Trucking business plan: sample with calculations

A business plan for cargo transportation is a profitable business, since the demand for the services of transport companies is constantly growing. On the market you can find both representatives of large transport companies and individual entrepreneurs working alone. In general, the competition in this business is not weak, but there is always a lack of conscientious freight carriers. Therefore, a sensible and well-thought-out business plan of a transport company for cargo transportation will not hurt you.

Choosing a form of activity

If you are planning to be engaged in large cargo transportation and have a large fleet of cars, then consider opening an LLC. This option requires much more responsibility, but it also provides more attractive opportunities - solid loans, cars on lease, and so on. But if you want to deal with small cargo transportation, have a small fleet of cars and several people subordinate (or do business on your own), then you should opt for an individual entrepreneur.

A business plan for a cargo transportation does not differ much from a transport company, but the process is much easier and faster. To open an individual entrepreneur, you just need to provide a standard package of documents (a sample is easy to find on the Internet), pay a state fee and submit a tax application. It must contain passport data, contact phone number and code of activity according to OKVED. The code for cargo transportation is 60.4, but there can be several codes - it all depends on the number of activities. You can do this yourself, or you can entrust everything to a trusted person.

Choosing a “workhorse”: gazelle or wagon

The choice of brand again depends on the number of vehicles, volumes and distances of transportation. The business plan for the transportation of the gazelle will cost you less, since the gazelle is an inexpensive model, but it has proven itself well and is easy to maintain.

A business plan for the transportation of a truck will cost you much more - a truck alone costs from 1.5 thousand rubles. up to 4 thousand rubles. This is a very reliable car, but the income will depend on the carrying capacity of your car and its other technical characteristics.

If you are going to carry out cargo transportation over long distances, then the choice should be stopped on a wagon. If you plan to work within the city or nearby areas and assume small parties, then the gazelle will be the best option. However, keep in mind that different car costs will generate different income. A business plan for trucking by a truck assumes an income 10 times more than when choosing a gazelle.

An example of a business plan for trucking

The section contains the goals and concept of the business, the form of activity, the types of services provided, the size of the fleet with an indication of car models.

How to draw up a business plan for cargo transportation

Using the example trucking business plan, you can form a general trucking business plan.

Market overview of similar services in a given region

Let's take a job in Moscow as an example. Opening a moving company in Moscow is not difficult, but not always profitable. In order for the work to be constant and convenient for the customer and the contractor, one district or district should be taken as a basis. In this case, it will be more convenient to make an overview of the companies, their analysis in order to meet the deadlines. Especially with traffic jams. This is the foundation on which the entire freight dispatch business plan is based.

Main potential competitors monitoring

To do this, you need to select 100 more or less good companies, the data on which should be taken into account in the business plan for organizing cargo transportation. Thanks to the presence of the World Wide Web, it is easier to make a selection, you can see the reviews and the company's position in the Internet industry. Of this, 30-40 percent will be worthy competitors for the future enterprise. And only up to 10 companies will be truly large carriers, with which you can compete with only millions of investments.

Now a little about the estimated calculations. Let's see in more detail what profit a freight transportation company will bring in Moscow, in the case of standard services and entering the market without significant investments.

Freight market in Moscow

Looking at the diagram, you can clearly see that the lion's share of the market (and, accordingly, profits) is divided between the leading companies - 45%

Slightly less is distributed to companies that have been operating for a long time, within the same region, or companies at constant volumes - 25%

15% of orders come from carriers, so to speak, of one direction (this can be either one route or a certain type of cargo).

Trucking has always been one of the most profitable niches among private businesses. A business plan usually bodes well for entrepreneurs, but many are wary of this endeavor. As in any other direction, there are many pitfalls awaiting entrepreneurs in cargo transportation. Therefore, the business plan should be as close to reality as possible. This article will help newbies start their business the right way and will show you how to draw up a detailed shipping business plan.

Who is this business for?

Most often people who in the past had nothing to do with this field are engaged in cargo transportation. Even without understanding the nuances of this business at all, you can build a successful business.

People choose trucking as a way to invest for several reasons. The main ones include the high potential and good profitability of this case. However, it will be quite difficult for a simple hard worker to survive in this path without a good business plan.

The business plan for cargo transportation allows you to outline a clear path for the implementation and development of your business. In addition, if an entrepreneur does not have enough of his own funds in order to bring his idea to life, he will have to look for lenders or investors. Neither one nor the other will give out money without reviewing the business plan.

The conclusion suggests itself that, having a good business plan, everyone can open an individual entrepreneur in cargo transportation: a person with or without experience, an entrepreneur with or without initial capital.

The concept of "cargo transportation" is very broad. Therefore, before starting to draw up a business plan, it is worth deciding what exactly the company will do. Today, there are several samples of a business plan for cargo transportation, depending on the goals of the company. Common goals for trucking companies include:

  • escort of moving of individuals and legal entities;
  • provision of personnel for loading and unloading operations;
  • movement of international cargo;
  • transportation of large goods within the country;
  • transportation of commercial products;
  • storage of goods.

Without a clear idea of ​​what the firm plans to do, it is impossible to draw up a business plan. Cargo transportation in all these directions differs in the staff, cost and dimensions of equipment, initial investments and others.

In addition, it is not necessary to stop at one of the presented types of cargo transportation. All directions can be combined with each other. Moreover, the more services a cargo transportation company can offer, the more customers it will be able to acquire.

Marketing is an important part of a business plan

Since trucking is a very profitable business, the level of competition there is simply off scale. The marketing strategy will allow you to correctly and quickly promote the company and, accordingly, achieve the company's profitability as soon as possible.

A good trucking business plan pays special attention to the Marketing section. This is especially true for companies that are engaged in private transportation of goods. Without high-quality and extensive advertising, clients simply cannot find the company they need. It will simply get lost among competitors.

The growth in consumption of various things stimulates the development of cargo transportation in Russia. People constantly need to transport something urgently. For example, we bought new furniture, we are taking the old ones to the dacha. The business has expanded - a new spacious office is required, which means that a move is inevitable. We changed the apartment - we are looking for a transport company to transport household items. A lot of companies successfully exist and develop in the business market of cargo transportation, as relatively small to large companies that have existed for more than one year. How do you start your own trucking business, and what rules do you need to follow to be successful?

Business plan of the transport company: we organize a company for the transportation of goods

In order to organize your own cargo transportation business, you don't need to make special efforts. After the registration procedure with the tax authorities, you need to rent an office. A prerequisite is the availability of a landline telephone, fax and e-mail. Next, you need to find a responsible manager or dispatcher of cargo transportation, a competent person, familiar with the process of transportation of goods. It is important that the employee is constantly in touch and receives phone calls. The flow of attracted clients depends on this employee.

The cargo transportation procedure itself is nothing special. In order to acquire skills, first work on intracity transportation. Maybe you will like it so much that you will not want to intrude into the sphere of intercity and international transportation. The most important thing is to bring the cargo safe and sound, without damage. Place where the client indicates, place and receive payment. That's the whole business at first.

The trouble is that a very large number of small freight carriers are engaged in such activities. Often, many work without forming a legal entity, and this implies an unfair, superficial attitude to work. Your task at this stage is: first, to form a pricing policy. For this, it is not necessary to immediately set the lowest price bar for your services (do you want to make a profit?). Match your competitors with quality versus low cost. Quality means clarity of work, constant communication with the client, adherence to the schedule. If you have promised your client to arrive for loading by 10:00 am, then arrive 5-10 minutes earlier. Not a single customer has reacted negatively to this yet.

Transport company business plan: always make a written contract

If you intend to work long and fruitfully in the cargo transportation business, always conclude a contract with the client. Moreover, the contract must consist of two parts: directly a model contract with the terms and conditions, and an annex, which lists the main items of transported property. The client will appreciate it, and you will protect yourself from possible claims.

Transport company business plan: hire a lawyer

In terms of drafting the contract, you should work out the points regarding payment for services and material liability. Never start working without a 50% prepayment. Even budgetary institutions are ready to pay an advance payment of 30% (this is regulated by law). The contract must contain a prepayment in percentage and digital ratio (the numbers must be deciphered in words).

The point that you are financially responsible during transportation always warms the souls of customers. He will not be superfluous. If suddenly an incident occurs that causes damage to the client, do not try to evade responsibility. In most cases, competent and quick drafting of an act on the spot with attached photographs leads to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Remember, the court is the last resort, the time and nerves spent, and the payment of the state duty, which depends on the amount of damage.

Today, there is an active development of all branches of the national economy. Most commercial organizations need freight transport services, as they are unable to form their own vehicle fleet. Seeing the demand and great prospects for this business area, many entrepreneurs decide to open firms for the provision of transport services. For this, a cargo transportation business plan is developed, which allows you to get an idea of ​​the required costs and approximate income.

Relevance of this business

Every business entity that decides to develop a business in the field of freight transportation must develop its own marketing strategy. He will have to conduct global research of the local market to get an idea of ​​the relevance of the chosen direction. All information collected will be included in the business plan of the cargo dispatch service.

Currently, there is a great demand for cargo transportation. They are ordered by:

Customers have a number of requirements regarding the transportation of goods:

In view of the great competition in this area of ​​activity, start-up entrepreneurs need to make themselves known in order to stand out among the large number of successful carriers. To do this, they can use the following ideas:

Stages of organization

Before drawing up a business plan for cargo transportation, each entrepreneur should conduct market research of the local market. It is extremely important to find out how many competitors are in the area where the office is planned to open. It will be useful to collect information about all their shortcomings, analyzing which you can offer potential customers better services.

The business plan of the trucking should contain the following information:

Search for clients

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