Theoretical foundations of business planning for foreign economic activity

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1. ED and its features

Foreign economic activity (FEA) is a set of methods and means of trade and economic, scientific and technical cooperation, monetary, financial and credit relations with foreign countries. [1]

According to Academician S. Sirotyan. [2] A growth strategy is developed for those areas of the organization where it has a clear competitive advantage. The choice of a growth strategy is determined on the basis of studying and assessing the prospects for the enterprise.

In general terms, international settlement relations can be defined as the relationship that develops between banks and their customers regarding payments to be made abroad. Settlements on foreign economic transactions are a necessary element in the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations, since foreign economic transactions are always onerous. [3]

Trade organizations purchasing imported goods for foreign currency keep records of these goods on account 41 "Goods".

The cost of the goods received, expressed in foreign currency, is converted into rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation established on the date of transfer of ownership of the imported goods to the importer. The moment of transfer of ownership is established by the contract. In the future, after accepting the goods for accounting, their value is not subject to recalculation.

The cost of goods received by import includes:

· delivery to the Russian border;

· customs fees for customs clearance;

customs fees for storage of goods;

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Planning of foreign economic activity at the enterprise

1. Planning as a function of foreign economic activity management

Planning is the process of selecting goals and making decisions to achieve those goals. Planning, as a management function, is the initial stage of any activity, including foreign economic activity. The content of planning as a management function is determined by specific economic conditions. One of the features of a market economy is its uncertainty. Therefore, planning, as a management function, one of the goals is to anticipate various manifestations of the uncertainty of the market environment and develop appropriate ways to reduce their adverse consequences for the enterprise. In a market economy that orientates each manufacturer and entrepreneur to the maximum satisfaction of the population's needs in their goods and to obtain the highest income, intrafirm planning has acquired qualitatively new features and characteristics.

The role of intra-firm planning is increasing in connection with the deepening of international specialization and cooperation of production, dark and long-term economic ties of firms in different countries. Almost the entire system of economic management and regulation of the production of enterprises in market conditions is based on planning, especially promising.

Drawing up and implementing any plan is a continuous process of collecting and grouping data about an object, comparing actual and planned values, identifying factors that influenced the development of an enterprise's business, and, developing alternative planning solutions, choosing the best alternative for all object state parameters, bringing commands to production.

Depending on the content of goals and objectives, there are three forms of planning: strategic, medium-term, current.

World practice has developed and successfully implements various schemes of planned activities:

planning at macro, micro, regional and interstate levels;

directive, indirect (indirect) and indicative planning;

Business planning of foreign economic activity - section Economics, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Odessa National Polit.



"Business planning of foreign economic activity"

Lecture notes on the discipline “Business planning of foreign economic activity” for students of specialty 7050206 - management of foreign economic activity. Auth. ABOUT. . Kovalenko, M. Kirnosov. - Odessa: Science and technology, 2021 .-- 127 p.

1. The essence of business planning for foreign economic activity.

1. ... The concept, essence and tasks of business planning for the foreign economic activity of a firm.

1. ... ... Foreign economic activity of the company.

1. ... ... The concept and role of business planning in modern entrepreneurship.

1. ... ... Goals, objectives, functions and principles of business planning.

2. The value of the business plan in the activities of the firm.

2. ... The value of the business plan in the activities of the firm.

2. ... ... The concept and purpose of business plans.

Purpose to create a personal strategy for foreign economic activity of the enterprise? To plan activities, regulations, business processes for the management of the enterprise? A long-term plan to achieve the company's goals by means of foreign economic activity.

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Principles of foreign economic activity planning

The foreign economic activity planning process consists in solving problems related to the choice of alternative actions:

  • on the development of the company's strategic goals: general and directly external economic;
  • on the assessment of its capabilities and resources (production, personnel, financial, management, etc.) ;
  • to analyze trends in the field of marketing activities in foreign and domestic markets;
  • to define a strategy for the future and develop programs.

Based on the solution of the listed tasks, a personal strategy is developed.

A company's strategy is a long-term system of measures that ensures the achievement of the company's goals. The development of a foreign economic activity strategy involves the implementation of six stages

The most important component of the foreign economic activity planning process is the development of programs and business plans.

Programs usually determine the development of one of the important aspects of the company's life. These can be programs for the modernization of equipment, improvement of technologies, organization of quality control, accounting for the movement of products, stocks, resources, and others related to the use of resources of world markets and the implementation of foreign economic operations.

The development of foreign economic activity programs is based on an assessment of the foreign economic potential of an enterprise, including:

• production of products that are competitive on the world market, characterized by high quality, relatively low production costs, a wide range of products that can satisfy the most demanding needs, with a fast pace of renewal;

CFO Handbook

It is always difficult for retail store owners to find reliable suppliers close to the point of sale.

The problem for them is the lack of wholesale warehouses for prompt replenishment of the product range. The organization of a wholesale business is specific, since it is necessary to establish strong relationships with manufacturing companies and have knowledge of logistics.

At the same time, wholesale trade is a promising type of business. After all, every supplier wants to replenish stocks of products on time and at minimal prices, and a competent owner-wholesaler will speed up the picking and ensure the delivery of the goods.

Initially, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for the wholesale trade, determine the group of goods that will be sold, and manage product flows.

For example, you can organize a warehouse for the sale of products, products for the home and everyday life, building materials, etc.

Opening a wholesale company has a number of distinctive advantages:

  • large turnover,
  • convenience of service for representatives of retail trade enterprises,
  • purchase of goods without intermediaries from manufacturing plants,
  • low competitive environment,
  • ample opportunities for staff recruitment.

Before proceeding with the paperwork for business activities, you need to think over the entire organization process. In this case, the wholesale business plan is a program of actions to achieve the goal.

To identify a group of products to sell, you can study the activities of retail companies located in the surrounding area.

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