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Image and style are the concepts that characterize the surrounding reality of a modern person, be it his house, apartment, personal plot, business and much more.

And if earlier, in order to create a beautiful interior, make high-quality advertising, or design a website, you could do everything on your own, now the consumer needs uniqueness and originality in everything.

That is why people increasingly turn to professional designers for help, and not for the development of small details, but for a full-scale design of the project from "A" to "Z".

Based on this, opening your business in the form of a design studio is a very relevant enterprise, especially if you are a creative and creative person with an artistic flair, or even better, with a specialized education.

But no matter how creative this business is, we must not forget that this is primarily a job that requires a business approach, and therefore it is necessary to draw up a business plan for a design studio.

Enterprise Concept Development

A very important step in establishing a business is a thorough study of market segments for similar services, because in order for a company to firmly gain a foothold in a competitive market, it must provide services whose quality is comparable or an order of magnitude higher than the design services already provided ...

Further actions depend on what types of design services your studio will provide:

  • - interior design;
  • - web design;
  • - architectural design;
  • - printing design ;
  • - design of personal plots, etc.

Each design direction has its own subtleties, for example, if you draw up a business plan for an interior design studio or an architectural design studio, it would be better if your company is a subsidiary of a furniture or construction company, then you don't have to look regular suppliers of interior elements or building and finishing materials.

Approximate (typical) business plan of a design studio

Business cards, flyers, banners have become part of our life. We can no longer imagine our business without advertising and presentation printing products. Moreover, for the greatest success, it must be done with the highest quality. Therefore, smart forward-thinking entrepreneurs are ready to go to a design studio and pay them big money. If you have artistic taste, creativity, you can make real money from it. And the design studio business plan, which you will find in our article, will help you with this.

Design is a complex concept that produces beautiful results

What is design What design is in financial demand in modern Russia

Design is a very complex concept that involves the creative activity to create objects that satisfy certain conditions.

As a rule, in 90% of cases we are talking about the visual component. Recently, the so-called tactile design has been spreading, but this is already a specificity about which at first you can not think at all.

Ideally, the design (appearance) should reflect, convey the inner essence of the thing. Another important issue is the rational use of resources and opportunities. For example, it is necessary that the interior design be adequate in cost, and the designer furniture could be produced by a nearby company.

Not all design in the modern world will pay off in any way - such is the sad fate of creative fields of activity. This needs to be well understood before drawing up a design studio business plan.

The most paid types of design include:

  • Web design and logo design
  • Interior design
  • Floristics
  • Corporate identity design of the company
  • Architectural design
  • Nail design. A very specific business for women, which, however, brings good income

Choice of direction

Doing everything at once is a bad idea. You need to choose a specialization, but how do you do it? First, see which of the areas of design is closest to you, because doing an unloved business all your life is a real punishment. Then analyze the most popular areas in your city, they may differ from city to city. In the most extreme case, you may need to move, for example, to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Finally, see if you have any connections in any area related to the design business, in Russia this is important. Analyze if you can interact with other firms, such as construction companies, or software companies.

If a few decades ago most people made repairs in apartments on their own, and the sellers themselves drew advertising signs for stores, nowadays they increasingly turn to professionals for these services. The impetus for the development of design as an independent service was the transition to a capitalist economy in the 90s. Despite the fact that more than a dozen years have passed since then, the demand for high-quality design is only growing. This is understandable: competition between manufacturers creates a need for high-quality advertising. Design has become a full-fledged sales tool.

The abundance of various building and finishing materials allows you to equip your home as you please. And if in the days of the USSR they took what they had, now it is even difficult to decide what exactly you want. The selection of materials, furniture, their combination with each other is a whole art. People want to express themselves through their interiors, so those who do not have an innate sense of style are increasingly resorting to the services of designers.

Prospects for the design services market

According to research by Russian marketers, the design services market has the following percentages by type of activity:

Despite the abundance of design studios of various profiles, designers do not complain about the lack of clients or high competition. Although the situation in the country is unstable financially, thousands of thousands of square meters of new apartments are leased every year. Many of them are purchased for subsequent rental. Perceiving their real estate as a project, the owners apply a business-like approach to all stages of its arrangement, planning in advance the expenses for the designer's services in the estimate. The demand for professional interior design and supervision of finishing works to the point far exceeds the supply of existing studios.

Enterprise Concept

Before registering your own company, it is important to carefully study your market segment and analyze your competitors. An entrepreneur should be clearly aware of the quality of services provided in his city at the moment, and how he can stand out among similar studios.

A design bureau may specialize in one of the areas, such as:

If you are planning to do web design, then a significant part of the initial expenses will be the purchase of high-quality equipment and the selection of employees.

Registration questions

Every year the number of similar housing in terms of interior design is decreasing, because the market for building and finishing materials is replete with variety. Furniture companies are working on the comfort and originality of the sets. A common man in the street does not always understand how to properly use this wealth on their square meters. We need the help of a specialist who will make the dream of comfort come true and even save the client's budget. The demand for the services of designers is growing, which allows creative people to earn good rewards. It is necessary to write a business plan for an interior design studio and assess your capabilities in a particular locality.

We offer for study our example, in which we present a business plan for an interior design studio with calculations in a regional center with a population of up to 650 thousand inhabitants.


A design studio assumes work not only with citizens who equip housing (apartment, private house), but also with organizations, legal entities wishing to equip an office or retail outlet.

The organizer of the project is a designer with extensive experience and work experience with objects of various purposes and design complexity. Many premises were designed from scratch, when even communications were not connected to the object.

In the process of previous activities, contacts were established with partners involved in the sale of finishing, building materials, furniture, and other interior items.

It is possible to arrange a small exposition for future clients who wish to receive not only a draft on paper, but also full support with the selection of the necessary things and materials. Most of the collections will be presented in catalogs or in partner centers.

The main room is intended for meetings with the client and the work of employees on the project. No storage space required.

Object characteristics

Type of activity: services to the population in interior design in premises of different specifics.

OKVED: No. 74 "Other professional scientific and technical activities" or only code 74. (in the field of design, interior decoration of premises);

No. 47. "Retail trade in other household goods in specialized stores" (direct sale of goods for decoration and interior design or as an agent between the seller and the consumer).

Location of the design studio: the central part of the city, next to retail outlets selling furniture, finishing materials, curtains, decor items. This will help grab the attention of the target audience, not the average onlooker. The room is located on the 1st floor of a residential building, has a central exit to the main street and a spare to the courtyard. The total area is 70 sq. m. Requires finishing in accordance with the specifics of the studio, which will require serious investment. The office must impress the client and motivate employees to be creative. No redevelopment needed.

Commercial art schools are gaining popularity. They are especially in demand for adults who want to realize their talent or childhood dream. However, doing this kind of business has its own characteristics and difficulties. Our example will help you consider opportunities, calculate profitability and potential profit - we present you with an art school business plan.

Project Summary

A private art school is a relatively rare occurrence in our country. And all because in almost every secondary school and leisure center for schoolchildren there are sections and circles for drawing and art. However, the level of education is given there as an initial one, and for an adult who suddenly decided to realize a childhood dream, there is no other option but to look for a private tutor. And an art school is just capable of providing an alternative: a high level of education, a convenient place for classes and communication with other novice plastic arts lovers.

Basically, art schools offer training in the art of graphics and painting. But there are other options: artistic modeling, embroidery and much more. It all depends on the availability of teachers in the region. Groups of students are formed depending on the proposal. The cost of an hour lesson is about 500 rubles per person. The lesson is attended by 5-10 people at the same time. Additional individual lessons are possible, costing from 1 thousand rubles. It is also supposed to offer subscriptions, the cost of a lesson upon purchase of which will be about 5 thousand rubles for 12 lessons. For an art studio owner, season tickets have a positive effect on studio attendance and increase profitability.

Before opening an art school, you should define the target audience (potential students). Initially, you need to understand who will be the key customer: a child or an adult. In accordance with this, the location of the school is determined, specialists are selected who are ready to work with children, the daily schedule is selected and the appropriate equipment is purchased.

You can open a mixed art school for both children and adults. In this case, it is necessary to conduct classes for children from 13 to 15 hours, and for adults - from 17 to 19 hours on weekdays. In this case, the main percentage of students will be schoolchildren - about 40%, then women from 30-40 years old - about 30%, then young girls and boys from 25-35 years old.

Before renting space, purchasing materials, and hiring teachers, the number of students should be determined. If you break up groups of 5 people with a 5-day work schedule, you get about 200 people per month. 100 of them study on payment for each lesson, the rest on a subscription.


In order to open a private art school, you must go through mandatory legal registration. In the event that the school does not issue official diplomas and certificates of education and qualifications, registration of an individual entrepreneur will be sufficient. If the school owner plans to provide students with graduation official documents and certificates, it is necessary to register as an LLC and obtain the appropriate permission from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and other bodies of the educational system.

Starting to work as a private art school-studio, the owner in a fairly short time is registered as an individual entrepreneur, receives permission from Rospotrebnadzor and the fire department and begins to implement his business idea. The costs of registering an individual entrepreneur and permits will be about 2-5 thousand rubles.

To teach 10 students a day, at least 2 teachers are required who can pay attention to each student. You can separately hire an artist for adult students and a teacher with the necessary experience for children.

In addition, you will need a janitor, the head of the art school, and a PR specialist, although the last two employees can be performed by the owner of the school.

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