Typography business plan

A person who decides to start his own business will definitely study all the services that are very popular. We offer to pay attention to printing services. Both ordinary people and companies constantly place orders for them. And how to open a printing house from scratch, and what is required for this, let's try to figure it out.

The specifics of the printing business

Of course, the best option would be for the future owner of the printing house to know its specifics, special education. But if you have chosen this particular type of business, but you do not understand anything in the printing industry itself, you need to correctly select qualified personnel, and everything will work out for you. Organizational decisions will be required of you.

Printing services are in demand at any time of the year. The profitability of your business will depend on your product value, quality and customer base.

Focus on loyal customers - this is the right strategy. And then you will have regular orders. And while drawing up a business plan for your enterprise, develop a policy of cooperation with your potential clients, who should become permanent.


To legalize your business, be sure to register your company. For these services, a license is not required, and registration of an individual entrepreneur is possible. But when planning to expand your production in the future, if your business is for a long time, it is best to open an LLC. In this case, you can work with any number of clients with the conclusion of contracts for various amounts.

To do this, you will have to go through the registration process with the collection of the necessary documents. Be sure to choose the correct OKVED code. For advertising the code is 74.0, for printing - 22. 2. If you do not have your own premises, you can rent it. Professional equipment can either be bought or rented. If you are on a budget, you can purchase used appliances. Find qualified employees. And think over an advertising campaign well.

Production area

For a mini-printing house, you need a space of at least fifty square meters. And the rental price will depend on the area. And customers will depend on the same. For example, you can rent a room next to an educational institution, then the majority of your clients will be students. And from here you can choose the appropriate services - copying, printing, lamination and others.

How to open a mini printing house: a business plan

Printing in the modern economy is a little-employed industry and is constantly growing by at least 26% per year. The project is interesting, and if you correctly invest money and correctly approach the marketing policy, then a small private printing house will bring a good income to all its investors. Of the minuses, high investments stand out, but the project can easily be mastered by several contributors. Below is a typography business plan to help beginners get their idea started.

Company Information

Main activity: offers printing services for printing calendars, notebooks, notebooks, book products.

Form of legal responsibility: LLC. It is planned to participate in state auctions for printing educational materials for students and schoolchildren.

Main consumers: government agencies and private traders who need printed materials for outdoor and indoor office work.

Notebooks, calendars, notebooks are sold to wholesale buyers for further sale in the retail network of the city.

Suppliers of consumables for the production of mini-printing houses are manufacturers from neighboring republics.

Purpose: for the first year of operation, the project involves the purchase of an expensive modular multicolor printing machine, the expansion and automation of the printing line, the purchase of an installation for printing roll and sheet products. It is planned to create an advertising agency on the basis of the LLC, specializing in the design and receipt of orders for the production of advertising printing products (billboards, booklets, etc.). The project plan includes the repair and modernization of the existing equipment of the participating enterprises.

Accommodation: the printing house is located on the outskirts of the city, an area of ​​120 sq. m. The area is divided into the following zones: design department, reception, manager's office, locker room, printing shop.

The lease of the premises is confirmed by the rent agreement. The rental price does not include the electricity bill, which is carried out by the meter every month separately. Together, the amount of rent and utility bills per month is 90,000 rubles.

Taxes: immediately after receiving the LLC, an application is drawn up for the transition to a simplified taxation system (income minus expenses).

Working hours of the printing house: from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday - days off.

The price for products depends on the print quality (digital, screen printing) and on the number of copies.

Learn how to start a typography from scratch. Business plan: how profitable it is, what equipment is needed, where to choose a room for a printing house.

Review of the taxi service business plan

A clear understanding of the goals of the project, an impeccably executed business plan influenced the adoption of a positive decision on the financing of our project by investors, the total amount of investments amounted to 24 million rubles.

deputy. Director of Progress LLC

We have been approved a loan for the construction of a new gas station in the amount of 50 million rubles. The business plan was drawn up on time, contained all the calculations of the project and their justification, as well as the calculation of payback. The project was fully approved by the bank.

chief accountant of the gas station network

Feedback on business plan dentistry

The business plan, executed in accordance with all UNIDO standards and taking into account the wishes of the bank, made it possible to attract a loan of 165 million rubles. The work was completed even ahead of schedule.

Printing of advertising and other materials is a demanded direction of activity. The business plan of the printing house contains information on activities aimed at launching a business, as well as calculations of financial and investment indicators.

Preconditions for drawing up the document: the enterprise will issue advertising booklets, leaflets, banners, brochures, books, etc., the average workload of the facility is about 2500 orders per year.

Document content:

What do you need a business plan for?

Please select the appropriate option

Advanced with financial calculations with Excel financial model

Reviews of the business plan of the printing house ()

The main thing about the business plan of the printing house in the year

Opening of a mini-printing house: choosing equipment

The basis of any printing house, even the smallest one, is high-quality equipment. But how to choose it is the first question that arises before an entrepreneur pondering where to start a business like a printing house. This choice should be guided, first of all, by the expected volume of orders. If they are able to ensure the optimal utilization of the existing equipment, it will be most profitable for the printer owner.

If you buy overly powerful equipment, then due to a shortage of orders, it will be idle for a long time, which will entail serious losses. On the other hand, the purchase of insufficiently productive equipment can lead to disruptions in the lead time. Both of these options are unacceptable, which must be taken into account by the competent organization of the printing house.

When opening your printing house, at first, do not strive to buy the most expensive equipment. Only as you gain the necessary experience and knowledge, you can replace the existing equipment with more expensive ones, at the same time acquiring the missing devices.

The specific equipment of the printing house depends on what types of printing will be carried out in it. If you intend to specialize mainly in black and white printing, then the risograph will become the most necessary equipment for your printing house. Based on reviews of the printing business, it is best to buy a new unit. The average cost of such equipment is about 300 thousand rubles. The advantage of the risogaf is its economy, low cost of the final product and speed of work. In addition, it is extremely simple to work with this device, which allows you to form an optimal staff of the printing house without sending employees for additional training.

Businessmen who expect to organize a printing house specializing in more complex work need to allocate funds to purchase a full-fledged offset press. This technique allows you to carry out bulk orders using high-quality colors. Its cost is much higher compared to a risograph, and its operation will be more expensive. In addition, to service such a machine, you will need to hire an experienced specialist. But the quality of the final product and the higher cost of orders allows you to forget about these shortcomings.

Problems will be left behind if, when creating a business, you rely on a professional example of a business plan for opening a printing house with ready-made calculations. This document contains step-by-step instructions, following which you can easily overcome any obstacles, choosing the shortest path to business success.

How to open a mini typography

Services of mini-printing houses are in demand at all times. They are used mainly by the owners of private firms - advertising agencies, trading companies, restaurants, as well as educational and government organizations. Small batches of leaflets, flyers, business cards, labels, menus and price tags - such orders allow owners of small printing houses to live quite comfortably, counting on a bright future.

Do you want to make money in advertising and publishing? We will help you start your own business! Consider an investment in a printing house with detailed financial calculations, organizational and financial plans. Based on the document, you can draw up a business plan yourself.

Content of the article:

Typical typography resume

The business plan of the printing house involves the opening of a mini-company that provides the population with services in color and monochrome printing, lamination, binding, scanning, printing, etc. Before considering the peculiarities of this business, we advise you to familiarize yourself with a similar idea of ​​entrepreneurship - making money on vending copiers.

The main products of the company: forms, forms, leaflets, newsletters, brochures, copies of documents. Consumers: individuals and legal entities, for example, advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses.

The project requires an investment of 500,000 rubles. Annual costs - 1,305,000 rubles.

Main types of services provided

How to open a mini printing house from scratch? To begin with, we draw up an organizational plan and determine the main list of services. You also need to resolve other organizational issues related to renting premises, selecting equipment, etc. Main types of printing:

  • sheet-fed - printing on A2 and A1 format machines;
  • role-playing - using thin and cheap paper canvases;
  • prepress preparation of files.

Additional earning options:

  • development of company logo;
  • creation and layout of greeting cards, invitations, etc.;
  • creation of information and advertising brochures, booklets , calendars;
  • business printing layouts (notebooks, envelopes, letterheads, presentations);
  • photo output;
  • color proof of the layouts that will be printed.

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