What is the best Bubly flavor?

Drinking trendy sparkling waters like LaCroix, Perrier or Bubly can be great for inspiring good hydration habits or cutting back on sugary drinks, but they're still bad for your teeth. When you think of tooth decay, you probably think of sugar as the culprit, but it's actually acid that does the damage.

What is the most popular flavor of Bubly?

The 11 Best Bubly FlavorsRankFlavorDescription1.PineappleLight, fresh, sweet2.PeachLight, crisp, refreshing3.LimeRefreshing, light, zingy4.BlackberryTart, smooth, fruity7 more rows

Is Bubly bad for your kidneys?

A glass of occasional sparkling water isn't going to be detrimental to your health or kidneys, it's all about how much you have. Try and cut down on cola beverages for kidney and bone health. If you want information on dental health and sparkling waters, see your dentist for more advice.

Which Bubly water is the best?

Strawberry-flavored Bubly is spot-on taste and almost as good as real strawberries. We highly recommend this flavor if you are looking for something refreshing and fruity, without any artificial feeling. When compared to the other berry flavors like cherry and peach, strawberry is undoubtedly the superior choice.

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