises and, imperceptibly to himself, the home master who loves to cook turns into a home entrepreneur who cooks to order. And, if the amateur pastry chef is really talented, the number of orders grows exponentially. Imperceptibly, the hobby develops into a confectionery business that brings a stable income.

Cakes and pastries, chocolates and sweets, national treats, preserves, jams, sweet pies and other sweets - everything is prepared by homemade pastry chefs, they can do everything. Literally, in the home kitchen, with the help of available equipment and ingredients, culinary masterpieces are born. However, it is not difficult for any housewife who knows how to cook to cook something tasty. Why do they also turn to home confectioners? It's all to blame for the lack of time and unwillingness to mess around in the kitchen. For many of us, it is easier to pay for a finished product than to cook it ourselves. This, by the way, is the main secret of fast food, and any other ready-made food. Because they are already "ready-made", and their taste fully satisfies the consumer.

Another indisputable advantage of home earnings on the "air conditioner" is the complete absence of fear of similar competitors. Custom craftsmen are severely limited by their production volumes. They are physically incapable of creating a mass product, and hence of competing with their own kind. And even with a private order, this is not necessary. Of course, you shouldn't discount the competition, each master tries to personalize his production, creates his own style and brand, adds exclusivity to his products - tastes, shapes, packaging. But, in general, having found his own niche, earning a reputation, and creating a recognizable product, a home confectioner can safely work for more than a dozen years, literally on steam from word of mouth and regular customers. For a family, earnings will be quite enough, each competitor has its own distinctive "trick" and a formed circle of consumers, and a mass producer is not particularly thrust into a niche, since the demand in it is not large enough to deploy a serious production workshop.

That is why everyone who wants to organize their home business goes to home confectioners. And if everything is clear with those working on "word of mouth" - they know what to cook, how much it costs and for whom. What about those who immediately plan to make money on "confectionery", but they have neither experience, nor knowledge, nor, most importantly, skills?

There is an interesting and fashionable direction - the creation of eco-products from what is at hand.

Home entrepreneurs who are not burdened with knowledge and experience can also make money on "confectionery". For example, by producing organic products. That is, the one that is good for health. Yes, and confectionery can be so, if you remove everything harmful from them - such as flour, salt, sugar and other preservatives. What is this eco-product? Ordinary fruits, berries and vegetables! The best part about this business is that most of the berries, fruits and vegetables have already been prepared by nature for consumption; all that remains is to arrange them correctly and serve them to the client. That is, there is a place for that very earnings for a person without experience and serious knowledge.

The first thing that can come to mind is making jams, jams and confitures from fruits. But, these directions do not pass on the basis of the need for experience. Unfortunately, it is even needed for cooking fruits and berries. What else then?

And then the process is completely opposite to cooking - drying. Recently, quite a fashionable direction of the use of products. Dehydrated fruits, berries and vegetables are preserved for a long time without losing their taste and useful qualities, moreover, some of them, in dried form, acquire a richer and brighter taste. And this has been known since ancient times, the traditions of making dried fruits for more than one thousand years - raisins, figs, apricots and the like. True, not everything that grows in the garden succumbed successfully to this process.

With the advent of household electric fruit and vegetable dryers, this process has not only been simplified, but expanded. Now, thanks to special gentle modes, you can quickly and efficiently dry almost any fruit or berry. This is what home cooks began to use in their simple earnings.

Dried berries, fruits and vegetables themselves, beautifully packaged, are considered a delicacy for consumers - fruit or vegetable chips. This can be used to close this business idea. Or, expanding your earning opportunities, apply your imagination and present your audience with a more unique product. For example, pouring chocolate on fruit chips. Or vegetable, which will give an interesting flavor combination.

All that is required for such a "production" is a special dryer, a refrigerator for storing fresh vegetables and fruits, a cool and dark place for storing finished products. Do not forget about packaging, it can be ordered in any special printing house or advertising company. For fruit chocolate, in addition, confectionery bars and molds are required. All? No, not all!

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