What is b2b - business definition, sales, examples

What is bb - the basics

Many young companies, according to experts, do not understand well enough what b2b is, ─ and this is a model of entrepreneurial activity of a company or service enterprise that has created a demanded product (service) necessary for the activities of other organizations in different ways forms of ownership and financial interaction is carried out between them (sale and purchase).

Many companies or small businesses can now be called a B2B business model when:

The product is bought from another company for the purpose of resale, but it is pre-modded.

When a service or product of another company passes in the company that bought it customization.

Modding is nothing more than a "modification" of a product, its modification. This type of activity can be traced in computer sales, when not the filling of the system unit is modified, but its appearance. Companies that do not have large capacities, but they have many ideas and projects worthy of attention, are engaged in product modification for the purpose of resale.

Customization is the orientation of a product or service for a personal shopper when a consumer product is used. The goal of this process is to prepare a product to meet the needs of a particular customer.

Considering the question of what b 2 b is, experts note that it is also electronic trade between companies, and the marketing actions of one company are aimed at creating demand for their goods in another company or enterprise.

Business people

Considering the question, b 2 b, is it necessary to focus on the personnel of any company, since it is the target audience of this business, when it is employees who make serious decisions. In every entrepreneurial business there is a goal in b 2 b, this is also ─ to make a profit or improve production efficiency. In this type of business, "cheerful" sales, the joking mood of the seller are not welcome, because the bargaining is serious.

The decision in the business segment b 2 b to make purchases is usually made collectively by a team of people appointed by management, for this reason the purchase and sale transaction takes longer than simple consumer sales.

It is necessary to take into account the opinion of each team member, namely, one of the examples is:

there is a person in the team who is responsible for the company's finances, he will always try to work within the budget limit, not exceed it;

In 13 years in marketing, I have not met B2B company owners who would admit that their marketing strategy is ineffective or not at all. At the same time, more than 6,200 marketers working in B2B markets are struggling to attract customers and return on their marketing campaigns.

Answers can be interpreted as: "We do not know what to do next, and we are not sure if what we are doing now is a good strategy."

We have written a new article in which we show you step by step how to develop a marketing strategy for B2B companies.

In this guide, I will share with you a proven roadmap for developing a B2B and SaaS marketing strategy that will help you identify promising market segments, understand who your ideal customer is, and find the right channels to attract potential buyers.

In simple words - the path from point A (current situation) to point B (desired result) along a pre-planned route (marketing channels and tools) with certain resources (marketing budget, team).

If there is no marketing strategy, marketing organizations are actively working, “leaking” budgets and not showing their employers the expected results.

Ad-hoc marketing usually boils down to:

  • work on printing products and presentations;
  • advertising;
  • launching loyalty programs;
  • cold call ( yes, it is still the # 1 client generation tool for many companies);
  • work with contractors.

At the same time, a marketer is often a secretary-assistant to the head, carrying out assignments not related to marketing.

Having a marketing strategy helps to implement an integrated approach and work on it regularly.

For many people it is still a mystery, what is b2b? Translated from English "bi tu bi" literally means "business for business". However, for a complete understanding, it is worth knowing in detail the meaning of the term, examining the business with real examples and identifying the nuances.

What is bb sales and services

B2B or otherwise Business-to-Business is translated as “business to business”. Clients in the industrial market are legal entities. In this case, some organizations buy the product from others. B2B has several directions and forms, but the main task of activity in the field of b2b, as in all marketing, is to solve customer problems.

The distinctive features of b2b include:

  • small number of clients due to the smallest number of legal entities that lag far behind the number of retail consumers;
  • huge purchase quantities;
  • when making a purchase, consumers primarily rely on rational motives;
  • customers know the product they are purchasing well;
  • the final price is set as a result of negotiations;
  • high the price of one purchase
  • demand depends on the economic situation in the country.

Examples bb

There are many successful examples of b2b in life.

  • A large number of enterprises are involved in the production of a car, each of which produces a certain spare part. The creator of the vehicle itself buys up all the parts and produces the goods. And then the dealer is engaged in effective sales.
  • It would seem that an ordinary supermarket operates in the b2c sphere, but the situation may change when the administrator of the mini-hotel makes a purchase of groceries to prepare breakfast for his customers.
  • The same thing happens with an office supply store when an item is purchased, for example, for an office.

How bb differs from other sales areas

In addition to b2b, there is another definition - b2c, which in English means “business for the consumer”. The main distinguishing feature of b2c from b2b is that the buyer is not a company, but an ordinary consumer who buys a product for himself. But a legal entity acts as sellers in both areas.

  • In b2c, customers buy a product for their satisfaction, and in b2b, they purchase a product for the company.
  • In business for the consumer, the client chooses a product or service, focusing on his preferences, when, as a "business for business" makes transactions with the aim of making a profit.
  • In b2c, purchases occur spontaneously, while in B2B specialists analyze the market, conduct tenders, study the issue and only then make a decision on cooperation.
  • In the business-to-business area, purchases are made in bulk, and in B2C in a single copy.

A detailed explanation of what a business plan is and why it is needed. After studying the article, you will be able to cope with the preparation of the document on your own.

Planning makes life easier in all its dimensions, and business is no exception. Only entrepreneurial geniuses can afford to promote a brand from scratch without first laying out the steps on paper. Let's not bend our hearts, there are only a few such people in the world, for the rest, knowing what a business plan is and how to draw it up correctly is not a recommendation, but a vital necessity.

Today's article will just allow you to get an answer to the agreed question.

What is a business plan: terms, features and common mistakes

The pursuit of speed goes to the detriment of quality - many entrepreneurs know about this, but still make a template mistake over and over again. This applies not only to beginners, but also to experienced businessmen. A vague idea of ​​the goals of the activity reduces motivation, which negatively affects all aspects of the formation of a business.

) What is a business plan - terminology + purpose

The term is ambiguous, but in the world of entrepreneurship it has a detailed meaning. By decoding for an ordinary citizen - a business plan is a guide for the creator / investors with a detailed description of the mechanisms of the business system in the niche of the idea deployment.

The basis is 3 knowledge - the current place in society, the result of the work and the step by step of actions. What types of business plan are there? More details in the table below.

Variety Description Difficulty (out of 3 ★) Typical The most common variant that can be found for free on the Internet. Designed for a quick introduction to the main points of the business. Has a low cost, tight deadlines and little detail. ★ ★ Presentation Plan is used to present perspectives of an idea through demonstration materials. The structure contains the main task, relevance, investment size and other basic information regarding the project. ★ ExpandedOne of the expensive options for business plans, because its main goal is to attract an investor or get a loan from a banking institution. Justification of borrowed funds occurs through an analysis of the prospects + financial indicators for long-term periods to the point of payback of the project. It is unrealistic for private individual entrepreneurs to get a loan without this document. ★ ★ ★ Internal Maximum detailed layout for private use by the owner of a business idea. Developing a document is more difficult than others, but even a complete layman can work according to such an algorithm. ★ ★ ★

In recent years, the number of analysis tools has increased, making it easier for entrepreneurs to draw up business plans. One of these is SWOT analysis. The essence of the abbreviation lies in the decoding - Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

So you've decided to start your own business. The most important tool for starting your business is business planning. What is a business plan for small business, an example of how to design pivot tables of a plan, what an effective and understandable plan should consist of, how to correctly describe goals and key indicators - you can find out the answers to all these questions right now.

What is a business plan for?

A well-thought-out business plan describes the idea of ​​the project, its goals, various aspects of activities, key financial and economic indicators, actions to achieve the set goals, analyzes possible problems and suggests ways to solve them.

Drawing up a business plan should be aimed at solving the most important question: is it worth an entrepreneur to invest in the business, after what time will all spent funds pay off and whether this business will bring real income. Such a plan is drawn up both for yourself (in order to understand whether it is worth doing this business) and for prospective investors.

The laws of the Russian Federation do not provide for a clear structure of the business plan. It all depends on the nature of the business you are going to be engaged in (manufacturing, selling, providing services, etc.), on your goals and the desired income. But every small business plan is about the same in some sections.


When writing a business plan for any line of business, you can use the following structure:

  • An overview of the idea.
  • Market analysis.
  • Marketing.
  • Project funding.
  • Production plan.
  • Economic evaluation of indicators.

Project Overview

This is a short summary, a possible biography of the project, designed to understand the entrepreneur and his investors (if any) how effectively this business can work. This is a brief description of all those indicators that will be discussed below. In a small overview, you need to provide the most important materials in order to interest investors in investing money in your business.

The topics of business plans depend on the category of activity that you intend to represent. This can be a plan for creating a cafe, restaurant, store, organizing a workshop, call center, spa salon, carrying out production activities, etc.

Market Analysis

This section should reflect the market situation of the business segment in which you intend to start working. It is necessary to clearly understand which market you are going to conquer in order to understand what goals your small business business plan is aimed at. Examples of markets in Russia are:

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