The structure of a business plan is the basis of the most important document

We have already written that it is very important to know what the structure of a business plan is. And not only in order to write it competently, not to miss all sorts of moments. If you apply for subsidies and investment payments, then special requirements are imposed on the business plan, and it is simply necessary to write it in strict accordance with generally accepted norms. In addition, a business plan is the basis of your business, it is a document in which you make calculations of the profitability of your business before starting any actions, even before starting the procedure for opening an individual entrepreneur. In a typical business plan, you can substitute planned indicators, then make calculations, this will give a complete understanding of whether it is worth starting work in the planned direction or not.

In a word, the importance of the business plan should not be underestimated; it is also impossible to hope that everything will go on and will lead to a positive result. Therefore, an individual entrepreneur should know what points this document consists of. Even if a business consultant or economist does it for you, you should be able to understand how fully the work is done, and knowledge of the basics of business planning is needed to further translate the document into life.

What is a business plan

There is a single form of a business plan, but you need to understand that each individual entrepreneur is a unique phenomenon in the market of goods and services, so you shouldn't be afraid to go beyond, the main thing is to comply with all the basic rules, highlight the main sections. Taking a standard business plan outline as a basis, you should do your research, your calculations and conclusions, your profit figures and profit indicators. And if your type of business should have special directions in the plan, then feel free to introduce them, just as you need to do with the points that are inapplicable to your business, exclude them.

Business plan for an entrepreneur and investor

It has already become the norm when, when receiving a development loan, an individual entrepreneur is required to draw up a business plan. But the investor may not be a bank, but an individual, a specialized investment company. If you receive not just a loan, but investment payments, then the investor is vitally interested so that the funds begin to generate income as soon as possible. Therefore, such companies have entire departments for the examination and evaluation of business plans. Their specialists are obliged to give an answer to the management whether this entrepreneur will be able to provide the company with interest from profits, or he will only bring losses.

In order to convince the investor of the correct choice of the field of activity and of his own success, it is necessary to ensure that the entity that will provide you with financing correctly understands and assesses the financial position of your future or an already operating enterprise, so that he understood the profitability of his position in the market. And convincing him of this, which is called opening his eyes to all these factors, is your direct task and the goal of the business plan.

Imagine how many people apply to such companies for investment funds. Many. Therefore, there is a strict rule here on adherence to the form of writing a business plan. If you are starting work on a package of documents for obtaining investments, then contact the company and take a sample business plan, which is recognized as correct in form by this company. Explanations and comments are usually attached to the sample; take them too for detailed self-study. If you manage to enlist the help of the company's specialists in creating a business plan, then the chances of a successful examination and receiving money are significantly increased.

The functions of a business plan are quite broad, and one of them is to present your specific goals and objectives to investors. But you cannot do without explanations what resources and opportunities you have to achieve them, so be sure to state all the motives and prerequisites. Describe each step that will lead to long-term goals. And one more important factor can play into your hands: external market conditions and the impact of external factors and forces can be very favorable for promoting your particular type of business, so you have a lot of chances to bring a large and quick profit to the investor. If not everything is going so well, then give the positive factors born of the internal environment of the enterprise, they can significantly correct external inconsistencies.

If everything you read above did not give you a motive for action, then you have not fully understood your motives and do not really want to get profitable investments or start a successful business without them. Literacy and the ability to delve into is the basis for working with a business plan, lightness is not welcome here. Therefore, try to understand everything that you read, what more experienced colleagues tell you, remember and educate yourself. Before learning how to create a business plan, you need to clearly understand that without specialized knowledge you cannot do this, and if you do not, then your business has a real chance of failure. A business plan will be your first stepping stone to understanding big and big business processes.

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A business plan is a document that allows you not only to attract funding, but also to evaluate your future business project yourself. The main purpose of a business plan is to make it clear to investors about the amount of investment, the profitability of the future or the development of an existing business, the payback period.

Regardless of the sector of the economy, entrepreneurial activity requires a business plan. Such a document is drawn up for the purpose of planning and effective business management and is one of the main tools for enterprise management. Developing a business plan requires good knowledge and consideration of many aspects of finance and economics, marketing and sales. But, in spite of this, the development of a business plan is also necessary for small businesses. Since the expediency of investing money must be justified, and in a small business, often, there is no room for error.

A business plan is a document that examines aspects of an enterprise from all sides, analyzes anticipated future problems, and also sets out ways to solve them. Having a business plan plays a significant role in the initial stage of business organization. For small businesses, drafting such a document also plays a central role. It is impossible to take up a "business" without having a clear plan of your actions for its formation and development. Only for a small project, drawing up a business plan will be less costly and the document itself will be more accessible and less formal. However, there is one drawback - business plans for small businesses, as a rule, do not deeply reflect the milestone actions for business development.

Before starting a new business, you need to think over your strategy, to measure the enthusiasm with the available resources and possible threats from the "outside world", which will avoid many mistakes in the future. A business plan will help with this. But only when the business plan becomes an integral part of the enterprise. This means that it will be compiled with great responsibility, it will bring maximum benefit to its owner. And only then it will be possible to attract the desired investor, and with it the required financial investments.

Significant benefits can be achieved by starting with a business plan for internal use. In the process of its development, many issues should be considered that may never be written down in a business plan intended for external use and, above all, for investors. However, investors are likely to ask such questions in order to "feel" the seriousness of the study. Those who are not prepared for these issues will be at a disadvantage.

If raising funds is justified, then both the investor and the firm will have a solid basis for the transaction. Thus, drawing up, first of all, an internally oriented business plan is in the interests of both parties.

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1. The essence of business planning

1. Concept and goals of business planning

1. Business planning tasks and functions

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An organization (enterprise) is an independent economic entity with the rights of a legal entity that manufactures products, goods, provides services, performs work, is engaged in various types of economic activities, the purpose of which is to meet public needs, profit and capital gain.

An organization (enterprise) can carry out any of the types of entrepreneurial activity or all types at the same time.

In the course of business, organizations and enterprises develop economic ties with their counterparties: suppliers and buyers, joint venture partners, associations and associations, financial and credit system, etc., as a result of which financial relations arise related to the organization of production and sales of products, performance of work, provision of services, formation of financial resources, implementation of investment activities.

In the course of the practical training at the LLC PC "AVANGARD" enterprise, an idea was obtained about the general characteristics of the enterprise, the organizational structure of management was studied, the branches were characterized.

The purpose of the practical work is to develop a new direction of the company's activities in the field of wholesale and retail sales of climate control equipment and drawing up a business plan to attract investments.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

· Explore a new line of business.

· Drawing up a marketing plan.

· Study the production plan.

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1. Features of the business plan

1. Business plan, its goals and objectives

1. External and internal functions of the business plan

1. Features of different types and types of business projects

1. Structure and main sections of the business plan

2. Business plan development

2. Characteristics of the organization under study

2. Enterprise planning calculations

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