We open our own yarn shop

To open a handicraft store, with a competent approach to business, an actual and fashionable business option. People started choosing original hand-made products. The needlewomen of the city will be delighted with the opening of a new shop, the demand for goods for creativity does not dry out. With a successful opening, the business will begin to bring good income, develop, and increase the base of regular customers.

Handicraft shop assortment

Before other tasks, when opening a store, you need to think about what assortment of goods to offer to customers. The current handicraft outlet is obliged to provide a wide selection of quality goods. You should purchase items of different price categories.

The main product is often:

  • Fabrics: coats, curtains, tulle, light and heavy density.
  • Yarn: acrylic, bamboo, mohair.
  • Beads, fishing line.
  • Embroidery kits, canvas, embroidery threads.
  • Knitting needles, crochet hooks, threads for knitting.
  • Ribbons, lace.
  • Materials for application, adhesive materials.
  • Spare parts for sewing machines.

Initial investment for opening a craft store

The handicraft shop business plan includes calculations about the initial costs. Initial investments are 650,000 - 800,000 rubles, and include:

  • Premises for rent - from 20,000 rubles / month.
  • Purchase of a range of goods - 400 - 500,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of equipment - from 100,000 rubles.
  • Repair of the premises - 100-150,000 rubles.
  • Other expenses - from 50,000 rubles.

Trade margin at a craft store

The markup for handicraft goods starts from 30-50%, for some goods it can go up to 100%.

To warm up the buyer's interest, it is necessary to arrange promotions, sweepstakes and permanent discounts. For example, you may have a bonus program, permanent discounts for those who buy in bulk.

Process customer orders, talk to them and make sure that the goods that are not on the shelves will soon appear.

Opening of master classes on needlework on the basis of the store

According to the results of sociological surveys, knitting ranks first among the popular women's hobbies - more than 60% of women of retirement age who are on maternity leave or parental leave and about 40% of working people, almost 5% of men surveyed are interested in it.

If at the end of the last - beginning of this century, the hobby for knitting was more of a necessity - high-quality beautiful things were an expensive shortage, their independent creation was often the only way to dress stylishly.

Today they knit for pleasure, some (about 20%) part of the craftswomen are trying to organize their own business or get additional income from the sale of knitted items. You can buy materials, tools and accessories at yarn stores.

Is it profitable to sell yarn

But the business remains profitable - the organization of the store, the choice of goods, prices and advertising, along with a large number of potential buyers, bring up to 25-30% of the profit every month. The payback period of an investment rarely exceeds 2 years.

What documents are needed

To open a small store (department in a shopping center), the best option is to register an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system. To choose a scheme, you must first calculate the planned income and expenses:

  • In case of insignificant (up to 30-35%) difference, it is preferable to pay 15% according to the scheme “Income minus expenses”;
  • In other cases - 6% of tax from the amount of income. This scheme simplifies the requirements for the availability of documents confirming expenses.

To register individual entrepreneurs are submitted:

  • Original passport and copy of passport (significant pages are copied).
  • Certificate of tax registration (TIN assignment). You can issue a certificate simultaneously with the registration of an individual entrepreneur.
  • Application for registration of individual entrepreneur (form P21001).
  • Application for UNP.

Feedback on the business plan of a women's clothing store

We managed to get a loan in the amount of 25 million rubles and open a women's clothing store. I was sincerely pleased with the professional approach to the issue, clear and impeccable fulfillment of all the requirements of the bank.

Feedback on a jewelry store business plan

An informal approach to work, understanding all the intricacies of business processes. As a result, we received a business plan, which passed the expertise of investors from the first time, and we were able to receive financing for 150 million rubles.

Director of a chain of jewelry stores

Feedback on the business plan of clothing stores

It was convenient to work with your company - you organized everything competently. I liked the professionalism and detail with which you analyzed our project.

Doing handicrafts is not only amusing, but also fashionable, more and more people have recently been fond of some kind of creativity. A business plan for a yarn shop includes a description of the tools needed to develop the business, a SWOT analysis of the business, and detailed calculations of financial and investment indicators.

This document assumes the opening of a small shop of yarn and other handicrafts in a large shopping center. Goods for sale: yarn, related items, goods for beading and embroidery. Additional sales are planned to be carried out via the Internet.

Payback - about 1.5 years.

Content of Yarn Store Business Plan:

What is a business plan for?

Investments Profit Payback 805. 0050.00 per month17 months

For those who seek to improve their lives and find their calling, you can try to open your own business. Especially in a situation where business is closely related to your interests. A handicraft store can be a similar deal. This market segment is very popular among different segments of the population (not only creative ones). At the same time, you need to carefully approach the assortment of the store, to the advertising and design of the point of sale, to correctly form the pricing policy for the goods sold.

Financial Plan

We will draw up a short business plan for our handicraft store with calculations of costs, profits and payback.

The project summary will be as follows:

Opening costs

In total, we need 605.00 rubles to open a business. It should be borne in mind that in the first months you will have low attendance and profit, therefore, so that the business is not under the threat of closure, it is necessary to postpone another 400.00 rubles. for monthly expenses.

Monthly expenses

Monthly expenses will amount to 103.00 rubles. In order to somehow reduce this amount, at first you can independently perform the duties of one of the sellers, then the monthly expenses will be 78.00 rubles.

Profit and ROI

Business is subject to seasonality, profit falls in summer, and on the contrary increases closer to winter. If we sell the product with a 50% mark-up, then it is quite realistic to reach a monthly profit of 50.00 rubles, the payback in this case will be 17 months.

If you want to open a business according to all the rules and get a bank loan or find a private investor, you cannot do without a business plan that describes in detail the entire process of opening a handicraft store. Turning to our company for this, you made the right choice. For 5 years of work, we have helped our clients open more than 300 stores of different directions, so we know the intricacies of the work of any retail store and can develop for you a competent business plan for a handicraft store.

Customer Reviews:

Raised investments in the amount of 120 million rubles and opened a store. In the process of work, we received a competent detailed business plan: a detailed description of the investment, a sales plan, an assessment of the market and project payback.

Gary Spartakovich, Grocery Supermarket Owner

I was very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of the specialists. The high quality of this project made it possible to positively resolve the issue of financing. As a result, we received a loan in the amount of 200 million rubles.

Rakcheeva L. Financial director of wholesale clothing trade.

Based on the business plan, we opened our own production of drywall in the amount of 20 million rubles. The business plan contains a lot of useful information on our new line of business, the financial part is well developed. The business of the main competitors is described in great detail.

Arzhanov A., Director of drywall production

With the help of a business plan developed and drawn up by BizplaniKo, a long-term credit line was opened for this project for 5 years in the amount of 50 million rubles. for the wholesale of fuels and lubricants.

V. Ponomarev, owner of the company for the wholesale trade of fuels and lubricants

I was very surprised by your thorough approach to business analysis, with the development of a complete financial plan for investments and a schedule for their repayment.

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