Taxi service business plan

Business plan transfer of car rental for taxi

The taxi market has grown significantly. If earlier the taxi service was not cheap, now thanks to the services of Uber, Gett and Yandex, the cost of a trip in Moscow is 15 rubles / km, which is comparable to the depreciation of a personal car of an average price category. At the same time, not every taxi driver works on his own car and serves it independently, so renting a car for a taxi is an attractive business.

Preparatory phase

For such a project, you will need to purchase eight budget foreign cars (Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris, Volkswagen Polo) with an average cost of 650 thousand rubles. Let us consider two investment scenarios: purchasing cars with our own funds (Table 1) and on credit with an initial payment of 10% (Table 2). Before starting the project, it is necessary to insure the machines and check their technical condition. In order to save on maintenance when expanding the vehicle fleet, it is advisable to employ your own car mechanics.

Workflow organization

When selecting drivers, you need to pay attention to the length of service, driving history, health status, no criminal record and the presence of registration in the region of residence. Each car can be operated by two people. A very important point is the conclusion of a lease or lease agreement with the driver with an act of acceptance and transfer of the car. For help here you need to contact a lawyer or the company where the drivers will work. It is better to charge the rent on a daily basis. In this case, the rental rate can be higher than the lease payment. This is due to the duration of the contract: the driver is not worried about the technical condition of the rented car, and economic relations can be severed any day. But if we are talking about hypothetical property in the future, then careful handling is guaranteed. As can be seen from the above calculations, this type of business with a small number of cars is more suitable for those who are ready to completely immerse themselves in the project and engage in operational activities, otherwise management costs will take most of the profit.

Sale of a ready-made business

If you want to minimize risks and are afraid that due to ignorance of the specifics of this activity you will incur losses, there is an opportunity to buy a ready-made business (Table 3).

Owners' opinions about their business

I was going to sell my old "nine", but a friend recommended to rent it out. To begin with, I brought the car back to normal, I had to make repairs for 3 thousand rubles. For the first month, net profit amounted to 11 thousand rubles. When I was laid off from my main job, I decided to buy three more cars. To save money on repairs, he organized his own car service. Then he began to buy old cars for taxis. What can I recommend? First, keep an eye on your fleet and the technical condition of your car. Second, use leasing as motivation for drivers. Try outdoor advertising for additional income. And one more important recommendation: carefully check drivers for criminal records and registration in drug dispensaries.

Compared to renting apartments, cars require more attention. One car should be practiced for at least 30 minutes per day. up to several hours (in case of technical malfunctions). First you need to find the right cars and get a license. The size of the lease is an important issue. Of course, you will rent Renault cheaper than Ford. Another point is the repair, for which the vehicle fleet is responsible, i.e. you. Also pay attention to CRM and GPS tracking.

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The main thing about the taxi business plan for the year

Organization of a taxi: the client calls

What does the taxi driver's business depend on in the first place? Of course, on the number of passengers who used its services. The more customers turn to a taxi company, the higher the profits, but for this you need to be able to prove that your taxi service is the best, then the business will start to develop. Competition in this sector of the market goes off scale, but it is still too early to say that these services are civilized in our country.

Experienced business people believe that a company's reputation is paramount in the service industry. Only thanks to her, the company acquires regular customers, finds partners among private companies and organizations. It takes a long time to earn a positive reputation, but the most important thing is to preserve it. The attitude of customers to a particular taxi company is based on the level of service, security guarantees, and even such seemingly trifles as the lead time.

And if you decide to organize your business - a taxi service, always remember your reputation, because it is very easy to spoil it, but it is not always possible to restore it. There are a lot of examples of this, but competitors are not asleep. As soon as you stumble, other, more adventurous colleagues will immediately take advantage of it.

Organizing a taxi business from scratch requires attention to every little detail. One-day firms have long been out of favor, and a trip in a dirty and creaking tarantass, proudly called the brainchild of the domestic car industry, is unlikely to please the passenger. The client pays a lot of money for the trip, and in return he has the right to count on the provision of quality services. Remember that a high level of service is a guarantee that the next time the client wants to turn to you again.

When planning to build your business on the provision of taxi services, always pay special attention to the technical condition of cars in your own taxi company. If a taxi is delayed on the road due to a breakdown, be sure that the client will never contact your company again. Safety is an important factor influencing the increase in orders. In this regard, the professionalism of the driver is of great importance. Fear the reckless drivers who, in pursuit of the client, are capable of breaking traffic rules, provoking an emergency on the roads.

All these recommendations apply to entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they plan to create a regular company or open their own VIP taxi business in the city. When thinking about how to open your own taxi business, do not forget about the importance of advertising, since in a highly competitive environment, it is very difficult for a newcomer to break into this market. A catchy name and an easy-to-remember phone number will allow the company to stand out in a huge mass of proposals.

A more detailed description of taxi services in a taxi company is contained in a professional example of a business plan for opening a taxi from scratch with ready-made calculations. With this document, opening your own business - a taxi - will not cause any special problems even for dummies. You will be able to understand the peculiarities of the organization of accounting when opening a taxi service, you will understand how the opening of a taxi company by a legal entity differs, and what nuances of this business should be paid special attention to.

How to open a taxi in a competitive environment

The green light of a taxi inspires hope in the heart of a lonely passerby desperate to wait for a free car, and makes some entrepreneurs think about how nice it would be to make money from this business. As experienced businessmen say, the profitability of this business is gradually decreasing, so whoever succeeds is the same. managed to recoup his company in a shorter period of time. It is possible to return the initial investment today in one and a half to two years. But this is only subject to competent management, which includes not only a strict selection of applicants for the position of taxi drivers, but also a reasonably chosen price niche and constant quality control of the services provided.

Transport services have always been and, most likely, will be in demand. This is due to the need to move both within the settlement and outside it. Thinking about your own business, do not overlook the option of a taxi company. Of course, starting a business from scratch requires considerable costs, and it depends only on you whether you will recoup your investment or not. To begin with, you need to conduct a marketing study in order to find out the feasibility of founding a taxi company. If you do decide, you should carefully study the nuances in order to make the minimum number of mistakes. This article will help budding entrepreneurs open their own company specializing in the transportation of passengers.

How does it work?

To start your own business in any field, you need to be well versed in it. It is not recommended to climb into an unfamiliar forest. The taxi system functions as follows: the client submits an application by talking to the dispatcher, and the latter directly contacts the driver. It would seem that it could be easier. However, there are many pitfalls and nuances that you need to know well.

There are several types of such business:

The taxi business plan in the third version, of course, will be different from the rest. But not everyone can pull it off. Most people choose the second option as it doesn't require a lot of investment and is easy to organize. But the competition in this segment is incredible. Therefore, the business plan of the taxi service must be chosen personally by the entrepreneur, based on his capabilities.

Official design

At present, the state carefully monitors compliance with all necessary formalities. To open your own taxi business, you need to obtain a number of permits. One of the main ones is a license from the Ministry of Transport. The exact cost varies depending on the place of work, but on average it is from five thousand rubles. This amount should be included in the calculation of the taxi business plan.

Of course, in addition to this, you must register as an individual entrepreneur (IE). If possible, choose a simplified taxation system. Also, to open such a business, you will need: a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, TIN, registration certificate for a car and permission to drive it by third parties. Bureaucracy is firmly established in our lives, so this project is simply impossible to implement without paperwork.


Many start-up entrepreneurs do not pay due attention to the building and specifically the room where the control room will be located. And this, by the way, is one of the main mechanisms of taxi operation. For your firm to be popular, you need to make some effort. Earnings depend on the number of clients who should feel comfortable talking with a specialist and during a trip. The costs of the premises should be included in the taxi dispatch business plan.

Buying a room right away is not a good move, since you will spend a lot of money, which does not guarantee you a 100% result. It is more logical to rent an office at first. Thus, without spending huge sums, you will be able to organize the work of the company. In this case, the location of the office does not matter.


Many aspiring entrepreneurs want to see an example of a taxi business plan, so that later they can be guided by themselves, based on the proposed material. Business professionals advise paying special attention to the control room. First, you need to decide on the connection that you will use. If you operate in a small town, it is best to stay on the MW frequency. In megacities, it is more advisable to choose the VHF band. The prices between them vary considerably, but also the efficiency is different.

Quality assurance. All regions. More than 3000 options in one place. Instant download.

One of the most popular types of business in the field of passenger transportation today is the organization of a taxi service.

Using a sample of a ready-made business plan for organizing a taxi service as a starting template, you can start your own successful business in the field of passenger transportation.

It is planned to open a taxi dispatch service designed for the middle price segment. This business plan does not cover the organization of a business taxi service and an elite VIP taxi service for serving high-income passengers.

The organizational and legal form of an enterprise can be either an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company. It all depends on your desire and the characteristics of your locality (See in more detail the main differences between individual entrepreneurs and LLC. Choice of ownership.).

It is planned to create a taxi dispatching service for 20 cars and two working dispatchers. It is planned to organize its own car park (approximately 50% of the total number of cars) and a park of drivers in private cars. In the future, it is planned to expand its own vehicle fleet by purchasing additional vehicles.

The taxi service will provide passenger transportation services. The scheme of interaction with potential clients is as follows: - the client calls the dispatcher; - the dispatcher records the coordinates and contact numbers of the client; - the dispatcher transfers the order to the driver closest to the customer's address; - the driver delivers the client to the destination and receives the money.

In this section of the business plan, you should give a specific description of the taxi market in your locality. It is necessary to assess the level of competition, the possibility of entering the market, as well as note the methods of conquering the market and attracting potential customers.

This section describes what equipment is needed to organize and operate a taxi service.

The main types of required equipment include: - cars; - radio communication system; - walkie-talkies; - taximeters.

Ancillary equipment includes: - navigation systems for each vehicle; - vehicle tracking systems; - software to the central computer.

Step by step taxi business plan for beginners. Make your dream come true - create your own business.

♦ Capital investments: 351,000 rubles ♦ Profitability: 42.5% ♦ Payback: 22 months

The field of passenger transportation by taxi is one of the most profitable types of employment.

However, many businessmen who were in a hurry to try to create their own project quickly burned out. A seemingly simple case in practice can bring a number of unforeseen problems.

To avoid them, the first step before opening is to draw up a detailed taxi business plan.

Taxi Business Plan: Planning


This business plan is a ready-made project for the creation of a service for the provision of passenger transportation services to clients in Moscow.

To implement the taxi project, capital is required in the amount of 351,000 rubles. The required funding will be received in full from the personal funds of the project organizer.

Purpose of the taxi business plan:

  • Making a profit.
  • Customer satisfaction in passenger transportation.
  • Organization of a business project with a high level of profitability.

Opening a minibus taxi will require a much larger budget, so this option is only suitable for experienced entrepreneurs.

Marketing Plan

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