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Opening a toy store - product placement

Placing and displaying toys on display cases is of great importance and significantly affects sales. Today, goods for babies have flooded the domestic market, the domestic production of soft toys and dolls is beginning to revive, allowing the buyer to be offered high-quality and safe goods. But why, having entered one store, people gladly wander for hours and never leave without a purchase, but want to leave another after spending only a couple of minutes in it? The reason often lies in how competently the owner approached the design of the toy store.

When deciding to open a toy selling business, many entrepreneurs take into account such important points as the location of the outlet, the assortment of toys, their quality, but they forget how important it is to present the goods being sold correctly. It is difficult to make a purchase if toys are piled up in a mess on the shelves, between which one person hardly squeezes. And even more affordable prices do not always attract the consumer, who is accustomed to choosing the right product in a comfortable environment and without haste.

It should be noted that the target audience of such a store is made up of children who explicitly or subconsciously influence the choice of adults, and most often become the main initiators of the purchase, but at the same time the parents are still the buyers of toys. Therefore, the design in the children's toys department should be directed towards each of these target audience groups.

The fabulous variety of toys lures kids from the bright shop windows, promising incredibly exciting adventures and a journey into the fascinating world of a fairy tale. For a businessman planning to open a children's toys store, it makes sense to pay attention to his closest competitors, take into account their positive experience and avoid mistakes that others make. In addition, it will help you understand how you can stand out against the background of other similar stores, which flooded the streets in huge numbers.

Competent design is an excellent advertisement for a children's toy store, which should attract the attention of both the kids themselves and their parents by its appearance alone. Manage to interest a potential buyer, and make him definitely look into the store. Half the battle can be considered done, now it is important not to let him leave here empty-handed.

There are several proven options that are guaranteed to attract the attention of the buyer, for example, the use of figures of popular fairy-tale or cartoon characters in the design of an external showcase. In addition, at the entrance to the store, you can install play structures that, like a magnet, will attract kids.

Having studied the ready-made business plan for a toy store, you can easily figure out all the issues related to the correct design of the store, you will learn what is the importance of the first purchase of toys when opening a store. You will also understand how the external and internal equipment of the outlet should differ in order for the buyer to definitely want to look at you.

Selling toys is quite a profitable area for business. According to the indicators, the birth rate in our country is constantly growing - which means that the demand for baby products is also growing. At the moment, more than 20 million young citizens live in Russia.

The overwhelming majority of parents are ready to do a lot to please their baby, and are happy to buy a variety of toys. Many people do not lose interest in soft "animals" even at a more conscious age.

Anyway, the decrease in demand for toys from the population in the coming years is definitely not expected.

There are very few Russian toy manufacturers, mostly stores sell Chinese products, which not everyone will be satisfied with its quality and does not always comply with safety standards. Many people cannot afford European goods.

When opening a store, it is better to focus on middle-income people and sell goods at affordable prices. If at the same time you also outperform competitors in quality, your business will be successful.

Which format to choose

To open any business, you need a business plan, which you can either draw up yourself (for example, based on a sample), or order. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to open a real or virtual store.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages:

  • The Internet as a field for sale will significantly reduce your costs: you will not have to pay for rent, renovation of premises, etc. You will not be limited in scale, you will be able to place goods in any quantity without worrying about the occupied space.

In addition, the online store will allow you to sell goods not only in your city, but also send them by mail to other regions. If you have an original product in your assortment that is difficult to find elsewhere, people will not regret the money for shipping.

In search of a profitable niche for a future business, you should carefully look at the possibility of opening a specialized store for children in your area. It's a good idea, but to make your venture truly profitable, you need to draw up a quality toy store business plan.

It is enough to imagine for a second how popular children's products are, to understand that toys, clothes and cosmetics for children are in great demand. These groups of products do not have a seasonal factor, which means that with a competent approach to business, you can count on constant sales.

Indeed, very often many parents are ready to infringe on themselves in some way, because the parent's heart cannot refuse to purchase another toy for their child. Based on this, we can conclude that toys are a profitable business! However, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of this niche in Russia.

Market Analytics

Russia is one of the "progressive" countries where the birth rate is growing steadily. This inevitably leads to the fact that the chains of children's goods stores are expanding every year. Statistics indicate a figure of 30%, which means that the competition in this market is quite high. But not everything is so sad, since the same statistics indicate that there is no oversaturation of the market in such products.

Why put your business at risk when you can open a store selling quality and certified toys, which, by the way, are in great demand from parents.

For a successful start in this business, you need to clearly define your priorities. You have the right to plan and open a real store in your area, or you can use the wide possibilities of the Internet. On virtual shelves, you can offer a much more interesting assortment, and the fact that the online store is a round-the-clock trading platform where there is no need to maintain staff and pay wages makes it generally competitive.

Target audience

A toy store is a very profitable business where the success factor is quite high. Of course, achieving goals will directly depend on the organization of the business. A well-designed toy store will become a solid foundation for a promising undertaking, and a guarantee of guaranteed profit.

I suggest watching a short video of an example of creating a toy store. How the idea was created, and then the toy factory.

Legal form

If we talk about the legal status, then it doesn't matter whether it has a real embodiment or acts only as an Internet resource, it is more profitable for you to issue an ordinary individual entrepreneur. Your business selling toys will initially be positioned so that only individuals will be its regular customers. This fact will make it possible to really facilitate bookkeeping and reporting. At the same time, your taxes are significantly reduced.


Children's toy store business plan

According to statistics, parents spend the bulk of their salary on children. And if you need to cut costs, they will rather save on themselves, but will not infringe on the child. Accordingly, the sale of children's products is a profitable business that remains afloat even during a crisis.

Russian market of children's goods

According to the results of the research of the children's goods market in 2021, almost half of the growth came from branded products of retail chains. Well-known brand products accounted for only 7% of the total market volume.

The most popular product category is outdoor and sports toys, the assortment of which depends on the season. In summer, these are scooters and blasters, in winter - shovels and sleds. The second place in terms of demand is occupied by cars and technical toys with remote control. The rating is continued by dolls and constructors.

According to the National Agency for Pricing Policy, the volume of the market for goods for children in 2021 amounted to 623 billion rubles, and toys of this number account for 54 billion

The main market players are Detsky Mir Group and the Korablik and Dochki-Sonochki store chains.

Project Idea

Since there is strong competition in the children's toys niche, a narrow specialization of the store can become a key condition for success. It should sell goods that are not found in the network giants. The latter sell many brands, but the assortment of each is small.

An aspiring entrepreneur can take one of two paths:

  • choose a specific category of toys - for example, helicopters and remote-controlled cars or educational games;
  • sell products of the same brand by opening a franchise.

Good day! Today at the request of a subscriber of my VK group "Business Secrets for a Newbie" I am starting to write a series of articles on how to open my own children's toys store.

In addition to the toy store business plan itself, I will write 5 additional articles that will complement the business plan I prepared for opening a toy store. I recommend at the beginning to read the article "Ways to make money" in case they are not enough.

Traditionally, as always, I initially go to the Yandex search engine to see what other webmasters write about this. Well, what else was I again in the TOP1 as another webmaster? There is my own article that I wrote 2 years ago. The article is already morally outdated, since many changes have taken place during this time.

Well, now we have to write a new business plan for a children's toys store with new realities:

How to open a toy store

It's worth starting your business plan for opening a children's toy store from the very beginning, namely, choosing the form of business ownership.

Toy store ownership

2 types of ownership are suitable for a toy store:

If you are a newbie in business, I recommend reading my article “What is better than an LLC or an individual entrepreneur”.

My personal recommendation would be to open an individual entrepreneur, which has quite a few advantages and one of the most indisputable is the possibility of applying the PSN tax.

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