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We are full of ideas, and very often they come to mind. You must clearly understand what you want in this life, then set a goal and confidently go towards it. At the same time, it is very important to do what you love. It is at such moments that ideas come suddenly. It has always been and will be so.

A business with nothing but money is bad business.

“The owner of a car is happy twice - the moment he bought it and the moment he sold it!”

Automotive business from scratch

Jordan Belfort

Auto business is both an interesting and profitable activity, but one of the most difficult.

This area includes many niches, each of which is already tightly occupied by competitors, who, however, in times of crisis, either try to stay afloat or sell a ready-made business and a newcomer has the opportunity to acquire it relatively cheaply.

To start your transport business from scratch, you do not need to be a car owner or a car enthusiast - you just need to have deep knowledge in this area. Who owns the information - he owns the world, so you should be confident in your abilities at the start. Trade in information, your own skills and abilities - this also applies to the field of auto business.

There are a number of areas in the automotive business:

Despite a few common features, truck service centers are in many ways different from their fellow passenger cars. As a rule, in small towns, it is quite difficult for owners of large-sized cars to find specialized cargo service stations, and therefore they have to use their ingenuity and repair their cars in artisanal conditions. So opening a truck service in the province can become a very profitable and demanded business. The business plan of a truck service center presented below with calculations is focused on organizing this type of business in a small Russian city.

The initial investment that a businessman will need to open a cargo car service will amount to 2.2 million rubles. These funds can be borrowed or from the entrepreneur's personal savings.

Concept Brief

A truck service station, an example of the organization of which is presented in this business plan, must be registered as an individual entrepreneur. The choice of the taxation system is obvious - only "imputation" (UTII) with a tax rate of 15%. In addition, there is a chance that in some regions this rate will be reduced over time, down to 7.5% - this issue is now being considered at the legislative level. At present, not a single constituent entity of the Russian Federation can boast of such a rate cut. When registering a cargo car service, it will be advisable to select such OKVED codes as:

  • 45. 0 "Maintenance and repair of vehicles".
  • 45. 0. "Maintenance and repair of cars and light trucks".
  • 45. 0. "Maintenance and repair of other vehicles".
  • 45. 2 "Retail trade in automotive parts, assemblies and accessories."

An approximate range of services that a cargo auto service can provide is as follows:

  • Assembly and disassembly of components and assemblies of trucks.
  • Lubrication and filling of individual components.
  • Metal welding works.
  • Maintenance and repair of the steering system.
  • Engine and fuel system repair.
  • Battery charging.
  • Paintwork.

The owner of a truck service station will independently decide which development path to choose, but it is best to start with providing a small range of services, supplementing it over time.

How much to invest in opening

The initial cost of opening a service station for trucks can be divided into the following items.

Calculations show that more than half of the initial capital will be spent on the purchase of equipment for a truck service center. And this is absolutely correct, since the speed of work and the range of services provided by the service station depend on high-quality and varied equipment.

Marketing Plan

The average Russian today prefers to travel by his own car, refusing to use public transport. This entails an increase in the number of cars and, accordingly, an increase in demand for car services. For a budding entrepreneur, this can be a great start. A detailed business plan of a car service with calculations will allow him to estimate the approximate costs, assess his strength and decide to open a service station.

Relevance of the idea

A modern person appreciates comfort and speed of movement. It is not surprising that their own car in this regard is chosen much more often than public transport. The number of cars in Russia is growing steadily every year. If in 1970 their number did not exceed 5 million, and already in the 90s there was a jump to 11-12 million cars. Today there are more than 40 million of them.

As the number of cars grows, so does their number per thousand. If back in 2021 220 out of 1,000 people had their own car, today this value has already exceeded 300.

The constantly increasing flow of cars makes all services related to cars relevant, including car services and car washes. Service stations attract start-up entrepreneurs with a never-ending stream of customers: no one can plan or delay a breakdown. Additionally, many conscientious citizens bring cars for a thorough inspection and identification of defects.

The owners of not only used cars, but also new modern foreign cars, have a need for car services. And they are not immune to sudden breakdowns.

Opening a car service center is a promising business idea, which, if properly planned, will quickly reach self-sufficiency and start making tangible profits. Moreover, a small car service and a full-fledged service station can achieve this.

How to start opening a car service

Car service is a business that requires certain knowledge, skills, skill and special equipment. If a novice entrepreneur wants to open a car service station, then first he needs to assess the possible costs and level of income. It would be ideal to draw up a detailed business plan with a rough analysis of the niche in your region.

Prospects for opening a service station

The attractiveness of the car service has already been appreciated by many entrepreneurs. And the increased demand for services from Russians is not the only factor in which the opening of a service station can become a profitable idea. Among the advantages and reasons for the relevance of such a business are the following factors:

  • constantly high demand;
  • minimal advertising costs for the company (and after several months of work, word of mouth and regular customers will provide the required volume of services);
  • a large number of used cars in need of frequent repairs on Russian roads;
  • high cost of services (even small services can bring several thousand, and a full service or repair can even cost 50,000 rubles and more);
  • fast payback period;
  • high incomes even for small service stations - about 100,000 rubles can be earned with minimal equipment;
  • the ability to open at low capital costs (although a full-fledged car service will require serious investments, they also pay off very quickly);
  • no serious requirements from legislation and supervisory authorities;
  • no need to have serious skills and knowledge.

The main difficulty will be finding employees with extensive experience and all the necessary knowledge. We must not forget that car repair is a big responsibility, one incorrectly screwed part can cause serious damage or an accident. Therefore, the personnel in the workshop is a decisive factor for success.

Before starting this activity, you need to draw up a car park business plan. The proposed option provides for the construction of a parking lot for one hundred places and the middle segment of the cost.

Regardless of the economic situation, the number of vehicles in our country is growing steadily. For this reason, the creation of equipped parking for cars is becoming a necessary and highly profitable line of business.

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Market Watch

Every year in Moscow the number of cars increases by 300,000 units. According to the Moscow government, this year there will be 5 million of them, and the number of multi-level and open parking lots is 5,000, and they are sorely lacking. Such a business becomes socially oriented, not just profitable.

List of services and clients

The audience of the parking lot is made up of motorists who do not have their own garage, who do not want to leave their car under the house. The car park brings in an average income or slightly higher. When choosing a parking lot, customers are guided by certain factors.

First of all, they are interested in the presence of video surveillance and constant security, high-quality amenities, proximity to the place of residence.

The main services provided by parking are the protection of cars left in the parking lot, as well as various additional services, the list of which includes: tire fitting, car wash, warming up car engines, tire inflation, storage of tires.

These services will make it possible to differentiate from similar services, increase revenues and attract car owners.

Seat selection

The profitability of the activity and the popularity of parking largely depend on this. The business plan of the parking lot provides for placing it near business centers and in microdistricts with a high population density. You should also familiarize yourself with the existing parking lots, evaluate the quality of services, the cost of parking, etc. You do not need to choose an area located away from the place of residence of car owners who prefer parking at the house.

The parking area must occupy at least 2500 square meters, have equipped access roads and parking spaces, the ability to connect to electricity, water supply and sewerage networks.

What could be nicer than owning your own car dealership? But when opening this business, many entrepreneurs face a number of problems that arise due to a lack of knowledge and experience in this field of activity. After reading our proposed car dealership business plan, you will learn to anticipate future steps and learn the main steps for starting a business.

What information should be included in the business plan of a car dealership

Summary of business plan for opening a car dealership

Dynamics of car sales in Europe

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Project Stages

New vehicle sales in EU countries

Action algorithms prescribed in the business plan of the car dealership

The dealership's business plan contains the following algorithms for starting a business:

The relevance of starting a business at a motor show in Russia

In order to study the statistics for your region, it is necessary to conduct a marketing research regarding the occupancy of this niche in the car market and fluctuations in supply and demand. Today, information is available to any Internet user - you can find many portals that offer the most relevant statistics for all regions of our country and not only.

In addition, research will help you answer these important questions before starting a serious business:

  • Study the tastes, goals and problems of the target audience.
  • Predict the consumer behavior of potential customers in the context of a crisis in the economy.
  • Use up-to-date statistical data to promote new car brands on the domestic market.

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