Typical farm business plan for a grant

Feedback on a business plan for growing vegetables in a greenhouse

The business plan turned out to be a thoroughly thought out document, with a description of all business processes and detailed calculations for the project. As a result, we received funding for 180 million rubles.

chief accountant of Andreevskoe hozyajstvo

Feedback on a business plan for growing grain crops

Thanks to cooperation and a high-quality business plan, we managed to get a loan from the Russian Agricultural Bank for the purchase of agricultural equipment for 5 years and a short-term loan to replenish working capital (for sowing), the total amount is 450 million rubles. "

Feedback on a business plan for raising chickens

Quality professional work. The resulting business plan allowed opening a credit line for 300 million rubles, which has already been partially used. The project was tested at the bank the first time.

Content of Crop Business Plan:

Why do you need a crop business plan?

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Advanced with financial calculations with Excel financial model

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Standard Business Plan

What should a rural business plan take into account? The main problem the farmer will face is the storage and marketing of the produce. The lack of acceptable storage conditions for the goods forces them to sell them to dealers at very low prices. The presence of good distribution channels allows the company to generate high profits.

Benefits of Rural Business

Compared to urban areas, there are significant advantages in rural areas. Firstly, it is its own land and large areas of utility rooms. Secondly, in rural areas the labor force is cheaper than in the city, the wage bill (payroll) of the enterprise will be less than that of a similar project in a stone jungle.

Having your own land gives great advantages, namely:

  • there is no need to rent land;
  • you can build any premises for business;
  • utilities will be cheaper;
  • the cost of a product or service drops sharply.

The lack of the necessary land area or premises for agriculture is easily compensated by their purchase: real estate in rural areas is inexpensive. As for utilities, there is no centralized water supply, but this issue is solved by digging your own well or drilling a well. The cost of water will be equal to the cost of electricity, which is consumed by a water engine that supplies water to the surface.

Growing food may require setting up a farm that will require tens of hectares of land. It makes sense to take a closer look at agricultural projects that bring high profits even on several acres of land. There will be no big difficulties with land and hired force in the countryside. The salaries for which even students will refuse to work in the city are perceived positively in the countryside.

Projects for drawing up a business plan

What example projects can you consider? Large tracts of land in a village may be required for growing vegetables or nuts. In the first case, the business plan should take into account:

  • the expected volume of the crop;
  • indicators of the land yield in this area;
  • the estimated area of ​​land that will be required to grow the planned amount of vegetables;
  • what equipment will be needed and in what quantity;
  • how many hired personnel need to be involved in the work and for what period.

It is necessary to provide for greenhouses and vegetable storage. This approach will require certain costs at the start - from 600 thousand to 1.5 million rubles or more. It is possible to optimize expenses if the plan of agricultural projects provides for the purchase from local residents of the harvest they have collected on their land with further sale to large retail chains and food bases. In this case, you only need transport and good procurement organization.

Growing nuts will require an area of ​​1-3 hectares or more, and the first profit can be expected in 5-6 years after planting the seedlings. The advantage of this project is that it does not have strong competition in the market. You can also start it by buying the harvested crops from local residents.

Agriculture is considered the most important branch of the economic complex of Russia. It not only produces food products and produces raw materials for other industries, but also provides ample opportunities for the development of private business. The Crop Growing Business Plan describes the basic steps and procedures for setting up a crop farming enterprise. Its implementation will make it possible to solve several important social problems at once: to help meet the demand for crop products, create new jobs in rural areas, and contribute to budget replenishment through taxes paid.

Market Analysis

The basis of state policy in agricultural production is Federal Law No. 264-FZ, adopted in December 2021. This document brings into force the State Program "Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food Markets for 2021-2021". In particular, it provides for a set of measures to increase the production and processing of crop crops, increase the profitability of agricultural enterprises (up to 15%), and increase the average monthly salary of agricultural workers to 25,490 rubles.

For entrepreneurs, the point on increasing the activity of JSC "Rosselkhozbank" to support peasant farms, consumer cooperatives and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production of agricultural products on personal subsidiary plots is important.

During the implementation period, this program has significantly increased the financing of the industry by providing affordable loans for capital expenditures and the purchase of seed. The task has been set by 2021 to provide loans to agricultural enterprises in such a volume that will make it possible to carry out a large-scale modernization of priority agricultural subsectors and bring enterprises to a fundamentally new technical and technological level.

Over the past few years, the structure of sown areas for a number of crops has changed significantly in the country. An example of this is a significant increase in crops of buckwheat, soybeans, sunflowers, and rapeseed. The share of barley and wheat crops was, respectively, 140-260 thousand hectares and 260-480 thousand hectares. This fluctuation is due to changes in market conditions and external factors, in particular - sanctions.

In accordance with these fluctuations, the structure of the crop also changed, which, according to analysts, will not undergo significant changes in the coming years. In the country, about half of the harvest will be wheat, a quarter - barley, and another quarter - all other crops.

Based on such tendencies, the profitability of domestic agricultural producers experienced significant fluctuations both from year to year and from season to season. Such fluctuations are smoothed out by applying various strategies of manufacturers' behavior in the market. One of the most common is the sale of manufactured products immediately after harvesting in conditions of a lack of own areas to preserve products. Despite the fact that in such cases the cost of production will be minimal, it will allow enterprises to hold on and not incur losses.

Project Description

A business plan for growing grain crops with calculations aims to justify the creation of a profitable grain company, the main activity of which will be crop production. It was drawn up on the basis of the condition that the founder has already leased agricultural land with a total area of ​​800 hectares and has begun work on their introduction into agricultural circulation and reclamation of another 400 hectares of land. This will require investments in the amount of 1.2 million rubles, directed to the purchase of seeds, agricultural machinery, fuels and lubricants.

  • Description of the project
  • Description of the enterprise
  • Which taxation system to choose for the farm
  • Description of products and services <
  • Marketing plan
  • How much can you earn from this business
  • Feed growing technology and livestock breeding
  • Schedule
  • How much money is needed to start this business
  • A step-by-step plan for opening a business
  • Which equipment to choose
  • Which OKVED to indicate when registering a business
  • What documents are needed to open
  • Do I need permission to open

We bring to your attention a typical business plan (feasibility study) for organizing a farm for keeping cattle. This business plan can serve as an example for obtaining a bank loan, government support or attracting private investment. On the example of the farm of the Ulyanovsk region.

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to open a farm in the village. Ryazanovo. Our main areas of activity:

  • raising young cattle with the subsequent sale of meat to the population;
  • production and sale of milk;
  • production and sale of straw and hay.

To implement the project, it is planned to receive a subsidy in the amount of 1.5 million rubles within the framework of the state support program for beginning farmers, carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region. It is also planned to use its own funds in the amount of 509 thousand rubles for the implementation of the project. In total, the total cost of the project is 2,009,000 rubles.

Economic indicators of project implementation:

  • Net profit per year = 1,850,806 rubles;
  • Profitability of the farm = 83%;
  • Payback of the project = 13 months.

Social indicators of project implementation:

  • Registration of a new business entity on the territory of the Melekessky district;
  • Creation of new jobs;
  • Additional tax payments to the budget of the Melekessky district ...

Company Description

The organizational and legal form of our organization will be a peasant farm (KFH). The head of the farm will be Ivanov I.

The popularity of natural products that do not use chemicals in their cultivation is growing every year. In this connection, a ready-made farm business plan specialized in cattle breeding will have a priority in this situation.

A detailed farm business plan with calculations can serve a new entrepreneur not only as a short informational guide. With its help, you can get a loan or attract investment funds for business development, in case of a shortage of personal funds of the business owner.

Description of the project being implemented

The purpose of a typical business plan for a farm is to open your own enterprise for growing large-horned runoff.

The activity will be as follows:

  • Raising cattle in order to obtain mass and further sale to the local population.
  • Sell milk.
  • Harvest hay and straw in summer, with further sale.

In order to make this project a reality, you need to invest about 2 million rubles in its development. Since this amount is large for a business owner, we plan to attract part of the money as investment from the state to support small businesses. The amount of the attracted amount will be 1 million 500 thousand rubles. The rest of the amount will be within the power of a novice entrepreneur, and he will invest 509 thousand rubles from his own funds.

If we consider a sample of a self-written business plan for a cattle farming from an economic point of view, then the invested funds can be fully recouped in a year and one month, and the size of the annual net profit will vary from 1 million 850 thousand 806 rubles ...

If we look at the detailed business plan of the farm from a social point of view:

  • A new type of activity will be opened on the territory of the selected region for the implementation of business.
  • The new organization helps to reduce the number of unemployment by creating additional jobs for the population.
  • The administrative budget of the city will receive new funds in the form of tax deductions.


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