Transport company business plan

The transport market is considered a priority area of ​​activity. In fact, the activity of most transport companies consists in accepting orders from customers with whom an agreement must be signed, delivering cargo to a specified point, accompanying it along the way, as well as leasing special equipment together with an employee. But before opening a transport company, it is necessary to determine the strategy for the future business and draw up a financial plan.

The volumes of export and import are expanding every day, and passenger traffic in various directions is also increasing. Therefore, the creation of new transport companies is a promising area of ​​the economy. The need for an increase in the number of such enterprises and the fact that forwarding and freight companies monopolize the market, thus arises the need to open specialized organizations.

Steps to follow

After the business plan is developed and the budget is calculated, you can proceed directly to the opening of a transport company. Establishing a company involves several stages:

  • registration of a company;
  • buying or renting an office, preparing premises for work;
  • hiring staff;
  • advertising a company, establishing partnerships.

One of the most important stages that generally determine the activities of a future company is its status as a business entity. The optimal form that gives certain advantages, in this case, will be LLC. It is also possible to register an individual entrepreneur, but not all partners agree to cooperate with companies of this format.

Establishing a legal entity will require more costs than an individual entrepreneur. So, already at the start of the enterprise, when registering it, you need to deposit a start-up capital of 10 thousand rubles and open a bank account. A prerequisite will be the payment of the state duty, amounting to 4 thousand rubles for legal entities.

The process of registering a company is simple, but to simplify the task and prevent possible mistakes, many beginning entrepreneurs turn to specialized organizations for help.

Renting an office is one of the first stages of organizing an enterprise and the main condition for its opening. In the case of registration of an LLC, the selected premises will also be the legal address of the company. This means that a formal lease agreement must be concluded with the owner of the office. With regard to floor space and location, these factors depend on the size of the organization, its budget and the size of the staff.

When recruiting staff, it is necessary to hire employees in such a way that the company employs several narrow specialists, as well as broad-based professionals. The specific composition and size of the staff is determined by the manager himself, based on the projected scope of work and financial characteristics.

Advertising will become one of the main levers of development for any new company. But it should be remembered that excessive marketing activity can lead to a sharp increase in orders. Failure to cope with the increased workload for a start-up can negatively impact its reputation.

Nuances and pitfalls + useful video

When opening a transport business of cargo transportation at GAZelle, you must have a clear strategy and an effective development plan.

Thanks to a competent approach to all organizational activities, a novice entrepreneur will be able to achieve great success in the domestic market in the chosen business direction.

What do you need to open?

To open his own transport company, a novice businessman first of all needs to go through state registration.

By registering as an individual entrepreneur, an individual will receive a lot of advantages:

  • Carrying out economic activities in a simplified form of taxation.
  • An individual entrepreneur will not need to maintain a complex document flow and make accounting entries.
  • The simplified form of accounting provides for a reduction in the tax burden and a decrease in the number of reports.

Preparatory activities

After state registration and obtaining the status of a taxpayer, an entrepreneur should start assembling his vehicle fleet:

  • When purchasing or leasing vehicles, a businessman should pay great attention to checking their technical condition. To do this, he needs to use the help of a specialist who can be hired for a fee in any auto repair shop.
  • Every carrier must take out insurance without fail, as during the delivery of goods, an unforeseen road accident may occur.

Once the issue of creating a car park has been resolved, a small business representative needs to hire workers. The search for personnel can be delayed, so an entrepreneur, even before the start of state registration, can begin to consider candidates for positions: driver, freight forwarder, loaders, operator.

A business plan for transportation can only be drawn up by experienced financiers who have the appropriate level of qualifications and knowledge required to disclose the entire volume of information. The fact is that the business plan of any transport company is a document, the preparation of which takes not only a lot of time and effort, but also requires high professionalism.

The business plan of the transport company includes

transport company with financial calculations

Choose the right kit

A basic business plan is an abbreviated version of a detailed business plan.

Shortened section of investment analysis

There is no analysis of profitability in the context of individual products and profit centers.

Description of the project concept and strategic goals

Investment and loan return plan

Sales plan for 5 years with details for individual products

Expenditure plan for 5 years with details by separate expense items

Studying the business areas in which one can actively develop today, aspiring entrepreneurs should pay attention to the field of cargo transportation. This industry is directly dependent on the growth of the industrial sector, as well as on the general economic situation in the state. When planning to open a transport company, a novice businessman must first of all monitor the local market, realistically assess his ability to compete, and also draw up a competent financial plan.


After making the final decision regarding the opening of a transport company, a businessman must go through the state registration procedure. To do this, he needs to determine in what status the commercial activity will be carried out:

  • Individual Entrepreneur.
  • Closed or Open Joint Stock Company.
  • Limited Liability Company

Important! Experts in the field of economics and law recommend that Russian citizens who decide to develop a cargo transportation business choose LLC as a form of business. Its main advantage is that the founders and managers of the company are not subject to legal liability. In the event of problems with the regulatory authorities, the Limited Liability Company will only be liable for personal property and assets on the balance sheet.

Having studied this video, aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to learn how to properly organize the workflow in a transport company:

If novice entrepreneurs have chosen LLC as their legal form, then for them the best option would be to switch to the UTII tax regime (see also what UTII is). In this case, they will be able to use up to 20 trucks in their work. For individual entrepreneurs, the form of taxation of 3 personal income tax is more suitable. Before starting work, the heads of the company should definitely open current accounts in any banking institution, since very often both small and large companies order cargo transportation, which need to document their costs.

Attention! Today, Russian citizens can apply to legal offices, whose specialists open turnkey transport companies in record time. They can also purchase a ready-made company with an open bank account and a full set of registration documents.

Selection of premises

After the completion of the registration activities, business entities planning to work in the field of cargo transportation need to find an office space and a protected area for the vehicle fleet. When looking for premises where clients will be served, you can choose large business centers where offices are rented. When choosing a territory for a cargo vehicle fleet, you should pay attention to those places that have fences and a nearby traffic intersection. Today, many companies lease their warehouses and hangars, as well as management buildings, which can accommodate offices of management and personnel.

Important! For the operation of a transport company, you need to purchase computers, printers, a scanner, a fax and a telephone, which are necessary for working with clients and registering cargo transportation. Ordinary office furniture is suitable for arranging offices.

If a novice entrepreneur has a large start-up capital, he can purchase an office space. In this case, he will be able to extract profit from such real estate (lease), even if there is no development in the field of transport services. The transport company must have its own garage in which mechanics will repair and maintain cars. It is also recommended to equip a warehouse in which customers' goods will be temporarily stored.

Cargo transportation in popular directions can bring a fairly high and stable income, because even small settlements need regular deliveries of food and non-food products from the regional center or other logistics centers. Also, the transportation of goods around the city is in demand, especially if construction is underway, business is developing, there is no stagnation in the real estate market. Read below how to organize a transport company.

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Vehicle fleet formation

It is one thing to offer cargo transportation services in the city, and another thing is to create a transport company for the delivery of goods over long distances, including abroad.

In the business plan of the transport company, it is imperative to include the costs of creating a vehicle fleet that would meet the needs of potential customers. Potential income depends on the scale of activity.

The optimal solution would be the presence in the fleet of vehicles with different specifics and carrying capacity, for example:

  • small-sized vehicles (up to 8 tons);
  • large-sized trucks (carrying capacity 8-25 tons);
  • specialized equipment ( excavator, aerial platform);
  • thermos van;
  • tow truck;
  • container ship.

In addition, the warehouse must be equipped with special machinery and equipment for loading and unloading vehicles - rocket, loader, scales, with a total cost of 120-360 thousand rubles.

The cost of vehicles "off the assembly line" varies from half a million to 2-4 million rubles, depending on the brand and model of the vehicle.

To purchase 5-8 cars, you will have to invest at least 6-10 million rubles.

How to open a transport company - six options for obtaining equipment at your disposal:

  • Buy with your own money.
  • Purchase on credit with an initial payment of your own funds in the amount of 20-30% of the cost of vehicles.
  • Purchase on lease with an advance payment of 10-20% of the cost of transport.
  • Rent with drivers.
  • Find borrowed funds from other sources

When attracting borrowed funds, the need for start-up capital decreases, but at the same time the debt burden on the newly-made transport company increases.

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