We open a children's playroom; Sun

Do you want to start your own business that brings joy to children and their parents? Consider a business plan for a children's playroom "Sun". We will determine the point of exit for payback, based on specific conditions and the minimum start-up capital. The table shows the approximate time frame for achieving the goal.

Actions1 month2 month3 month4 monthRegistration procedures for individual entrepreneurs + Registration of lease + Purchase of equipment + Hiring personnel + Going to payback (minimum) +

So, how to open a children's playroom. The estimate plan is based on the prices as of January 2021. The initial capital is at least 70 thousand rubles. Target audience - children from 3 to 7 years old. A business children's playroom compares favorably with opening a kindergarten or a children's complex - a quick payback, no capital investments and low competition in a residential area.

The average bill is 100 rubles, this is the cost of visiting one child per hour. The maximum load of children per day is 20 people. The planned exit to recoupment and development is the fourth month, on average in the industry - the sixth month from the beginning of activity. We will draw up a business plan for a children's playroom. We take into account that having once invested in equipment and saving on all expenses in the first months, in subsequent years we will receive profit and funds for development.

Opening of a children's playroom in Ufa

1. IP registration procedures.

How is it done in terms of costs: an LLC or an individual entrepreneur is selected. For services, intermediaries are paid from 2 to 10 thousand rubles.

How do I do it: the state of emergency was chosen as a form of doing business. Registration in accordance with the established procedure was carried out independently, we save 1.5-2 thousand rubles on intermediaries. Paid 800 rubles. state duties, other operating expenses - 2 thousand rubles. Total organizational costs - 2.8 thousand rubles.

We open a current account in Sotsinvestbank, Ufa, the commission for opening an account is 100 rubles, 200 rubles. for confirming the authenticity of the signature, maintaining a current account - free of charge. Cash book 50 rubles. Total costs for opening a current account - 350 rubles.

Taxes. Individual entrepreneur on a simplified taxation system, in the first year the object is income, which means that the simplified taxation system tax is 6%, personal income tax is 13%, payment is quarterly. For each employee, at the end of the year, fixed contributions should be paid to the Pension Fund of Russia - 17328 rubles, to the MHIF - 3399 rubles. We take into account and pay according to the results of the quarter and year.

Licenses and certificates are not required, since we have leisure activities, not education.

We select the premises and interior of the children's playroom

How is it done in terms of costs: a room is selected in a large shopping center, on the red line of Ufa, the rent will be from 1,500 rubles per square meter.

Dear friends, the following is an example of a business plan for organizing a children's playroom (DIK) in a shopping center. Calculations were prepared in Excel format and made by specialists with economic education and extensive experience in this field. If you are preparing your business plan on this topic, then it can be easily adapted to your project in any city in Russia.

We will be happy to answer your questions:

  • by email,
  • at the bottom after the article in the comments
  • in our VKontakte group.


The objective of the project is to create a children's playroom in the city of Yekaterinburg.

The task of the business project: arrangement of a children's playroom in the new shopping and entertainment center "Mega-mall" of the city in the absence of entertainment places for young and middle-aged children and children's leisure centers in the access zone.

Project initiator

The organizer of the project is an individual entrepreneur who has acquired the necessary experience as an operator-educator in an entertainment center.

Investment costs

In order to open the DIC, it is necessary to make minor cosmetic repairs to the rented premises, purchase and install play equipment. Investments for the project will amount to 773 thousand rubles.

The article describes the basics of drawing up a business plan for an interior design studio and apartment renovation. Home is a place where a person spends a large amount of free time, so its comfort, beauty and pleasant environment are of no small importance. A growing number of people are turning to design studios to furnish an apartment.

The relevance and high profitability of such a business allows its owner to receive a good profit. But, for this, even at the preparatory stage, it is necessary to draw up a business plan. The business plan of the interior design studio will not only allow you to get a loan from a bank or negotiate with investors, but also form a plan for further actions.

The procedure for drawing up a business plan for a design studio

To draw up a business plan for an interior design studio, you will need to study the following aspects:

  • Demand for services and possible channels of attraction;
  • Competitors, their features and advantages;
  • Pricing procedure;
  • Industry development forecasts.

After that, we proceed directly to planning the future studio of design and renovation of apartments and define in the business plan:

  • Personnel;
  • Required level of sales;
  • Premises;
  • Equipment;
  • Risks;
  • Marketing activity.

An example of a business plan for an interior design and apartment renovation studio


Table of Contents


The main service of the design studio according to the business plan is the preparation of design projects for:

  • Apartments ;
  • Houses;
  • Rooms;
  • Non-residential premises;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Beauty salons, fitness clubs;
  • Hotels and hotels;
  • Offices of companies, etc.

Hotel business plan with calculations example and sample - opening from scratch

The business plan (BP) of the hotel is a document designed primarily for the investor. We can say that this document has an external orientation and contains blocks showing how the project may be of interest to investors. Its peculiarity is that it focuses on the marketing and financial and economic aspects of business, while, for example, scientific, technical, technological and social aspects are not presented in such detail. As a rule, the document concerns a new project and is prepared with a planning horizon of 3 years. In this article we will tell you about the features of the Hotel Business Plan, pay attention to its key sections and see samples with detailed calculations.

First - a short excursion on the types of accommodation facilities.

Format options

If you, as an individual, plan to invest in the hotel business, then a mini-hotel will be a suitable format, or you can pay attention to adjacent small hotel formats.

Definitions of various levels of accommodation facilities, as well as classification issues, are contained in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 16, 2021 No. No. 158 "On approval of the Regulations on the classification of hotels"

The project identifies the following types of hotels:

Hotel, hotel - an accommodation facility, which is a property complex that includes a building or part of a building, premises and other property in which accommodation services and, as a rule, catering services are provided, with a reception service, and also equipment for the provision of additional services;

A hotel located in a building that is an object of cultural heritage or located on the territory of a historical settlement is a type of hotels that have, by virtue of this restriction, during restoration and renovation work;

Resort hotel, sanatorium, recreation center, tourist base, recreation center, tourist village (recreation village), rest house, boarding house and other similar accommodation facilities, which are located in an area that has, among other things, natural healing resources (mineral waters, mud, climate and others), provide on their own base as additional services health services using these natural resources and have the capabilities and appropriate equipment for organizing sports and entertainment;

Aparthotel - a type of hotels, the number of rooms of which consists exclusively of rooms of the categories "studio" and "apartment";

Dear visitors below is an example of a business plan for a children's development center with economic calculations. Calculations are made by specialists with extensive experience in Excel file, so they can be adapted to any business plan of another center. After reviewing the document, you can download the file with the calculations below. If you have any questions, ask them directly in the comments, in the VKontakte group, or by writing to us by mail.


Purpose: "Organization of a children's development center in the city of Saratov."

Tasks: "Organization of a center for the training and development of preschool children."

Project initiator

The initiator of the project is a private person - educator with more than 15 years of experience in the specialty. The entrepreneur was previously a kindergarten teacher and has educational experience.

Investment costs

To open a children's development center, a small investment of 300 thousand rubles will be required, which will be spent on renovating the premises, purchasing children's furniture and educational materials.

The premises are not planned to be purchased, it will be rented.

The division of investments by areas is presented below:

  • Registration of a legal entity –10 thousand. ub .;
  • Renovation of the premises - 200 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of children's furniture - 70 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of training materials - 30 thousand rubles.

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