We draw up a business plan for a medical center specializing in dentistry

Examples of business plans in medicine

The medical business is considered a fairly lucrative business sector. However, starting a medical company is a complex process that requires not only time and effort, but also planning.

Medical Business Plans

Before drawing up a project in the field of medicine, you should study this niche and choose a specific direction in which you will develop your own company. After that, you can draw up a business plan in the field of medical business with calculations. Using the sample, detail the following points:

  • Selection of premises;
  • Search for suppliers;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Paperwork;
  • Obtaining licenses;
  • Recruiting;
  • Calculating investments;
  • Opening.

Particular attention should be paid to registering a company and obtaining licenses. Also consider the cost of repairing and re-equipping the premises in accordance with the requirements of state inspections. An important point is the description and observance of the stages of opening a company. In addition, the plan with calculations should contain a description of marketing moves to attract customers and a description of advertising activities.

Proper planning will determine the success of your organization.

Samples and examples of ready-made plans

Medicine is divided into the following areas:

  • veterinary clinics;
  • dentistry;
  • medical centers;
  • health centers.

Each business example implies the preparation of a separate project, taking into account all the nuances.

Today, entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to use a ready-made planning template. Visitors to our portal can download a sample business plan with calculations in the field of medicine for free. In addition, here you can find samples of planning a commercial business in any other areas of activity.

In addition, we invite you to familiarize yourself with examples and samples of the most relevant ideas in medicine, options for their implementation, possible ways to attract customers. You can also familiarize yourself with the offers for the purchase of a ready-made company and a franchise in this industry.

The opening of a medical center requires about 30-50 thousand. ...

A medical center can be opened not only by a doctor or a person with medical education, but also by a person who has organizational and entrepreneurial abilities. Sometimes insurance companies can open medical clinics, so they reduce the cost of insurance policies.

Before opening a medical center, it is imperative to find out the analysis of the market in your region, the needs of the population for specific medical services and how wealthy the buyers are. Data can be taken both statistical and obtained by yourself. It is imperative to analyze how the market works, in which the insurance market and medical services are paid, since the services of private clinics interact with these areas. It would be nice to collect information about the services and prices of their future competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan for the medical center.

For the full functioning of the medical center, you need to decide on the services that you will provide:

  • What will be the clinic - specialized or multidisciplinary.
  • There will be only a diagnostic center, or maybe, as an addition, there will be a clinic.
  • Will the medical center include such blocks as - emergency room, operating room, hospital, dentistry and others.
  • Please note that medical centers with a small number of referrals are considered more profitable for entrepreneurs at first. And you won't need a lot of investments. Today the best areas are dentistry, gynecology, urology, cosmetology.


The place where the clinic will be located greatly influences the success of the opening of the clinic. In general, it would be nice if the clinic was located on a street where many people walk or near the metro, it would be better if it was the center of the city.

The choice of any premises for the provision of services depends on the number of these services. For example, to open a dental office, you will need only about 25-30 sq. meters and an office - 14 sq. meters. All these are sanitary requirements. And you also need to open a sterilization room - 6 sq. meters, and equip a place for visitors.

Equipment purchase

The purchase of equipment is a cost that is always very high, since medical devices and devices are always very expensive. For example, you will pay $ 160,000 for an ultrasound diagnostic machine. ., and for analyzes - 10-70 thousand. at. ...

Today, any client wants to give his money for good quality, which means that the equipment must be of high quality. It all depends on your desire. At first, you can buy used equipment. Used equipment from abroad is very high quality and will serve you for many years.

Download the business plan of the medical center for 550 rubles, from our partners, with a quality guarantee.

A medical center is a more complex business system than a medical office. It must be registered as a legal entity, with all the ensuing consequences. The list of the required package of documents can be clarified at the regional office of the Federal Tax Service or on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. And to obtain a compulsory license, it is worth contacting the regional health authority.

Consider how to open a private medical center specializing in dentistry. According to experts, it is this sector of medicine that is most popular with potential clients. The list of the most demanded areas is continued by gynecology, ophthalmology, urology and medical cosmetology.

Center branches

Many dental offices practice a narrowly focused service sector: only prosthetics, only treatment, or only serving children. For the successful operation of the center, it is logical to offer a wider range of departments.

There are only a few wide-profile dental clinics in Russia.

You can choose at least 4 directions from the following:

  • therapy ;
  • consultations and functional diagnostics;
  • orthopedics;
  • surgery, as well as anesthesia and physiotherapy ;
  • cosmetology;
  • orthodontics;
  • pediatric dentistry.

In case of limited funds, it is better to choose those directions that are poorly represented in your area.

However, the situation on the market now is such that any dental office, with proper service and a competent high-class specialist, invariably acquires regular customers. There are many clients, and there is enough work for everyone.

Problems may arise with the licensing of some specializations (very strict requirements for the installation of X-rays, for the use of nitrous oxide, etc.).

Center location

To implement your original ideas in the pharmaceutical field, you need to draw up a business plan for the pharmacy. At the same time, given the peculiarities of such activities. It is considered a very profitable business. Therefore, in this plan, important points will be considered that need to be taken into account when starting a business.

Pharmacy Business Plan Summary

This section should explain how you present your pharmacy business. What medicines will be sold in the pharmacy. Perhaps it will be a specific category of goods. Or medicines to deal with all possible problems related to human health. To do this, the business owner needs to analyze their capabilities.

Market analysis and needs identification

To achieve big sales, at the very beginning you need to analyze the demand for certain types of products. Check prices at various pharmacies. To understand which products you can discount. To attract buyers. Some organizations may not have certain drugs. And you can have them at a bargain price. This section should investigate which drugs are in high demand. In this case, it will be effective to supply analogs of drugs that are of low cost. It turns out that you need to understand how you can compete with large pharmacy chains.

Preparation of the necessary documents

A business plan for a pharmacy business will require documents. Which will be needed when starting a business. These include:

permission to conduct business;

Premises rental for a pharmacy

It is important to consider that you need to look for a room based on the determination of the amount that will need to be paid. It is very convenient to locate a pharmacy in residential areas of the city. It is only advisable to choose an area where there will be few pharmacies. Because, with a large number of similar organizations, competition will increase. And you have to spend more time to attract your audience.

Purchase of the necessary equipment

Of course, the purchase of equipment, as well as the choice of assortment are of great importance when placing a pharmacy. In a business plan for opening a pharmacy, calculations must be made. Indicate the amount to be spent. So that all the necessary items for comfortable work are present. Therefore, you will need the following equipment:


Financial model of dentistry

Brief Investment Memorandum

This project provides for the development of services and promotion of this dental clinic in the already established market.

From the above, it follows that the purpose of this project is to study the mechanisms of business planning in the economic activity of the enterprise. development of a business plan for a dental clinic.

Project objectives:

  • study literary sources;
  • describe the business plan, its meaning;
  • analyze business planning in terms of its relevance for maintenance economic activity of the enterprise.

The main purpose of the clinic is outpatient treatment and prophylactic services for the population.

The clinic will include the following services:

  • therapeutic dentistry;
  • orthopedic dentistry;
  • pediatric dentistry;

Clinic throughput:

  • 30-50 people per work shift;
  • 60 people on a more busy day.

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