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In order to draw up a business plan for a travel agency, you need to decide on the services provided. The decision of the founder to organize the company as an agent or operator is important. The main share of tourist enterprises in Russia are agents (intermediaries between the operator and the tourist) who provide a standard range of services.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a travel agency

How much does it cost to open a travel agency?

Services provided

The travel agency's business plan includes the definition of the following responsibilities of the agent:

  • informing clients about tours;
  • searching and booking optimal living conditions;
  • organizing transfer (travel) from the airport / station to the hotel and back;
  • preparation of accompanying documentation (insurance policy, visa);
  • connection of additional services (excursion, meals);
  • search and purchase of tickets, taking into account personal client's wishes (meals on board, aircraft class) and acceptable docking;
  • providing information support during the duration of the tour;
  • assistance with the involvement of an interpreter and / or guide.

Services can be supplemented depending on the direction chosen by the company. For example, when organizing a shopping tour, the manager must find and provide information about discounts and conditions of the shops. Including holidays and weekends.

The services provided may be related to the organization of international and domestic travel. Some firms provide assistance in inbound tourism when residents of other countries come to Russia on a tour. This increases the volume of services provided. Most tourists come to Russia from China.


The relevance of the organization of the chosen business is due to the constantly increasing flow of tourists. This is due to the improvement in the financial situation of people and the development of the tourism industry. Many airlines and hotels provide discounts and bonus programs, which pushes tourists to make a decision about a particular vacation. In addition, many people are willing to pay money to the agency to guarantee a comfortable stay. For example, so as not to face scammers or lack of affordable housing without prior booking.

Market description and analysis

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The main thing about the business plan of the tour operator in the year

Opening a tour operator: a difficult choice

The organization of a business - a travel agency, a company - begins, first of all, with determining the status of the company. The package of documents for the creation and opening of a small travel agency or travel agency, in principle, is not great. Any individual entrepreneur can act as a travel agent, for this he only needs to conclude an agreement with a tour operator. Sample contract of the tour operator between two tours. companies can be found on any travel site. In Russia, there are about a thousand travel agencies, but there are much fewer tour operators. This is due to the fact that organizing business and tourism as a tour operator is much more difficult.

It is the tour operator who is engaged in the formation of the tourist product, and the travel agency builds a business, selling this product. The operator's, agency structure of tourism is built in such a way that for each completed tour the agency receives a certain remuneration in the form of interest. The assortment, volume of travel agency services, as well as wages in tourism depends on what the tour operator offers. At the same time, there are certain features of the implementation of a tourist product by travel agencies, they are obliged to comply with many requirements provided by law.

The ideal scheme of working with tour operators looks very simple for travel agencies at first glance, but this scheme may fail. Mistakes in dealing with tour operators can be very costly, so you should be very careful with travel documentation. Since it is the operators in such a business as tourism that are the main competitors of a travel company, it is not uncommon when travel agencies have to deal with the sale of not too popular tourist products, while tour operators sell vouchers to popular destinations on their own. Accordingly, the return on investment of a travel agency or travel agency differs significantly from that of a tour operator.

A businessman who decides to register a tour operator himself needs to know that in this case he will need solid financial support, from which, in case of default, tourists will be paid monetary compensation. Whether an LLC is profitable for a travel agency or a travel agency is more profitable to work under a franchise agreement - you will find a lot of reviews about this, but the most reliable information is contained in a competent example of a business plan for opening a tour operator with ready-made calculations.

This is a document that will help you understand the specifics of negotiating with tour operators, transport companies. The business project of the tour operator contains a full description of the company, the types of activities of the travel agent, includes options for calculating the salaries of personnel, including the director of a travel company. Having studied the business plan, you will protect yourself from mistakes at the initial stage.

How to open a tour operator: money for money

The Russian market of tourist services is entering the final phase of its formation, during which its participants will finally be divided into travel agents and tour operators. The latter option is considered a more presentable type of business, since it is tour operators who control the main mass directions of the tourist market, generating demand and influencing the activities of travel agencies.

Content of the article:

The tourist business is tempting for businessmen for the following reasons:

  • low start-up investments;
  • increasing demand for travel agency services;
  • high profitability;
  • small payback period.

A significant flaw in such a business is a lot of market competition. By developing a competitive edge, you can bypass existing players.

Travel agency services

The main activities of your travel agency:

  • international tourism;
  • travel in Russia;
  • out-of-town trips.

The main directions of human travel are presented in the following graph:

  • service for tourists in the office and by phone;
  • hotel, cultural, entertainment, sports and health;
  • excursions; <
  • advertising;
  • service and translation;
  • internal marketing, since external marketing is the task of the franchisor. (a major tour operator).

Video - the art of tourism business

State registration

Documents required to register the opening of a tourism business in 2021:

1. A document establishing the organization of a travel agency. 2. Application for registration of a travel agency. 3. Charter of LLC. 4. Payment of the state duty for the registration of the company. 5. Agreement on the establishment of the enterprise. 6. Receipt for the contribution of the authorized capital. 7. Copies of passports of all founders of the company.

As I promised, I am publishing an article about one of my businesses in more detail, or rather about a travel agency. Judging by the opinions of friends and acquaintances, by opening a travel agency, you can row money with a shovel. Therefore, I decided to tell the whole truth about the profitability and difficulties of running a travel agency firsthand. In this article, we will consider in detail the business plan of a travel agency and all the pitfalls ..

  • Travel agency business plan
  • Travel agency business plan example in real terms
  • Travel agency - expectation and reality
  • Tips for those wishing to start their own travel business
  • Summary

Travel Agency Business Plan

Before opening a travel agency, we think over a rough business plan and assess whether there is enough money to open it. So here we go:

  • First, we calculate the costs of starting a business:

Opening an LLC or individual entrepreneur will cost an average of 6,000 rubles on average, through an organization - 10,000 rubles.

  • Office and maintenance costs per 2 workplaces.

We do not consider buying premises for the office of a travel agency at all - at the initial stage it is impractical, because you can never be 100% sure whether a business will go or not.

For office rent for a small town with a population of up to 1 million to 1.2 million people, we are laying out about 15-20 m2 - from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles / month. taking into account utility bills and heating in winter. From personal experience, for this money you can rent a room, both in the city center and in a residential area.

I stopped at these figures, as I monitored the market of my city and the nearest million-plus cities and came to the conclusion: given the increasing tax burden on doing business, the unstable economic situation and the constantly increasing construction of new retail space for rent - the rent is gradually decreasing and you can find interesting offers or negotiate with landlords in business centers and shopping centers.

The costs of opening a travel agency will be divided into one-time and monthly.

The one-time costs of opening a travel agency include:

The main difficulties lie in conducting tedious negotiations with people and in diligently indulging their every whim. If you already have doubts that you will have enough patience, then you should not start.

Market and Competitor Analysis

The main part of the services (almost 90%) is assistance to tourists wishing to spend their holidays abroad, which indicates a large number of competitors who are ready to offer this particular service.

What is the reason for this growth rate? First, the population's ability to pay has grown significantly. Secondly, the infrastructure of the tourism business is developing tirelessly. In addition, the area is very attractive for investors.

Recently, a completely new service has become very popular - online booking through special sites and so-called booking systems. This significantly saves time for both the client and the tour operator, and automation has a positive effect on profitability and profitability. Result: with minimal costs, the entrepreneur receives a decent income.

Large tour operators (main competitors) are known not only in a particular city, but also in the country as a whole. It is almost impossible to deal with them, so the only correct solution is fruitful cooperation. In the modern world, it is not uncommon for a well-known travel agency to help a small entity in this area, of course, not on a gratuitous basis. In return, they expect a return of a certain percentage of the profit.

Format options

You can open a travel agency at home, the main thing is to have a phone and a computer. However, if you plan to get a good income, then broader thinking is needed. For a start, you can try to find an area not covered by the tourist business and open a business there.

This activity involves the implementation of the following areas:

  • full organization of delivery, collection of documents and negotiations with the host party;
  • reception of travelers who came from another country (city).

Those wishing to start a business and protect themselves from the risk of bankruptcy should pay attention to the franchise. After signing the contract, a businessman becomes a full-fledged user of a ready-made brand, a well-developed business model and many other advantages. For a beginner, a franchise is the best option.

You can also open a travel agency that will organize leisure activities for corporate clients only.

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