Title page example of a business plan

Cover page as a business plan business card

Companies draw up business plans to attract new investors. The business plans reflect the step-by-step implementation of the task that the company plans to accomplish with the help of cash injections from the investing company.

Investors can view hundreds of business plans per day, so it is necessary to concisely and competently draw up this document in order to arouse the interest of people who will pick it up.

The main purpose of a business plan is to attract investors and create a positive impression of the project that is inside the folder.

The composition of the business plan is as follows:

Recommendations for Cover Page Content

The title page of the business plan sets the tone for the future attitude of the reader to the company.

He should tell the investor that you are self-sufficient and have clear goals, project vision:

  • It is advisable to place the company logo on the title page. It always looks beautiful and expensive, creates a pleasant impression;
  • A good project name is half the battle. It should be a short, but quite attractive slogan that will live on throughout the development of the business and will be able to distinguish the company from hundreds of others. The name should be special, it is necessary to put the whole essence of the project concept into it, so that the investor is immediately interested in the idea.
  • In addition to the first two points, you should also remember about the requirements that must be met by law. The title page must be designed in accordance with all the rules. This issue will be discussed further.

List of required items

The cover page of the business plan must contain the following information:

  • the name of the company (if possible, the emblem and logo of the company);
  • the name of the project and its purpose in accordance with the goals set, it is also advisable to come up with a logo for the product that will is presented on its packaging;
  • surname, name, patronymic of the head of the company and the full name of the developer of the business plan;
  • address of the company,
  • valid phone number;
  • date;

Sample business plan cover page You can see a sample of the business plan cover page in the figure.

Business plan title page; sample

It is important to draw up the cover page of the business plan competently and in accordance with the standards. In this case, the likelihood of the project being approved by the investor increases.

What you need to know when designing your cover page

Correct paperwork allows a person to feel confident in the legal field. The standards for their preparation, mandatory details and other formalities are designed to systematize and facilitate the cooperation of the parties. The picky attitude of lawyers to the execution of contracts is not a whim, but a serious attitude to the case.

Consider an example when two parties enter into an agreement and one of them after a while violates the terms of the agreement. One party sues the other in court, and during the proceedings it turns out that the cooperation agreement is not executed correctly, therefore, is invalid. Such a mistake can seriously affect the outcome of the case, even bankrupt the company.

But the accuracy and accuracy of paperwork is needed not only for the court. A person who wants to start a business may not have his own funds, so he has to apply to a bank, private investors or government services for a subsidy to start a business. At this point, it becomes necessary to draw up a business plan.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who are frivolous about the business plan are making a gross mistake. First, while drawing up this document, a person visualizes and more scrupulously approaches the stages of development of his business. This will allow you to take into account points that may have been missed. Secondly, the design of the business plan can influence the investor's decision. The title page is the face of the document, and it must be done in accordance with all the rules. Potential lenders will not even watch the presentation if everything is done by a blunder.

The appearance and attributes of the title page are standardized, which allows you not to waste time developing the design.

What should be on the title page

The cover page of a business plan is an important page that needs to be designed correctly and aesthetically. As the saying goes, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. The sheet should not be overloaded with information.

The main thing is to have the name of the company or product on the title page. Even if the business plan itself turns out to be a failure, then a good name can stretch the whole project. The name should evoke pleasant emotions that will attract interest from buyers and investors.

Cover page of a business plan - a sample Cover page as a business card of a business plan The cover page of any document is an important indicator of the literacy and seriousness of the company. From him

The cover page of a business plan is its front page, the content and appearance of which gives an impression of the project. Since the document is necessary to be provided to partners and investors in order to familiarize and evaluate the activities, you should responsibly treat its main page. It should interest the person looking at it. If you failed to attract the attention of a partner in a few seconds, then he is unlikely to want to open the document to evaluate its content and most likely will not think about a partnership. How to properly reflect the idea of ​​the entire project on its front page and style it in such a style to attract attention?

How to draw the partner's attention to the project business plan

General information

The business plan displays a description of the entrepreneurial idea and the procedure for its implementation.

In separate sections of the document, a direct description of the project is contained, its target audience and sales market are determined, as well as the principle of generating profit and increasing profitability. The document deals with practical aspects of business such as production methods and financial issues. It takes into account potential risks and draws up a plan for the recovery of activities in case of difficulties in the implementation of the planned. In document applications, diagrams, diagrams and tables displaying information about the production process, data calculations, and their comparison.

However, the incorrect design of the cover page of the business plan can cause an unsuccessful presentation of the business. Due to its lack of information content and ineffective design, the issue may not reach the consideration of the contents of the document.

How to arrange

The first sheet of the document with the displayed presentation of an entrepreneurial idea and with plans for their implementation should be competently designed, which will form a positive impression of its developer, as well as the thoughtfulness of its goals and the seriousness of intentions in achieving them.

Having picked up a business presentation, the partner immediately conducts a visual assessment. Statistical analysis shows that more than half of projects are put aside by investors because the developers did not pass the first test - visual analysis. When considering a project, all visual factors are taken into account, such as the font, its size, the position of the text on the page, the completeness of the display of information, or an incomprehensible name of the project.

When drawing up a document, it is recommended to be guided by an example of a cover page of a business plan, which has been approved by partners more than once. Successful examples can be found on the worldwide web. When designing the main sheet, even the density of the paper and its color must be taken into account. If there is a logo, it is recommended to put it on the first page, since any little thing can be attributed to the developer.

Title page registration procedure

It is worth remembering that it is always more pleasant to hold in your hands a document drawn up on thick paper, forming its thickness, implying full coverage of the issue. Thin brochures do not reflect the seriousness of the developer's intentions. Each section of the home page should be formatted in accordance with the standards. Do not neglect the generally accepted rules.

The cover page of a business plan is, first of all, the face of your entire project, so you simply must arrange it well. We will consider how best to do this in this lesson.

It's worth starting with the fact that you must clearly understand to whom and for what purposes you will show your business plan. If this is an investor, then the title page should be designed so that the person who has picked up your business plan would certainly want to look into it. This means that everything should look attractive and competent.

What should be the cover page of a business plan

A correct project title page should be simple yet informative.

What to show on the title page

Here you can reflect some elements that will give your project a professional look.

On the title page, you need to make the title of the business plan, and indicate the name of the company. In addition, you can reflect the purpose of the project (for example, obtaining funding to open / expand a business). And it is imperative to indicate the address of the company, the name of the contact person, phone number and email so that the person who will read the project knows who he can ask questions and with whom he will keep feedback.

Also on the title page, you can specify the number of available copies of the business plan and the serial number of a specific copy. And it will not be superfluous to point out that this document is confidential information. This approach will further emphasize your seriousness in relation to the project you have prepared.

An additional advantage of the title page will be the placement of your logo on it.

How to make a good cover page

I think that almost all readers will agree with me that a business plan is extremely important for organizing a business. And that it is simply necessary to have it when starting any large project, and even more so if you are going to invest a large amount of money in a business, or are trying to find an investor who will financially support your undertaking.

There is only one significant problem here - it is often simply the “overwhelming” cost of a good business plan, which at current prices often “rolls over” for 70-80 thousand rubles. Therefore, many aspiring entrepreneurs try to write a business plan on their own, which is also not always successful. Today's publication opens with a series of in-depth articles on how to write a business plan so that you end up with a “creation” as good as a professional analyst. So, the first page is the title page of the business plan.

Business plan summary

Very often (I have heard this many times from employees of investment companies and private investors) the quality of a business plan is already shown by the very first page - the title page of the business plan, which contains a summary of the business plan - brief requirements and goals of the whole project. You will be able to interest the investor from the first page, show all the future benefits for him, consider that you have already completed half the battle in achieving your goal. The title page of a business plan is just the case when "they are greeted by their clothes, but escorted by their minds."

By the way, this is why most business analysts advise to start writing a business plan summary at the very end, when you yourself will clearly see all the main theses that you want to state in your project description.

A little tip: don't get carried away with volume! Remember: brevity is the sister of talent! Sometimes on one page you can state what the other person writes on several. The most optimal volume of a business plan resume is from 2 to 4 pages, no more.

The finished business plan summary contains the main points of the project - its greatest strengths that, in your opinion, the investor should pay attention to. In accordance with its name, derived from the Latin titulus - the inscription, title, title page of the business plan must contain:

  • The name of the proposed project
  • Information about its organizer
  • Contact information, its legal and actual location
  • Information about which form of business activity has been chosen for its implementation
  • Information about the selected taxation regime
  • The essence of everything project (in 1-2 sentences)
  • The amount required for the project implementation
  • The payback period of the project
  • Data on the investor's future income
  • Total economic effect from the implementation of the project for its entire conditional life cycle

Project name

The name of the project should reflect its essence. Agree, if the title page of a future business plan for an electronics supermarket is entitled, for example, "Romashka", this will tell the investor a lot about your creativity and approach to business. For those who find it difficult to come up with a worthy name for their future enterprise, I can suggest reading this article.

Business form

The 2nd and 3rd points do not need any comments, I think. But you should tell about the form of entrepreneurial activity in more detail. For example, if the title page indicates that you want to open an individual entrepreneur, then you must explain why an individual entrepreneur is more optimal for the implementation of this project than an LLC or another type of business form.

Brief description of the project

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